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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 5:02am-5:30am CET

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how does a populistic political duo take the white house start draining the swamp in washington and end up slinging mud at each other all in one year why ask steve bannon and us president donald trump tonight accusations of treason and of being crazy in the more realistic american car in which i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. furious discussed it in the presence. of it treason outrageous claims reference to comments made by mr bennett at least false claims against the president made a huge mistake to be bashing you like you did today on twitter the president states is a great man you know i supporting data i don't in the future you can prepare for that
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when we come to twenty twenty that jury's going to need your help. also coming up tonight if you thought twenty seventeen was a turbulent time just wait for twenty eight teen tonight i'll discuss the biggest risks to the world as we know it with the euro asia groups ian bremmer. twenty is by far the most dangerous geopolitical risk environment that we have experienced since we started the company some twenty years. we begin the day with scorched earth and schizophrenia i'm talking about the relationship between u.s. president dollar trump and his former closest adviser steve benen just a year ago the two were considered the disruptive do go taking over washington with a promise to rid the nation of its political establishment and now the two men are on the outs and are suddenly politics most prominent brogan bromance in
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a new controversial book by journalist michael wolff bannon is quoted using the words trust treasonous and unpatriotic implying drum's inner circle colluded with russia he also reportedly writes that bannon considered evolving khatron quote dumb as a brick or drums reaction expected and very brutal the official line now abandon was never influential in the oval office or important and when he was fired as advisor last year he not only lost his job he quote also lost his mind and yet in the last twenty four hours bannon has said trump is a great man some may think if it's not crazy it certainly sounds that way. with friends like these who needs enemies it may feel like ages ago but it hasn't been that long since president donald trump and his former chief strategist steve benen were thick as thieves. toward the end of the two thousand and sixteen
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presidential campaign bannon left his post as executive chairman of the right wing web site breitbart news to join the trump campaign he was the embodiment of all the issues that energized the trump base nationalism and time aggression and economic deregulation despite accusations of racism and xenophobia benon helped build the wave of populism that trumpet unleashed trump became president and bannon became a kingmaker. bannon took on the role as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president he was seen as a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda the president was not shy about celebrating their closeness steve is very committed he's a friend of mine and he's very committed to getting things passed we'll have a very good relationship as you know with steve benen steve's been a friend of mine for a long time i like steve a lot man and also helped push both the president's populism and his attacks on news organizations their corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed
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adamantly opposed. to an economic nationalist agenda like donald trump. but after a series of staff shake ups and public embarrassment trump brought an instant in the white house to an end after a mere seven months now following the publication of an incendiary book bannan trump have suddenly become sworn enemies trading barbs over the media given how fervently readers of breitbart have supported trump the cracks in this relationship could spell trouble. and a short while ago trump spoke about ben and that new book i did i didn't get a t.v. and it betrayed you mr president any wish you had steve and i don't really know me a great medalist obviously changes to pretty quick thank you all very much.
