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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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see. this is day w. here is live from berlin iran's death toll rises as the country faces the most violent unrest in years at least twenty one people have been killed in nearly a week of nationwide protests the supreme leader accuses iran's enemies of meddling
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it is in it's a fast also on the program germany's new hate speech laws put to the test as twitter suspends the accounts of a far right lawmaker of a muslim tweet. on saudi arabia prepares for a year of changes as it introduces major reforms amongst them women finally being allowed to get behind the wheel but does lifting the ban on women driving go far enough. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program we start in iran where the government protests are sweeping the country at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds arrested the country's supreme leader has blamed foreign meddling security forces struggle to contend the boldest challenge to iran's clerical leadership in nearly a decade but after six days of demonstrations protests to show no sign of backing
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down. the violent unrest which is rock to run for nearly a week appears if anything to be escalating state television says six people were killed as protesters stormed this police station in the central province of. what began as protests against poverty has also drawn in opponents of iran's religious establishment. supreme leader ayatollah ali how many accuses enemies of iran of stirring up the unrest. bushmen montazeri iqbal the anime is poised for an opportunity to reach to penetrate through look at the incidents in the past few days all those who are against the islamic republic of iran those with cash and politics weapons and intelligence operators you can join hands to create trouble. how many didn't name any specific enemies but a senior official said britain saudi arabia and the u.s.
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were behind the riots president donald trump had this to say on twitter the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets the people have little food big inflation and no human rights the u.s. is watching. some dramatic unverified footage from inside iran has reached georgia vella through the messaging service telegram one apparently shows a protest the chasing a cleric. the crisis which has been raging for the past few days shows no signs of easing. there to some of the other stories making news around the world south korean president moon j it has offered to hold talks with north korea about cooperating on next month's winter olympics in the south but he stressed that north korea's nuclear issues must be part of any dialogue on north korean leader kim jong
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un had braids a prospect of joining the olympics in his new year's speech. uganda's president yoweri museveni has signed a law removing an age cap on presidential candidates the seventy three year old has already ruled for more than thirty years critics say you'll now be able to remain in power until he dies religious leaders lawmakers and human rights activists of all oppose the move. hundreds of protesters gathered in ukraine's capital kiev to demand an investigation into the death of a prominent lawyer in india a nose nose was found dead on new year's day should face threats for helping to convict a well connected man in a case that was seen as a test of the ukrainian justice system. a new campaign against sexual harassment has just been launched in hollywood and it's already raised thirteen million dollars the time's up initiative has backing of a list power players like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shown the rhymes it aims to help victims of sexual misconduct working in low income industries. and
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here in germany a member of parliament and leading figure in the far right alternative to germany party could face charges over a new year's eve tweet that six phone store chain store tweeted police about what she called barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men a post came as a new german german law aimed at clamping down on online hate speech came into effect twitter quickly removed the tweet and suspended her account. new year's eve celebrations passed without serious incidents this year but two years ago hundreds of women reported being sexually attacked many of the perpetrators were migrants since then police in cologne have pushed the slogan respect they use social media to spread the word in many languages including arabic bad takes one choice a leading member of the far right alternative for germany party mocked the action in a tweet and criticize the police do you think it is to appease the barbaric gang raping
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hordes of muslim men twitter deleted the entry immediately cologne holies regard the tweet is anti muslim prosecutors are now assessing whether to charge one story with incitement to hatred that is an inside is on those that is especially difficult in this case because the hurdles sent by the constitutional court are very high when it comes to stating political opinions especially for career politicians. was on the horse and with a politician like the first step would be to lift her parliamentary immunity experts say her tweet was typical for her. regularly attempts to incite racial hatred of migrants muslims and so called others that something germany experienced with anti semitic slogans and the weimar republic in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it can be dangerous to the republic if it is not stopped he could fairly been
