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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is news live from berlin twin suicide bombers strike at rush hour in central baghdad dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's tyrone square no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings are home marks of the so-called islamic state we'll go live to baghdad also coming up palestinian president mahmoud abbas says the landmark peace accord is over and he lays the blame squarely with israel and donald trump. and the u.s. president issues a strong denial against accusations of racism after is allegedly remarks just
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verging african countries trigger international condemnation. i'm sumi so misconduct welcome to the program we start out in iraq where at least thirty eight people have been killed and one hundred five wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city's al tyrone square this area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there's been no claim of responsibility yet but this latest attack bears similarity to previous bombings by the so-called islamic state. let's begin with staff s.l.m. he's a journalist at the washington post baghdad bureau he joins us on the line the staffa thank you for joining us what is the security situation like in baghdad this
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morning. that really attack has targeted. more pictures which is really very carted of this back in the morning first started with one suicide bomber who did take himself and then when the people come to. to carry the victims a little one has been exploded. i guess the government people as a given people were in conics they even moved the tents food the cart before the ambulance arrived the missile help has announced that so called the official official toll is twenty six die or ninety injured people trying to keep we are in a position critical situation people a good as likely. to be here. elections which are very close and then are seeing the political power are using these attacks to predators each other
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people are right now the next step because there's a character the biggest the biggest attack since the announced all these victory off iraqi forces against what's called are going to stay right with us are so are there fears of another jihadist uprising in iraq just briefly if you can. yes i called into the actual jury they said that they would be architected more attacks by this very thing still is a city because they still have the ability to attack intelligence of a city but they said they don't have been decreased on carparks two suicide bombers all right mr officer limit journalist at the washington post a baghdad bureau on the line with us moustapha thank you very much for that update . do you for these twin bombings last what do you think what is the government response been so far to this i think this is the first response from mr body the prime minister of iraq give many orders for the intelligence to in the hands of
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their work and in concert trade on this leaping cell i think in the end of the day iraq is going to face i hope not but all the the size looks like iraq is going to see more than similar attacks within back to a lower city in iraq we heard moustapha just say there that a body's government actually said that it had declared victory over islamist terrorists that had been operating in iraq what does that mean for the government ok deliberates is area tour a tree area in iraq from the hands of islamic state doesn't mean the security hundred percent for the iraqis it is also the way to destroy them or and also to gain more power for to gain more of the ground from them but the battlefield is now it's not in the territory area but it is in the in the intelligence war
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against islamic state not just in iraq but by the way and also in europe in the area in middle east how difficult has that intelligence war become you have jihad has gone underground again after being driven out of this territory it is typical the reaction of the heart is when they begin to lose they respond and that's why all the many of the expecting that seniority is going to happen they just want to say that we are still there we lost some sort of tree but still we have influence we have the ability to bring detainees in the area and also this disavowal is in the security concept within the capital so how can the government protect against that kind of destabilization i think the. the exchange of information with other intelligence not just in iraq and also in europe with the united states intelligence is also given back for iraqis but in the end of the day it's just
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clear there's no hundred percent concept of the security in the everywhere in the in the country especially in iraq i think exchanging information this is more most important know what days and also political solutions i mean i'm sorry iraqi journalist the living here in berlin thank you very much for your insight thank you . moving on to some other news now a palestinian president mahmoud abbas has accused israel of ending the middle east peace process he said israel's actions mean that the also accords no longer exist those one thousand nine hundred four agreements form the basis of ties between israel and the palestinians abbas also stressed his opposition to u.s. president donald trump decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and he declared that jerusalem is the eternal capital of the palestinian people he made the comments at the opening of a p.l.o. meeting on the west bank. also had strong words for trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and palestinians would let.
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us know we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate the slap of the century let's talk more about those remarks with akiva eldar from tel aviv he is a columnist with the monitor a newspaper akiva joins us on the line. essentially blaming israel and the u.s. for the failure of this peace process but is it actually abbas himself was declaring this process over. well you know he used the non political slogan in arabic which means. that you house is full pull down the bit dark which is a very untypical to
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a diplomat like a very experienced diplomat like mahmoud abbas and what we angry at him is that president trump said why should we pay when the palestinians refuse to negotiate and no to go see a chanst being. valid and since actually since trump took over so. the peace process. has been lasting for the last twenty five years with ups and downs is completely down and we don't see any future for it we don't see the next arc in this process so it's at risk of falling apart entirely now akiva let's listen to what israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had to say he's accusing abbas of trying to dodge negotiations by using transfer marks on jerusalem as an excuse let's listen exactly
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to what he had to say for. this. statement to see it's going to. run away from the negotiations done it before you want to negotiate peace you've got to negotiate. we've never put any preconditions on the garage. akiva is netanyahu right he's essentially saying that abbas is signaling he's choosing confrontation over negotiation. but actually the statement on jerusalem is. one of the last i hope it's not completely the last straw on the back of the camel but this adds to the feeling in the policies and i was in ramallah last week that the two state solution is dead if you travel in the territories and you see the new israeli settlements and the new units in the.
