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waves surfers fighting against pollution in the sea starting january seventh on g.w. . this is the. battling band and us president. former chief strategist for a wife and slander steve explosive accusations in a controversial tell all book on the trump white males meeting with russian lawyers treasonous the president blasting bay and saying quote that he has lost his mind
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also. the chips are down for him scramble to fix major security flaws that are bad news for everyone except the hackers who want computer memory. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with that now very public feud in the u.s. trump versus. the lawyer for u.s. president on one trump is threatening legal action tonight against former white house strategist steve benen over what he calls disparaging statements outright defamatory statements that are made in a new book a cease and desist letter has been sent to the author and the publisher trying to hold the book's release the president launched a scathing attack on bannon saying steve benen has no. thing to do with me or my
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presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind it's emerged that bannon attacked donald trump jr for twenty sixteen meeting with a group of washington in the book by journalist michael wolff bannon is quoted as saying even if you thought this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad blank and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately or drums lawyer has also sent you seize and desist letter to bandon accusing him of violating a non-disclosure agreement by speaking to wolf so we've got a spectacular falling out between two former allies more about that in just a moment but first a look at how the rift unfold. with friends like these who needs enemies it may feel like ages ago but it hasn't been that long since president onil trump and his former chief strategist steve benen were thick as thieves. toward the
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end of the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign bannon left his post as executive chairman of the right wing web site breitbart news to join the trump campaign he was the embodiment of all the issues that energized the trump base nationalism and time a gracious and economic deregulation despite accusations of racism and xenophobia then and helped build the wave of populism that trumpet unleashed trump became president and bannon became a kingmaker bana took on the role as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president he was seen as a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda the president was not shy about celebrating their closeness is very committed his friend about it is very committed to getting things passed we'll have a very good relationship as you know with steve benen steve's been a friend of mine for a long time i like steve a lot. bannan also helped push both the president's populism and his attacks on news organizations their corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed
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adamantly opposed. to economic nationalist agenda like donald trump. but after a series of staff shake ups and public embarrassments trump for an instant in the white house to an end after a mere seven months is now following the publication of an incendiary book bannan trump have suddenly become sworn enemies trading barbs over the media. given how fervently readers of breitbart have supported trump the cracks in this relationship could spell trouble. and a short while ago trump spoke about bannon and that new book i did i did it again and i did the band and betrayed you mr president anyway we should have steve and it will be a great battle so these are the changes to a pretty quick thank you all very much. thank you i don't. i don't
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that's just a disturbing thank you are let's try to make some sense out of this our correspondent and phenomenon is almost word for us tonight in washington good evening to you karsten so beyond this being an obvious broken little boy remains why does this public falling out between truong in-band and why does it matter. it met us because even though a lot of conservatives on now trying to distance themselves from steve benen siding with the president steve benen still reprints the ideology of at least parts of donald trump's base so as long as bannon is the head of the right wing conservative news platform he can still do some harm with the things he knows with the followers that he still has and of course donald trump has survived the
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worst scandals than this one but ultimately i think this will have neither trump nor ben and this is set definitely demagoging for both of them and according to this new book donald trump was shocked and when he won even he didn't want to win that's what we're being told i mean what does this mean if trump wants to maintain his base support as we move towards those november midterm elections. well to be honest i'm not quite sure about this particular statement of the book because seeing donald trump to me it seems that at least part of an always wants to win out of principle but what seems possible or likely is that he didn't really expect to win and this is not only in the book but it's also what we've heard from reports about the final phase of his campaign up to the day of the election he
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didn't really seem to think that he could do it well basically most people didn't think that was possible and still it happens the problem for donald trump with all this is that for the past year he has been playing to his base most of the time he hasn't tried to woo democrats or independents or moderates so in all opinion polls his approval ratings are pretty low and historic low compared to other presidents after a year in office and so this could mean trouble for him in the midterm elections in november because if the democrats win one or both chambers of congress his presidency might be effectively over and there is speculation that there could be a bloodbath in november for republicans in those elections i mean how realistic is that it does point well there is no guarantee for that obviously
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it's eleven months to go and eleven months is an eternity in politics especially in the age of trump where there's a new sensation every day or every hour and so we don't know how it goes but if this trend continues that his approval ratings are so low the democratic base energized moderates independents staying away from trump then yes that could happen you might say this is wishful thinking by the democrats but actually a number of conservative strategists and analysts also think that this could be a democratic tsunami really. our correspondent carson phenomenal the story for us tonight in washington karsten thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in kabul that left at least eleven people dead and many more injured afghanistan officials say the attacker blooms near a crowd of police and protesters at least six policemen were among those killed the death toll in the south africa train crash has risen to eighteen that's according
