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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin pope francis is about to deliver his christmas message to believe is around the world we're bringing you live pictures now of people gathering in rome for his would be and ought to be addressing comes off for a christmas eve less during which the pontiff made
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a fresh plea in favor of tolerance for migrants and refugees. also on the program germany's president calls for calm despite germany's political uncertainty. in my inviting germans to remember the lessons of the posture as their political leaders try to end deadlock over a new coalition. peru's imprisoned former leader back to full he modi is granted a pardon on medical grounds but protesters call the move an insult to those killed during his decade in power. and gulf zendo shell fully is fos becoming one of the game's top players but is he american or showman the twenty four year old has a big decision to make. hello and welcome money christopher spring a thanks for joining us. in the vatican pope francis is preparing to address
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catholics around the globe the traditional or be at all be speech will come after he used his christmas eve mass to issue a strong defense of immigrants the pope said that religious faith the blige is believers to give like prince a generous welcome. already known as an outspoken reformer the pope had a clear message he compared mary and joseph journey to bethel ham with the mass migration seen today the holy couple had arrived he said at a place where there was no room for them to stay. see the juice a.p. many other footsteps hidden in the steps of joseph and mary. we see the tracks of entire families forced to set down to in our own day. we see the tracks of millions if you do not choose to go away. driven from their land to leave behind
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that the awards but i received a zero coyote. face said the pope demands that foreigners be welcomed. some ten thousand worshippers joined midnight mass amid the splendor of st peter's basilica. many more followed the service from the square outside amid heightened security. i think that the pope signifies a lot of hope for a lot of people and that he has the power to bring a lot of people together. and through faith and i hope that. the people would be more forgiving. one another whatever their religion is more accepting. so that we would all live in harmony. the pope support for refugees has put him at all
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odds with some politicians but it's already become a key message of his tenure. here in germany president frank. has urged people to stay calm despite political uncertainty in the country chance langley merkel has been trying to form a new coalition government since federal elections in september and his first christmas address done my encourage shermans to draw lessons from the past for fast rising by the summit thirty years ago the christmas season was characterized by incredible or and enthusiasm thanks to the fall of the wall. although it was an unforgettable moment for all of us it also marked the beginning of uncertainty for many. looking back don't we see how much it paid off to celebrate that unique moment without fear. german president frank held his first christmas greeting as
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president from his residence bellevue he called on people to seize initiative in uncertain times. because indian for help when not in a hopeless situation so our future is not sit in stone we can overcome the sense of powerlessness and alienation on both a large and small scale if we take action as a community if we stop calling on others to be responsible and start to realize that responsibility begins with us and. each time i also addressed the deny in forming a new german government now the longest in post-war history. not all things that are unexpected should inspire fear this also applies when the formation of a new government takes longer than foreseen one. of the involved in this but the german president gave his assurance that the country remained stable. let's catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world tunisia has banned planes belonging to the dubai eline emirates from landing in its capital
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tunis officials that say they are responding to moves by the year one thousand arab emirates to block june is in women from flying to transiting through the u.a.e. for security reasons the measure has sparked an outcry among gymnasiums. spain's king philippe has used his christmas address to call on catalonia his newly elected parliament to avoid further moves towards a session last week catalans gave prosecutors parties and of a slim majority in the regional assembly back in october the king drew criticism after he condemned what he calls unacceptable disloyalty from the separatists. in afghanistan at least six people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the capital kabul the blast occurring near an office belonging to the country's national intelligence agency during the morning rush hour so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. now just months ago the iraqi
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city of mosul was an islamic state stronghold a place drained of its residents as they fled the violence of iowa six treatments now though with iowa's driven out many are coming back including most old christians on sunday hundreds of them attended the first christmas service since the city was liberated. i. i christmas mass in mosul. a year ago it would have been unthinkable back then the city was under the firm grip of the so-called islamic state. but since the militants were driven out in july more and more christians have been returning home. to us and are met with without peace there is no life after of a tree over islamic state messages that we missed old cold the peace the first in our hearts until it can be reflected on the outside. it's been six months
