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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is you know the news live from berlin firing back u.s. president donald trump appears to sue his former chief strategist for libel and slander steve banas explosive accusations that a controversial tell all book on the trump white house call a meeting with a russia lawyer treasonous the president blasting back and saying quote he lost his
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mind also coming up. the chips are down tech firms scramble to fix major security flaws that are bad news for everyone but floss could compromise data worldwide and allow hackers to steal sensitive information. plus here in germany a chance on the americans allies outline their conditions for a new government migration the big issue merkel's conservative sister party wants to set a limit on the number of migrants only riving in germany and restrict family reunification but what will the chancellor make of it and a far right german lawmaker sparks outrage by tweeting a racial slur aimed at the mixed race son of tennis superstar boris becker.
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thank you very much for your company but we begin with that now very public feud in the u.s. where the lawyer for u.s. president donald trump is threatening legal action against former white house strategist steve bannon over what he calls disparaging statements and in some cases outright defamatory statements made in a new book a seize and desist letter has been sent to its author and publisher trying to halt its release while the president launched a scathing attack on bannon saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind while this emerged since that bad an attack donald trump jr for a twenty sixteen meeting with a group of russians in the book by michael wolff bannon is quoted as saying. even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad blank and i
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happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately all tromso lawyer has sent that cease and desist letter to bannon accusing him of violating a non-disclosure agreement by speaking to wolf in the first place so a spectacular falling out between two former allies more about that in just a moment but first a look at how the banon trump rift unfold it with friends like these who needs enemies it may feel like ages ago but it hasn't been that long since president donald trump and his former chief strategist steve benen were thick as thieves. toward the end of the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign bannon left his post as executive chairman of the right wing web site breitbart news to join the trump campaign he was the embodiment of all the issues that energized the trump base nationalism and time a gracious and economic deregulation despite accusations of racism and xenophobia benon helped build the wave of populism that trumpet unleashed trump became
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president and bannon became a kingmaker bana took on the role as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president he was seen as a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda the president was not shy about celebrating their closeness is very committed and friend about it he's very committed to getting things we'll have a very good relationship as you know with steve benen steve's been a friend of mine for a long time i like steve a lot man and also helped push both the president's populism and his attacks on news organizations there corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed to merely opposed. to economic nationalist agenda like donald trump. but after a series of staff shake ups and public embarrassments trump for an instant in the white house to an end after a mere seven months. now following the publication of an incendiary book bannon
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trump have suddenly become sworn enemies trading barbs over the media. given how fervently readers of breitbart have supported trump the cracks in this relationship could spell trouble. well excerpts of this book have everyone talking here to discuss the fall out with me on the set is to how he is a senior fellow and director of the europe program at the german marshall fund we're great we're very happy that you're here where to begin i mean is this rift a permanent rift yeah i mean this is pretty prominent i mean you never know with trump trump has an unbelievable healing power and his rifts that he's creating and that his you know former friends create with him so you know he's ever flexible but at the same time the nature of this fallout is so substantial this is somebody from the internet in our circle somebody who was a key strategist also in this kind of revolutionary agenda that trump was running on that going back from this will be very very difficult especially given the legal
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escalation that followed very quickly from those from those statements that we've heard as you've mentioned their relationship was so tight there was there were stick as thieves what's it been is the gender here well this is the big question i mean benon has always had a social revolutionary agenda this is an agenda that wants to destroy the political system wants to create something new things that the establishment is basically rotten and we have already seen over the last couple of months that you know he has turned against. you know on on side issues on issues like you know candidates and states we've seen as an arizona and also in alabama where we get the feeling that benon now things that trump is already again to establishment and not revolutionary enough so what turned out you know what was in the beginning an alliance of like minded revolutionaries you know it has now turned into something where the one things that the other is not revolutionary enough again so bennett has a strong agenda still and things maybe that come to live or what he really wants
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and so he's turned into an enemy this book of course promises a lot of salacious details but the most glaring accusation especially for the trump white house is you know suggestions of collusion with russia what impact will it have on the ongoing muller investigation. do they have to take this on board now well they were certainly take this on board you know from a technical legal standpoint nothing much will change the mandate and the procedures that's all established in that conscientiously but the dynamic changes as somebody from the inner circle of the trump campaign at the time speaks about these things says these things uses words like treason and that can't be ignored that changes the political dynamic and it will give mueller and his investigation a boost now bannan is not necessarily the kind of guy that you want to call your ally but this kind of unexpected favor from mr brennan is certainly appreciated in the mueller camp what i also find very interesting is of course the book's author michael wolff this fly on the wall account it's amazing that he got this much
