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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am CET

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unimpeded access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone . a central goal of the global community but what's the reality on the ground education for the w's multimedia special makes personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects to. find out more on the internet g.w. dot com education for. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery thanks for joining us many of us can often feel powerless to affect change in the world around us but we like to share a christmas tell with you one that even involves an angel who shows us how determination
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and commitment can change the lives of many for the better when harry anon emigrated to europe she never forgot the children growing up in the slums in her native gullah ten years ago she brought some of them over to ukraine among them were actually abraham and shames brown. her plan would provide a way of investing not only in these children but also in her country despite her modest income as a restroom attendant in germany she saved every penny she could and with the help of donations and sponsorships many of these children are now studying at university in ukraine's capital kiev. this is james brown today a twenty seven year old student of agriculture in kiev. he and the other former street children from ghana got an opportunity to go to university and they're using
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it they can thank area bruce ana and she got them except at universities and. they're studying medicine law computer science and business administration why ukraine because harriet explains like ghana it's a country striving for democracy in the city. they lend a valuable lesson because the problems it is also happening in most of african countries and then the kids learn that people stood at fault for democracy then you don't give up in the tree always turn out for their country. walls in our youth are always leaving their leaders to do whatever they like it shouldn't be so. ukrainian law requires that they return to ghana after their studies that's important for harriet that was her intention when she moved to distil dorf in two thousand to. work as
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a cleaning lady and sent her savings back to ghana to build an orphanage. she looked around for sponsors and donors and founded the african angel association. at first the children and students didn't know that harriet was cleaning restrooms and to finance their education. and for me to admit. i didn't know what to say because i wasn't going to school and for some are to cling tightly just to pick out what. mary comes from a poor district in garner's capital accra her parents were unemployed and on able to take care of her. to keep the girls from drifting into prostitution and the boys from living on the streets harriet brought them to the orphanage. at first harriet kept silent about how she financed her project she wanted the children to
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concentrate on getting ahead and helping their country develop. if the industrial countries and the state kissable that bad they went to take it to wed to do you really need to that's a switch they can really have great impact on the society from within coming from i've got education i've got knowledge i have something to do with my time so i go back home i don't have a couple of businesses in my mind already yeah i want to be down a bit at the playground. and one of james's business ideas came from the best chocolate maker in ukraine. he and his friend richard love the beautifully packed prelims. he dreams of opening shops like this one in his homeland. where do you can get this chocolate from where to begin to cook you from. probably from guyana. yes from ghana so if we can produce seeds there then. we
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have we help the country's economy. we're going to have cool we have should go. all the fruits and then you can make this one of the flavors to me it's called. something like an opal something like something like something like coke or to give a different flavor to. the young people are learning a lot in ukraine carry a dissatisfied of the numbers they had to let the markets here much as they would in africa. they can speak russian too i think they quickly went over the cellar she gives them all some free samples. harriet doesn't clean restrooms anymore she's busy managing her organization with success. but the.
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gold it was easy. their independent their self-confidence they have prospects for their lives and they know exactly what to expect that makes me very happy and proud you can't push them around anymore they know exactly what they want to get over. in twenty eighteen james and richard planned to be the first in their group to graduate from university and prove to harriet that if you just give street children a chance they can compete with the best. fish . the world you. know that is a wonderful way to pay forward good will a camp where human dignity is denied this is how the greek island of los books was recently described by its mayor because lesbos is one of the aegean islands closest to turkey shores it was a cape way for many migrants who entered europe at the height of the refugee crisis
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in two thousand and fifteen but instead of it being temporary the camps there have become unbearably overcrowded where both with your cheese and islanders struggle to cope with a hidden camera our reporter takes an exclusive look inside the camp. at its aid in the morning after a cold night on the greek island of lesbos. even making a cup of tea is a logistical challenge for a minute. they rocky and his friends have run out of firewood they'll have to burn a cardboard box instead. it's. been stuck here for two months in an illegal camp near the morea refugee camp. that we don't have a buffer. we don't have a water. course here and. we
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have a many a many. three but we don't have. a different here just. emergency. less busy official refugee camp moria is located nearby it resembles a high security prison the camp was set up to keep migrants on the island until their applications for asylum can be processed it's forbidden to film here and journalists aren't allowed in either. but ahmed wants to show was what really goes on in the camp we follow him in and film using a hidden camera. here it smells of smoke garbage and human waste. the united nations refugee agency described morea as dangerous for children and pregnant women
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and yet they are the ones left languishing in the camp many have been stuck here for months. they don't give people to live with your loot you don't have security what good to see would ever doubt it. because it is getting colder in many simply set fire to old olive trees to keep warm. but these trees belong to this man stelios cathy argus he struggles to remain calm while surveying the devastation. this olive grove has been in his family for generations some trees are up to three hundred years old and he's devoted his life to cultivating them but now he little remains then it got heated with all these trees are burnt all burnt there's nothing left these trees will not grow back
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they're finished there were one hundred twenty trees and as only four left and no one cares if you don't acknowledge to compensate us not to stop them. every night they cut the trees and burn them. still leo's shows us the hole in the fence they used to go in and out. all of his attempts to press charges against the refugees have proven unsuccessful that's likely why they continue to kill his sheep zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero the last ones here even left their tools behind the farmer tells us he's kept them as evidence a backpack from the united nations refugee agency and a knife he says this is clear prove that refugees are to blame and he has