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since the iraqi army drove i asked out of mosul replacing the militants flag with the national flag of iraq. but the city landscape has changed a little since the fighting ended large parts of mosul are still in ruins. we had such a nice house not anymore. when we came back everything had been looted even our children's clothes were gone and now it's into. this used to be a christian orphanage before i took it either as a command post is that little good he said. her. it's a somber service with tribute paid to those killed under i ask. that the first christmas mass in four years also brings hope of a peaceful future for mosul. the president of peru has pardoned the
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country's former leader to fully moti on medical grounds throughout the one nine hundred ninety s. for him already held in on grip on power in iraq but was later given a long prison sentence for crimes committed during his tenure the former strongman supporters all cheering his release but others all condemning the move. hospital bed his son kenji reads out the text of the pardon for quote humanitarian reasons citing doctor's determination that he suffers from incurable and degenerative medical problems. it wasn't but on the streets of lima outrage at the pardon among human rights and left wing activists they say he should remain in jail . where totally opposed to the pardon because fujimori is a war criminal he sterilized women against their will and had union leaders and journalists killed. in that salute indignation we will
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never forget what has happened and what he has done little to snap out of anger to a current president pedre. he had promised not to pardon for him ari then last week he survived a no confidence vote in congress which is dominated by for him or his supporters. this pardon is illegal the medical report that supposedly backs up this decision is a fraud it's all part of a political deal between the foci mores and kocinski is party where you reject decision your solicitor isn't your lawyer. but frankly mori also has a large following supporters celebrated his release at the hospital where he'd been taken on saturday straight from prison. he reportedly has cardiovascular problems it's the most part we are extremely happy just as has been done for the best president peru has ever had the man who gave us
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peace and defeated terrorism. seen here in file footage was president throughout the one nine hundred ninety s. he's credited with defeating the leftist shining path insurgency and restoring economic stability but he was authoritarian he once suspended the constitution and shut down congress transparency international has ranked him among the world's most corrupt heads of state. for he maurice supporters may now be rejoicing but his release has reopened old wounds and threatens to further destabilize the country. now. for now if you followed gulf you'll know that martin kaymer has long been the big name in german golf but that may be about to change she's facing a challenge from a player hardly known here in germany zander shah fully he's ranked twenty fifth in the world he won the u.s. p.g.a. championship in september and experts are now saying he could be the next big thing
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in german golf a tale of two names in the u.s. he's known as zander softly his name is german though. technically he's germany's best goal for. his father and coach stephane moved from stuttgart to san diego thirty years ago and taught him everything except for the language. growing up in a household of a german father is something i learned right away discipline and respect and honesty are things that you know our family values very much and you know he kind of that's how he brought me up to play golf as well as your sport runs in the show for the family. in stuttgart a local sports hole bears the name of his great grandfather bishop shuffler nicknamed molly he was a professional footballer and athlete in the one nine hundred twenty s. later he became a city councilor and deputy mayor father stefan moved to the u.s.
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in tragic circumstances he was an aspiring to kathleen hoping to compete at the olympics but lost vision in his left eye after a drunk driver hit him with his car when he was just twenty three. that would in your mind. has been always given it destroyed my dream up here so i emigrated to the us. i was studying i lived next to a golf course and i realized it was a great school because the ball doesn't move towards you and i can't tennis for instance we too can be squashed out of my tennis so i tried. to say. what followed was a california dream zanda became a professional golfer and is now faced with a difficult choice compete for germany or the usa at the twenty twenty tokyo olympics so far he hasn't decided i grew up here in the us most of my friends are american of course you know america my good friends and my father is german or at least it's a tricky situation
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a situation far more complex than choosing between xander and alex on the. now it's christmas day across the globe so merry christmas to everyone celebrating santa and rudolph by the way still very busy at the moment as they enter the final stretch of their world tour before they set off on their travels on christmas eve they made a stop in alexandria virginia to do an entertaining families on the banks of the potomac river at the annual christmas before they set off on their world wide run to to have a presence to everybody st nick in rudolph by the way joined by the grinch on a jet ski he overcame his grumpy and the holiday spirit to dazzle the spectators. for a quick reminder of our top story for you pope francis is delivering his christmas address at the moment to believe around the world from the vatican live pictures for you the moment he's made an appeal for peace in jerusalem he's called for
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resumed dialogue between israelis and palestinians he's on. the eve of the. beneath. i made. a lot to live. on a lawful order must believe. live pictures there from the from pope francis is traditional o.b. and all the address you're watching to dublin used to stay with us. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if some.


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