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access from a white house a famous now for coining the term fake news how do you think he arranged that well i think you know in the beginning we had a very inexperienced. ministration there was a lot of chaos there and they thought that you know bringing on the author who could you know give a tail that was you know promoting their goals you know was a great idea we've often seen as we've seen this new u.s. military we've seen this elsewhere this is something that is not particularly problematic trump issue but we've seen this many many times and now all of a sudden this guy turns out that he found a source benon who will say things that can gravely damage demonstration that is unexpected and so you know i think the journalist who wrote the book mr wolf you know got access because the pain thought it was a great and wise idea and that often backfires because journalists in the end have often you know their own agenda they want to sell their book and in the end that's more important you know than what the trumpet ministration had them for and it has
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us all talking about it in the process down to how far the german marshall fund thank you for spending time with us. well now to that major security breach the race is on to find a fix for serious flaws in computer chips around the world big defects could affect billions of computers and other devices fitted with chips supplied by manufacturers intel a.m.d. and a r m security researchers discovered the problem a while ago but the news has only just been made public and intel is still hush hush about it here's what we know so far the intel security flow could allow hackers to obtain access to passwords encryption keys and other sensitive data the newly announced vulnerability could affect every processor released since one nine hundred ninety five at the moment there's no way for users to detect a breach which leaves no trace in traditional log files some security experts are calling it the worst flaw ever found by the computer industry this problem and
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a problem with the security gaps is that the processor is the core of the computer it's what the operating system runs on and so that means when the processor is affected and the hacker takes advantage of that floats they have access to everything. desktops notebooks top let's smart phones running on intel chips are affected the problem may be even bigger than initially reported in a statement intel said recent reports that these exploits are caused by a bug or a flow and are unique to intel products are incorrect based on the analysis to date many types of computing devices with many different vendors processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. researchers who discover the security gaps a computer is powered by a r.m. and a.m.d. are also affected a claim that a.m.d. has denied software updates will be released to help protect against security gaps
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these could cause computers to run more slowly with some estimates indicating a dip of up to thirty percent but intel says that ordinary user is a likely to see a performance hit of no more than two percent. well so much to discuss to help us navigate what this means for all of us want to turn to or to resul locker from tech magazine motherboard good to have you here on this important day most of us own one of these or a form of of these smartphones we needed to function in this day and age does this mean for us it's a very serious exploit that basically affects each and every one of us and all of our devices but that the vulnerability is so widespread it doesn't necessarily mean that the attacks will be so widespread because it still needs an attacker to actually gain access to your device for example by clicking on malicious links or other types of phishing to that vulnerability of being exploited so in order to stay safe i guess the best advice is to just patch whenever patches will be come
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out you make it's not really easy but i don't know how to pack anything let's send my smartphone what will it take to fix these flaws yeah well so some of the big tech companies that are also affected especially with a cloud services have already started to patch this systems amazon google apple have said they are already they have already updated the cloud systems which is for example what we use when we upload photos on our smartphone that are not on our device but in an external server via the internet. you can also expect to have browser patches coming up a browser updates coming up in the next days it would be a good idea to install any updates when they come along before operating systems or being for browsers or even for. operating systems now we've reported that it's widespread you're saying it's widespread but put this into a kind of concrete terms how widespread is it it affects basically every device
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that has been built after nine hundred ninety five tablets smartphones computer this. doesn't like if it does not mean. and that attackers will exploit every of these devices and also so far they has no there has been no business model yet to exploit this at a great scale so a hacker would have to have a clear incentive to hack your device specifically and gain access to your advice specifically it's not like ransomware where it spreads and spreads and spreads there's a distinction there yes absolutely so it's not like it like an affection or a virus that just spreads and can hack a lot of devices at scale this is a vulnerability that is serious but one of the vulnerabilities is easy is more easily patched and the other and the other vulnerability there's not so easily patch is a much harder to pull off ok now why did it take intel and all the other major
