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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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there were thirty on. this new d.w. news live from berlin twin suicide bombers strike at rush hour in central baghdad dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blew themselves up in the city's tyrone square it comes just a month after iraq declared victory over the so-called islamic state we'll have the latest from baghdad also coming up turkey's president threatens to attack a u.s.
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backed force on the border with syria he says the force is a terror threat because it includes kurdish fighters. and the moment of floor collapses of the jakarta stock exchange in indonesia scores of people are injured but police say it was not a terror attack. hello and welcome to the program i'm mary in evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in iraq where at least thirty eight people have been killed and more than one hundred others wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city square the area has been targeted by a similar blast since two thousand and three there's been no claim of responsibility so for. our but this latest attack is similar to previous bombings
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by so-called islamic state. for the latest on the story let's cross over now to susannah george she's the associated press bureau chief in baghdad susanna thanks for joining us now this is the second deadly attack in baghdad in just three days how are residents in the city coping the mood in the iraqi capital is very tense there's a lot of anger especially in the neighborhood where the attack occurred one of the people we spoke to at the scene of the attack said that he wasn't surprised that the attack occurred and it just shows that the iraqi government is only concerned with military victories against the sonic state group and not concerned with protecting its own civilians in civilian areas in baghdad so that's a normal kind of tension norm and anger that you see following these attacks which
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is one of the reasons why certain groups carry them out in the first place to stoke that anger and stability well clearly hurting as many civilians as possible was the goal of the bombs were detonated during rush hour at a very busy square why is this area of the city the scene of repeated attacks. this is an area of the city that's in the heart of central baghdad it's near a lot of important government buildings there's a lot of key commercial districts in that area and if you were to try to move explosives from outside baghdad into that area where the attack occurred you'd have to cross dozens of checkpoints so when insurgent groups carry out attacks or able to carry out attacks in these kinds of areas it really does erode its case in the government's ability to protect its own civilians and that's why surging groups target these parts of the iraq capital when planning such large tax well it's just
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been about a month since they are i can government to declare it a victory over the islamist militants in the country was this declaration premature are we going to see a resurgence of the islamic state in iraq. these are the inst mixtape group has maintained an insurgent presence in iraq for years even at the height of the group's territorial power when they controlled nearly a third of the iraqi country they still maintained an insurgent presence in baghdad and carried out these kinds of attacks so this isn't new but what it really does point to is the lasting presence of that insurgent arm of i asked so while they've lost their territorial hold in iraq they maintain the ability to plan and then also carry out these rather sophisticated attacks in baghdad it's important to mention that even when iraqi officials were trumpeting the military victory over i asked last month they were also warning that these kinds of attacks were expected and
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that these would likely be the next big issue that the iraqi security forces would have to deal with so this is not something that's catching people by surprise but it does come after a bit of a lull in violence and it gets a lot of iraqis were kind of hoping that the next few months would i would continue with that low. all right susanna george the associated press bureau chief reporting for us in baghdad many thanks indeed for that update thank you now turkey's president have tired erda one says his armed forces are poised to launch an assault on u.s. backed kurdish fighters in northwestern syria and iran also said the operation which is centered on the city of offering aims to quote purge terror from his country's southern border the areas controlled by u.s. backed kurdish militia known as the y p g which aired one considers a terror group turkish troops are already stationed in rebel held territory on the
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outskirts of the city. well for more on the story. joins us now from istanbul. junia good to see you so tell us why air to walk on is threatening to attack the why p.g. at this particular time. well a missed out on has repeatedly made such threats in the past but this time indeed they do sound with very serious infect he is also slamming and i think that's the reason he's slamming the usa and a us the us led coalition against state in syria because washington has announced plans of establishing a thirty thousand strong border security force along the syrian border with turkey and that troops would mainly consists of kurdish fighters kurdish fighters the turkish government considers terrorists so add-on had really harsh words and i
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quote him a country we consider an ally and he means the us is insisting on forming a terrorist army on our borders and our mission it is to strangle this on me before it is even born so this is really a military threat by the turkish side to what specifically towards these plans by washing by the u.s. all right so the wind p.g. is only going to be a part of this thirty thousand strong force and the white b.g. has been one of the u.s.'s closest allies in syria would an attack by turkish military forces lead to a further deterioration in ties between turkey and the us. yes i do think so i mean turkey and the u.s. are of course nato allies but they have very different strategic goals especially when it comes to the role of the y. p.g. militia as you rightly mentioned the u.s.
