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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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surfers fighting against unseen police. starting january seventh on g.w. . this is you know we news live from berlin firing back u.s. president donald trump prepares to sue his former chief strategist for libel and slander steve benen explosive accusations in a controversial tell all book on the trump white house call a meeting with a russian lawyer treasonous the president blasting back and saying quote he lost
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his mind also coming up the chips are down as tech firms scramble to fix major security flaws that are bad news for everyone the flaws could compromise data worldwide all harker's to steal sensitive information. an accounting down to elections in russia president vladimir putin is due to win in march but there are several candidates in the field i'll ask the supporter of one of the contenders about her chances of beating the incumbent. on little rock it's great to have you along always start our broadcast with that very public falling out in the u.s. where the lawyer of us president trump is threatening action legal. action against
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former white house strategist steve benen over what he calls disparaging statements and in some cases outright defamatory statements made in a new book while the president launched a scathing attack on bannon saying that steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind well it's emerged that bannon attacked dollops on jr for a twenty six meeting with a group of russians in the book by michael wolff bannon is quoted as saying even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad blank. i happen to think it's all of that you should have immediately called the f.b.i. while the chumps lawyer has sent a seize and desist letter to bannon accusing him of violating a non-disclosure agreement by speaking to wolf so a spectacular falling out between two former allies and more in just a moment but first a look at how the ban on trump rift unfolded with friends like these who needs
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enemies it may feel like ages ago but it hasn't been that long since president donald trump and his former chief strategist steve benen were thick as thieves. toward the end of the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign bannon left his post as executive chairman of the right wing web site breitbart news to join the trump campaign he was the embodiment of all the issues that energized the trump base nationalism and immigration and economic deregulation despite accusations of racism and xenophobia benon helped build the wave of populism but trump it unleashed trump became president and bannon became a kingmaker. bennett took on the role as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president he was seen as a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda the president was not shy about celebrating their closeness is very committed and friend of mine and he's very committed to getting things passed we'll have a very good relationship as you know with steve been steve's been
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a friend of mine for a long time i like steve a lot man and also helped push both the president's populism and his attacks on news organizations their corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed adamantly opposed. to an economic nationalist agenda like donald trump. but after a series of staff shake ups and public embarrassments trump for an instant in the white house to an end after a mere seven months is now following the publication of an incendiary book bannan trump have suddenly become sworn enemies trading barbs over the media. given how fervently readers of breitbart have supported trump the cracks in this relationship could spell trouble. all excerpts of this book have everyone talking here to discuss the fall out with me on the set is to how he is
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a senior fellow and director of the europe program at the german marshall fund we're great we're very happy that you're here where to begin i mean is this rift a permanent rift yeah i mean this is pretty prominent i mean you never know with trump trump has an unbelievable healing power and his rifts that he's creating and that his you know former friends create with him so you know he's ever flexible but at the same time the nature of this fallout is so substantial this is somebody from the inner circle somebody who was a key strategist also in this kind of revolutionary agenda that trump was running on that going back from this will be very very difficult especially given the legal escalation that followed very quickly from those from those statements that we've heard as you've mentioned there were lation ship were so tight there was there were as thick as thieves on what's a baron's agenda here well this is the big question i mean bannon has always had a social revolutionary agenda this is an agenda that wants to destroy the political system wants to create something new things that the establishment is basically
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rotten and we have already seen over the last couple of months that you know he has turned against. you know on on side issues on issues like you know candidates and states we've seen as an arizona and also in alabama where we get the feeling that benon now things that trump is already again to establishment and not revolutionary enough so what turned out you know what was in the beginning an alliance of like minded revolutionaries you know it has now turned into something where the one thing is that the other is not revolutionary enough again so bennett has a strong agenda still and things may be that come to live or what he really wants and so he's turned into an enemy now this book of course promises a lot of salacious details but the most. glaring accusation especially for the trump white house is your suggestions of collusion with russia what impact will it have on the ongoing muller investigation do they have to take this on board now well they were certainly take this on board you know from a technical legal standpoint nothing much will change the mandate in the procedures
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that's all established in that conscientiously but the dynamic changes as somebody from the inner circle of the trump campaign at the time speaks about these things says these things uses words like treason and that can't be ignored that changes the political dynamic and it will give mueller and his investigation a boost now bannan is not necessarily the kind of guy that you want to call your ally but this kind of unexpected favor from mr bannon is certainly appreciated in the mueller come what i also find very interesting is of course the book's author michael wolff this fly on the wall account it's amazing that he got this much access from a white house a famous now for coining the term fake news how do you think he arranged that well i think you know in the beginning we had a very inexperienced. ministration there was a lot of chaos there and they thought that you know bringing on. the author who could you know give a tale that was you know promoting their goals you know was