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chip makers this long to you know tell us about this interim didn't really want the in for out they knew about the vulnerability since june when three different research teams independently verified and discovered this particular vulnerability and reported it and since then tech companies have been working to patch and you think it's because they don't want to tip off hackers it's awful hard exactly so because when the vulnerability is discovered in the wild chances are that also malicious security researchers have also found it so the moment that you have a vulnerability out to the public there's also a race for malicious groups to exploit this particular inability to sell arc or i'm scared or not that scared after hearing here were from tech magazine motherboard thanks for spending time with us you are right and i want to go over to one of the because i can't imagine this being good for the bottom line of intel and the likes now we're talking about some potential financial and corporate difficulties as well
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that layla so let's take a look at the timeline of events in this case now the two floors were discovered in june twenty seventh intel c.e.o. sold off as many shares as he. good could in nov twenty seventh a move which saw him gain some twenty five million dollars in profits now of course the majority all the other shareholders did not find out about these for was in till yesterday so it certainly raises some questions that. well let's put those questions to our financial correspondent ones core to on wall street who's following this story for us and then is could the c.e.o. of intel face charges of trading on insider knowledge here. it's certainly an interesting timing when he sold his shares because that was obviously after the company got aware of the flaws but before the news broke out to the public i can personally not really imagine that it's
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a case of insider trading because that would be like the the most obvious kind of insider trading we've seen in wall street history but that doesn't mean that the f.c.c. won't have a closer look at that and then on top of it that the sea org entailed sold all but two hundred fifty thousand of his shares also does not show a lot of confidence from the c.e.o. into his own firm because those two hundred fifty thousand shares that pretty much the minimum that is c.e.o. is supposed to hold of his own company's stocks and what does this mean for intel because we're talking about chips which is just everywhere. well if we talk about the flaws in general it's certainly not helpful and one of the big concerns is that maybe intel might lose market share to some of its competitors and for a second consecutive day intel is the worst performer in the doll jones industrial average by far having that said it's not that easy for customers to replace one
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semiconductor was another we're talking not ten fifteen years ago where theoretically it wasn't such a big deal to a switch from intel let's say to advanced micro devices to me conductors we're talking about chips or semiconductors that are pretty specialized customized and are not that easy to being replaced but it's certainly not helpful and that's why intel is the biggest loser in the dow jones and talking about the dollar jones we reached a new milestone today for the first time ever new chips cross the twenty five thousand point mark it's the sevens thousand point mark that we've crossed since the presidential elections so besides intel a pretty bright trading sort of environment here on wall street. almost right thanks for that. here is the cost is in history for the insurance industry claims from natural disasters and twenty seventeen right spect
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it to cost insurers one hundred thirty five billion dollars that's according to the world's biggest reinsurer group yet less than hoffa's last losses were insured meaning total losses were much higher than that. there were fires and floods and an earthquake in mexico but the hurricanes were the gut punch at least for insurers harvey irma and maria three hurricanes to hit the atlantic coast of the americas last year combined for a quarter of a trillion dollars in insured and uninsured losses three insurance giant munich re says last year's storms are resulting in the highest insurance payout in the history of the three hurricanes it was harvey that caused the most the massive floods that inundated the city of houston accounted for much of its eighty five billion dollars damage toll the devastating wildfires in california resulted in high claims because so many of the suburban houses destroyed were insured to the
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hilt. yet the majority of losses from global disasters last year were to insured in asia pacific for example fewer than one out of ten losses were covered. and those figures don't include lost lives more than twenty seven hundred people died in floods in south asia but that is aster was less destructive to infrastructure in the u.s. hurricanes. climate change is being blamed for the increasing number of severe storms first up this year the massive snowstorm currently blanketing the u.s. northeast then another active hurricane season is on the horizon insurers are gearing themselves up for more massive payouts i've got more business news you may see in the program now from all of your wallet thank you so much hello i want to tell you about our made headlines right now at least eleven people have been killed
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and many others wounded after a suicide attacker blew himself up near a crowd of police and protesters in kabul a number of policemen were among the casualties and the office on capitol official said the bomber detonated explosives as security personnel were conducting an operation. the death toll in a south africa passenger train crash is now twelve according to the country's transport minister fire engulfed several of the express trains carriages after it smashed into a truck about two hundred kilometers south of johannesburg the government says more than two hundred and sixty people were injured. and german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives have agreed on one thing with their possible grand coalition partners the social democrats they will impose a news blackout during talks on forming a government while those negotiations will start here in berlin on sunday still there are major differences between the parties when it comes to refugee policy
