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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin twin suicide bombers strike at rush hour in central baghdad police saying that more than a dozen are dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's. square no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings bear the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. also coming up germany's social democrats call for a better deal to win over skeptical party members and key formal coalition talks
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alive but senior conservatives from angela merkel's camp won't have it and palestinian president mahmoud abbas says that the landmark oslo peace accord is over and lays the blame squarely with israel and donald trump. plus we will have all of the goals from the weekend's bundesliga action dortmund were looking to fill the gap with fear every poll by young dropped again but they didn't get the better of folks. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin with some breaking news this hour from iraq where at least sixteen people have been killed and sixty five wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad bodies are still being recovered from the site at central tie around square it is feared that the death toll could rise the iraqi interior ministry says that the explosives were detonated
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by two suicide bombers the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there has been no claim of responsibility so far but this latest attack bears similarities to previous bombings by the so-called islamic state. well now in other news here in germany a leading members of the social democrats are calling for better terms and a coalition blueprint mapped out with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives they have to win over the party's rank and file who could vote against starting formal coalition talks on a new grand coalition that move could trigger new national elections americal center right christian democrats and their bavarian sister party the c.s.u. oppose shaking up the deal. the leaders of germany social democrats are trying to win over party members and gain their approval for formal coalition negotiations but it's not proving easy. we should take our topics into the coalition to x.
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and discuss them in detail if that means discussing some points again i want to know much. about when this the coalition blueprints agree with angela merkel's conservatives on friday could be improved on senior social democrats a. few. really good individual projects in this consultation paper on which we can and should develop further with the big social topics like health care universal public health insurance or social housing are nearly entirely missing fear in part to tional complete it. the pressure is going as is nervousness politicians on both sides are talking tough. but. martin schulze now needs to show that the s.p.d. can be a reliable coalition partner and he must nip this potential revolt in the bud there can be no renegotiating. this is nonsense and of course i can't stop people from c.s.u. from talking nonsense we're used to that but such strong arm tactics definitely
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don't help us come together social democrat members will be able to have their say on the grand coalition in a week's time. well let's bring in our correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by at our parliamentary studios here in berlin in the german capital welcome to you thomas good morning you know as we just saw there from that piece that this does not look like a marriage made in political heaven but at the end of the day ten pragmatism when the day. well sorry and it doesn't look that way because in a way these reluctant partners if you look for example at the conservatives their preferred coalition was not necessarily once again with the social democrats they had preferred a different coalition but that fed up last year and the social democrats themselves that said after the election in september that they didn't want another grand coalition and they preferred to be in opposition but obviously the political situation in germany has led to these different parties to sit down and get at the
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table and as we saw last week have that twenty eight page document that is the blueprint for formal coalition and they go she ations so in a way they are obviously in different positions but both the conservatives and the social democrats want to avoid new coalition new elections sorry which will be the result if this formal coalition talks fail so that's probably why the sitting down and that's probably why they're doing everything they contract and have that coalition in place once again so let's get the prospects now of the s.p.d. basically getting you know support from their base because you know many in the party that they've been complaining that they don't see an off classic social democracy in this deal in particular we know that martin scholtz that he's heading to his home turf tonight north rhine-westphalia the party's heartland of course how will he try and win over his party colleagues. essentially by presenting two areas or two topics one is europe that was something that was clear even before they
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started the exploratory talks that would be one of the key topics that the social democrats would try to push forward that idea of working closely together with france that idea of expanding european integration the second issue would obviously be social justice as with one area that martin shows as always tried to push forward areas on education and investment which social democrats believe that they managed to get a good deal in this twenty eight document that we've been talking about those are probably two areas where martin short will try and convince his party members and his delegates but it's not an easy task and in fact next sunday he will be heading to boston to the party conference of the s.p.d. where he will certainly have to convince party delegates because they have to give the green light to entering or not entering formal coalition negotiations and just to remind our viewers i mean the best case scenario in all of this is basically
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that they go through this process germany gets a gets a coalition government you know finally we have to also remember that elections were back in september take us through the worst case scenario of thomas because if the social democrats and miracles conservatives don't agree on a deal what happens then there would be two options in short one would be a minority government led by the conservatives something that obviously the conservatives want to avoid if they can have that minority government then fresh elections and fresh elections is something that both the conservatives and the social democrats want to avoid thomas sparrow in berlin thank you so much palestinian president mahmoud abbas has accused israel of ending the middle east peace process he said that israel's actions mean that the oslo accords no longer exist those one thousand nine hundred four agreements formed the basis of ties between israeli and palestinians. abbas also stressed his opposition to u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize to respond as israel's capital he
