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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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we've made deeds. to show. change stuff. this is deja vu news live from berlin here in the german capital people are preparing to pause and remember the lives lost in a night of terror one year ago a rejected asylum seeker from tunisia drove a truck into
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a berlin christmas market killing twelve people and injuring dozens of have enough been done since then to help those devastated by that attack. but tonight the country and the world casts their eyes again on the scene of that terror attack these are live images from the christmas market and right side plots here in berlin where church bells are about to ring out of the exact moment of the attack began the bills expected to told twelve times once for each wife that was snuffed out w. news's coverage starts right now. i bring it's good to have you with us it was the first major islamist attack in germany one year ago today twelve people were killed and seventy wounded when. a
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tunisian whose asylum application had been rejected hijacked a truck and plowed into a christmas market in one of berlin's busiest public spaces now among the dead victims from the czech republic ukraine poll in italy. and israel along with seven germans the injured included citizens from fifty five different nations now we're going to talk to our correspondent paul be offended mark who is on the scene for us there where the attack started in just a moment but first i want to take a look at the live pictures again of the memorial events that are unfolding now for the victims of that attack one year ago you see it right there were. there is the first. bill showing me. marking the moment at eight o two pm. one year ago when that terror attack began at the christmas market.
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and if you are joining is you're looking at live pictures right there of the plots that is where that terror attack took place one year ago tonight in western berlin we want to go now to follow me and from there mark who is there at the scene good evening to you fabi and we we can hear the bells chimey we understand that they're going to be tolling once per minutes twelve minutes twelve times for the twelve wives that were lost i mean this is certainly a very somber time for the city of berlin isn't it. his friend and it is almost a holy moment here exactly at two minutes cost eight the lights went off here at
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the christmas market scene and people holding candles here all around me i can sept and my bank and people are just contemplating here listening to the ballots that are ringing for twelve minutes twelve minutes one minute for each person that lost its life in last year's. and we could hear. you know all around you there bobbie and we can hear the bells i mean tolling and that's going to continue for twelve minutes at the beginning of every minute we'll start again to represent one of the lives that were lost or to make sure that our viewers know that that is why people are standing in silence there behind you. we know that today has been a day of many emotions an entire city a nation mourning but it's also been a day were a lot of frustrations have been expressed about what happened before this attack and also afterwards talk to us a little bit about that. yes i mean today really it was
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the day of the families of the victims they came here and they had a service where they saw where they prayed for their loved ones that they lost last year and they could also take part in the ceremony where a new memorial was unveiled here by the mayor of burden with protect it puts the patient off their relatives the families of the victims and yes you're right the families are not happy at all how germany has reacted on this attack they were unhappy with the reaction of chancellor america they believe that she didn't care enough about them and only yesterday they had for the first time the chance to talk to the chancellor but also in actions today address here the people on the efforts and said that there were weaknesses in the reaction of germany and she also admitted that not everything went right in the course of this attack and afterwards
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that that's true for everyone that we do we will be saw today was a monumental if you will me a couple coming from the chancellor saying that the state had really let down the people of before this attack but i. also afterwards for those who were bereaved and who had lost relatives and loved ones i want to ask you while we still have time for you were there a year ago you were part of our breaking news coverage when this event was unfolding you've been back there many times since then you're back there tonight. you know just for the world for people watching me what does it feel like to be back a year later do you get the sense that something has changed. when you stand here today you can feel that many people who got back to normal today were pulled back into the situation over last year and talk for example to one man
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who relies on the stairs on this memorial behind me it displays now the names of the victims on the stairs and this man that i talked to realize that one of the wait times has exactly the same name as he has god has called said best. in the city of new orleans so he realized it could have been me and this is a sense that many people realize again today and even that burden carried on and called back to normal today all those memories out pretty vivid again and yes now people just one to think inside and of those who lost their lives and pray for that. entire city remembering tonight the tragic events that happened exactly one year ago where you are there right chad plots in berlin. in front of mark on the story for us tonight thank you.
