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tv   Doc Film - No Love in a Hostile Climate - The Divided Balkans  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 8:30am-9:01am CET

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every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a hell of a simple online on your mobile and free shop for d w z e learning course because fish german made easy. is outside her old school in trouble nick bosnia she often used to look at the boys on the other side of the spence one thing she knew for sure she wasn't allowed to fall for anyone over that. just below the channel he meant which i was told not to go out with catholics or those of the orthodox faith it's just my own faith prescribed that and i'm. going to the bottom yes i'll be honest i thought
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before i fall in love with one of them and get into trouble at home i'll leave it baby. us. who told you that. my mother. the school is right in the center of traveling. the right hand side is very nicely refurbished and largely attended by children from catholic families. families from a muslim family these children still attend the greater left hand side. there's a fence between the two erected after the end of the war to keep the conflicting parties apart. simply as diana's it's
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a symbol of separation every wall is disunion discord separation and all of these things that we have for the fence used to seem bigger to me maybe they've made it smaller that would be an improvement that the form but now there are these concrete pillars that didn't exist before they're on their way to building a proper wool is it was i was bothered by this fence when i went to school here and long afterwards to that moment you feel silly and so sometimes you think if they keeping away from them because they think they're better than your thought on other days you think they're doing it because they're scared of you or why are they scared of us just one word you are just. a mother went to the school here seventeen years ago. at the time the war had been over for just five years partition schools were commonplace with the war so fresh
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in everyone's mind living together was harder these days the separation shouldn't. exist anymore. the catholic and the muslim sections don't just differ from the outside the students also get different history lessons. what caused the war in bosnia between one thousand nine hundred two and ninety five when serbs croats and muslims fought bitterly against each other. yasmin big over each is muslim it turns the state run muslim part of the school. of theology and i think there's only one history everyone learns to say mystery the difference is how that's interpreted and . you can reach one conclusion or a different one but we all learned the same thing of them we've all got a rather queer knowledge of the margin. of what it means one country different
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interpretations of his history the teacher doesn't want to comment further on that the curricula a set by the bosnian state. you can see the catholic part of the school from the muslim part it's run by the church and was renovated with church funds. the history teacher here presents the croat view of their history. gabrielle heir adage attends twelfth grade. she's a bosnian croat and was raised a catholic. her family lives in a predominantly croatian suburb. she . tells us that peace love and understanding really isn't on the curriculum.
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do. well but never our country has three presidents to three different be. sections of history croats muslims serbs everyone wants to tell their own version of our history we can't agree on one version especially not on the whole was the county executive jet of. the teenagers from the catholic school invited us to visit them in the evening. was. a man as having a chat with muslim students in the school yard that bothered by the fence to. think . about it but when i'm almost killing each other that this scandal is unnecessary and it harms the children. in the muslim students go to their favorite cafe just a few streets away. from the.
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bows me as home to both me and muslims bosnian croats and bosnian serbs but they tend to live in different neighborhoods most of them say their ethnic backgrounds andi play a role in their everyday lives anymore but mixed family is a still ran. the main thing separating the three ethnicities in both mia is religion both snacks a muslim to draw as a catholic and the serbs are all the dogs this seems to be no way to bridge the divide.
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and i know always used to go to this cafe with her friends to. a man may identify with her religion but like the students she feels like a nice. gentle couple would you when people in our country say that serbs are croats i think that's strange my friend here says he's a troll which is fine but what's he doing in bosnia then i think it would be good if we all saw ourselves as bosnia and your religion should be a product not so that it shouldn't be an obstacle when it comes to friendship ball
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love. we cling on to these differences because the hangovers from the war as soon as you talk about a different nationality or religion many think of the war. he doesn't belong to me i should keep away from the way it's hard to influence stop thinking it's still war . over which it appears to be. does the war make romantic relationships between muslims bosnian serbs and croats impossible even two decades later. i'm a less says there are such couples she tries to get a friend of hers who's in a mixed relationship to talk about it on camera but she won't. miss it if it takes i think people always struggle to talk about it the reason for
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that could be that we've not really confronted our post until. nobody beds any guilt for the war we're all victims as. would a woman that's just but only as the hand we're all perpetrators too unlike the germans we don't have a serbian croatian or muslim billion burnt who got down on his knees and accepted all the blame when. i'm alone is a bookkeeper at the university she lives in the center of town with her family a predominantly muslim neighborhood that hasn't always been the case before the war her parents lived in the suburbs of traffic. on the way to her former parental home even the road signs show which ethnic group is in the majority where. the town's name written in
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serbian cyrillic script has been crossed out bosnian croat and now the dominant group here most of them are catholic. during the war in one thousand nine hundred two m.l. and her parents fled to germany she was eight at the time after the war they decided to go back home as a young model that is it's it in one nine hundred ninety seven we wanted to return home we didn't know if it was still standing on whether it had been destroyed maybe someone else was living in it when we arrived everything was fine my father spoke to a man who was living in the house at the time you. are an. arm .
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it is now it was a stick that's one of in this is where we arrived in parked the car out my. other got out people were sitting here one of them introduced himself and said that he was the owner of the building quire boxes of it everlasting which he went indoors and came out again with a gun pointed in tatters and said that if we didn't leave he'd shoot at us sudden out him of a chill us look to. the boy to some of you i'm not fearful maybe i'm naive just like my parents were before the war but it was an ugly situations mommy i don't know how aware we were of it all as children in one thousand nine hundred seventy one that we thought it was strange that our heron started crying watching. twenty years after this encounter she rings the bell again. but
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not the song hello my name is emil i used to live here i wanted to see who lives here today and if we could look around if that's ok. how do you want to look around. we'd like to come in as the oh yeah more of we bought the house ten years ago we lived up there and because we didn't want to pay rent and ignore we bought it and aquatic in that score. that was you know i don't think that's what my parents thought at the time too they were tenants but in one thousand nine hundred they bought the plot my sister was born in the living room here she lives in turkey now i'm not. the woman doesn't know the previous occupier the man who threatened imus father with a gun she doesn't want to talk about the war years eve them it's best to forget she says but she acquired the house legally.
