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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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can develop a cheap enough and broadly enough that it will be used by the court. this is it every news live from berlin under arrest in iran the government tries to turn the tide and change the narrative tens of thousands hit the streets in a show of force for the government as the general who has the revolutionary guards declares the sedition is defeated wear and tear on with the latest also coming up a step towards dialogue on the korean peninsula north korea reopens
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a hotline to the south ahead of next month's winter olympic games in south korea and. davis film scores will be looking at and listening to a movie about movie music that's opening this week. it's a pleasure to be with you we begin our broadcast with unrest in iran in a new development the general who heads the revolutionary guards has announced what he calls the end of sedition or for into putting down a week of mass anti-government protests the general says a large number of so-called troublemakers have been arrested he claims they received training from counter revolutionaries and says. firm action would be taken
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against them the general's remarks come as the government tries to change the narrative with state media selling footage of crow government rallies. now iran's leadership has also mobilize support thousands of demonstrators in august in southwestern iran took to the streets to show their support for the government protesters yelled death to the usa and death to israel state television show demonstrations like these taking place across the country posters of the ayatollah khomeini are on display everywhere on tuesday the country's supreme leader blamed foreign powers for the unrest now his supporters are claiming they're ready to give their lives for him and some are calling for those who demonstrated against the government to be executed still anti-government protests continue some of them violently this footage shows a house going up in flames it allegedly belongs to the paramilitary revolutionary guard and is for one province meanwhile more than
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a thousand anti-government demonstrators have supposedly being jailed in a government spokesperson has emphasized the more liberal message of president hassan rouhani saying legal protests are allowed but that those who break the law will be punished washington's u.n. ambassador has called for emergency security council talks we must not be found on the people of iran are crying out for freedom all freedom loving people must stand with their current state run media in iran has focused their attention on pro-government rallies in the country rather than on the anti-government demonstrators and iran is still reeling from those protests a.f.p. correspondent eric around all is in tehran erica what are the new developments talk to us about that. well today about the. regaining control of the narrative through fairly quiet nights with minimal protests reported this morning we had an accident prone regime rallies tons of thousands of people watching
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through several cities. forcing no support for the regime and opposing the five suspects in recent weeks and this evening the revolutionary guards to. this sedition sorry this edition is rose and it's ended and only about fifteen thousand people took part. in the younger us the last few days all right what does that tell us i mean i mean you have the protests been effectively a crackdown or is he just trying to reassure the political establishment. it doesn't look like the protests run out of steam these much smaller prioritize us than the ones we saw back in two thousand and nine hundred of thousands perhaps even millions of people were out on the streets this time we were talking about thousands and hundreds the difference was that it was dispersed all over the country being discussed and lacking
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a clear leadership. protest and i was a very low violent become difficult for ordinary people to join and i think they were put off by some of the violence is what we tear our lives to speak to that even if people were very much sympathized with the economic problems underlying that they didn't want to get caught up in not violent. but nonetheless there are still a lot of grievances out there could you outline some of them. sure these began over the high cost of the thing flesh has been a problem in this country from that he is and the other big one is on employment as high as forty percent over the people on the set top box of the rest of the country everybody has a story about someone being highly educated but being unable to find a job over there to fight a decent job that not just their education. something that spread across the
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country in rural areas where droughts just push people out of the villages and so the bigger cities it's even more acute those problems are not going to go away overnight the government has its job cut out for it if it wants to address the grievances that through these protests eric round off a correspondent in tehran thank you thank you. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories in the headlines right now a suicide bomber has killed at least eleven worshippers in a mosque in northeastern nigeria the bomber attacked a mosque in the town gamble or has not yet been a claim of responsibility for the attack. a canadian man who was held hostage by taliban linked militants for five years has been arrested in ottawa joshua boyle is facing fifteen charges including assault and making death threats the alleged offenses took place between last october and december just after the thirty four
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year old his wife and three kids were rescued. many businesses and schools in the indian financial hub of mumbai have been forced to close as protesters from a low caste community block traffic and staged sit ins for a second day daal its call to strike in protest against attacks by the rightwing hindu groups in the city today on monday. north korea has reopened a suspended communications line with south korea in what may be a sign of thawing tensions north korean leader kim jong un ordered that the hot line at the country's border be reconnected while the two koreas have been making overtures to improving tyson's new years but so when kim signaled that he wants to see north korean athletes cross the border and join next month's winter olympics in the south. and with the world's eyes on the korean peninsula in a month's time when the winter olympics take place a lot is at stake on
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a small star is a professor from the school of east asian studies at berlin's free university very good day thank you for spending time with us as with everything of course timing is key what's behind the surprise announcement first of all it's not a surprise at all that korea comes to north korea comes out at this point in time because also the foreign policy of north korea needs a direct contact a direct dialogue with its outer world in order to implement to realize the strategic goals now interesting if you if you look from the north korean perspective their approach seems to be two pronged on the one hand they're dialing up tensions with the us. yes and there seems to be a slight warming up of relations between john yang and seoul. what's the tactic behind that are they trying to drive a wedge between those two allies. here is the board understand that it was always it has always been the strategy of north korea to have this wedge between the u.s.