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dinged because it twitter suspended the f.t. politicians account for several hours acting under authority of the new law that requires social media firms to promptly delete suspected criminal hate speech. political correspondent group advantage outlined the after response to those accusations. well the alternative for germany is a right wing populist party and they have made it a political tactic to victimize themselves whenever they they use a provocative statement and then being criticized for it but they call it of course censorship something they always do but this time i think they certainly do have a point because criticism does not only come from the far right it also comes from civil rights groups who say that this net folk network and forstmann blore is introducing censorship through backdoor they say that as the state wants to make
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the providers deputies for pro for legal prosecution and imposes large fines on them this could mean that these providers could eliminate any opinion which they think could be provocative or disputable just to avoid the fines and this in the end could mean that. the mainstream opinions could find it much harder to be heard or seen on social media. saudi arabia says its ban on women car drivers will be lifted in june the majority sunni countries under strict sharia law and is the last country in the world where women are not allowed behind the wheel instead they have to employ a chauffeur asked male relatives to drive them. yeah the women sit in the back and a young boy is in the driving seat and saudi made videos like these making fun of the country's ban on female drivers have been watched thousands of times but while it was a good gag it soon to be out of date. as of next june ratana hashmi
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will be allowed to drive a car and she's already lining up a perfect right. car shopping has become a popular hobby for wealthy saudi women. you just want to be free with the car you can get your groceries every stuff every shopping you don't need to to to wait for somebody to take you to do is small things you know your daily life thing when you go to my office come back to my office to my home you know. i'm free the car dealer says a lot of saudi women have actually already bought cars but until now they've just been for their drivers driving yourself is obviously a lot more fun. yeah that's like you. so what do saudi men think about it this is the time for her to die for our door had all over herself that they will have. to live i don't. know if soupy and her sisters
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don't have a regular chauffeur there aren't any public trains or a metro in jeddah so when no funds to go out she has to hire a driver or ask her brother mohsen sunday afternoon drives a popular with middle to upper class women but there's always a male chaperone present. knows wants to get her driver's license primarily for financial reasons. in the business maybe i want to save the money that i spend on drivers the norm makes total sense what a women who don't have a husband or brother supposed to do when they need to go. somewhere to take a taxi. the new law will make many things easier but personally i don't like it i can drive my family were ever they need to go. to. saudi society is still very conservative women are required to wear full length
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black robes. hashmi once more color in saudi society she says there's nothing in the qur'an that says women must wear black ten years ago the freelance designer was one of the first women in the country who deads to start designing the traditionally the robe of choice of saudi women in different colors red green or purple she was inspired by the traditional colorful costumes of the bedouin women. it caused an uproar at the beginning. they have to be permission from their husband going god why does your husband because you know why do. we not by the by pink out by kind of a lot by they're not used to it you know. britain also designs a range of premises female entrepreneurs have been common within her social circles
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for several years now. and now no soupy wants to do the same she's currently unemployed but retraining as a jewelry maker it's a project funded by prince charles and the saudi foundation teacher is a british goldsmith. the aim is to open up new industries for women. up until now men have been the only ones able to learn a trade. now women can too. over the us i would like to have a small workshop in the future where i can give my own lessons to show that every saudi woman is capable of having a trade and i want to produce my own jewelry. the chauffeur who takes no for her jewelry course and back every day costs around one
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hundred twenty euros per month during the week her brother doesn't have time to drive them oh it's money the family scrapes together from her mother's small pension and her siblings incomes. although they say they aren't a wealthy family things are changing for them to. settle in love. we women now have more freedom when we can earn our own money we don't have to constantly ask our husbands for it the mother has. we didn't have a face in the world no one knew anything about us saudi women now we're proving that we can do anything and it's so a huge. change is in the air in saudi arabia and a lot of women are eager to see it through. all the sports in the bundesliga returns from the winter break in ten days and champ inspired have begun their
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preparations for restart the training camp in qatar the team including new signings arrived in the gulf state for several days of intense fitness and tactical training and returned to face leverkusen in the opening game of twenty eighty. crews in one of the toughest races on the planet return to the high seas in melbourne australia the. team that. expected to take nearly three weeks. until june. top stories at this hour the death toll from protests sweeping it has risen to at least twenty the country's supreme leader. and the country. could face criminal charges for.
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police in the city. and a tweet from twitter deleted.


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