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although they did get financial compensation her parents still haven't got over the loss of their house people say they've dealt with a lot of the past but when probed even i'm allowed shows they haven't really forgotten. the. that. the. the animal is waiting for her husband and. yet the. more on home. i'm more.
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families parents wanted her to marry a muslim and they were happy without them. this. has been. less involved i demi's an. he prays five times a day it's his job. fish. are no different from. the two have been married for seven years farris was born five years ago. most of. them. had to find. somewhere like that and it was obvious to my parents that i'd marry
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a muslim i can't say i was happy or unhappy it was just taken for granted i would be one if disappointment if. not from which it could. just be it was also clear to me that i'd marry a muslim. so. that she his father and grandfather were in moments too. much yet in. thursday's market day in trafton but m.l.r. really manages to shop here she has to work six days a week. the average wage in bosnia is four hundred euros a month but few people in travelling and that much she says.
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oh. i met her says we should visit the military cemetery behind the market while she does her shopping. the headstones there tell us. story the dead were all in their mid twenty's when they died four hundred seventy eight of them are buried in this cemetery alone. war veterans meet a regularly. this is never lived in smite he's a forty one year old muslim who lost almost all of his friends in the war he was just sixteen when he joined the bus forces.
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and we were still in touch somewhat with our neighbors during the war we met up when there was no fighting we drank coffee and then we all picked up our guns and took sides again once who wouldn't the war wasn't about ordinary people it was for the politicians. this muslim man married a serbian orthodox woman shortly after the war much to the annoyance of his father in law who fought on the serb side. so he shot at me and i shot at him not doesn't mean i have to hate him i don't hate anybody but when the time comes that a man points a gun at you the time comes when you have to point one back at him and kill him.
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normal people come to madge and not until they're in that situation themselves as i was going to just live through them sit with us and. we visit never lived in a home he lives just a few minutes from the cemetery together with his wife and their seven year old daughter. never again has no contact with his serbian father in law. he's only ever seen him once when he picked up his wife there's been radio silence ever since. but a bit of a problem for the war mixed families were normal. there weren't any straights that
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was didn't have at least one mixed couple is the one that we never paid attention to that turned bosnia back down to. only cause i couldn't tell croatian or serbian names upon which of. the war may be in the past but it's still a big problem for mixed couples. they still fear they could have to choose sides if a conflict between the ethnic groups flares up again. we're back with i'm allowed scientists school she believes that bosnia could become one country even if the ethnic groups don't intermarry. i'm not a lot we don't like to say unity in diversity we have our differences and we have to tolerate them going to meet all of you know. what about the students in the
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school today. it seeming we've agreed to meet gabrielle and la talia. who are the students go to the same bars and clubs they will know each other but do they ever fall in love or even marry. back at the school gabrielle and natalia had already said it was normal for every ethnic group to have his own view of history. in the evening they tell us how difficult it can become when friendships become more serious. us of them and i have a friend she's catholic she's been with a muslim for eight months i guess i am but they have to hide because of their
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families it's not about whether they love each other but about what people will say yes he said but i've never any such thoughts and that's the biggest problem in bosnia-herzegovina and i think that will continue for many years at the feast but. the. boys join the girls it's a normal evening. this cafe doesn't serve alcohol because it's mainly frequented by muslims. but if you spend a bit of time when you get to recognise each other you know right away who's what ethnicity and who's what faith is that's why it's unlikely you'll fall in love with someone of a different one. that's you know if that happens you risk losing your family's
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trust over a boy and it's my own and. i never mind how strong your feelings are you have your family. that's how we were raised on us soil and even your embassy with us but actually we tell them that we can be friends. but nothing more held out the cause that he should suffer. anyway after an evening in the bar would would have got round among the families. now. now now it's the sunday service in the village of gora which is largely inhabited by both the encroachments. and now.
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this is the way gabrielle wants to preserve her bosnia she intends to stay with her own and avoid any romantic entanglements with muslims. if you. will. which is exactly what her mother wants to. and it. was what. you. just. did. history by anybody. was it was funny old him it was love only. when we look back at the old via the states goal was to integrate the
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christian muslim and serbian communities east theme that. they wanted to create a nation in view of the slums but it was impossible the people rejected it. was ready. if it was then it. was. a divided school in a divided country. what does the future hold for i'm melissa on father's where his parents tell him who he can marry. us today and what if your son wanted to marry a catholic church what sort of. everybody. you are. i wouldn't allow it. but our faith says she has to
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be a muslim. and ella. doesn't and. if they wanted to meet up and go out i wouldn't mind but if they wanted to get married i wouldn't want that he shouldn't marry someone with different values to as his nephew and i'd be an east indian call that the stuff he could have a lot of problems in his marriage i see that all the time would the child be baptized i want my child to get married and i want grandchildren one day you could just pick up the cost of all of that there would be a lot of conflict at the very latest over the baptism question but i don't want him growing up with problems like that. naturally i asked if. the school fence bothers i met. but the was live on in private lives to.
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the war changed people. who knows if love will ever transcend bosnia's ethnic divisions. the few. the but.
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this is news alive from bergland twin suicide bombers strike at the rush hour in central baghdad police say that dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's tyrone square no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings bear the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. also coming up germany's social democrats called for a better deal to win over skeptical party members and keep formal coalition talks alive but senior conserved.


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