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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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the way to. change stuff. this is the news live from berlin a tropical storm brings death and devastation just south and foot of bands storm tembin and flash floods and washes away homes more than one hundred people are dead and dozens more are missing to bring you the latest on the rescue operations also
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on the program. the united nations gets even tough on north korea imposing fresh sanctions on the country the security council agrees to measures proposed by the united states they aim to limit supplies go young lives for its nuclear program. and the palestinian christian minority gears up to celebrate christmas but the mood is far from festive after president trump's decision to jerusalem the capital of israel. welcome to the program we start in the philippines where more than one hundred people are dead after a tropical storm brought devastation to the a to the south of the country some officials put the death toll even highest saying two hundred had perished rescue operations are underway to try and find dozens mall who are still missing tembin is
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a second deadly storm to hit the country this week it swept over the south an island of mindanao leaving destruction in its wake. this man and child and lucky to be alive. the effects of mudslides and flooding have been devastating. entire villages under meters of water. others swept away. volunteers have been digging through mud to try to recover bodies of. houses will being flooded with people could no longer get out of their homes so they got trapped by the strong waters they were swept away. when the big. dozens of people are still missing. rescue efforts have been hampered by power cuts
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and the loss of communication lines. storm tembin struck the southern island of mindanao on friday. it's an area not often hit by tropical storms. winds of up to eighty kilometers per hour along with heavy rain batter the area. for locals and night taking stock of the damage officials say more than seventy thousand people have been affected. there used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out all their homes and livelihoods gone we have ninety family said are affected. by. this nasa satellite map shows the extent of the powerful storm which is now headed towards
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the philippine island of palawan and on towards vietnam. for those affected by tembin a long path lies ahead to recovering from its devastation. the united nations has slapped tough new sanctions on north korea in response to its latest missile test the new sanctions dramatically restrict the import of refined petroleum crude oil and industrial machinery north korea will also be prevented from exporting agricultural products and electrical equipment and the resolution calls on countries hosting north korean workers to expel them by the end of twenty nineteen some one hundred thousand north koreans work mainly in china and russia their earnings help boost fueling young's reserves of hard currency this is the third package of sanctions against the north this year as tensions continue to rise over the communist states nuclear and ballistic missile program. the draft
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resolution contained in document slash twenty seven. one zero nine two please raise their hand a striking display of unity all fifteen members of the u.n. security council backing another round of sanctions against north korea. the u.s. ambassador thanked members for backing the measures against what she called the most tragic example of evil in the modern world should the north korean regime conduct another nuclear or ballistic missile test this resolution commits the security council to take even further action it sends the on ambiguous message to pyongyang that further defiance will invite further punishment and isolation the u.s. drafted resolution even won the support of north korea's main trading partners russia and china. china urges north korea to take the demand seriously abide by the
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council resolutions and refrain from any further nuclear missile tests. the new sanctions are in response to pyongyang's latest launch of a ballistic missile in november the country said its most powerful missile yet is capable of reaching anywhere on the u.s. mainland but russia and china who both hold a veto on the council only backed the sanctions after the trumpet ministration agreed to water them down. russia also called for compromise from all sides but he would say what's needed is a comprehensive approach one that stipulates both a sation of nuclear missile tests and the abandonment of the scaling up of military infrastructure by north korea as well as the reduction in the scale of maneuvers being conducted his comments point to the u.s. and south korea's military drills on the korean peninsula which have been condemned as a provocation by the north so far the north korean regime of kim jong un has insisted
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that fresh sanctions will only make it speed up its nuclear program the security council hopes the latest measures will finally produce results. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world catalonia separatist leader . says he is still the legitimate president of the spanish region in an interview he also asked for madrid to allow him to return home in time for the opening session of the catalan parliament separatist party is going on majority in a regional vote held on. u.s. officials say they've approved a plan to provide ukraine with military weapons including antitank missiles the move aims to help here in its fight against russian backed separatists moscow has condemned the measure insisting on in ukraine will inflame tensions further. a former u.s. soldier has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in san francisco over christmas the man allegedly told an
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undercover agent he planned to talk to the city's visit to nine area in the name of so-called islamic state authorities say a search of his home turned up firearms and a letter claiming responsibility. the number of cholera cases in yemen has reached one million that's according to the world health organization thousands of people have already died from the disease and according to the international red cross most of the population locke's food fuel water and access to medical care the united nations says the country is suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis . neuron is thirteen years old shrapnel damaged her spine so severely that she's confined to a wheelchair. before i used to walk to school she says now i can't even hold a pencil the war must come to an end when. yemen was already one
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of the poorest countries in the world civil war drought and hunger have made it situation even more dire the country is now on the verge of collapse epidemics of cholera and diptheria have broken out those who receive no medical care have no chance of survival. the air attacks continue as does a widespread blockade some aid has finally arrived but it's rare and doesn't reach many locations villages in rebel held areas have been isolated for months that means people are forced to eat leaves because no food is available aid organizations have sounded the alarm. for a living million people who are what we declare in acute need not one million more than last year and the some four hundred children under the age of five who are in a very severe acute moment modish situation. the war has raged for more than a thousand days leaving ten thousand did most of them civilians.
