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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is you know when to use a line from berlin the international community condemns the decision by me in march of prosecute two journalists the reporters both with reuters news agency are accused of violating the country's official secrets act the journalists say they were just trying to reveal the truth about the military's crackdown on range of muslims also coming up. it's crunch time in germany for political parties trying to hammer out an agreement to start coalition talks bless them forty eight hours remain for on the americans conservatives to strike
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a deal with their folks for partners the social democrats. thank you very much for spending your time with us we started me and mara prosecutors in that country have charged two journalists from the reuters news agency were violating the country's official secrets act and that's despite widespread international condemnation the pair say they have done nothing wrong and were just trying to reveal the truth about the military's crackdown on range of muslims in the north and wrecking state the two journalists could face up to fourteen years in prison if found guilty. journalist while low managed to smile as the soldiers paraded him outside the courthouse but he and colleague. seen here in a gray shirt facing serious charges prosecutors allege they collected secret documents
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related to the military situation retain state but according to wile lawn they're actually in jail for trying to tell the truth about what's happening in a cane. this is unacceptable i want to tell you that they are charging us like there is to stop us finding the truth their actions are wrong and unfair. and so do a bit of a why you got to be a few journalists have ventured into wrecking state since last summer they's a ray images of what the united nations coast the textbook ethnic cleansing going on there they show burning writing give villages and locals fleeing the violence. the me and my army strictly controls access to read kane's tight it is allowed few journalists in and and the under the conditions it sets the reuters journalists say they were there to report ethically and truthfully but they were arrested under the old laws on secrecy after visiting regain their families have been devastated by
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the arrests they convinced their loved ones in this and. every minute to get out and he told me not to worry because he didn't do anything wrong. he voted for this government so to get i know he strongly believes that he will be released soon. i hope that also. near the end of lot of good. time if you sit in on the jailing of the reuters journalists is caused an outcry both inside and outside me and my colleagues gathered outside court the fear among many myanmar is stepping up its crackdown on those who try to report a grave humanitarian crisis. all right we can take you now to me in march to a dave greene unbound he is covering the story for new delhi news in yangon good to see you dave any new developments that you can tell us about. yeah i mean the vision thing that's occurred really in the last few hours is that the myanmar
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military the senior general minong on the commander in chief in a posting on his facebook page they acknowledged a mass grave belonging to him to muslims that these were the bodies of ten or all hindu muslims and what's interesting here is it's been reported several weeks ago that these two reuters reporters who are in the court today have been investigating that mass grave and had been taking photographs from there the may of our military is saying that those ten bodies that belong to row hinges they say that these people were actually terrorists and that they pose a threat to buddhists there and that's why local buddhist villagers and security forces killed them that is what the military is saying so the military is not admitting to any wrongdoing in this particular case so that was really the latest news of come out the last few hours regarding the actual what went on court today
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you know it's not just this is being looked at as not only a threat to press freedom but threat the press release them brings into question the whole larger transition to democracy in this country with press freedom being such a crucial to talk point about about more but but first i'd like to get your take on how the significance of this admission by the me and my military. yeah i mean they're acknowledging they knowledge it was a mask there was a mass grave there several weeks ago they didn't go anything more into that then coming out tonight commander in chief facebook page they're sticking with their or their whole story line along the way that the military has not had any wrongdoing that's the line that they're sticking with you know several months ago the military said are skewed in more than a month ago the military said that it did not fire any shots at civilians on that they were only going after terrorists is completely contrary so what's coming up in the human rights community and so many were hinges that a flood of bangladesh more than six hundred thousand
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a flare in the last few months days the military with this grave not of any wrongdoing so dave this put a dent in the military story in the military's narrative and also where does this leave the two warders journalists being charged under me and mars official secrets act because as you've just been reporting that was exactly what they were reporting on. yes so unless there can be some sort of proof that these. that does masquerade that these rogue hinges who are in that mass grave we're not posing a threat to any any anybody else to any buddhists. it will be harder to do that makes a dent in their argument they have that's what theirs because they're not admitting to any wrongdoing but of course whether it's this grave and this holds up with their story or it doesn't it doesn't overweigh the fact that there are so many row hindus who've been coming in the bangladesh with the same horrific stories of mass rape of killing of killings of children the satellite photos that show that
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villages have been scorched scorched down so you know we're gonna have an eye grave and i want to downplay the importance of those ten that bodies but you've still got these two completely contrary different storyline going on this march for the two reuters reporters the second half of your question there i mean it's been said that's what we're reporting on what we don't know is what evidence they really come up with what how far into the reporting were they on that election when they have that's something we just don't know the answer to all right we'll hope you'll find that out for us said dave grinning about reporting from young gone thank you. all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories in the news right now south korea's president moon jay in has said he is willing to meet his north korean counterpart kim jong il no under certain conditions moonset denuclearization of the korean peninsula would be his goal in any talks with the north while his comments come a day after the first high level talks between north and south korea in over two