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a fairly good idea why the refugees kill his sheep. or here at the bionic they're not stealing because they're hungry they kill the animals and they solve them. yeah one or two people can't eat seven or ten sheep as we found out and sell them to other refugees i've seen people in the fields grilling the meat on campfires that is then enough of what yes gets in the grass. the village of moria lives as if in a state of siege. still ial sent the other villagers me to regularly to discuss what action they might take to end the crisis coming up with. the village council head nikos truck haley's has just returned from athens he reports on his talks with the greek authorities he doesn't have much positive news either to us and if the situation goes on like this it won't take long before we have physical confrontation. up to now we've tolerated the looting of people's
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assets and it's fortunate that things have become violent. but it's only a question of time before this happens there are usually gang of them. fled from the violence in this iraqi homeland he doesn't want to be equated with lawbreakers he just wants to leave less space but right now boarding a ferry to athens is something he can only dream of. life ever be waiting for a more thorough. go the problem will go quickly to. the rubble. so we're planning to escape from the site. he's still thinking about it but others are making concrete plans. every evening people try to get through the fence in
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reach the ferry unnoticed for many it's deal only way to leave the greek island which has become their prison. when we think of democracy in the e.u. we think of the electorate elections and be elected who then debate and decide our laws but not everyone finds this procedure satisfactory could there be another way the irish think so inspired by ancient greece they established a citizens' assembly and it turned out to be rather successful. ireland is one of the european union smaller members and the scene of a revolution in democracy. finbar o'brian a sixty two year old postman explains what that means all his life he says politicians were the ones up there i didn't know he about politics i never
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discussed politics i had no actual interest in politics. up until today i was just sitting inside the restaurant and this lady came up and asked me what i'd be interested. in the citizens assembly debates the big issues facing irish society three years ago the environment devote on arlin's introduction of same sex marriages it was a hard task you often heard of priest peta fights. so misunderstood africa me on a live person and. but years ago i used that item all under the one that i was. given all to seem to me even little paedophiles again our lives being whatever they were the same type of people and i just had to jump i just displays them. for the past few years this hotel near dublin has hosted this experiment in grassroots democracy now arlen's fourth citizens assembly is meeting here being barred took part in the first assembly in two thousand and fourteen the concept is
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for ninety nine ordinary irish citizens to debate politics for one year young old university graduates farmers even a bouncer there chosen by lottery. this group is debating pension reforms they pore over statistics listen to experts and consider details everything is broadcast live on the internet no closed doors actions here the sort of experience that our country went through with from about two thousand and eight on words serious crisis and a lot of anger on the streets about the into the mess that our economy was in and a lot of blame to touch to all politicians so there was a strong sense from two thousand and eleven on the words particularly that we need to try something new we need to do with our citizens and debates about our constitutional future they take a vote and pass their recommendation on to parliament the representatives are not bound to vote according to the recommendation but they do give it serious
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consideration. the legalization of same sex marriage seemed inconceivable in ireland with its conservative population and the powerful influence of the catholic church. but the citizens assembly discussed this previously taboo subject for three years objectively and finbar brian changed his mind. and the top you know i'd be guessing and i learned a lot by doing that and in that key is to know israel to distinguish and to gay people or no having very just that on people they just want to live down there you know how to children that you know how to talk to people and that's why i stood up at the above and said my patten i said that i'd be avoiding the morning on behalf agape of gay people to get married the majority in the citizens assembly voted yes that led to a referendum and that led to predominantly catholic ireland introducing same sex marriage participation and having
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a say in things finbar thirdly approves of the idea. caught everyone into or new people into it so i showed the politics the people did nothing but it did during their opinions people and their opinions were listened to. when verses politicians just need to have the courage to give some of the power to the people. many critics argue that democracy needs updating and this could be a big answer the question is who do you trust when it comes to making important decisions a politician or your neighbor. germany is often lauded as a leader in the or nubile energy revolution after the fukushima nuclear disaster in two thousand and eleven germany pledged to shut down its last reactors within a few years and go green yet the danger of radiation exposure still exists for some
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in the belgian city of the nuclear plant is outdated and has had to be shut down several times due to accidents this is worrisome for residents in the german city of aachen which is right across the border and now some are preparing themselves for the worst. despite all the gingerbread and christmas lights many people in aren't in a festive mood and they're worried and nuclear accident might occur just across the border in belgium auckland city administration even issued free iodine tablets just in case and today i hope he carries them with her at all times to be prepared for the worst. i could see them in my wallet every day it's not a nice feeling to see those pills and think you might have to take them at some point. but isn't just passing out i had on tablets it's launched a court appeal in belgium and would like to see the plant closed down officials say they aren't panic mongers. but if it's about
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a potential nuclear accident and taking the best possible disaster prevention measures for. andrea companies us on the seventy kilometer journey to the controversial nuclear facility she can't believe people live so close. i can imagine living here i get a little queasy just thinking i live in auckland though it's quite a few kilometers away. i'd move away from there. the. cracks have been found in to react our vessel the power plant has been shut down repeatedly over safety concerns belgium has also distributed. but the belgian nuclear control agency says its plants are safe where you are insured it was safe they were stopped it was stopped for more than two years until they could prove they are safe so now we are convinced that they are safe so they can run again. he my mind have said that about opinions very much to me as an emergency or disaster
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management agency we need to take potential risks seriously and prepare ourselves accordingly. parts of the plant have been in operation for more than forty years belgium plans to phase out nuclear power by twenty twenty five though it's unlikely to meet this time. it lacks an alternative energy program so some belgians take a dim view of germany's pressure tactics is that in north. germans should look after their own problems that require i think belgium is mature enough to take care of this issue want to own. i tend to trust germany's government it's a country that functions pretty well so i'm more inclined to believe what they say . i've never been afraid to live here i'm happy enough i'm not angered by the germans concerns either there's simply no reason to worry.