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americal xp a very in sister party who wants to set a limit on the number of migrants that are allowed access to germany and to restrict family reunification for refugees. all right let's bring in our political correspondent. who joins us from say on where the c.s.u. is a meeting all right we can tell us how is the c.s.u. are positioning itself before these the resumption of these coalition talks. well it is this playing a rather tough line as it has done in the past the see use you here is the conservative end of anglo-american alliance of the conservatives and is has to contest regional elections this year and that makes for the perfect position here for the c.s.u. to lay down the law as they would like to see it in relation to migration more
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people coming to germany that's something they're very concerned about they're also concerned about those some two hundred eighty thousand. refugees who enjoy lesser protection than the geneva conventions now we don't want to go into too much legal detail here but they don't automatically have the right to bring their close family and that has been a bone of contention for a very long time here in germany there this see is you says it expects the social democrats who are more left leaning to continue with what they've done before which is to actually hold those families from doing migrants here in germany now that is quite a steep expectation with the social democrats finding it very hard to read to a continuation of a grand coalition in the first place michela c.s.u. then apparently taking a more hard line position when it comes to migration and that brings me to tomorrow's guest of honor the young varian prime minister viktor orban that's
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a very interesting choice he's been a very outspoken critic of america. yes he has actually so has the c.s.u. in the past but only then when it comes down to election day that's when they suddenly close ranks again now victor coming here can be seen as a provocation this is you here points towards very long deep relations both with hungry and mr obama himself and what they see as you are saying that they know too well so you don't want to be lecturing hungary also on its record when it comes to basically the media being controlled more on the question of the rule of law that has been criticized quite strongly also from brussels but also from berlin so clearly this is also to show that the sea use you can act independently and some critics probably could be forgiven for seeing some parallels there with the far right of d.
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which have been very understanding and supportive of mr in the past so if the see this you says it has a completely different take that is the c.s.u. protesting a bit too much mikhail occur from a reporting from a rainy. c.s.u. a meeting thank you. and here in berlin more and more eastern europeans are living on the city's streets charity charity say at least three thousand of them are sleeping rough it's a problem that has become worse since two thousand and eleven when people from the u.s eastern member states were granted full freedom of movement within germany and it seems some would rather be homeless here than return to their own countries our reporter linda varick investigates. even though he lives in the middle of berlin he feels as if you were invisible three years ago me how came he with nothing but a backpack since then he's been sleeping on the streets.
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when i first came here i slept at alexanderplatz back then i was one of a larger group of ten or fifteen people who slept under this bridge all of us were polish a few russians joined us people of the same kind stick together we're all in the same situation. more and more immigrants from eastern europe live on the streets of berlin the number is estimated at between three thousand and ten thousand but this estimate is not official me how has given up on finding an apartment he's gotten used to his life on the streets he knows most of the homeless in this area including this young polish woman they help each other and protect each other against violent attacks day and night. there are a lot of things that you yourself cannot change going will that makes
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a lot of people in the city feel unsafe in september a woman was killed by homeless men while walking through the park on her way to the subway. the district mayor is under a lot of pressure he warns that the situation is getting out of control for pocket fishel who deal with eastern european homeless people. both parties here when the health we don't know what would happen if we kick them out if we say you are no longer allowed to sleep here they might throw beer bottles at us or spray us with your in was what they told me in a confidential employee meeting with and that was when i realized that we cannot solve the social problems that are happening in poland hungary and remain here in our parks. tells us that berlin is a magnet for east european homeless he says it's easy to live here without any money because there are so many charitable institutions. he visits
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a center for young homeless people twice a week there he can wash his clothes shower sleep and eat about three hundred fifty people come here almost all of them from eastern europe politicians looked the other way for years when it came to homeless people they tell us here the topic only began to get public attention when the stream of migrants from eastern europe increased done. i think perlin and germany as a whole has to admit that not only well situated europeans benefit from open borders. understood and i believe that deportation is not the solution. for many homeless don't want to return to their home country for various reasons. but deportation is exactly the topic that is being discussed by germany and poland in the near future polish social workers will be
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coming to berlin to try to convince their homeless countryman to return. more news coming right up. on horseback she told us all out. you know i'm not afraid. i do this every day. which is only eleven years old and works as a jockey and. it's
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a tough profession because he has to win to earn money for his family. child jockeys and so bob in forty five minutes on d w. thousands of children go missing every kid in china they all sewn on the drug market. time jingjing is searching for her son the old miner sounds. pronounced any home from the old florence she's courtroom of hope and despair for she finds for a mother strong. so time changing such is from her some. reports out on d w. they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were the only alone surfing waist and and polluted water.