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they cry don't talk. i don't talk that's just a disturbing thank you. are let's try to make some sense out of this or corresponding cost of a nominee is on the story for us tonight in washington good evening to you karsten so beyond this being an obvious broken little boy remains why does this public falling out between trump in-band and why does it matter. it met us because even though a lot of conservatives on now trying to distance themselves from steve benen siding with the president steve benen still reprints the ideology of at least parts of donald trump's base so as long as benon is the head of the right wing conservative news platform he can still do some harm with the things he knows with the followers that he still has and of course donald trump has survived the
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worst scandals than this one but ultimately i think this will have neither trump nor ben and this is set definitely demagoging for both of them and according to this new book donald trump was shocked and when he won even he didn't want to win that's what we're being told i mean what does this mean if trump wants to maintain his base support as we move towards those november midterm elections. well to be honest i'm not quite sure about this particular statement of the book because seeing donald trump to me it seems that at least part of an always wants to win out of principle but what seems possible or likely is that he didn't really expect to win and this is not only in the book but it's also what we've heard from reports about the final phase of his campaign up to the day of the election he
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didn't really seem to think that he could do it well basically most people didn't think that was possible and still it happens the problem for donald trump with all this is that for the for the past year he has been playing to his base most of the time he hasn't tried to woo democrats or independents or moderates so in all opinion polls his approval ratings are pretty low and historic low compared to other presidents after a year in office and so this could mean trouble for him in the midterm elections in november because if the democrats win one or both chambers of congress his presidency might be effectively over and there is speculation that there could be a bloodbath in november for republicans in those elections i mean how realistic is that it does point well there is no guarantee for that obviously it's still eleven months to go and eleven months is an eternity in politics
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especially in the age of trump where there's a new sensation every day or every hour and so we don't know how it goes but if this trend continues that his approval ratings are so low the democratic base energized moderates independents staying away from trump then yes that could happen you might say this is wishful thinking by the democrats but actually a number of conservative strategists and analysts also think that this could be a democratic tsunami really. our correspondent carson phenomenal the story for us tonight in washington karsten thank you. well still to come on the day is star power in celebrity enough to topple a russian president the television host zinnias old chalky is running for russian president against vladimir putin and against all the odds you may be asking why bother i'll put that question to her campaign adviser that's coming up in about ten
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mins. trump's america and putin's russia are just two of the many volatile variables that we will have to deal with in twenty teams the new year does not promise to run more smoothly or more peacefully than last year and the reasons are epic in nature the global order is unraveling consider some of the geo political t.n.t. they are north korea now both the carrot and the stick have failed to deter pyongyang from launching missiles and testing nuclear bombs insults and taunts about who's got the bigger nuclear button have not helped either and then there's europe europe is busy with brags that the u.k. . will dominate the entire year how will that impact the e.u.'s ability to react to global challenges let alone its own and what's china doing in all of this it's rising beijing would like to win the geo political power game for now it's offering
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a not so attractive alternative as washington disengages from its global responsibilities will the pax americana continue to fade away. well we are in the think of a geo political recession and there ain't no central political bank to rescue was that is what my next guest tonight says ian bremmer joins me tonight from new york he is the president and founder of the eurasia group a global leader in geopolitical risk assessment eurasia group is turning twenty this year and welcome back to the day and congratulations on the the big to. you and saying i wish i could say the same of me but as you can see it's a little long. because you started the company when you were five i'm sure you say that twenty eighteen is is the most dangerous years since you started looking at these wrist twenty years ago why. well the us led global order is
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broken and that's pretty clear the americans don't find it useful being the leaders in global trade or as the global policeman on promoting global values and no one else wants to rebuild or patch up that old american led order which means that rogue states and nonstate actors have a lot more room to operate and the whitely hood of geopolitical conflicts a lot greater look we had a major economic crisis ten years ago the biggest since the global depression but if you remember january two thousand and nine everyone said we need to respond we need to fix this global economy the chinese were putting a lot of money into infrastructure the americans were bailing out the troika the banks the europeans we're coordinating in talking about stimulus we're going to geopolitical recession every big it has big in two thousand and eighteen it's very clear from the headlines and the tweets every day and yet no one is saying that we
