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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is the news law from berlin a russian opposition leader alexina volney is calling for a boycott of the presidential vote next year this after the country's election commission and for him from one of the against president putin an outspoken putin
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critic now vali is valen to appeal the decision also in moscow a bus crashes into a sort of boy underpass killing at least four people so overall there are seven injured boys are now questioning the driver and investigating what caused this crash. and pope francis delivers his christmas day blessing and his message she calls for israelis and palestinians to come together and resume talks aimed at a two state solution the pontiff called this the path to peace in the holy land. meanwhile in his christmas address germany's president urged germans not to lose hope but in times of uncertainty as the country struggles to form a new government we'll bring you your steinmeyer scris message.
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of sarah harman welcome to the show it's great to have you with this. russian opposition leader alexina vuln they may have reached the end of the wind in his bid to enter next year's presidential race the country's election commission has rejected his candidacy citing a past conviction of olney a kremlin critic says the move is only meant to stifle opposition to president vladimir putin. the election commission's vote was a setback for no vaal me twelve of the thirteen members supported the motion to bar him from running in next year's election with one member abstaining earlier the commission argued the opposition leader was in eligible due to a past conviction for embezzlement. the crime which alexy until you gave each was charged with is a serious one which deprives a person who committed that crime of the right to run for the post of russian federation president. or the us.
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no following concerns the charge was trumped up to thwart his political ambitions speaking before the vote the kremlin critic said a candidate was needed to confront the country's problems. it's not about an avanti but a candidate is needed who will finally speak openly about everything taking place in our country now. one who will describe our reality honestly the lack of any future prospects and the poverty i did that and that's why you want to allow me to take part in the election. that me and i will but it just moments after the commission's decision to reject his bid no volunteer released a prerecorded message calling on supporters to boycott next year's vote when we announce a boycott of the election and. the way they want to carry out the vote is not a real election it will feature only putin and the candidates he has personally
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selected the ones who don't pose any threat to him they haven't campaigned and they will not campaign is better to look up on your. president vladimir putin is campaigning as an independent polls show him on course to win a fourth term. allowing him to stay in office another six years. well it's taken out of moscow and sure when he has been following the story for us emily quite a setback here form of all me he's calling for this election to be boycotted now but what is he really going to do well he's going to appeal the decision as you said sara and he also has said in that video that you just showed excerpts from that he wanted to turn his campaign headquarters all over the country into so-called boycott centers he says he wants to campaign
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against the elections so we don't know whether that means perhaps protests as well we'll have to wait and see and he also called on his supporters not only to boycott but also to monitor turned out during the elections and that's interesting because there were media reports yesterday that the kremlin is hoping to achieve seventy percent turnout and that seventy that they hope that seventy percent of people will vote for putin that's their goal so obviously if if now finally it can undermine whatever numbers they provide for turnout or even undermine that turnout by boycotting the election and by calling his supporters to boycott the election then i suppose he hopes that will undermine the legitimacy of the presidential elections as a whole all right of all men fall barred from running or there are any other opposition candidates. well there are even though putin is widely expected to win with
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a huge my majority. and the has actually called on opposition candidates to pull out of the elections as well and one to mention here is the opposition candidate saying yes upchuck she's a former socialite and journalist and she has actually said that she would withdraw if viney divine is candidacy were not allowed which has now happened she is widely seen as a kremlin candidate a kremlin project one that the kremlin has put forward to make these elections seem legitimate by putting a real opposition candidate forward she's said things like that the crimean annexation was against international law which of course here is very controversial so that's one to watch so far her campaign hasn't said anything on social media about this newest news about nevada and that's analyst suring reporting for us in moscow thank you. well staying in moscow pleased four people have been killed and
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more than a dozen others injured after a bus plowed into a busy pedestrian underpass moscow authorities have ruled out terrorism and have detained the driver of the bus for questioning. c.c.t.v. footage shows the bus leaving the side of a busy multi-lane highway and plunging into a pedestrian underpass near a metro station several victims were crushed beneath the wheels as the vehicle careered down the steps emergency services rushed to the seeing to recover the bus there's no evidence so far of any terrorist involvement. there probably technical and human factors of play the state of the road cannot have been a factor the road was clear. it's thought the bus driver may have lost control of the vehicle because of a problem with the handbrake police held him for questioning there was we rescued seven people four of whom unfortunately did not make it we managed to prevent the