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declared that jerusalem is the eternal capital of the palestinian people he made the comments at the opening of a p.l.o. meeting on the west bank now abbas also had strong words for trump who your call said would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and the palestinians have a listen. to trump brothers no we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate. for more let's bring in jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer who is covering the story for us so tanya we just heard abbas there saying that israel has in effect ended the oslo peace accords take us through his rationale. well he effectively said that that is where and that the also codes what he means by that is it was
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actions and that the also cords for example by continuous building and expanding settlements in the occupied west bank that's one of the criticisms the posting of and that made the agreements with israel and the vision of the two state solution. impossible that he made that speech at the beginning of an important meeting by the p.l.o. central council they will discuss the political implications of the decision by u.s. president trump to recognize two recent us the capital of israel and in light of this u.s. decision the postings are now trying to reframe their relations trying to reach frame their point of actions and what that means in concrete policy because we didn't get much of a complete policy in the speech by president abbas you might know a bit more once dismissing is concluded it's a given that he has made this assessment the success meant that the oslo peace accords are dad first of all is that really the case and second of all does it even
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matter i mean the fact that that one side believes that the peace accords are dead does that kill the peace process essentially. well take to fully i mean people here would say there is no such thing as a peace process at the moment now mr abbas has made it kills in his speech that the postings want to continue to pass of peace but not in the way that the palestinians would accept a u.s. led initiative that the u.s. has a say alone and that was their kids speech they want to see an international approach maybe a multinational approach like for example in the existing. bodies at the quartet required to mid east quartet also the five plus one model that was successful in the iran nuclear deal so what they are saying they have to fill the void to know that us has left interesting a new model of approach to continue the peace initiatives and the time that we know
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that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is currently in india but before he left the middle east he accused abbas of of trying to dodge peace negotiations using transfer marks interest him as an excuse i just want to play for our viewers what exactly he said and then get your reaction there after have a listen mr obama has used this. statement to seek a way to do so from the run away from the negotiations done it before you want to negotiate produce you've got to negotiate. we've never put any preconditions on the goetia sions ultimately tanya is israel itself prepared for talks now is it prepared to make concessions. well that's exactly the question i mean this is the official that you've just been hearing is that the palestinians are the ones that are refusing to come to the negotiating table i think the decision by the u.s.
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president has really strengthened it's going to go with which is the government and at the moment there will be no incentive for them to change course in any way. trying to kramer with the latest from jerusalem thank you let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has said that he is not a racist trump was on his way to dinner when a reporter asked about disparaging remarks that he reportedly made about haiti and africa the us president told the journalist quote i'm the least racist person that you will ever interview. turkey has condemned u.s. led plans for a thirty thousand strong border force in northern syria the move by the coalition fighting the so-called islamic state has stoked turkish anger over u.s. support for kurdish fighters which accuracy is as terrorists president director type erda one says that turkey will soon launch an offensive against a kurdish enclave near the turkish border. north and south korea have begun talks
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on next month's winter olympics delegations from both sides met in the border troops village of moon johm the north has promised to send athletes to the games in chiang and the south but the talks are limited to the north's plan to send and our troops including singers dancers and an orchestra. the stock exchange in the indonesian capital jakarta has been evacuated after a floor in the building collapsed dozens of people who poured it injured witnesses say that the collapse occurred in the buildings lobby area police saying that hundreds of students were visiting the stock exchange at the time. christof koch are joins us now and kristof we are having the motor city on its right sara the detroit motor show kicked off sunday it is of course the industry's largest event in the u.s. the united states and china being the world's most important markets for automakers not as u.s. consumers have a long lasting lawful pickup trucks carmakers were eager to present their latest
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big expensive gas guzzlers analysts say the high end segment could benefit from u.s. president donald trump's tax reform luxury carmakers especially could be the clear winners as the new tax legislation will leave more cash in the hands of those with higher incomes but concerns about potential protectionism in the u.s. cast a shadow over the industry. for more on the industry's performance last year and a look ahead at twenty eighteen our correspondent carsten phenomena spoke to b.m.w. is chief financial officer. dr peter immobility is said to be the future of the car industry a number of countries throughout the world are trying to get more electric and hybrid cars on the road now here in america this administration has different priorities but there are many states and cities who are pushing this development how important is this market segment for b.m.w.