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palestinian demonstrators have clashed with israeli troops in the west bank town of bethlehem the demonstrators many dressed as santa claus were protesting the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israeli's capital israeli police did use tear gas and also stun grenades to disperse the crowd the latest protest comes just two days after the united nations general assembly denounced the u.s. decision rising tensions in the middle east to look set to overshadow traditional christmas celebrations in a part of the world that is central to the christian tradition in bethlehem and surrounding areas there is an unusual tradition the game of bingo israel correspondent tanya kramer was there and joined in for a round. christmas time is being go invade at the auditorium of the orthodox christian community they're keeping track of every number on people here play bingo all year round but during the festive season the
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atmosphere is extra special. palestinian christians see themselves as a custodian of christmas and it's often colorful traditions and bingo is one of them that tumble as they call it and they jhala friends and family gather to play every sunday after going to each. gives us a break from everything going on with all the checkpoints the situation is difficult and people can't go anywhere they want that's where we open the community so we can play bingo over the holidays and have a good time. being good brings everyone together. on a very rigid looked and we really have a good time. would be christmas here without being go maybe christmas day wilfredo way it we we have a nice holiday atmosphere that's why we meet here he has never gel with. instead of
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sweets the winners get practical hosts what items like rice detergent or toilet paper it's been like this since intifada times this spirit of helping families is strong but this year than it's been more sober living let me say anything at all when a crisis situation this is about the future of to a city that's holy to us to it's about our homeland that we are losing. a message for surround speech and bethlehem cutting off the roads to jerusalem images of trauma familiar sight palestinians from the west bank need a special permission from israel to visit jerusalem. bethlehem the birthplace of jesus decked out for the crew. smith's holiday here to the mood is far from festive but locals and visitors try to make the best out of the situation. looks like this christmas will be better after what happened in the west bank
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following trump's decision so everyone here is against terrorism is down to what. we like to come to bethlehem today to show the baby the atmosphere the city i love the circumstances we are in is dishonest just because of the occupation. back in beit jalla it's just third round of the bingo game everyone's enjoying the evening and trying to forget the uncertainty casting a shadow over this christmas. they call it the biggest club game in football el classico and spanish giants lonna have taken a big step towards winning the domestic league title by beating rail madrid three nil away madrid's wastefulness in the first half proved costly. to the open against the run of play no messi added a penalty you have to madrid they netted a third late on proud catalans boss and now have
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a fourteen point lead over their fourth placed rivals kickoff had been moved to lunchtime in order to attract more. and finally strange lights have been seen in the skies over south in california and arizona we had growing visuals were captured by a standard spectators investment vehicles and posted on social media so of course many users were concerned that the plume could be an unidentified flying object an incoming north korean missile or a repeat showing of the star that led the three wise men to bethlehem and the baby jesus but disappointment or relief soon sets in the phenomenon was caused by a falcon nine rocket launch from the van to beg. for the private space x. company. so not superman well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you more than one hundred people are dead after a tropical storm tembin hit the philippines some reports say the actual death toll
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is double that figure rescue operations are underway to try and find dozens who are still missing. the united nations has slapped tough new sanctions on north korea in response to its missile tests they will restrict oil supplies needed for pyongyang's nuclear and missile program a sanctions were proposed by the u.s. and backed unanimously. you're watching the news from berlin and more coming up the top of the hour with my colleague my afraid to stay tuned. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders size we must overcome it. going where.


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