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tv   Arts.21 - The Cultural Magazine  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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was. ruthless calculation military or topix the classic. technological. conflagrations massacres. starting february third. welcome to arts twenty one coming to you from berlin with these topics. a visit to the virtual playground of silicon tiger in siberia. the tremendously expressive sound of clarinetist davido musky. and trans objects the fight against the toll of time. but first we go to pakistan to make a feminist graphic designer whose work is provoking vital conversations. women
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wearing the hijab riding motorbikes. women never gazing in public spaces so asian wonder woman bold unapologetic women who hold our gaze pakistani digital artist shares will malik's work cuts through patriarchal consciousness and judging by the viral impact they've had online she has struck a chord so my art mostly deals with identity trying to figure out what it means to be young and pakistani having influences from the west and the east there eyeing up what kind of artwork would that look like a report published by the world economic forum ranks pakistan second to last in terms of gender equality women who push social boundaries often face violence and stigmatize ation. in trying to sixteen social media star can do below church was strangled to death by her brother in a case of so-called honor killing join from her own experiences she still challenges the state's. quo in which women in pakistan are held hostage by the
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suffocating standards of patriarchy. i made a brown wonder woman and that was when i was actually feeling a lot of pressure for getting married and i just wanted to draw this woman who is you know comfortably saying i do it it's my destiny i can do what i want with it thanks to the bitter legacy of colonialism skin is still prized in pakistan growing up she will remember her use of potentially toxic compunctions in an attempt to lighten her skin. since. it was only abroad when she was surrounded by women of all its new cities but she was the first. to return home new discomfit it was just very hard to go outside and it was just something as simple as going for a walk this really like anxiety written experience so i just ended up drawing about it and drawing for myself where i give myself the usual models essentially an art
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and i hadn't realized that that would resonate with so many women like a son and abroad. she will use a social media to tell his story she feels that much of her work has gone viral because it speaks to collective trauma women share it to communicate their own struggles through the medium of how. often in pakistan you feel invisible. it is the second lowest sport to have so i think a lot of us feel disenfranchised so it's almost for us this alternative reality where if this is not giving you the stimulus you need i think the internet kind of becomes that and digital medium also provide it with fresh and innovative art forms like moving images or gifts such as in a work about the surveillance of women's bodies. well the internet represents freedom for shares will mimic it's still largely inaccessible to most pakistani women that either lack the means. or are prevented from using it by the men in
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their lives. back signing women is like this huge. differences and i like stances you have essentially very privileged already to be. surrounding access to the internet smartphones were at the top of the food chain and pakistan she sees the importance of taking her us beyond online spaces into the streets in twenty seventeen she made a graffiti on a busy intersection a woman wearing a hitch up riding a motorbike at three in a home use a large public ation. with more than seven thousand instagram father was how it has taken different forms including the country's first feminist fashion line she hopes it's where it was to spread her message and reclaim public spaces for themselves. the women and so she has kind of like the stack two words on her it says don't hold yourself back
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and step. you river and playful as a tutu tradition and identity is a breath of fresh air for many for example when she combines pakistani folk icons with western rock musicians with cross-dressing i think identity is. honestly quite how people are usually very wily about coming off what i put out there and i think that is the power of art more than anything it's not me or my views i think it's just this is what artist supposed to do it fosters empathy and mixing feminism. pays tribute to ordinary women whose daily struggles are often neglected she hopes will cut across lines of class and inspire young women and men to take ownership of their lives.