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and south korea because there are conflicting interests here so that's nothing new but it's of course a very important good positive step that north korea came out and proposed these dial the style look with with south korea and i think it's a very good opportunity for deescalating the comfortable situation right now all right well on the opposite spectrum of course is that they're rushing it up of tensions because this brings us to that provoke of nuclear button comment by u.s. president donald trump in a tweet aimed at the north korean leader he disparaged the size of that country's nuclear arsenal it was in response to a speech from kim in which he warned the u.s. that the nuclear launch button was always within easy reach this is what he said mr time said i too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works.
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i mean i don't know how helpful it is to start pushing in southers buttons it's a tweet war for now on a serious note how how dangerous is it that this might actually get out of hand and somebody might actually pursue but now at some point. well i think first of all the common by donald trump was to be expected and that is his way of reacting to that kind of situation but after i would say it's still it's quite a positive or at least neutral reaction to to north korea and i hope it's stays on that level but of course it is a very very dangerous situation but if we look carefully at the new year's statement of the north korean leader he tries between the lines he tries to to make clear that everything is under control so there would wouldn't be a ok i would accept you asian where somebody by accident would push the but because he has it under his control i think he was very clear on that point so you think
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he's a much more rational leader than we give him credit for yes absolutely he has to be very rational because he has to deal he has to to work with very limited resources to to survive on the international. diplomatic world on a samosa professor from the school of asian studies at berlin's for university thanks. now in extreme weather story for your powerful winter storm named eleanor asked cause at least one deaths in france and widespread damage across the british isles and western europe a storm surges and strong winds down at the western coast of ireland late on tuesday the flooding alone lying areas like here and galway well huge waves also battered coastal areas of wills and southern england and france eleanore blue roofs off buildings and toppled scaffolding at construction sites more than two hundred thousand homes were left without electricity john has also been affected with up through trees blocking roads and railways.
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and willing to bet that many of you immediately recognize that score and you probably don't even need us to play the video footage to know what it is his name is bond james bond and part of the bond legacy is the james bond theme composed more than fifty five years ago it's one of the most famous pieces of music written for a movie and it's one of several legendary film scores featured in a new documentary score which opens this week in german cinemas take a look. whistling melodies twenty guitars and fatalistic trumpets never before had a movie score set the mood for a series of films and the way ennio morricone is did for the renowned spaghetti westerns. you know you just took the sound of that it's r. and that is coded into that western environment. that is the
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sound of you know just because he was that still fifty sixty years after the fact what would cinema be without music composer marco beltrami analyzes the famous shower scene in alfred hitchcock's psycho music it's not that scary. noticed in the. the process for that. and a violin is what provided the tortured sound. german composer hans zimmer has created music for more than one hundred fifty movies including the pirates of the caribbean series he's known for integrating electronic sounds with traditional kestrel arrangements a reporter for the food where somebody comes in to have. an idea that would be fun
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to do if you're flattered but even considering you me when you have a moment of reflection you go i have no idea how to do or. how does film music work and who's behind it the documentary score answers some of these questions it offers a behind the scenes look for example at recordings for the james bond film casino royale score it does reveal a few tricks but it still leaves the sense of magic intact. most directors don't know how to convert emotions into musical. or into music so the composer has to you know act almost like a therapist and go through all this mishmash of what the director is saying. and push a motion to the next level whether for john's or for star wars film scores can help us feel a part of the action. oh right you're watching the other news with have
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a lot more to tell you about yours was still ahead. how's this for a nod down price on one year old can buy you all house in northern france what's the catch i'll tell you in business coming up next. and i'll see you again at the. top of the hour. leaders and others moving it's not resumed you know school so long as it blows what will twenty five years storm or a tsunami which tony was mostly going to use twelve months later to lobby. the united states. from washington.


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