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why not. it's simple mind on your mobile and for a. south. t.w. zealand in course speak german made easy. this is deja vu news live from berlin supporters of iran's religious rulers rami across the country after a rare antigovernment protests gain momentum and he sees water cannon as a radiant demonstration for a second day running people are unhappy with rising prices and corruption also to.
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the victims are they going to attack on a coptic church in egypt are they to draft the so-called islamic states have claimed responsibility for the cairo attack. and they shaped our views on the world we live in as the year draws to a close we look back at some of the personalities and famous people who we lost in two hundred seventy. i'm out on all thank you for joining us tens of thousands of pro-government supporters have marched in cities across iran this following two days of angry protests that had a rope today against the country's rulers social media footage show demonstrations in the western city of kermanshah reports say hundreds in the stacy how to protest
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against the high cost of living and corruption u.s. president donald trump wore into the iranian government needs to respect protesters rights treating the world is watching. for more on this now we're joined by iranian journalist slade come early day guy and he's with the guardian newspaper in london that message i got you actually specialize in iran what is your take on the scale of the protests. are quite rare protests to know since two thousand and one when there was widespread protest against an election that many believe were rigged no nothing in such a scale happened in iran really and and i think the difference is that in two thousand and nine it was mainly focused in turn around in the capital grows this time reporters the sort of the north east of iran in mashhad and then a spreading care muncher in south southwest and even in north from iran and russia sorry in common the center of the country so what is interesting about it is that
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it's mainly happening in the provinces and it's not mainly focused in tehran and these are quite rare you know since two thousand and nine there was a brutal crackdown then so really people have gone to the streets so it's rare that people are protesting over there what are they protesting about then. it's too early to say but you know it started in mashhad apparently because of the comic reasons a lot of slogans based on what people chanted are like a lot of slogans about disquiet the economy for example inflation is high unemployment especially for the youth is high it's forty percent president has an rouhani has been as able as been able to manage to stop lies the economy. especially after the agreement a nuclear agreement in two thousand and fifteen but is still there a lot of herodotos the primary sanctions imposed by the u.s. did in place iran has
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a lot of trouble accessing the world market especially european banks that it desperately needs to do business with so the economy is in a difficult situation i mean one of the problems was the economy but also there were political slogans. in support of the political prisoners there are a number of them in jail opposition leaders of the two thousand and nine porters are still under house arrest mira say i'm sorry and many terribly so it's not only a bad economy but too early to say what's initiated really. how have authorities responded this time around well. again you know it's just two days after the protest so we don't not a full picture but compared to two thousand and nine it's less heavy handed in two thousand and nine you have to remember people were even killed the girl was killed the dog assault on a big end weekend a symbol of the green movement two thousand and nine and everybody remember this
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yet it appears that the authorities have used the riot police have used tear gas water cannons as you mentioned. used these to disperse protesters the arrest of people who were reports that at least fifty people were arrested in mashhad is nor is there for iran a number of people were arrested until iran after the refused to disperse so the reports of arrests the reports of the riot police using tear gas. what we have to wait and see if the porters continue and how they're going to handle it that was ses taken in london thank you for the us egypt's coptic christians are in mourning after another attack by suspected islamic extremists authorities say worshipers and a police officer were killed in a gunfight when an attacker attempted to break through security at the church in a cairo suburb the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility in the past year it's killed dozens of christians in church bombings and shootings.