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chicks made of synthetic materials crumble break or melt over time as a result of natural decay we take a look at what museums do to save their treasures. in the west takes to great according to their own in a cloak sometimes a bit faster sometimes a bit slower. one comes in to show i do wonder what will remain about generation our hero how much will enjoy all of us book and. tim bush told is waging a battle against time he's responsible for the preservation of around one hundred thousand objects in the noise on them or in our own design museum in munich many are made of plastic oxygen and light accelerate the aging process the most fragile objects are kept in the museums warehouse. right in. this chair made with corrugated foam padding has definitely seen better days. when it gets it all forked
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over and over to try were to press down on the foam itself structure would collapse i can demonstrate it right here on the sample the tickets were going for mom and shits years to this foam here is about the same age. or when i push down on it the foam just collapses and that's a huge problem especially in a post of furniture from the late one nine hundred fifty s. if you don't handle them gently the foam starts to crumble first and to foster the supports that are less falls. there are also other signs of age this hybrid grocery cart to slowly turning brown. are the plastic on this all of it a calculator turned gray in the sunlight. the decaying paint on this stereo system is forming a salty crust. other objects are more resistant to aging. the most vulnerable objects are those that contain plasticizers which slowly evaporate. way. to score
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first you can compare them to chocolate which is relatively soft fragile that melts easily. all those are more like a loaf of bread after baking they're chemically stable which makes them more robust . even newer objects can close a challenge this installation called double garage is bias was born artist thomas here. it's made of low grade materials like packing tape. their one hundred forty square meter work was a response to the events of september eleventh it's over fifteen years old now and time has left its traces doesn't so much fear that mushroom over there for example bent over under its own weight just. we rated it again that's what is a big surprise was that much of the packing tape was still in such good shape was. one small. installation needs constant upkeep and attention
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u.v. filters help keep the snippets of newspaper from fading the most vulnerable spots need even more preventive care rise even here they can do it and still sticky at these spots if you fall down it would stick to itself. that would be very damaging for the article that's. in the museum warehouse the most delicate objects get v.i.p. treatment. and this bathing cap which dates from the late one nine hundred ninety s. can only survive with the help of an oxygen free environment for close thoughts we're going to mars if you're correct. when you look at a regular bathing cap that's been lying about somewhere that it would look like this like a piece of dry crisp or it is and because it was connected port. this is one of the largest plastic installations in recent years the few tour the u.f.o. was designed in the one nine hundred sixty s. . as
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a mobile alpine hot. oil prices increase the price of plastic and the future was a flop. restoring the weatherbeaten icon of design took more than a year. in the museum he'd like to humidity are perfectly regulated. but this monumental plexiglas sculpture by off metal is slowly getting brittle and no wonder it's fifteen years old. even though preservation can be expensive museums don't demand that art works have a sell by date. as well and psychosocial when we acquire a piece of contemporary art we do that because it's so important that we want to add it to our collection what. if it wasn't created to last as long as a museum installation should last we deal with that. and that is why it is. still saw. a great deal of effort goes into preserving the plastic objects that
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make up our world one day it's these works of art and design that will tell the story of our modern age our history our mistakes who we were or who we hoped to be. next what we picked up on our radar this week. the roaring twenties and unrestrained exhilarating time full of contradictions social upheavals and artistic revolutions and exhibition in frankfurt puts the splendor and misery of the weimar republic on display a society between two world wars women cut off their hair and throw morals out the window they live and love as they please sex and drugs are rampant but then the hideous face of fascism appears. the unemployed and the wounded fill the streets.
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artists like the two dicks or george goss take a discerning look at these times of political turmoil even poking fun at hitler. but disaster is quickly approaching. the exhibition depicts an era in which everything seemed possible limited freedom and the darkest of the. driven and restless he was one of the best dancers of the twentieth century that's leverage and ski his life story has now been turned into a ballet directed by marco gupta one of today's most fascinating choreographers. he rose to fame and fell hard he was a celebrated russian ballet star but plagued by self-doubt cast and his body's iron discipline the dancers soul hinged and he slid into madness.
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mako good uncovers the beauty behind this despair. little. talk of tronics things about what it feels like to grow up in a small town they're back with a new album this time with private instead of political topics twelve songs twelve stories from front singer dope for those wild life rebellion as scape loneliness. twenty five years ago the musicians quit their studies to start making intelligent pop is sick. their ambitions lyrics with dad. that took them to the top ten in germany and all the way to asia.
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will it work again this time around they still have poise but their sound is different rougher harder. compromising as ever. next we're off to silicon tiger with the good to institute it's hosting an interactive exhibition with the gaming scene inside. novosibirsk is russia's third largest city stronghold it has a flourishing gaming scene with many creative developers and producers who also work outside the commercial mainstream. of our developers have already created more than four hundred video and smartphone games the company is successful around the world. young producers like not helping expand all of ours international reach.
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russian game developers are very active right now. to the international games industry. that's a really cool development i'm glad to be a part of it. most russian video games are designed purely for entertainment but all of our has also made a name with more complex and subversive projects. in. the game or is trapped in a dystopian police state where spies and informants reap the rewards. every game responds differently to behold. everyone sees something else and some find it. government others say the opposite. develop an. uncomfortable questions. then we watch the game and find their own.
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court order. to support the development of games that take on real world social and political themes germany is good to institute launched the international marketing as project. one of the game jams was scheduled for novosibirsk. as a member of the jury helped mentor the young developers. in a game they have just forty eight hours to come up with a game. that really pushes the participants and encourages them to come up with some fantastic ideas there but of course the get out what they say. their games end up reflecting their personalities says. the winners of the international competition will get to present their work at the international games week this april in berlin. that opportunity helped spur on the competition. to choose was a jury favorite it's
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a moral dilemma the gamer has to decide who will be run over by a train. i think i thought it was something to do with when you got lost with one of the i've been playing with the idea for a while. i pitched it's my team and they all liked it you know i mean we're here i did have to think about selling the game or explaining the concept or we could be free and creative but it's even the thought you'd miss it. the gaming industry took off in novosibirsk about seven years ago the most successful games are simple ones designed for social media on the farmville model. independent developers like valentino are trying to launch more creative projects. one of her current games deals with racism but funding isn't easy to come by. you have to support yourself through what you have to pay for rent food clothes.