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need to fix it in fact the americans the one country that could do the most is saying america first baby not my problem and so clearly some of the wheels are going to start you know it's coming off in this equation what about the economy and i mean stock markets are hitting record highs we just saw the dell breaking twenty five thousand the global economy is relatively healthy i mean the markets do not reflect this geopolitical recession. that's right and the global politics didn't reflect the economic recession back in two thousand and two thousand and nine actually felt pretty good you know i'm not surprised by that i mean the markets react well the things they know how to react to so for example you get a tax bill in the united states reduces corporate taxation and also reduces taxes on the wealthiest in particular and that leads to the markets to go up and you know
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even when you talk about political dislocation so grex that referendum when you know there is a specific date and there is a vote that will go one way or the other and there is whatever percentage likelihood you want to put in that that's going to happen you think you know what you can then take some money out of sterling or take some money out of british equities but i mean if you're looking at north korea and you say wow they used to be a one percent chance of that place falling apart in war on the peninsula and now it's ten percent or twenty percent how how do i deal with that i can tell you that c.e.o.'s of major corporations around the world that we advise are actually putting in place plans of how to change their supply chains if it gets disrupted out of south korea or take their ex-pats suddenly out of the country that's very different from saying people are going to stop investing in south korea because intil those markets turn sour in a precipitous way you'd be leaving a lot of money on the table so i think that you know we those are the sorts of
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risks we're talking about where that right now whether it's about iran or it's about terrorism or cyber attacks or north korea and those are risks that the markets just don't respond to what you see in your risk assessment that china is rising beijing one of back you. what do you mean by that back you. well what i mean is that you know china of course has been rising for a long time it's a much bigger economy than it used to be it is it has a much stronger leadership than it used to have under she's in pink but now they also have trump and america first and allies around the world germany certainly very clearly that don't feel like they can count on a trump lead america the way they could have historically and that provides opportunities for china and for she should think to play a much greater role particularly in the global economy and in global technology the
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chinese economy is the second largest in the world right now the chinese government is by far the most impactful in terms of their ability as a state to use their economy for political gains around the world the united states' economy is bigger but it's all about the private sector those aren't patriotic corporations and so what you see is that she's in pink just two months ago give a speech at the end of his nineteen party congress and you don't see leadership america that's ok china's going to provide leadership that's the first time in our lifetimes we've seen a major country do that the chinese have always said we're too small we're not developed enough we're too poor and i do believe that this president xi would not have done that nearly as quickly if trump hadn't been president so if you know trump's biggest impact on the global stage to date in his first year has been providing enormous opportunities for the chinese and if you go talk to the south
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koreans of the australians or the indonesians or even countries in latin american sub-saharan africa talk to the heads of state their ministers they will tell you they're paying a lot more attention to beijing these days than they're paying to washington and that that's a very big deal that's a dramatic change in the geo political order in that let me bring into your a bomb before we run out of time i want to ask you about. exit in your assessment you you seem to see breaks as consuming all of europe's energies this year and making it almost a non player on the global stage you're nowhere to be seen do you really think is going to be that severe well i actually don't think that there are a lot of risks that are affecting europe itself as you said at the beginning the global economy has turned much more positive and while that's not true for the u.k. it real wages are doing worse in the u.k. right now than any country the o.e.c.d. for twenty eighteen the continental europe feels to me fairly benign even
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italian elections are not something we're worried greatly about merkel's going to be weaker but she will have a government to get them a cron actually looks quite strong for labor and other economic reforms but but rex it is certainly consuming in terms of talking about the future of europe on the global stage shore and i have to say that you know germany's foreign minister gave one of the perhaps the best speech that i've seen from any european statesman in the past twenty years just a couple weeks ago when he said look germany has to do a lot more because the americans count can't be counted on this is the new world order but but he recognizes what an incredible hard lift that's going to be in this environment for europe and i agree with that i think that it's too hard to imagine that the europeans are going to do much to fill that vacuum ian bremmer with the eurasia group joining us tonight from new york it's always a pleasure talking with you thanks for being on the day to night i thought that