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basically this ceaseless always mostly back. but with the nation full of the initial. reason we pieced it it sat around somewhere every day and seemed more and more proficient as time in the city gives me everything from blames the wind i have to give something back in the blind to the issue of missing too many of the others. one waves surfers fighting against unseen in the sea starting january seventh on g.w. . you're watching the debate is only a hawk and roland these are main headlines right now. u.s. president donald trump's lawyer is threatening legal action against former chief strategist steve bannon has been reacting to remarks bannon made reportedly about
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a meeting between trump's campaign team and a russian lawyer trump said that it had quote lost his mind. and manufacturers are racing to find a fix for serious flaws in chips that powered computers and other digital devices around the world the defects leave computers vulnerable to attacks by actors. now every country in the world has its national dish in nigeria its street food it consists of thin slices of meat on a school where coated in a special spice and then baked in and often it's usually popular so our reporter young philip schultz went to lagos to sample to sample some of the best so you are in town. up the serious skewers at this snack bar other best in lagos at least according to the ibrahim the sizzling beef skewes with onions and tomatoes originated in northern nigeria but is now one of nigeria's national dishes and
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there are numerous legends surrounding the spice mixture. preparing sulia should definitely be left to the experts i've heard that some people add animal feed to the spice blend that's completely unacceptable and also certainly unhealthy. so here is a popular street food in lagos one portion costs less than a year ago so it's a snack that even poorer nigerians can afford from time to time but in more upscale restaurants there is hardly any space for traditional nigerian dishes here you're more likely to find sushi or paster on the menu tina share wants to change that her newly opened restaurant traditional african cuisine but with european influences. african beings are turned into delicate waffles plantings they used to make crispy croquettes. share was inspired to start her
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own restaurant after she returned from her studies in europe she was happy to enjoy nigerian food again but found that it was often poorly presented. so i wanted to see dawn in a different way not really different from how we used to book different style different served in the night so we see that he appeals to my eye because you first by looking like cher growing numbers of restaurant chefs in lagos a trying their hand at so-called fusion food a combination of african asian and western cuisines but persuading nigerians to try it will be a challenge people here tend to be traditionalists especially when it comes to food . to do so if i missed food for a week then i could force it and that's one thing that i loved the loud when it comes to nigeria food is is something that you can never finish researching.
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what is this broadway you. know you know you feel like wow this really does you know is my kind of food for his part soya celebrate him says he's open to new calorie influences there are even a number of nontraditional ingredients in his so yes spice mix he reveals the world exactly days ingredients remains a secret. world football spotlight will be tonight on the capital of god as the twenty seventeen african player of the year award gets handed out or three attacking superstars are in the running for the prize let's take a look at their chances. will this man be celebrating again thursday night emerick obama young is among the contenders to be named african player of the year even as dortmund have struggled to keep pace at the top of the table the gabba nice hitman has struck thirteen but as the goals to confirm his status as one of africa's best
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players now he's hoping to win the award for the second time in his career. yes. oh my. god but obama young faces stiff competition for the prize egyptian forward mohamed salah has taken the premier league by storm since joining liverpool in the summer he was also part of the egypt squad that finished runners up at the africa cup of nations in february and his liverpool team mates monday is also in the running he scored twice for senegal at the cup of nations and he was also listed among the top candidates last year finishing in third place. for obama young and co the wait is almost over soon they'll now walking away with the prize. art while our sports reporter ali moore talking joins me now on the set to talk about the
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african player of the year or good to see earlier so is this the equivalent of the african yes it is in a few hours time of finally going to find out who would be crowned african football of the year they say three main contenders let's start off with egypt he will be obviously representing egypt but a top level yasser represents liverpool along with his teammates money and who will be representing senegal and then last but not least been missing ever present pm i think over my young off on so my next question is probably redundant who do you want to see who i really think it's not even about i quite want to see win but i really think of egypt he's been i mean a leading role in twenty seventeen he's been huge for egypt he helped egypt to qualify for the wood cup which is a first in twenty eight years and he's you have to admire his ambitiousness just last month he came out salah came out saying that i want to be the best egyptian ever and it's not just his national performances that have attracted so much
7:37 pm