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to the head of the state owned rail service fire engulfs several of the express passenger trains carriages afterward smashed into a truck about two hundred kilometers south of johannesburg the country's transport minister says more than two hundred sixty people were injured a massive winter storm has roared across the east coast of the united states forecast suggest it will dump as much as forty six centimeters of snow in some areas then send a blast of face stinging cold air that's likely to break records meteorologists have called the storm a bomb cycle. and tonight the race is on to find a fix for serious flaws in computer chips around the world big defects could affect billions of computers and other devices fitted with chips that were made by intel a.m.d. and eight or im security researchers discovered the problem some time ago but the news has only just been made public intel is still being hush about it here's what
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we know so far. the intel security flaw could allow hackers to obtain access to passwords encryption keys and other sensitive data the newly announced vulnerability could affect every processor released since one thousand nine hundred ninety five at the moment there's no way for users to detect a breach which leaves no trace in traditional log files some security experts are calling it the worst floor ever found by the computer industry. this problem and a problem with the security gaps is that the processor is the core of the computer it's what the operating system runs on and that means when the processor is affected and the hacker takes advantage of that flow they have access to everything . desktops notebooks tablets smartphones they all run on intel chips and they're all affected the problem may be even bigger than initially reported in a statement intel's recent reports of these exploits are caused by a bug or a flaw and are unique to intel products are incorrect based on the analysis to date
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many types of computing devices with many different vendors processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. researches who discovered the security gaps a computer is powered by and also effected a claim that he has denied software updates will be released to help protect against security gaps these could cause computers to run more slowly with some estimates indicating a dip of up to thirty percent but intel says that ordinary users are likely to see a performance hit of no more than two percent. let's try to make some sense of this do that walker from the tech magazine motherboard dortch lang joins me now here at the big table it's good to see you happy new year so how big of a threat is this and affecting all of us it is affecting all of us the threat this the actual attack probably won't be but we're talking about
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a hardware block here that enables two different type of types of attack one is what the research is the meltdown which can and able malicious hackers to read your memory well in your computer the other is where most serious and also much harder to patch than the first one it's called specter and it's means that perfectly fine epic ations are being used to exchange data and read out each other's data without us even knowing that happening right exactly and it's completely invisible in the lock data and that means that this particular attack is not actually mean it's like you know whether this has been exploited if we can be under attack or not even know it. exactly so ok if that's the case then what will it take to get rid of the problem and protect or are in of our id systems and computers yeah so the first patches are already out at least for meltdown and big cloud computing services like
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apple amazon google have already patched form meltdown for that first and lighter of attacks for the second one it will take a lot of time to catch this when you see the consumers that does it and they have to do anything sometimes you don't notice sometimes as a background for example on for android of systems they have already installed without even knowing. intel been so quiet about this well intel has also has a disclosure agreement with other companies and because the first reports came out the security researchers from google made a premature disclosure that is actually not really i mean implicit super happy about it because it's their business model and of course their stocks plunge but in the end the chips that enable these spectra techs the harder it techs will eventually have to be replaced because it's a major design flaw the attacks can be fixed and repaired by several software
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updates but in the end not every type of attack can be prevented and you know we've said here many times talking about stories very similar to this it's a new year the risk assessments for twenty eight team include cyber attacks as being in the top five. it's only january fourth we're talking about this again is this going to be a year if you look in the crystal ball i mean is this just the beginning of what's going to be a very turbulent year it is yeah and that's i mean i think it's important not to scare consumers too much and to be scared to type even a letter into their computer of would be the wrong idea but what security searches always say as a month and repeatedly say is whenever there's updates available please don't be afraid of. breaking anything do install the update and click on any links that look suspicious in any e-mails because for all of these attacks first of all a person has to have access to a computer and this happens by something like an outgoing link that you don't trust and we just hope the updates do not make our phones and computers run more slowly
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but that's a different story only be a little just a little bit. always thank you very much like. here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you steve the former white house chief strategist is being threatened with legal action by president. has been reacting to remarks reportedly made about a meeting between drums campaign team and a russian lawyer trump said bannon had quote lost his mom. you're up to date with we'll see you again at the top of the. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shop and if your newspapers when official information as attorneys i have were.


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