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so here are some of the other stories now that are making news around the world uganda's parliament has abruptly adjourned a debate on extending that president yoweri museveni decades in power now that's after soldiers. dorm the building and scuffled with police it was unclear what triggered the confrontation but if follows a similar incident in september south africa's oscar pistorius will appeal after judges increased his jail term for murdering his girlfriend last month prosecutors excess fully argued the olympian's six year sentence for fatally shooting reeva steenkamp was too lenient and they had an increase to thirteen and a half years now the country's constitutional court will make a final ruling. thailand's ruling junta says it will use a special order to allow political parties to prepare for elections and the prime minister you see right here made the announcement on tuesday
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a ban on political activity has been in place in the country since a two thousand and fourteen crew alstad the civilian government. well u.s. president donald trump has laid out his foreign policy strategy in a speech that outlined a shift from past administrations his focus on protecting american interests first mirrors washington's changing role in the world the plan focuses on dealing with threats from iran and north korea and challenging china and russia both moscow and beijing say they'll welcome u.s. cooperation but they warn confrontation could bring on losses for all saw its. in a wide ranging speech donald trump unveiled his new national security strategy once more he used the blunt language that his supporters love and his detractors loath.
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with every decision and every action we are now putting america first with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and america is going to win this jumping previous mentions of climate change instead focused on four main pillars as. boosting homeland protection including building has wall on the mexican border promoting american prosperity by rebuilding infrastructure demonstrating military strength he said he would and mandatory defense spending limits and advance u.s. influence in the wild. trump called china and russia are great rivals saying they were determined to challenge american power. this has angered beijing china's foreign ministry said the new strategy was a step backwards. one pins to me we urge the u.s.
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side to stop intentionally distorting china strategic intentions and to abandon outdated ideas of cold war mentality and the zero sum game. the kremlin also cool trumped strategy imperialist and said it cannot accept that it's treated as a threat. despite naming russia and china as the primary threats to u.s. economic dominance trump said he hopes to build a great partnership with them. i mean while the u.s. ally saudi arabia says it intercepted a ballistic rocket fired by yemen's rebel group towards riyadh this video posted to social media by witnesses shows a cloud of smoke but there were no reports of damage the rebels said they were targeting the royal palace in the salty capital. a court in turkey has released a turkish german journalist pending trial for terrorism michelle otoh lose case was
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tested or has tested the already strained relations between berlin and her total who was arrested earlier this year in what human rights organizations have called a targeted crackdown on free speech in turkey. michelle a total can finally embrace her family members again she'd been in a women's prison since april when she was arrested in istanbul her three year old son also spent time with her behind bars. police i'm very happy but also very exhausted and this is been a huge circus that i still have to process. leave in the coming days i'll get a clear idea of what actually happened and be able to say more. but told those new freedom only goes so far turkish authorities have refused to return her passport the charges against her membership in a left wing group turkey considers
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a terrorist organization remain her trial is still set for spring for the german government to those release is a good sign but not a final resolution. and as. we aren't in place yet where we can say everything's being. definitely not and there are still many existing difficulties but this is a clear signal towards the easing of tensions that a step in the right direction or of course very happy for him is told to find. toto is one of several german journalists or human rights activists arrested in turkey this year the german government considers them political hostages to lose release comes on the heels of another turkish court ruling in a german detainees favor the sociologist is now free to return to germany after nearly two years detention that leaves eight german nationals still behind bars in turkey. sports news now oddly become a driv have
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a reported two year old football's governing body fifo over illegal contact with their star forward. the frenchman has been linked with a host of top european clubs but only barcelona are the subject of a little goes complaint the catalog club is accused of directly approaching greets months family members who also represent him that would break the rules or hold a currently lead the spanish league by six points with their closest challenge. and just a reminder of that top story that we're following for you this evening berlin is marking one year since a terror attack on a christmas market which killed twelve people and injured dozens more and i'm just a few minutes ago church bells began ringing out at the white site plots the images that you're seeing right there at the exact moment that a failed asylum seeker rammed his truck into
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a crowded christmas market eight. church bells have been chimey what we hear right now amazing grace being. leave you now with these images you're watching news from berlin we'll have more on. the one year anniversary of this terror attack coming up at the top of the hour and on the day. on. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing.


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