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and that takes up a lot of your time about that your wish if you're developing games that won't earn much it can be very very difficult for them. but valentini your cover is not giving up designing new games is a way to leave the daily grind behind in create new worlds. the institute has also launched a traveling exhibition called games and politics which showcases the best of the indie gaming scene in novosibirsk the focus was on games with political subtext games that draw on themes of justice and encourage reflection for your cover it's also an opportunity to meet like minded people. just alert when they're full of events like this one show you're not just developing these ideas for yourself in a vacuum. it's an incredible feeling when you see that there are so many people interested in this. so many people who are engaged by the minute.
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and so many who are interested in playing video games. with the good. with its political focus the good institutes exhibition is pushing the boundaries of what's permitted in russia. cultural commissioner attended the opening ceremony of crew in the eyes of the organizers. who is not haitian tim up me of course censorship is an issue but even so all of the games are being shown here in russia even ones that take on feelings of homosexuality states of aliens computers as a tool for surveillance meant for burka or not have awful stay that way and i'm looking forward to the reaction of one of. the exhibition and the arc games in novosibirsk capture a broad image from games that have a social and political message to ones with more artistic aspirations. for not your children that's what makes the project so interesting. that shows you but is not a good. it would be crazy if we could have more opportunities to appreciate games
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not just as work or a hobby but as a form of alice in creativity what it's doing at the limit this forces that. siberia's gaming world is on the move and the young developers here are brimming with creativity and optimism. and if you're curious to see more you can download the games developed and novosibirsk our games free of charge on our facebook page. was. he went from one direction to become one of today's leading clarinetists and with his compelling interpretations davida transcends musical genres. we met up with dubbing the last of the in hostile queer he was rehearsing for
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a festival concert this time he's playing mozart's clarinet concerto in a major. do it let's do it. the most important work in a casket sharing a trip to. the lost is paired with the human north watch a film money which showcases younger performers. in their hands mozart dances leaps and solos. always surprised when i talk to musicians who say they don't like to dance how can you make music i'm not want to dance. in recent years david olof he has become one of the world's most sought after clarinet player he's performed everywhere from amsterdam's concepts about to the berlin philharmonic. baskets klezmer music that holds a special place in his heart and helps make mr.
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simpler use rhythm a bit differently and he plays a much larger role that ends up helping you with classical works. for. this modesty belies all of his many talents he travels between the different worlds of music without losing any of his technical perfection motional force. of skill grew up in too big and university town in southwestern germany. he took up the baronet when he was ten this teacher worked almost entirely in the classical tradition but loves the scene announced that he would play nothing but klezmer music. as a teenager he took part in a workshop in this church held by the close miking glorified when he was so taken by the young musician that he tapped him the next viola.
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whenever i improvise klezmer is my source i can never really turn it off i could never do a big staccato major improvisation it automatically comes from that other repertoire . one. in alaska is hands on denying affinity of light science and plasma revealed beneath the surface.
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and they know how to use ever more delicate nuances of intonation and phrasing a bit fuzzy on the mic or time microscopic change of timing that's what lets you express something deeply personal in an opening that consists of just three set notes and i'm fascinated by the challenge of finding your own voice to use a second language but suppress what you yourself want to say also with. of course you have to have something worth saying like to have it oh yes. i
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. am that was enough for today next week on arts twenty one the new chopin russian pianist danny a to fine off in concert with the manner. chamber orchestra in dog mount joined us by by alfie doesn't. move. move. move move. move move. move move move. move. move from.
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the to the to come. from the. funeral mass this retiring. one would regret your speed right through this result. wonderous wonder. there's no solution nor the feeling of. the one who is twenty years from to go a seventy five years of punk's. bureau much less than thirty minutes to. meet the germans new and surprising new specks
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of nonsense culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at germany this increasing use of their traditions every day lawyers and language. does it come up. with. the trick i m d w dot com the germans. keep tells us strange stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images. emotions for the young cast. of the busy every weekend on d w.
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led to the legs. did they do the news last night from eight volts warning of an incoming bilis take misfiled throttle of the people of hawaii it takes fourteen minutes to retract the false alarm which officials blamed on human error also coming up. to check the presidential election season coming to the last name on pledge the first round but he failed to win a majority needed to avoid a runoff so checks will have to go to the polls again in two weeks time.


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