attention but at club level and his first season at liverpool he's already scored twenty three goals which is the second highest in the league and. you know what all of this despite people who are skeptics saying that probably won't cut it in the in the english league because a few years ago what happened that at chelsea things we didn't work out for him but what about obama on because i thought you were going to say about. me i mean well as i think obama and an incredible player seriously like he any other year i mean if he didn't have more solid he probably this would have been his year and he had an incredible season as well like if you look at his his numbers hit the stats in twenty seventeen he last season he was the biggest egos top scorer edging out of robert even dosti he had. what is it thirty one goals in thirty two matches he's been just as prolific at this season with thirteen goals in fifteen games and that some also forget he had dortmund to win the german cup but i think because despite his top six has because this is
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a world cup year i think those voting will have placed a lot more value on the national performances far and one can who were more will we hear about who's going to win so they gonna cut time would be eight pm thank you so much and really hermione of course takes a few hours asa thank you r m going to send you over to her in our story about the mining industry in south africa that's right we're talking about tough times there for the mining industry already tough conditions so if you have a taste for platinum jewelry well there's a fifty fifty chance it came out of the ground it started life in south africa the country is the global market leader in the production of the precious metal but that industry is struggling prices have fallen by sixty percent in the past ten years and a drop in demand from call make his own jewelers is putting pressure on the mines. south africa's platinum belt holds the world's richest deposits of the precious metal. half of the world supply is mind here.
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but the industry is on a knife age besides falling commodity prices homemade problems are also affecting the sector badly. for analyst peter major government policy combined with growing worker demands are responsible for platinum mining's decline. we have a horrible mood here it's not accommodating or we have an environment that wants to put all of our wires out of business and the market really doesn't have much effect anymore on our platinum production we're going to have decreasing production regardless of what that price does in the future it's a difficult situation the government is pushing the industry to redress post apartheid inequalities it wants black ownership to be increased to at least thirty percent at the same time the communities around the mines are demanding better pay and housing. in the past these communities grew poorer one mining profits increased
7:40 pm
now half of the mines are running at a loss people here are in despair. because these. two people because it is next to them there should be. instead of suffering. the government is growing increasingly hostile to the industry calling it white monopoly capitalism it wants more black people in top executive positions but it's accused of ignoring ordinary miners and their families people feel sidelined and anger is growing industry experts say round table talks are the only solution. how are we going to get our government and the community. to all agree with the mining companies let's work together and give a very superior rate of return to preserve our future and to grow our future like it used to be because if they'd all get together and make that commitment and fall
7:41 pm
through all that commitment they're all going to go to platinum prices have plunged sixty percent since two thousand and eight and the outlook remains grim for south africa's platinum mine as. oil prices are trading at a three year high due to concerns that iran's oil supply could be limited by unrest in the country unless a raining out push of over two million barrels a day is not presently under threat but political process added to uncertainty in the markets the uptake comes as oil cartel opec extends production caps in an effort to tighten the markets earlier we asked our financial correspondent and that advice about how much the price rises down to the developments in iran. well of course it does play a role because as one analyst is putting it geopolitical risk was almost absent during the whole course of last year and it's back on the agenda analysts are
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saying nobody knows how the situation in iran will unfold but one thing is clear that iran is the third biggest opec oil producer so it plays a role in the oil market and in case the production. process could be hold to or disturb that would increase prices of course but there are also other reasons why the oil price actually on the rise and it's a the underlying trend that even modest really growing very well because of the economic recovery world wide that's some sort of an untold story but this is the driving force as well and then of course if you look at the cold weather in the united states this is also a concern toy to the oil market as people are saying that refineries could actually be hit. financial correspondent vi spot will the high cost of crude could be a reason why the price of mexican toti is a set to surge the government's denounced of the full cost hike saying they're on
7:43 pm
justified it's trying to calm public fears about high inflation at the start of a presidential election year. for many mexicans corn tortillas are a staple but the national tortilla maker association warns that prices are focused to roddy's by up to twenty percent in the coming days an increase that's been blamed on rising fuel prices. but i know. this is a man thing the more we link up my suppliers deliver the point by car of course the last willingness of your people in fuel prices go up then obviously they're going to have to adjust their prices i think it's about a forty cent increases to the price of corn will go up and need to make an adjustment as well they went up that is really i musta been going to guys i think this will affect everyone you're conscious of just almost every couple committed. the price hike is a serious concern especially follow income mexican's rising consumer prices have