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a great idea we've often seen as we've seen this new u.s. military we've seen this elsewhere this is something that is not particularly problematic trump issue but we've seen this many many times and now all of a sudden this guy turns out that he found a source benon who will say things that can gravely damage demonstration that is unexpected and so you know i think the journalist who wrote the book mr wolf you know got access because the pain thought it was a great and wise idea and that often backfires because journalists in the end have often you know their own agenda they want to sell the book and in the end that's more important you know than what the trumpet ministration had them for and it has us all talking about it in the process down to how from the german marshall fund thank you for spending time with us. all right when i bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the death toll in south africa in a south african passenger train crash is now twelve according to the country's transport minister fire engulfed several of the express trains carriages after it
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smashed into a truck about two hundred kilometers south of johannesburg the government says more than two hundred sixty people were injured. mourners in the west bank gathered for the funeral of a palestinian teenager killed yesterday in clashes with the israeli army while the hospital official said the seventeen year old was shot in the neck israel said its soldiers opened fire on a protester who had a gun. some four hundred firefighters on the french mediterranean island of corsica have been battling blazes found by storm eleanore as it sweeps through europe at least three people have been injured and a number of homes have been burned meanwhile the french alps are on maximum avalanche alert with eleanore forcing the closure of major ski resorts. now panic over the security of computers and mobile devices has us all worried
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should we be worried i'm not panicking yet but you may be when you hear what my next guest has to say it's quite interesting the scramble is definitely on to find a fix for serious flaws in computer chips right around the world the week does could affect billions of computers and smartphones experts i've spoken to say this could well involve everyone security researchers discovered the problem affecting computer progress in process is rather built by intel and other chip makers some time ago now but the news is only just surfaced intel is still hush hush about old i'll be joined in a moment by someone who knows exactly why but first here's what we know so far. the intel security flow could allow hackers to obtain access to passwords encryption keys and other sensitive data the newly announced vulnerability could affect every processor released since one nine hundred ninety five at the moment there's no way for users to detect a breach which leaves no trace in traditional log files some security experts are
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calling it the worst flaw ever found by the computer industry is probably much of a problem with the security gaps is that the processor is the core of the computer it's what the operating system runs on and that means when the processor is affected and the hacker takes advantage of that flow as always they have access to everything. desktops notebooks tablets smartphones running on intel chips are affected the problem may be even bigger than initially reported in a statement intel said recent reports that these exploits are caused by a bug or a flow and are unique to intel products are incorrect based on the analysis today it's many types of computing devices with many different vendors processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. researchers who discover the security gaps a computer is powered by a r m n m d also affected a claim that a.m.d.
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has denied software updates will be released to help protect against security these could cause computers to run more slowly with some estimates indicating a dip of up to thirty percent but intel says that ordinary user is a likely to see a performance hit of no more than two percent. from the tech magazine motherboard deutschland it reports on the intersection between technology and society let's start about this discovery itself because you've uncovered some quite interesting details about the research teams involved in uncovering these flaws in chips yeah it was three separate teams that discovered this flaw and it's known since june two thousand and seventeen and they independently verify it first the two flaws one is called spector and the others called meltdown and this discovery could also mean that very well funded or capable threat agents could have uncovered that at the same time in the wild there is no way of knowing if this exploit has been used by
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anybody else so far because the locked out does not affect it so you can't really say it has been exploited but acars have oversleep from what you're telling me they've had a long time to exploit it if they've known about it what about the people at intel who knew about it themselves. well intel and a couple of other tech companies have been secretly working to patch this thing but something very interesting just came out now which is the intel c.e.o. has sold his shares in november a seventeen or so as many shares as he could then came out today saying this is all perfectly normal while knowing about the security flaw for months and months ok this could turn out to be a real financial scandal corporate scandal intel shares have already dived overnight is this news has come out and he knew that and of course when are we going to get a fix if they've been working on this for months yeah is it going to take months
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many more months yeah ok so there are two flaws one of them is relatively easy to patch and there are already some fixes available but use a search should just sit tight and patch patch patch patch all that stuff and the other one specter is much harder to execute but also much harder to patch and it basically dissolves the boundaries between programs so even as if one application is designed perfectly and the other program isn't perfectly this bug enables the program to read out each other staton steal secrets basically this has not been patched so far people working on it i expect the first patches to be out in the in about couple of days three or four days so it's basically not even enough just to change a password is not at all know this is a fundamental hardware design flaw it's not a software flaw it's so hardware buck so the design of the chips and these chips they go as far back as one thousand nine hundred five intell chips but also a n d even though they were denying it at first but also affected basically every modern