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first of all in terms of electric powered car two thousand and seventeen was a very successful year for the b.m.w. group we have sold more than one hundred three thousand cars worldwide which makes us the number one worldwide in the premium segment for electrified cost the u.s. marketplace in q.l.d. in this strategy why because even from a global perspective twenty percent of the cost of the electric powered cars were sold in the u.s. and this definitely on the lines developments and the patents of the u.s. markets and we are very optimistic that sings to our investments in this technology we will see further momentum we will see faster growth in the u.s. to come. though in general two thousand and seventeen was a difficult year in the u.s. market for many producers including german producers and b.m.w. what good reasons for this was this partly because of the loss of trust because of
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the diesel gate scandal at fox bargain or because of president trump leshin out against germany produces what is your assessment from from our perspective too sounds and seventeen was a what i would call a transition year why because the very important x. three was in one out we've started to production i was in new x. we late in twenty seventeen and since we have seen close we have seen a very good momentum in the u.s. market so i'm optimistic far twenty eighteen for our performance in the u.s. market why. because on one hand side we have a very successful five series was a full impact in twenty eighty and on the other hand side we are launching the x three to be followed by z x falls the x two and later in the years the x. seven so in a market which is clearly more and more focused on it we have exactly the right mix
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of products b.m.w. chief financial officer nicholas peter speaking to our correspondent carson phenomena there while many car makers in detroit are showcasing new versions of the old gasoline engine a battle is waging over the next big market emo billet ford just announced an eleven billion dollar investment into electric and hybrid cars over the coming years while the cars are becoming more popular problems like no battery range remain our reporter and asked if caught up with a driver who doesn't mind these challenges. if you forget to charge your phone you can't use it for jeffrey jacobs the same goes for his car jacobs drives a nissan leaf a one hundred percent electric vehicle with a range of ninety miles that's just enough to get him to his job and back home the trip is a challenge but he enjoys it. i switched to an electric car because i felt
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first of all that it was an efficient way to go second of all it was a form of domestic energy where i wouldn't have to depend on the fluctuating price of gasoline. when jacobs first started driving a plug in car five years ago he was one of the very few electric current is yes there are now two million electric cars in circulation worldwide twice as many as just two years ago professor deborah blevins who has been studying alternative transportation for over thirty years believes the technology is at a turning point the biggest challenge has been on batteries batteries have made a huge stride they're not there yet but they made a tremendous strides despite recent improvement electric cars are still expensive and sales only account for one percent of the market in developed countries in order to help get the new technology into people's hands governments around the world from norway to the u.s.
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provide rebates to electric car buyers at king mitsubishi in maryland the outlander hybrid electric vehicle qualifies for about seven thousand dollars in government incentives this is actually the first week and a half that we had in common and we've had a huge amount of customers come in and obviously they're doing the research they want to know more about it we have has sold a couple so far already these government sensors absolutely help customers in terms of purchasing these plug in hybrids some analysts suggest that the market for electric vehicles could overtake that of gasoline engines by as early as twenty thirty five while that's great news for cities suffering from air pollution there's a catch electric cars still draw on fossil fuels for their. power so if you're generating electricity and most of the electricity is comes from coal and gas then you really aren't accomplishing much so you have to green the electricity mix in order to then have electric cars significantly address greenhouse gas emissions.
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jacob's hope is that one day he can commute without having to pollute much has to change before he can achieve zero impact driving but he's in it for the long haul. and it's back to sarah now and some really lucky air travelers in turkey you have to see these images to believe across stuff i mean as you might imagine passengers on board a passenger jet have described the scenes of panic as it skidded off the runway at a turkish airport and plunged down the side of a cliff the pegasus airlines plane from ankara had landed at trops on the black sea coast a hair raising experience for those on board as were about to see a look. returned her. they feel lucky to be alive. panicked passengers head for the exits as the plane went off the cliff edge. rescuers were quick to the scene. by day the extent of their luck is apparent.
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the boeing seven thirty seven lives with its nose a few meters from the black sea after skidding off the runway in rainy conditions. pegasus airlines says the exact cause of the incident is unclear. remarkably all one hundred sixty eight on board were unhurt. in a shoot out that the landing was really hard on the plane could stop then it lost balance and we veered left. off you know tonight and i had a window seat and could see a skidding down the slope we couldn't open the door for fifteen to twenty minutes. people were panicking because it smelled the fuel and we were scared the plane might catch fire. i fell asleep the last thing i remember was when i woke up and everybody was hurrying to get out of the plane so i left with them to the. authorities are now trying to find out how the plane came so close to catastrophe.