7:44 pm
been a problem in recent years with the inflation rate hovering around six percent the week pez so has also played a role since september twenty seventeen that the value of the pestle has dropped by seven point five percent raising the price of imports. we're going to need to remember. a fair bit of the. bark here mature the government will need to do a lot this reduces inflation significantly this year from now i think prices will go up more losses are the exchange rate is a factor but it isn't the only thing i think it is the price of food that we have seen a lot of in january which affect the situation a lot. especially for the lower socio economic loss of. this last christmas with her career because my sister my records. with presidential elections due in july the mexican government is concerned that protests could further it rolled its support among voters. less isolated now for the latest on a cease fire in syria that once again is not holding sadly sadly that war is
7:45 pm
grinding on an observation groups of civilians assyria are dying under russian and government bombardments of a district not far from the capital damascus is someone who is held by rebels and state television says government forces are battling to try and regain control isa go to has been under government siege since twenty thirteen causing severe food and medicine shortages for up to four hundred thousand residents. civilians have been hit the worst women children and the elderly. on thursday night alone at least nineteen people were killed and many others wounded in an air attack according to the briton based syrian observatory for human rights. a ceasefire was supposed to be in effect in east kuta but areas just east of damascus have been under fire from syrian and russian fighter jets for days. just
7:46 pm
civilians in armed conflicts are now paying a very heavy toll should not be the case or should be spared from the fighting they should be able to access food to access has care medicine. water thing that currently they cannot texas anymore despite a cease fire backed by russia turkey and iran the syrian army and its allies have been bombarding the region for years. one of the last opposition strongholds is under the control of his law mr militants. about four hundred thousand civilians are trapped. the temperatures are getting lower and lower for children elderly people for people that are sick there's no heating and this is creating really a hell of a situation for of them that appeals to protect civilians allow the distribution of humanitarian aid and treatment of the injured have been ignored. i'm back here in
7:47 pm
germany a far right member of parliament has sparked outrage over a racial slur aimed at the mixed race son of tennis superstar boris becker yan's meyer of the n.t. immigration alternative for germany used twitter to describe know a backer as a quote little half negro on choosing germany's the leading tabloid built reported on the inflammatory tweet which has since been deleted from the social media platform you know a backer who's of african american and german descent is now pressing charges against him. and our political correspondent rupert ridder walt is on the story rupert noah becker planning to take legal action against the lawmaker how does this work in germany. oh no a back a has filed. a legal complaint with the german police and now it's for the state prosecutors decide on how they how far how much further they want to carry
7:48 pm
this journey as one of the world's toughest laws and defamation offering even prison sentences to people who deny the holocaust or incite hatred against minorities but on the other hand we also have to understand that the german judges are very reluctant to use this law to the full extent as they also value the freedom of speech and the freedom of opinion very highly then on the other side. it's going to be very difficult to prove that yes my of the a of the lawmaker. that he himself is responsible for this tweet he already tried to blame a coworker saying that this coworker accidentally used his official account. also already offered his apologies to the back of family so i don't really think that these legal charges are going to carry very much for them ok can you talk to us about dance meyer who is he. or you inspire is a former judge from the eastern city of dresden and he's one of the about one
7:49 pm
hundred a of dealmakers sue in the german parliament bundestag after the last elections and he has built himself quite a reputation for racist and nationalist remarks in the past for instance he openly complained about migration leading to mixed races which would delete the national identity of germany and said that this would be unacceptable he also has shown sympathy for the far right terrorist under breivik who killed seventy seven people in norway in two thousand and eleven and he said that this that breivik turned to a mass murderer out of frustration over migration of cultural aliens so. is someone who very openly uses racist remarks to make. in his policies. now this is the second time this week that if the politician politician is in the
7:50 pm
spotlight for a controversial moves online absolutely we have seen on new year's day the deputy leader of the a of the parliamentary party who had called him a muslim who had said that muslim and gang raping barbaric holds. it has the f.d.a. has shown in the past that they are using this sort of provocative statements as some sort of a political strategy to gain media attention and it comes in quite handy right now especially as the public attention has been drawn away from the a of d. to the struggling struggles of under medical to form a government here in germany and so this is quite a good way for the a d. to get some media attention bug report read about reporting thank you. you're welcome.