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chip set in every device and every computer and every cloud storage have with smartphone can hear fact that by cloud services such as the big ones google apple microsoft they have already patched and upload a sufferer patches to this service if if you know patch what should people do that they should wait for patches and apart from that. there the problem or the problem with the panic about it is there isn't really a threat business model yet so people don't have to really go to through the trouble of hecate some money independently yet there is a look at thank you very much for the nation very interesting indeed. oil prices are trading at a three year high due to concerns that iran's oil supply could be limited by unrest there analysts say raining up out of over two million barrels a day is not presently under threat but the political protests are adding to the uncertainty in the market the uptick comes as
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a foil cartel opec extends production taps in an effort to tighten the market. and let's bring in an advice about how financial correspondent in frankfurt on this and it's how much it is iran playing in this price development for oil at the moment. well of course it does play a role because as one analyst is putting it geopolitical risk was almost absent during the whole course of last year and it's back on the agenda analysts are saying nobody knows how the situation in iran will unfold but one thing is clear that iran is the third biggest opec oil producer says so it plays a role in the oil market and in case the production. process could be whole to disturb that would increase prices of course but they're also other reasons why the oil price actually on the rise and it's
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a the underlying trend that even modest really growing very well because of the economic recovery worried wife that's some sort of an untold story about this is the driving force as well and then of course if you look at the cold weather in the united states this is also a concern toy to the oil market as people are saying that refineries could actually be hit ok well where they can always clear up but here's another story that's quite interesting which could actually see the oil price it in the other direction norway a court there clearing the way for a controversial arctic drilling project all the allowance of giving out licenses for those projects how could that affect things. well actually probably receive a lot more of these projects now coming through again because with the high oil price many of these all these fields which previously were not very attractive to explore because it's very costly to explore some of them makes sense now once again
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the oil prices high at at the same time we might actually get more say production out of the united states because that also only makes sense from a certain level on verse where we talk about the oil price within a level of currently sixty eight dollars that is making sense and some hedge funds are even saying that the price rise could continue well into two thousand and eighteen ok interesting it's a tricky game when it comes to profitability in that sector advice but thank you very much. the latest now on that unrest you know with leyla thank you so much in that country the country's elite revolutionary guard is trying to stop antigovernment protests in several provinces new amateur video purports to show security forces aligned with the guard parading down the streets of the city of saly about one hundred twenty kilometers southwest of the capital tehran while they're there to put down the protests really broad as
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sedition by the head of the revolutionary guard iran also blocked access to several social media platforms after more than a week of anti government protests. all right we shift our attention now to russia where presidential elections will take place in around two months time observers expect president vladimir putin to easily win another term in office despite growing opposition our moscow correspondent your shadow sent this report on the major issues facing russian voters this year. twenty eighteen it will be a special year. first is his predictable victory in the presidential election then the food bowl world cup in russia. but it also involves risks especially in foreign affairs. the middle east and syria in particular. prominent example of russia attempt to reposition itself on the build stage just
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a few weeks ago putin announced russia's withdrawal from syria but even if the military mission was successful achieving a political solution with partners whose individual goals are often radically different might prove to be a more difficult task the so-called syria peace congress planned for the end of january in such is the best example of this syrian opposition groups have canceled their but dissipation because of a cold russian aggressor committed to war crimes in syria. and here how do people in russia see putin syria policy it was a great victory for russia and one of the war lasted too long it was time to pull out now we don't have to pay as much in taxes. most of those who we asked to were in favor of withdrawing russian troops over if the cold of the withdrawal the most important foreign policy event of the past year russians are tire it and say pump and brands are all well and good but it wouldn't be bad for the government to turn
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it down russia's economic problems coast in part by western sanctions will remain largely unresolved even in twenty eighteen. nevertheless is and to will remain as the country's most popular politician in twenty eighteen and he expects a victory in march why because the kremlin promises stability and muscles anyone who questions is their promises the only serious challenge off saying of ali was not allowed to run for president he has. already announced his plans to appeal the decision. politically russia is old it is starting to heat up and it probably won't kill dome off that the election is the kremlin can only hope that this is in the country will remain stable until june so that russia can finally score some positive press as at the host of the built up.