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on now art enthusiasts across europe have the chance to save nearly one hundred original silkscreens by andy warhol but the works aren't on display at a big man museum in paris or in berlin where whole flat fans will have to travel to the very small town of upholder in eastern germany about a two hour train ride from the capital the exhibition set in motion by one of warhols former dealers who wants to see high profile art in more humble settings. as maryland's mouths and soup cans usually hang in the world's most well known galleries but now andy warhol is famous scream prints have come to the small art museum in a tiny town in eastern germany. genitals that has a relatively small exhibition space that's actually not enough for him but that's exactly what made this exhibition appealing we're surrounded by his prints as will
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hold displayed them and some exhibitions he placed his pictures and to and we have that effect here. in effect opening in the corridor so often charm yes there's a chance to it the pictures come across very differently here compared to a long laundry that's also a strength of ours was the show will run until the beginning of july when these works will make their way back to new york. the exhibition is a coproduction with a german or dealer a mind of free to those who work with warhol and collected his works. the show's curator things warhol would have approved i've come to know he had a humble background i don't think he would always have needed it to be new york's museum of law not just for a few months at least this small german town is basking in the glow of warhol. germany's been dislike of or turned to to action from its winter break at the
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weekend and it featured a big result for struggling cologne up against local rivals munch and the rock bottom team pulled out of an unlikely last gasp when a. close play is still believe in a miracle escape that much was clear before the right darby but the game initially looked like it would run to form its glass but christophe karma going close after a quarter of an hour. below grew into the match though and frederic sharyn sometimes jumping for joy with the opener after thirty four minutes i will know for the hosts in their biggest game of the season. the second half so glad back threatened again but at first they could not take advantage of poor cologne defending. the level that was coming however and the rafael finally managed it at the second attempt. even the scrappy goals matter in
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a prestige darby i. put that was to be a twist in the tale i want to twist deep into stoppage time simone to go to the winner for cologne in his first game since rejoining the club the win is just a loan second of the bundesliga season but hope springs eternal for the basement side to get to safety is now eight points and they have the local bragging rights. and meantime sunday later game pitted dortmund against walls far the hosts were without star striker pierre and right up my uncle was dropped for a third time to disciplinary reasons dortmund were looking to move second with a win but over my young and a number of injured players out it was far from straightforward. you know i mean young's absence seventeen year old jayden sanchez was given his first start and he played a role right from the beginning the youngster was a whisker away from giving his side the lead after twenty minutes. two minutes
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later the same child was involved again but i'll drag i'll be like oh fluff he's finished let's involves both of the who wants more. the wolves they got their first real chance when you know smiley played in don you did davi but the twenty seven year old couldn't beat to keep on top and remained dominant throughout the first half but an exam that he was foiled by the post and the school's remains level at the break. the second half brought more of the same with good creating chances but failing to convert the malenko just couldn't find to talk it that it was santos turn to mississippi time teed up by shinji kagawa the englishman watched his effort hit the post with four minutes to go post book keeper code castillo's went on a wild adventure up the pitch but when the ball eventually landed at near a shot in st he was unable to take advantage of the empty net no win for century on his debut in the starting eleven but
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a jewel means that peter is still unbeaten in the league as dortmund coach. and in english football there was a first fate of the premier league season for leaders manchester city as they lost four three at liverpool in an epic clash for a byron coach pep guardiola need not worry too much though with his city side still fifteen points clear at the top one hundred psi last scored liverpool's fourth to record a famous when they have been clubs liverpool all moved into third place. quick reminder now of our top story before we go twin suicide bombers have killed at least twenty five in central baghdad police say that the attack took place during rush hour in the city of tire on square no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings bear the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. they're up to date on. the move.
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from the to. the total. nonsense to keep religions apart. in traffic it separates catholic and muslim children in the schoolyard. even though over two decades have passed since the war ended in bosnia-herzegovina how deeply do the divisions run in the heart of the. no love in a hostile crime the divide comes next d.w. . keeps
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and every language with the first word pushed in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not learn to tell it simple online on your mobile and free to suffer for d w z e learning course because fish german made easy. is outside her own school in trouble nick bosnia she often used to look at the boys on the other side of this fence but one thing she knew for sure she wasn't allowed to fall for anyone over that. just below the chain of command which i was told not to go out with catholics or those of the orthodox faith it's my own faith prescribed that and i'm. going to the bottom yes our own.


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