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the illegal outposts and actually the tragedy of the read by that was killed in a terrorist attack reminds us that you know he lived in an illegal settlement outposts so actually the message that israel is sending the part of this is the. semi official position of this government that we will keep building more settlements because the palestinian state is a dream is not going to happen so what do we negotiate about and both sides are now very very fickle istic about is very pessimistic and. is not willing to pay anymore and the question is whether your country it was germany and the e.u. is going to pay for the occupation and that's the next think. elder from
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monitor newspaper on the line with us thank you so much for your insight my pleasure. not to some other stories making headlines around the world the stock exchange in the indonesian capital jakarta has been evacuated after a floor in the lobby area of the building collapse police have raised the number of people hurt to seventy five it's not clear what caused the mezzanine floor to come down police have ruled out a bomb explosion. a shuttle boat has gone up in flames off the coast of florida around fifty passengers and crew were able to escape by jumping into chilly waters near the shore authorities say nobody was seriously injured the shuttle was carrying people to an offshore casino ship the cause of the fire is unknown north and south korea have begun talks on next month's winter olympics delegations from both sides met in the border truth's village of pun when joam the north has promised to send athletes to the games and chang in the south but the talks are
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limited to the north's plan to send in our troops including singers dancers and orchestra. now south africa has summoned a top u.s. embassy official for a meeting over president donald trump's alleged disparaging remarks about african countries trump faced accusations of racism following the comments during bipartisan talks on an immigration deal let's listen now to trump's response to the controversy while he was in florida this weekend. everyone. we have our when a caller from the j.f.k. it's a church here in berlin with us here in studio to talk more about the story higher when so there's been three days of international condemnation about these comments and the president felt he had to say in public he's not a racist how extraordinary how unique is this well it does bring back memories of richard nixon declaring to the world that i am not a crook that these are the kinds of words that can haunt you down the road but this
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is not a surprise donald trump has a long track record of being on the racist end of a spectrum he likes to think in terms of zero one binary you're a racist you're not a racist and he happens to have a very high threshold which probably means something like the ethnic cleansing sort of resist that we've seen in history he's not like that but he belongs to a type of racist known in the united states certainly fifty years ago the belief in . an ability a right to discriminate based on race whatever the rest of the republican party some of the senators that that meeting are now backing him again are they going to change their stance they were distancing themselves and they were taking the that's not what i heard or i can't recall hearing that and some minor semantics about the
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second syllable whether they were talking about a hole or a house but this is just minor things the republicans do not want to generally. go directly against the president something that he would regard as not being. but i am personally disappointed that we don't see more people trying to just get ahead of this and say this was a gaffe it was an awful gaffe but people who have observed donald trump know the man does not do. gaffes this anything that goes through his mind comes out his mouth and there have been several controversies over trump's comments in the past do you think this will actually affect his agenda domestically and internationally . we're seeing the international repercussions perhaps in the oval office when his advisors tell him he has to be a bit more careful about talking to his base because the rest of the world is
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listening to i think that's probably something that his advisors will try to remind him that cleaning up on the international scale is not something that says easy to do but for domestic consumption he's not going to change the radar when caller from the j.f.k. institute here in berlin thanks very much. trouble you can a construction company karelian has collapsed ever talks with the british government failed over the weekend employs forty three thousand people around the world
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including twenty thousand and britain and is involved in hundreds of government projects in the u.k. like the building and maintenance of hospitals prisons defense sites and the country's new super fast rail line following a rocky twenty seventeen banks now refused to throw the company a desperately needed lifeline. in july twenty seventeen billion was valued at more than one billion dollars as one of britain's largest construction companies it was known for prestigious projects such as the tate modern in london munches to be some tower and heathrow airport terminal five but things took a bad turn when the company issued a profit warning last july its share price tumbled and by august karelian was demoted from the footsie one hundred the index for the u.k.'s one hundred largest companies karelian now owes more than one billion dollars to several lenders who now face the prospect of losing their money. the creditors the banks are going to
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have to take out ok we cannot have a situation where private. private profits when they project so successful that the government nationalizing the losses when they fail a lot would not be acceptable are karelians demise will leave more than forty thousand people uncertain about their jobs and small subcontractors fear that they are invoices may go unpaid it is now worth a meager eighty million dollars that's less than a tenth of what it was worth a few months ago its financial problems are blamed on unprofitable contracts and delayed payments from projects in the middle east. for some more insight let's bring in our long correspondent there could tell us more about the problems that have put karelian into this position. well basically a lot of criticism about its management practices and the fact that they were bidding also for some deals where the profit margins were simply not high enough so
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basically unsustainable and a lot of criticism for the british government because we've had profit warnings already last july and yet the government kept investing and it was said by several figures mainly labor figures the opposition party that the government was simply too blind with directed that they were too busy with directed in order to to really see what was happening with this company not put this whole financial mess that cohen is in into perspective for us what does it mean for the people in the u.k. . well a lot of vital services are affected for example school the children that want to have their school lunches which is involved in hospitals prisons so really throughout british society caribbean was is a very important company and the government should have really realised and was
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accused today that they kept investing even though there were these profit warnings and by that they've all most given the company like a clean bill of health that they really weren't on top of things and were raising any warnings so this is something that the labor party says needs to stop very very urgently so many people impacted by the situation now the british government is stepping in paying wages for workers for example is there any idea what happens next. a lot of discussion about the general business practice off of government outsourcing vital services where the the profits of being raked in by private companies like karelian who's also being accused of having too high wages for the top management but then when it comes to problems that it's the government that needs to basically step in and the british
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government is not going to go for a whole bailout of the company but they need to make sure that the services that can really and has provided so far are going to be continued so they were being coerced to come to work today and that they would look after its work and that they also would look after its pensions because that's of course is a big worry for those with because employed what's going to happen with their pension liabilities and the federation of small business has warned that many subcontractors and many other companies us associated with caribbean are also very very nervous because korean is often waited as long as four months to pay their bills and that they don't know at the moment whether this is going to be continued and generally yes arguing that this dyspraxia is needs to stop where government is outsourcing these vital services for good marks in london thank you. the detroit motor show is underway it's the industry's largest in the united states the u.s.