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bus catching fire the bus is now been towed out of the pedestrian underground passage we've finished our operation near. to where the and thirty would approve the. incident happened on one of moscow's busiest roads mondays an ordinary working day in russia where the orthodox christmas is celebrated on january the seventh. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world at least six people have been killed a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the blast occurred during the morning rush hour now an office belonging to the country's national security agency a so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. berlin police say they believe a man who crashed his car into the headquarters of the social democratic party on christmas day was trying to commit suicide at fifty eight year old. hospitalized
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for minor head injuries police found several canisters of petrol in the vehicle. or rockslide in austria's val's valley has cut off an entire village from the outside wall of rocks soil and trees fell across the communities the main service road just ten minutes before the rocks came down a number of locals and travelled the road to get to christmas mass no injuries have been reported. and the queen has given her traditional christmas day address she paid tribute to the cities of london and manchester for their handling of this year's terror attacks the queen also remembered the seventy one victims of the glen felt tower fire speech marks for sixty fifth christmas as europe's what is. it for its turn now to some christmas celebrations around the world as christians across continents and cultures have been celebrating the holiday pope francis gave the traditional or be at or be blasting. overlooking st peter's square as one of
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the most sacred addresses in the catholic calendar if they put in these. dates for the week. some ten thousand catholics and to risk that outside st pete is to hear the pope's traditional blessing be at all be means to the city and the world and to put also how to will be matter on his mind in his address francis repeated coups for a solution to the only going conflict in the middle east which was recently stoked by u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. on this festive day let us ask the lord for peace for jerusalem and for all the holy
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land let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail between the parties and that a negotiated solution can finally be reached one that would allow the peaceful coexistence of t. states with a mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders. the pope's christmas eve mass was no less political francis drew attention to the plight of refugees he told catholics to be welcoming towards people who have been driven from their homelands by conflict comparing marion josephs journey to bethlehem with the mass migration seen today the holy couple had arrived he said at a place where there was no room for them to stay. or. so many other footsteps are hidden in the steps of joseph and mary we see the tracks of entire families forced to set out in our own
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day we see the tracks of millions who do not choose to go away but driven from their land leave behind their dear ones. like you. so nice. am the pope support for refugees has put him at odds with some politicians but already it's become a key feature of his tenure. in this minute. turning now to german soccer in the bundesliga is enjoying a well earned winter break at the one of the most compelling first halves of the season in years there were high profile sacking spectacular goals and of course the huge controversy over the new video weaponry system there is really hardly been a dull moment here's a look back at the season so far. the comeback of the year so your pint gets
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replace the sacked card launch a lot to return for a fourth stint as coach of byron munich in october seventy two year old trying to steady the ship and buyer now have an eleven point lead at the top of the bundesliga. brasier dortmund also changed coaches after a flying start to underpay to a bush dortmund season fell apart as they went eight league games without a win the dutchman was fired in early december and replaced with x cologne boss. and tossing them if they let him go by cologne in a few days later i'm dortmund coach no would have believed such a story if it happens have happened when the mother used to vincent came to the ritz it was a kind of show me. still go had departed cologne with the side rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga having finished an impressive fifth and reach to europe last season after top scorer anthony modeste left for china and wasn't replaced their campaign nosedived with injuries also not helping. the sporting director and coach
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paid the price and relegation now back. in contrast second place chalco have been one of the positive surprises of the first half of the season thirty two year old coach domenico to tesco has found the perfect mix there's been no magical football just hard work and a huge team spirit as shown by their incredible four all draw at darby rivals dortmund having beaten down four nil. the big talking point this term has been the video review trial rather than limit controversy the system has caused more confusion with the rules over its use on clear referees are in the spotlight more than ever. using video evidence is correct in their view but the way we have implemented it was has been a catastrophe both internally and externally and that's what will surely hit the buffers. like everything in football it's important to keep your eye on the ball quite literally mind keeper robin sent no won't be making that mistake again in