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anita. or russians go to the polls in march to elect a new president and it is not risky at all to say that vladimir putin will be reelected our moscow bureau chief yuri rashad tonight on tidings of the new year in putin's russia. twenty eighteen it will be a special year. first is his predictable victory in the presidential election then the food bowl world cup in russia. but it also involves risks especially in foreign affairs. the middle east and syria. prominent example of russia attempt to reposition itself on the build stage just a few weeks ago putin announced russia's withdrawal from syria but even if the military mission was successful achieving a political solution with partners whose individual goals are often radically
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different might prove to be a more difficult task the so-called syria peace congress planned for the end of january in such is the best example of this syrian opposition groups have canceled their butt dissipation because of a cold russian aggressor committed to war crimes in syria. and here how do people in russia see putin syria policy it was a great victory for russia good the why not the war lasted too long it was time to pull out now we don't have to pay as much in taxes. most of those who we asked to were in favor of withdrawing russian troops over they called of the withdrawal the most important foreign policy event of the past year russians are tired and say pomp and brands are well and good but it wouldn't be bad for the government to turn it down russia's economic problems coast in part by western sanctions will remain largely unresolved even in twenty eighteen. nevertheless
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let me put an end to will remain as the country's most popular politician in twenty eighteen and he expects a victory in march why because the kremlin promises stability and muzzles anyone who questions is their promises the only serious challenge off saying of ali was not allowed to run for president. he has already announced his plans to appeal the decision. politically russia is already starting to heat up and it probably won't cool down after the election is a camel and can only hope that this is ration in the country will remain stable until june so that russia can finally score some political press as the host of the don't stop. and there was a very rich other reporting from moscow well as we just heard putin's main challenger alexina of all the has been barred from running in the election but several other candidates are standing including a well known t.v.
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host zinnia zope choco her candidacy is expected to increase voter turnout and her advisor the tally sclera rolls joins me tonight from moscow there you are to tell the welcome to the show thank you for taking the time to talk with the this evening i want to start with the big picture about elections and politics in russia is it possible to even expect a fair and free presidential election in russia in march i don't think it's possible quite frankly nobody can lead you to my selection and i believe there's a lacson it's a big farce so i wouldn't be helping a lot of excitement or a lot of change in political future in russia so if it's a big political fars then explain to us the role of zenia zob shock
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why is she decided basically to run knowing she's going to lose. well look i believe in a situation in political landscape belief or in political situation we are here in russia you don't have that much of a choice what would be the difference just to keep the election and just stay as a as it is i believe every attempt every chance to try to reach out to voters try to push that agenda try to pull the kremlin and every single attempt to talk to the waters and explain why this government is failing president putin cannot stay in power for eighteen years and not not developing the country i believe we should take any of the t.t.c. recently and take this opportunity and try to do the best so it doesn't mean that we go away and it doesn't mean though that we have to stay home and do nothing ok
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well i mean that is certainly an admirable position to have what happens after the election when mr putin if he has been reelected what will you say what was what were you say the impact of zinnias. kinda dizzy will have been on russian politics. look i think no matter what happens. if they reach all the two hundred thousands or millions of people who rush up on end of the day a result plot form for a new candidate to run more they'd more of volunteers in that a base it's all great i believe the micro see is not born odd want to lection so it's a long process and i see this election and i say this attempt to run for office and shell is put in as a part of a long term game let's talk a little bit about any kind of rush is she if people have heard about her they've
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heard about her being a socialite turned t.v. host what are her political credential i mean why would you tell the russian voter that she is qualified to be the next president look i don't think it's to question is who is the most qualified to be seen in this country so many apparently qualified candidates and look at this country where it is that right now i don't think the question is of little if occasion i believe what is more important to create. a situation or environment where everybody can run where qualified people can be heard when people can can take part in elections and we are so far away from it and i believe the criminal is trying on purpose created this way can this situation where nobody can run for office and and i don't think we are able to talk about qualification in the election where is everything far so we're trying to do the best of course we would be great if not only could run for office
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but but we don't have this information and i believe we have to work with what we have to tell him where he is definitely going to stay on this story and we're going to follow his india and please come back on the show as we get closer to the election and let's see what happens the telly is clear off the campaign advisor for xenia so joining us tonight from russia thank you for telling. and the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me at ford golf t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag in the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everyone have a new.
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