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still people and plan to keep up their fight in the summer and helped organize a human chain which stretched from an all the way to the power plant more than fifty thousand demonstrators took part they hope their protests will change attitudes in belgium to. america i mean i guess more and more you notice belgians are against it too at first the belgian media held back and did little critical reporting on the issue. but now you can see belgian reports that deal with tea hung in a critical way. that there's another demo andreea says arson is her hometown and that she wants to live here even after she's finished her studies. she and her fellow campaigners plan to continue their protests until it is finally shut down no matter how long that takes. neighborly relations are also an issue on the other side of germany despite the
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e.u.'s promise of a united europe east west fault lines are deepening the czech republic recently voted in a euro skeptic government critical of german migration policies but in the bavarian and bohemian forests the largest contiguous forest area in central europe german and czech conservationists a found an issue that both countries can agree on. powerful bad came here with the intention of doing research on black grouse hazel grouse and would grouse the shiny birds live in the national parks on both sides of the check but then border. but it's not hard overnight so powerful won't be able to find any of the birds tracks was another of. these species are disappearing from commercial woodland but here in this forest they're doing fine we want to find out how many of these birds there
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are and where they're located we were missing the fuel laden or in the war. the two national parks are working on a joint project that will do exactly that in fact both parks cooperate closely on these kinds of efforts and no one represents that spirit of cooperation better than biologist pavel better he works for both parks. together the parks make up the largest primeval forest area in central europe. human shape the landscape for a long time now it's nature again and that attracts numerous visitors. the park agencies also cooperate on book publications most are available with texts
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him both german and check. and. the man responsible for this is powerful who been a director of the national park party faced a lot of opposition. to the war but. when you go through both national parks and both directors are working toward the same goal. we want these parks to develop together with the same conservation policies. and we both have similar ideas on how to do that. in appreciation of this cooperation the european union has provided subsidies totaling more than six million euros over the last two years that money is also welcomed by the bavarian national park administration. director france libels says this kind of cooperation shows that european nations can work well together.
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he explains why the program works. we talk to each other a lot and we trust each other. we try to find things that we have in common and then we put projects together kynan and sometimes we just sit around in the evening and discuss things over a beer and then for some a ban on the suits and look at a room. with their honest people and they tell it like it is. they don't pull any punches. but our discussions are always very pleasant. communication is good. and communicative. real check german winter fairy tale. but powerful benches says both sides will have to work hard to make sure things stay that way in the years to come.
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a timely story of cross border harmony for the festive season that's it for today but do you like to find out more about any today's report is that our facebook page stories or send me a tweet thank you for watching and on behalf of the whole focus on europe here we wish you a merry christmas until next time good bye. cohen .
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for. the tube. going to close in the sun to come out and be god's house of music trade right this time with vocal sensation. and. consumers want some nostalgia is inevitably you going to
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the slippery slope oh it's not going to win. this it's. the festive season in naples. and you are may know is the go to place for native security. from the virgin mary in the christ child to soccer stars and t.v. shows there's something for every taste. she says mary and. the negativity seems of need. sixty minutes t w. two w.'s program guide. the highlights. the home. dot com highlights meet the germans new and surprising new specks of noise and culture in germany. u.s. american keep news takes a look at germany it is increasing these at their traditions every day lives and
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language can just come out of my lungs and so i. could. pick up the trick i approach d.w. dot com beat the germans. they live to surf but. danger lurks in the water we were the only alone surfing to waste any and polluted water was not only being the witness but the time being victims i mean was it troubles all gus to troubles. basically in this case of always moments in backup of the nation full of others on a shelf. job fumin sewage completely untreated and stone walls are coming out of these rights considering that an absence of want to call most most
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crime yet so. he's going to have to go somewhere every day and sees more and more probably sheets tiniest percent gives me everything because waves the wind i have to give something back i feel obliged to move it was to miss him too many of the of us are. waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starting in january seventh w. . officials in the philippines say more than one hundred eighty people have been killed by a tropical storm which swept through the south of the country dozens more missing. storm tembin with winds of up.


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