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and german a far right member of parliament has sparked outrage over a racial slur aimed at the mixed race son of super stana star boris becker and meyer of the n.t. immigration alternative for germany use twitter to describe know a backer as a quote little half negro while on tuesday germany's leading tabloid build reported on the inflammatory tweet which has since been deleted from the social media platform while no i back grrr who's of african american and german descent now plans to press charges against him. here in germany more and more eastern europeans are living on the city's streets charities say at least three thousand of them are sleeping rough it's a problem that has become worse since two thousand and eleven when people from the eastern member states were granted full freedom of movement and germany all now some would rather be homeless here then return to their home countries
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a reporter that director investigates. even though he lives in the middle of berlin he feels as if you were invisible three years ago me how came you with nothing but a backpack since then he's been sleeping on the streets. when i first came here i slept at alexanderplatz back then i was one of a larger group of ten or fifteen people who slept under this bridge all of us were polish a few russians joined us people of the same kind stick together we're all in the same situation. more and more immigrants from eastern europe live on the streets of berlin the number is estimated at between three thousand and ten thousand but this estimate is not official me how has given up on finding an apartment he's gotten used to his life on the streets he knows most of the homeless in this area including this young
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polish woman they help each other and protect each other against violent attacks day and night. there are a lot of things that you yourself can a changing world that makes a lot of people in the city feel unsafe in september a woman was killed by homeless men while walking through the park on her way to the subway. the district mayor is under a lot of pressure he warns that the situation is getting out of control for pocket fishel who deal with eastern european homeless people. in the bus pass here in the health we don't know what would happen if we kicked them out if we say you are no longer allowed to sleep here they might throw beer bottles at us or spray us with urine or that was what they told me in a confidential employee meeting with and that was when i realized that we cannot solve the social problems that are happening in poland hungary and remain here in
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our parks. tells us that berlin is a magnet for east european homeless he says it's easy to live here without any money because there are so many charitable institutions. he visits a center for young homeless people twice a week there he can wash his clothes shower sleep and eat about three hundred fifty people come here almost all of them from eastern europe politicians looked the other way for years when it came to homeless people they tell us here the topic only began to get public attention when the stream of migrants from eastern europe increased done. i think when and germany as a whole has to admit that not only well situated europeans benefit from open borders. and i believe that deportation is not the solution. many homeless don't want to return to their home country for various
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reasons. but deportation is exactly the topic that is being discussed by germany and poland in the near future polish social workers will be coming to berlin to try to convince their homeless countryman to return. to the both he put it was that i will not go back to poland under any circumstances too much has happened i have bad memories if i went back to something i regret i have a daughter there under salt easy for me when i'm there i do things that i shouldn't . for such as were for tickets. and he's more afraid of this than getting through a freezing winter on the streets he says one day he'll tell his daughter what went wrong his life but until then he dropped the just stay invisible.
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art some tennis now where andy murray has pulled out of the twenty eight hundred australian open due to an ongoing hip injury the three time grand slam champion has not played a competitive match since wimbledon in july of last year murray had tried to compete at the u.s. open in august but we drew two days before the start of the tournament it was her injury has seen him slip to sixth sixteenth in the a.t.p. rankings. that you go on reminds you of our main headlines right now. u.s. president donald trump's a warrior is threatening a legal action against former chief strategist steve bannon trump has been reacting to remarks bannan reportedly made about a meeting between trump's campaign team and a russian lawyer trump said bannon had quote lost his mind. on the rock in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending of this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour
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. and. in good shape. we talked to the experts on site in some hospitals dangerous pathogens lurk. there's a lot of fear in the hospital because of modern resistant bacteria. antibiotics are
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made easy. thousands of children go missing every kid in china they all sewn on the back market. time jingjing is searching for her son all by ourselves. without any help from the old foreign to us she's going to try and distract her she finds from others wrong. so time changing such as my house some. reporter on d. w. . welcome to in good shape coming up. the neck pain the perils of peering at your phone all day. how cold weather affects.


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