7:51 pm
i think. i'll be german band milky chance to pick up a better worth america tour on some day and to talk more about this band and a lot more is my colleague adrian kennedy from our culture desk milky chance are making waves and it looks like twenty eighteen well they're their year that's why this is a chance originally i jus are from castle they've recently added a member if you haven't heard of the new four living in a rock debut single stolen don'ts which we will hear shortly and i think you recognize it has been a few more than three hundred fifty million times on you tube it's one of the most shasta songs of all time this means that people love the song they don't know who is by it but they look it up on the app to find out many people don't even know the band are actually german the music is a mixture of folk and electronic seems to have caught sight cost so let's take
7:52 pm
a listen. and philip downs were still in school when they uploaded their first video first stone and. this song soon became a huge hit on the internet so instead of taking a big summer vacation the two friends set up their own label and recorded a cd. the first time we realized a lot of people were into what we were doing was on earth first little tour of germany. to get the tickets sold opera. fast and we couldn't believe how many people came. people actually kim. it's
7:53 pm
been a while since milky chance played clubs as small as this one a number and then they scored an international hit with their self produced m.p.u. album sat necessary and strong the charts in several countries. sec sas happened so fast i hardly knew what hit them. and understood and it was about them going to the us was a milestone that's when we knew something huge was happening there was a lot of travelling involved and touring isn't like taking a road trip across europe with a few friends. to the show. at first we were terrified and didn't want to go. but then they achieved something that few german bands achieve for us break through the venues they played got bigger and bigger and the band from castle in central germany morphed into a global pop phenomenon. where
7:54 pm
our interest sounds like a sky's the limit for milky chasse but they're not the only german band that are making it big that's why they also like to store your attention to another german enjoying international kind this is neo classical composer kneels from his first studio album in two years is coming out on january the twenty six he's a very intense perform as we can see here. it's actually a trained pianist but he works with vintage keyboards and a lot of samples he also composed the soundtrack for the film victoria the german film it fixed. soria and he's off on an expensive chore starting in mainland europe moving on to the u.k. and on to north america and that's not the only germans got another german that we
7:55 pm
need to watch and twenty ok if you've got time for one mole then i would also mention alice and she is the latest recipient of the european breaking a borders award. she had a massive europe wide choosing with no roots and alice also has found partners in the us concept her sights cracking that mall in twenty eight say. the ruthless germans are coming and they intend to get you into the don't struggle they already have can like not listen to that song and move around that's terrific more on our website about as always on d w don't. count show promise to be
7:56 pm
a great year for german artist when you say they really are i really like that thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us on behalf of all of us here we hope to see you again at the top of the hour for more news for now.
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on horseback you call out. you know i'm not afraid. i do this every day. trolling is all male eleven years old and works in the jockey and. the
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trust profession because he has to win to turn money from his family. to child jockeys or somebody. fifteen minutes d.w. . just as he got news coming from bunny and let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by michelle a couple of you know whose political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just gets all about perspective closer d.w. news. meet the germans new and surprising new aspects of sleaze and culture in germany. u.s. american good news it takes a look at germany to sink receives the two traditions every day long lives and language can just come out of. the song ok i'm good. d.w. dot com beat the germans. d. w.
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true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go and there is. now a path our innovations magazine for in asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. maggie has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of
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childless women in nigeria. fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. this is d w news why the from berlin the battle against bama and us president calderon from prepares to suit his former chief strategist for a while and slander seabeds explosive accusations in a tell all book on the trump white house call a meeting with a russian lawyer treasonist the president.


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