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at least eight coptic christians were killed in friday's gamma tack. a joint funeral was held hours later attended by hundreds of people. queuing to enter the church mourners expressed grief and anger at yet another attack on the christian minority this time a week ahead of orthodox christmas. i know nothing serious i knew you know i'm during our christmas every holiday they send us these gifts card you are vengeful. the attack happened at the mom in a church in a cairo suburb a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on worshippers leaving a service at least one police officer was also killed. only quick thinking
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prevented more deaths. there were crowds inside we closed the doors and we heard the shooting god saved us. all thora he's have given conflicting reports on whether the assailant was killed or arrested and on whether a second gunman was involved the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility the shooting comes just a month after militants affiliated to i.a.s. attacked a soofi mosque in north sinai killing over three hundred people. egypt remains under a state of emergency. as more families grieve it is clear that security services struggling to contain a brutal insurgency. at the other stories making news around the world egyptian state media say former islamist president mohamed morsi has been sentenced
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to three years in prison for insulting the just very morsi was toppled by a military coup twenty thirteen he's been detained everything and has faced trial on several chart. mourners in new york city have held a vigil to honor the victims of an apartment fire that killed twelve people including four children it was the city's deadliest fire in decades officials say the blaze was started by a preschooler who had been playing with the still. authorities in serbia have discovered a huge stockpile of toxic waste as a private property at the capital belgrade twenty five tons of deadly chemicals were being illegally stored in poorly seals barrels local residents have been warned not to use area wells in case there contaminations. moving on to those four cities now and germany's all conquering football team are currently world champions confederations cup holders and number one on the fifa charts the team is
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never pairing to defend its where tight end to end in russia and. believes he has all the ingredients needed to win the competition for a fifth time. for germany's coach joachim the upcoming world cup is the burning issue his reputation could suffer if germany to defend its title. the best the world is probably saying that germany are favorites and logically every team that plays against those will want to take it from the second round to the quarterfinals and semifinals. the pressure will be greater for us than it was in brazil we have to deal with that. on the i'm still nervous keeping his cool after all he has several established stars that he can still count on and a host of emerging on the confederate scot and would like nothing more than to go to the world cup too with. the coaches spoiled for choice when it comes to squat
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selection and. we're keeping track of our players to see what shape they're in for their clubs form and to gauge their health and levels of confidence and saves their club formal play a big role over the next six months. or it moves germany plays a more tactics a varied game keeping the opposition on its toes every facing sweden and i mean fawaz back in the first game in russia caught up by a clash with former player son heineman and south korea. finally germany have another showdown with mexico who lost heavily to the world champions at the country to ration mexico mexico is a team that can clear the high technical and tactical level at the taj we did not tell you to lead to qualify for the world cup so shouldn't be underestimated the group will be excited about an. eighty one thousand fans at moscow's luzhniki
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stadium will await the world champions in their match against mexico or should germany to cook up a storm in the group trace they could face heavyweights brazil in the second round germany fans can rest assured that you hakim live has the recipe for success to keep his team on track for another title. former beatle john r. rainbow star and biggie's icon i have been nice said by britain's queen elizabeth in this year's new year honors lists at a base ring a star serving go said he was honored to be recognized for his music and charity work while a use the occasion to pay tribute to his brothers. with whom he wrote some of the biggest hits of the disco era. we want a new year's honors aims to recognize people who contributes to national life in the u.k.
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. of canton new year's eve is underway and preparations are in their final stages for celebrations across the globe organizers are busy checking lights confessing and of course fireworks here's more on the work that goes into welding the crowds when the clock strikes twelve new year's eve celebrations don't just organize themselves in rio de janeiro they've been making sure the firework display is in full working order. it's going to be the biggest fireworks display ever seen and read it will be seventeen minutes long with twenty five tons of fireworks seventeen thousand homes and lots of technology. what could possibly go wrong in berlin what is going on to build the polity miles starting at the brandenburg gate this year following sexual assaults of the new year polity in cologne two years ago there's to be a safe zone for women and after last year's truck attack on the bowling christmas market security will be tight. because it would be operating with an additional one
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thousand six hundred police officers in total on new year's eve to ensure security not only here on the party mile but also across the entire city. security is a concern everywhere but people are determined to have fun in new york they've even been checking that the wind will create just the right cloud of confetti to make for a colorful celebration. as ray seventeen winds down we take a look back at some of the world's most influential people who passed away over the last twelve months thanks for watching and do stay tuned today w. news coming to you. you know. you know.
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