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and china being the world's most important car markets of course as u.s. consumers have had a long lasting love for pickup trucks carmakers are eager to present their latest big expensive gas guzzlers analysts say the high end segment could benefit from president trumps tax reform luxury car makers especially could be the clear winners as the new tax legislation will leave more cash in the hands of those with higher incomes but concerns about potential protectionism in the u.s. market cast a shadow over the industry. but let's bring in our markets correspondent cold here in frankfurt to daniel is there anything on display in detroit that has investors particularly excited. while one investor was looking was sparkling ice at those pick up trucks there are now being again introduced in the united states and it's very obvious that from the u.s. markets perspective those are still the car models that you can really make
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a lot softer what money with many investors are telling me that two thousand and eighteen most likely is going to be a challenging year for carmakers that worldwide also we saw the dropping numbers for example in the united states in december what would you look at the general numbers for example ed volkswagen they're really coming out with record after record even though they are markets right now are mostly in china and in south america talking about this share price most of the companies i was negative numbers today that's mostly because of the very strong euro that we're seeing here at the moment kristoff and then you know at the detroit motor show ford announced an eleven billion dollar investment into electric cars over the coming years what are other companies doing in this regard. well with the hype now about tesla how many automakers feel that they really have to invest into emo billet even though they know this is risky and that it can take some time to pay off but most of the
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big companies are coming out also during this all to show with electric or hybrid cars even though this is still going to be a bumpy road for them as well then you're hoping for thank you. back to serve me and growing tensions in turkey thank you christophe for president. says a military assault on a kurdish enclave in northwestern syria is imminent everyone also said the operation which is centered on the city of offering aims to quote purge terror from his country's southern border the area is controlled by a kurdish militia known as the white. turkish troops are already stationed in rebel held territory on the outs course of the city. zero. two two. let's bring in a hunch she's standing by for us in istanbul hi yulia doesn't want announcement come as a surprise but right. well actually it does
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not miss to add on has repeatedly made such threats in the past but this time really here used really harsh words and i quote if kurdish terrorists don't surrender we will tear them down and this implies a military threats towards the kurdish y.p. militia that is controlling as you said a friend in another district in north in syria called a monday which excuse me this is the local prayer call you might be hearing i hope you still will understand me the threat might also be directed towards the u.s. led coalition against the so-called islamic state because that could wish and has recently announced a plan to establish a thirty thousand men strong border security force and that food would mainly consist of kurdish fighters kurdish fighters the turkish government considers as terrorists you it tells more about the why p.g. that you mentioned who is this group and why has this been blacklisted as a terror organization. well they are
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a secular western friendly group that has been fighting jihadists inside syria long before actually the islamic state and to the scene and in the past years they have been proven the only maybe the only effective local proxy against islamic state fighters so they were backed by the us led coalition against isis but the text government as you said considers them a terrorist group with close links to the outloud to kurdistan workers party the p k k that is here in turkey fighting for independence and is fighting the turkish army on turkish soil so the turkish government announcing a military assault but can turkey actually legally encroach on syria this is a sovereign state. well from an international law ex perspective this is somehow a graze own there are people who are arguing this is definitely a violation of international law others say it is not but you have to know the
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turkish army is already inside syria since twenty sixteen with its military operation called you for its shield designed to push back the islamic state and kurdish kurdish fighters as well they're inside and they entered it live province about three months ago in agreement with russia who is a close ally of syrian president bashar al assad so would mr adelman was suggesting now is basically an extension of an already existing turkish military offensive inside syria but this of course would have been would need to be discussed in the turkish national security council that council is scheduled to meet on wednesday this week and this will definitely be a topic on the agenda. reporting for us from istanbul you it good to talk to you. or minder now at the top stories that we're following for you at this hour twin suicide bombers have killed at least thirty eight people in central baghdad police
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say the attack took place during rush hour in the city's al tyrone square no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings bear hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has accused israel of ending the one nine hundred ninety four also peace accords through its actions he's also denounced u.s. president donald trump's peace efforts as the slap of the century abbas it said palestinians will seek an internationally led peace process without the us as a mediator. thanks for watching deed everywhere back at the top of the hour. and.
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