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considers the y.p. g. and essential if not the most important proxy in its war against islamic state jihad is inside syria while taki on the other hand thinks the y.p. g. is a terrorist organization with links to the turkey based p k k the kurdistan workers party that is fighting for independence and fighting the turkish army inside turkey so this is a very huge conflict i do not see any solution to this conflict so yes this is going to cause definitely much more tension. reporting for us from istanbul thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a french court has dismissed a case against soldiers who were charged with raping children in the central african republic soldiers tasked with keeping warring factions apart were accused of abusing the children at refugee camps the court found no evidence to support pressing charges the allegations were first published in britain's guardian
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newspaper. north and south korea have begun a second round of talks to hammer out the details for the north's participation in next month's winter olympics and count chang delegations from both sides met in the border truce village of panmunjom so far they've agreed to include in our troops from the north and may potentially field a joint women's hockey team authorities say one woman has died after a boat fire off the coast of florida the craft was packed with gamblers taking part in an offshore casino cruise about fifty other passengers and crew managed to reach safety after jumping into chilly waters and making their way to shore. here in germany social democrat leader martin sure has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with america's conservatives on sunday delegates will vote on whether those talks should go ahead many in the s.p.d.
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oppose another grand coalition and want more concessions from the conservatives. now a mess a main floor overlooking the main lobby of the indonesian stock exchange in jakarta has collapsed injuring around seventy people but no deaths have been reported the building was the target of a car bombing by islamist militants in two thousand but police have ruled out a bomb attack this time. the video captured the moment of the collapse visiting students standing on a mezzanine had no time to react. and. miraculously no one on the landing or in the lobby below was killed look at the bottom but i thought the patient with the most serious injury has a bone fracture another three people were also suspected to have broken bones. but i will need to confirm that with an m.r.i. or c.t. scan scan. the high rise in the center of the financial district also includes the
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offices of the world bank islamists targeted the building with a car bomb in two thousand. but in this case officials were quick to rule out terrorism the culprit appears to be substandard construction. the country is known to be lax on building standards. but with no rest for the weary the exchange managed to resume trading in time for the afternoon session. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says israel is to blame for allegedly jeopardizing the landmark offload peace accord the agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred three at a ceremony with u.s. president bill clinton his hock rabin and yasser arafat in ramadan sunday abbas rejected the u.s. as a mediator but he shied away from completely abandoning a two state solution. abbas also had harsh words for u.s.
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president donald trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and the palestinians have a listen were. we said no to trump others no we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate. for. well meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has also lashed out at the u.s. accusing washington of issuing ultimatums and ignoring the views of other world leaders lover of made the comments at its annual press conference in moscow he said threats coming from washington and twenty seventeen have seriously aggravated tensions in different parts of the world including in north korea and iran lover of said moscow would not support u.s.
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attempts to modify the landmark nuclear deal with tehran. these latest announcements are intended to sabotage the implementation of the comprehensive joint action plan on iran's nuclear program but they also give no reason to be optimistic about stability. unfortunately now where american colleagues and their allies aim to do business on the basis of pressure and ultimatums. they do not want to listen to other global political centers opinions. and that means they do refuse to accept the reality of the multipolar world that is taking shape. commuter. there were some unexpected results from the first day of the australian open which is underway in melbourne here's a look at the take of monday's matches the first big shock is last year's runner up venus williams losing to unseeded bull and bench the world number five crash out of
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the tournament along with fellow americans coco van de way and u.s. open champion sloane stephens well meanwhile in the men's singles world number one rafael nadal beat victor a string of burgos in straight sets to advance with third seed grigor dimitrov also winning through and there was some excitement from the home crowd with australia's nick kyrgios crushing brazil's interests. and one of european soccer is great names has got his first permanent head coaching job former manchester united midfielder ryan giggs has been appointed manager of the welsh national side one club man gates who enjoyed a twenty four year playing career at united had won two champions league titles made sixty four appearances for wales and will hope to lead the team to euro twenty twenty after they failed to reach this year's world cup. a quick reminder
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now of the top story will follow we're following for you twin suicide bombers have hit central baghdad killing at least thirty eight people the attack took place in a busy square during rush hour no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings there are the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. you're watching news still to come. chinese tourists are flocking to a new coastal hotspot an asian neighbor as investment pours in from beijing. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history started on talent but still poor image of commercial opportunity and freedom this makes it specially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the world. song
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margaret the word song by a little song we continue.


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