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tv   World Stories - Terror in Berlin One year on  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 5:15am-5:31am CET

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churn diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. thought of programming good very nice. and i thought our innovations magazine for asia the us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com for science and research for asia. this week on world stories. appalling conditions on lesbos for refugees. small is beautiful the brooklyn micro-grid. the. we begin in poland and the small
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town of fun this was home to the driver of the truck that was hijacked and then used to kill eleven people in last year's berlin christmas market attack on that day. the terrorists first victim murdered in his camp. takes candles to the grave of her son luke the first victim of the attack on the berlin christmas market the walk to the cemetery in the polish town of bani a has become a regular ritual for her and her husband. campbell we come almost every other day we have to tidy up here because so many people come from all over poland even all of europe we have to take good care of the grave usually it's visitors from germany who come to lay flowers the cemetery is a fifteen minute drive from the polish german border. look at his parents feel forgotten they expected more support and compassion from germany. cousin.
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is angry at german authorities at the time of the attack he headed the trucking firm whose vehicle was hijacked by the attacker. besides the biggest loss my cousin i had to shoulder enormous expenses because of the attack i didn't even say that early on. the haunting remnant in this bag a fragment of the truck wreckage is a valve that the police returned to our city for months after the attack was out of action because of the official investigation. there was the loss of my very expensive truck for one thing. i had to replace the tractor trailer i did least. then there were three weeks of inactivity and all the lost income relating to that. and of course
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multiple trips to berlin. he did receive ten thousand euros compensation from the german foreign ministry the same as the other victims' relatives the special commissioner maintains he's done everything possible to help her off ski's farm recover but a year after the attack the pain of loss is still very present for the family of the. thousands of refugees and migrants live on the greek island of less moves in conditions that can only be described as terrible locals and refugees alike feel let down by athens and the international community. can barely move his fingers it's the morning after another cold night on the greek island of lesbos. and his friends ran out of firewood long ago.
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and they'll use what's left of this cardboard box to heat today's first cup of tea . from iraq he's been here on the island of lesbos for two months now in a makeshift camp just outside the morea refugee camp. a water. course. we are many. characters through but we don't have. a different here just for. next door is the official camp it looks like a high security prison made for refugees that have come to the greek islands in the hopes of continuing on to north and europe they have to wait here until their asylum applications have been processed authorities strictly for bit filming here.
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wants to show us what's happening inside the camp so we follow him with a hidden camera. the air is filled with the stench of smoke garbage and feces. many refugees have taken matters into their own hands to stay warm now that it's getting colder they simply lied old all of trees. these trees belong to local residents delio schofield s. and still use visits his fields he has to struggle to maintain his composure. well off to come in but about all these trees are burnt anybody there's nothing left up a bit of these trees won't grow again they're finished there one hundred twenty trees and now there's only four of all of the others and nobody cares the authorities won't stop this or compensate us every night these people cut down the trees and burn them when i get there with. the local mayor nikos truck haley's has
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just returned from talks with the greek government and athens the news isn't good. if the situation goes on like this it won't take long before we have physical confrontation up to now we are tolerating the looting of people's assets and it's fortunate that things haven't become violent yet. but it's a matter of time before that happens. left his country to escape violence he doesn't want to be lumped together with lawbreakers he wants to leave less because but for now a ferry take it to athens remains just a distant dream. it's called manual scavenging the cleaning of sewers in india by human hand a rather archaic term for an illegal and dangerous occupation it obscures the fact
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that this is a task for the lower castes. every morning shows up for the trial that field. anywhere would want to do. as a manual scavenger he cleans block drains and gotten in dentist sunni has been doing this for six years he owns anywhere between four hundred to eight hundred rupees a day so that's about five to ten euros. i almost threw up the first day here until then i've never cleaned the toilet in my own home the stench was disgusting i nearly quit. but i had to feed my two children since i'd lost another job so i carried on made a bit of planning as. the work is extremely dangerous there's no machinery or safety. sometimes so he has to undress and squeeze into the sewers and cocked up.
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he says he's developed skin attitudes his eyes burn from the toxic gases so our labors belong to the balmiki community. that sits at the bottom of india's cost their work opens them to prejudice and discrimination. some people treat us as if we're not human and we're human too now you're sitting here it's very dirty but people cover their noses when they walk past why is that. this settlement on the outskirts of debby is home to dallas formerly known as untouchables. two months ago three of its residents choked to death in a septic tank in a cop outs back on three were cleaners none had safety equipment. one of them was nanny killing his wife who is still waiting for compensation from the company. my children don't understand that their father is not coming back our world has
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come crashing down i've had to borrow a lot of money since i lost my husband and i don't know how i'm going to pay it back. the issue has sparked an outcry reports in the indian media say more than ten sewage workers have died in delhi alone in recent months the city government has since banned its engine sees from outsourcing sanitation work to contractors who hire manual scavengers. that means little to suniel and his friends. they finished here. they are already off to the next job. regardless of the mill they will. enough demand for cheap leave us to do the city's dirty work. the us president might not believe in global warming but some residents in the new york borough of brooklyn do now they're setting up their own solar driven power grid with a view to trading energy among themselves. a brooklyn neighborhood is testing
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one of the first micro grids in america lawrence orsini founder of l o three energy has watched it come to life the brooklyn micro-grid is our first project transactive energy project here in brooklyn so the idea is that as a prosumer someone who has generation on your roof whatever you produce and the excess goes back on to the utility grid so instead of pretending that the utility grabs a battery and buying it back later you actually sell it when you make it to somebody else in the community gary golden is one of the sixty prosumer in brooklyn who feed energy into the micro-grid two years ago he had solar panels installed on his roof . we. talked through a lot of the tradeoffs but came to the conclusion that we expect energy prices from a traditional utility model to increase in the years ahead and that this investment
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in a solar rooftop system would be the the right economic decision as well as for the environment. to keep track of the energy that gary and his neighbors produce and consume l o three has built special smart meters using blocking technology these devices collect on process data then they tally energy use on a mobile app block chain is best known for its role in crypto currency is only in this case the peer to peer transactions involve energy instead of bitcoins. the technology is key to making the brooklyn micro-grid operate efficiently aside from the positive effects the micro-grid can have on the local economy it also provides additional security during storms and hurricanes so if another super storm comes through like sandy this section of the grid can actually separate and run under its own power so. if the grid goes down you have
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a place in the community where you actually have electricity people can go where they can charge their phones like have communications they can get a hot meal the brooklyn micro-grid should only run autonomously in an emergency for now it runs on the city's infrastructure while completing final testing but lawrence all seanie and his prosumer has a working hard for a brighter future for energy. success from the trust. the people faced. staring conductor. young musicians from germany and korea. and especially composition. twenty seven thousand campus project just the.
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