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years. antony's a two petrol bombs were thrown at a synagogue during unrest over price increases and new taxes no injuries were reported but the building suffered some damage demonstrations demonstrations erupted earlier this week in several parts of tunisia and one protester has been killed. a long day ahead and a lot of work to do while those were the only commons made by politicians as they arrived this morning to begin day four of exploratory talks about forming a new coalition government here in germany the parties have agreed not to brief the press for fear of scuppering any deal america is conservatives and the center left social democrats have set themselves a deadline of tomorrow to find out if they have enough common ground to start formal coalition talks. day four of the exploratory talks between chancellor
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merkel's conservatives and the social democrats but much remains unclear the parties have agreed on a news blackout so information about any breakthroughs is scarce and he statements by party leaders. that i got i suppose this is going to be a long day so first of all good morning for all of you i hope that we will make some progress today. the talks are scheduled to run until thursday night on friday the two sides then decide whether to launch full coolish negotiations on january the twenty first the s.p.d. will also seek the backing of its rank and file at a party conference and bomb at an earlier party conference in december delegates had already voted in favor of the current exploratory talks if the party conference boxful coolish and talks the conservatives and social democrats then start a fresh round of negotiations which could take several weeks. just like four years
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ago the social democrats will then put the final agreement to then tie a membership in two thousand and thirteen they followed their party's recommendation to end to coalition with conservatives so there's still a few unknown's before germany as a new government. are allowed to lead the party is covering the talks and joins us now from our parliamentary studios in berlin charlotte those taking part in these coalition talks or staying very tight lipped about the progress of these negotiations what are you hearing through the grapevine how likely is it that we'll have an agreement by tomorrow as deadline. i think it's very likely that we'll see an agreement by tomorrow's deadline by thursday night or maybe in the early morning hours heading into friday the every part of all the both parties see their responsibility at this point that they have to form or at least try to form a new government and the politicians taking part the leadership of both parties
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they would just lose their credibility if they didn't get some kind of final result through in these exploratory talks and they have agreed on quite a few issues for example on some climate issues also on the topic of immigration there is supposed to be a new immigration law for skilled workers but as we just heard the tricky part really starts afterwards because martin schultz the leader of the social democrats has to sell the results to his party base and the grassroots is not happy about the idea of a continuation of this grand coalition we will see a party convention of the social democrats the delegates will have to vote there if whether to start a new coalition talks then we will see coalition talks with the christian democrats and then the social democratic party base is going to vote on those results so it's going to be some weeks before germany will in fact if these talks are successful see a new government i don't want to put any words in your mouth shut up or go doesn't
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sound very encouraging. well it's not going to be like both parties are painting a vision for germany for what they want to change in the next four years it's going to be a rather pragmatic thing it's not going to be a very euphoric new grand coalition that we are going to see if these talks are successful and it's really rather a forced marriage then you know a coalition that is painting a painting a vision for the next four years but they have reached agreements on quite a few issues and we'll see. tomorrow night if they are acts least seeing that through if they come to a positive conclusion of these talks the pot's reporting thank you. and we shift our attention now to the u.s. where from the ultimate white house insider to banished outsiders stephen bannon has stepped down as executive chairman of the right wing breitbart news network
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while the ausman comes less than a week after bannon's withering criticism of trump and his family were published in a new book while bannon was once part of the us leaders very in our circle staring trumps america first foreign policy abandons remarks appeared to have cost him dearly president donald trump lashed out at steve benen for comments made in michael wolf's book fire and fury inside the trump white house which questions the president's fitness for office benon fell out of the president's favor after it emerged he's attacked donald trump jr for attending a meeting in two thousand and sixteen with a group of russians in the book bennett is quoted as saying even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately as trump aides called ben and disloyal and disgraceful the president
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branded his former chief strategist sloppy steve an apparent reference to ben's often unkempt appearance and declared that quote he lost his mind when he was pushed out of the white house last august the president also launched a scathing attack on twitter saying michael wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book he was sloppy steve benen who cried when he got fired and begged for his job now sloppy steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone too bad breitbart chief executive larry saul of said in a statement on the website that bannon was quote a valued part of our legacy and we will always be grateful for his contributions. french actress catherine deneuve has criticized the me too movement for going too far as saying men should feel free to make advances to word women well in an open letter published in france of war and of a new puritanism as
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a result of the recent surge of sexual harassment scandals the actress is among one hundred women including.


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