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this league clubs will hope to have a bit more focus for the second half of the season starting on january twelfth. russia's deputy prime minister or italian would go to step down as head of the country's football federation for a period of six months this comes just three weeks after moscow as head of a lifelong ban by the i.o.c. for his alleged involvement in the state sponsored doping of washing out plates despite the interim resignation he will remain the chief of russia's world cup organizing committee chairman will take place in jail. well time now for some business news and it's been a mixed holiday season for retailers and you know that's right sara he's made his list he's checked it twice and now father christmas can put his feet up meanwhile retailers will be taking stock of the run up to today's festivities here in germany small shop owners said sales were below expectations but major retail chains and
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department stores sold a lot of books toys clothes gadgets and cosmetics more people than ever before also went on line to buy items for their family and friends the german retail association says online sales increased by ten percent this holiday season to twelve billion euros. and many of the big money spinning products off in the world of tech both the serious and the city. look at the little drummer boy playing without a drum set he's playing on free drum using sensors to track a drum his movements high tech is fun throw in a rollercoaster at copenhagen stiffly you can ride a dragon through a fantasy world or enjoy the thrills of a hyper realistic london skyline adventure when in fact you're laying in an advanced swivel chair. virtual reality made a big splash in twenty seventeen but not only for thrill seekers v.r.
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is a learning tool to this shirt lets you look inside the body a lesson in biology ready to wear. wearables were all over the place dressing humans in east and dogs with a collar that connects to g.p.'s and other devices. and if wearing your tech isn't personal enough for you how about implants chipping people sounds like an orwellian whoreson ario but it's quite practical. once chipped employees at a swedish company can open doors with the swipe of a hand employees are thrilled. i want to be a part of the future. a future where even information about your train ticket is stored under your skin a future where you play using your fingertips privacy issues a lot for these early adopters. my facebook account probably knows more about me
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then the company will ever know about me so i'm not really bothered by. humans and technology taking another step towards each other in twenty seventeen you do the walking the ever tower follows at least for now. i'm staying in tech bitcoins wild swings continue over the holiday season prices of range between eleven and fourteen thousand dollars for the last twenty four hours though overall it's lost a quarter of its value in the past week alone some observers suggesting that many investors were cashing in on the massive gains across the board as they close their books ahead of the holidays despite the recent sell off overall bitcoin is still rallied since the beginning of this year around thirteen hundred percent. israel's markets regulator wants to ban the bitcoin the israel securities authority is looking to stop companies who do business in the digital currency from trading on the television stock exchange the move will be subject to approval by the i s
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a board next week in another move israel's treasury says it will introduce a challenge to bitcoin a digital shekel the aim will be to stop millions of dollars worth of value x. think the country via global crypto currencies that as more countries investigate digital alternatives to catch. britain's railways are mostly closed for repairs of a christmas but one of the country's busiest terminal stations euston has been opened to people who normally hug the shadows that two hundred homeless people were given christmas dinner along with warm clothing socks gloves and lucky but the charity event was funded by total forty. life companies. something to warm the hot for christmas not to live the danielle thank you for that heartwarming story you're watching the news we have more coming for you at the top of the hour the whole leave you now with this the christmas address the german president frank. says.
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the festive season in naples the d.s.n. going to go to you are may know is the go to place for natives the figurines. from the virgin mary in the christ child to soccer stars and t.v.
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shows there's something for every taste. jesus mary and chin and the nativities seasons of naples. is a sign of the revolution. see a sign of tunisia since the revolution he's been working to strengthen the young democracy fighting for the environment jobs and against both europe and. believes in the power of his generation. for tunisia's future. even three thousand and sixteen it's the loop. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for
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independent judges i see many of the young promising genitives now making names for themselves all over the. song by along the way songs like follow. with continue. the experience of freedom a sense is like that fenians of day you can visit but your call come back from. my name is straightforward and i work. for you meaning this famous street in naples is dedicated solely to selling christmas negativity scenes crowds come to the via sun categorial are may know
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during advent future.


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