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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 5:02am-5:30am CET

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twisted and tweeted ad nauseum with america first tonight defiance to the third degree russia turkey and the palestinians rejecting u.s. power wielded by a president named trump i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. with . a look that should i make it clear. that we do not accept america as mediator between us and israel. but this is really a new version of the fun fortunately our american colleagues and their allies still want to do business based exclusively on ultimatums and dictatorship we. should now the u.s. has acknowledged that this hasn't stopped liston an army of terror along that country's border. cities up to drown this army of terror before
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it is called. also coming up policing content on social media will meet a woman who quit her job as a facebook cyber cop to save or sanity her story in about seven minutes we begin the day with the slap of the century now that is how palestinian president mahmoud abbas has described u.s. president trump's decision last month to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital abbas has rejected any future role of the u.s. as a mediator in peace talks with israel saying should be ashamed of himself it was a day abbas added his own fuel to the fire when he put into doubt the oslo accords from one nine hundred ninety three of that agreement includes palestinians recognizing the state of israel. we said no to trump and other us no we will not accept his project.
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told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate i'm not. a boss's voice was part of the very loud chorus the world heard today a chorus of defiance against and rejection of u.s. influence around the world today russian foreign minister sergei lavrov accused washington of refusing to recognize the multipolar geo political world that is taking shape pointing to trump's promise to torpedo the iran's nuclear deal as an example of a trump white house that wields only ultimatums and dictates and then there is turkey today turkish president heir to one warned that he will use military force against a planned the us backed and kurdish led border force in syria along the border with
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turkey or one considers the kurdish party to be terrorists and armed confrontation could potentially see two nato members clash something unheard of until today. syrian government forces fire on rebel fighters in aleppo some verified footage was posted online by the syrian government the syrian observatory for human rights say the army has captured dozens of villages in the past three days and is closing in on rebel forces further north turkey has threatened to attack the kurdish held town of a freend monitoring group say shelling has already begun ankara had been hoping for washington support instead a fresh conflict is brewing between the countries the us led coalition says it is setting up a thirty thousand strong security force to inhibit the activities of the so-called islamic state along the borders with turkey and iraq these areas are controlled by
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the syrian democratic forces a u.s. backed militia alliance led by syrian kurds but turkey regards the kurds as terrorists and does not want them controlling territory along its border turkish president red chip tire paired one accuse the u.s. of acting against turkish interests should the arctic already. know how the u.s. has acknowledged it has a stablished an army of terror along our country's border. it's up to us to drown this army of terror before it's born almost. the syrian government and its key ally russia also denounced the coalition's plans at a news conference in moscow russian foreign minister sergey lavrov warned the move could lead to serious conversation. even if we take into consideration that i.a.s. hasn't been completely destroyed as the americans say because some groups still remain. in the current u.s.
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actions shows that they don't want to maintain syria's territorial integrity. super cute. or needs to do that and so this new suit despite being on opposing sides russia and turkey have recently supported each other in a bid to bring peace to syria it's unclear how to threats against a free might affect that cooperation in the future. are strong language there for more now we go to our correspondent dorian jones he's on the story for us tonight in istanbul good evening to you dorian i mean we've got ed a one here threatening to use military force against a u.s. backed border force in syria i mean how much of this is bullied to bully bellicose talk versus a real threat of armed conflict between two nato allies. i think certainly that is what washington will be asking and neither is true the president urged one has made this threat many times before but this threat by far
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seems to be the most serious and that's because turkey has been building up its forces on the border over the weekend there was very heavy artillery bombardment in the african region this kurdish enclave of course in syria which president won and said that they will attack and we've also got unconfirmed reports already turkish commandos have been carrying out cause for door prizes into this region but there is one point here that are free and it's the one area there are no u.s. soldiers present so it does seem that it does carry out this is keen to avoid the nightmare some arts or norio of turkey soldiers facing off against american soldiers during it judging by the ones reaction to his words today it appears that he was completely caught off guard by this u.s. announcement is that the case well it does appear to be the case which you have to realize that there has been this whole issue of the washington backing the syrian kurdish militia the white peachy has been
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a major point of tension between washington and particular because washington has been arming this group for many many months now it did appear late last year for some sort of agreement had been reached between the two presidents where the turkish president claimed that donald president donald trump had agreed to end the arming of the scaling back its support of this group now this this proposal of a thirty thousand strong force that was going to be mainly made up of syrian kurdish fighters as course absolute outrage it does appear that has been shocked by this and they do the this as another case of what they see as washington's hypocrisy if not outright for trail and what about the role of russia in this. does he have moscow's support. well that is a big question because moscow has been playing very much a double game here on the one hand it has been only too happy to see this deepening route between two nato allies and in fact on crimes being gravitating more more
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towards moscow causing more alarm in washington on top of that moscow has been supporting quietly behind the scenes the same syrian kurdish militia because they see the syrian kurdish militia as a very potent and important force in the future outcome of syria so moscow will will have in many ways to make a big choice if it does go ahead and launches operators in particular because there are russian forces in this area offering which is threatening to attack and on top of that will be looking for permission from moscow to let its planes cross into syria to carry out their support in any kind of operation up until now moscow has been very reluctant to do that so moscow is facing a big choice here and will be trying to calm tensions so it will not be forced to choose one side or the alpha endured before we let you go i mean when you don't when you look at what's happening with turkey when you look at what we're hearing from russia and the palestinians to that do you get the sense that there is a a border sense of a willingness to challenge u.s.
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influence and supremacy in the middle east or in global geopolitics at the moment. well i think that will be a feeling that is coming across the region particularly because turkish president has been so outspoken although he hasn't personally challenge president trump he does feel that many ways he had little choice in that he feels that his country is facing a clear and present danger and a danger from the syrian kurdish militia which he believes will get only stronger given the fact it is receiving that simple from both washington and moscow but the fact that he needs to be openly charging the super power will lead to greater growing questions about how much power and influence washington does have in the region it appears to be a growing question as time moves forward doreen jones on the story for us tonight in istanbul dorian thank you very much still to come on the day we'll go into overdrive and show you what's hot at the detroit auto show is over schooling motor
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muscles still the king of motown and where are the green fleets of eat cars we'll go live to the server floor that's coming up in about ten minutes. social media platforms and tech giants are facing report cards and public grilling this week on both sides of the atlantic on wednesday u.s. congressmen will ask the c.e.o.'s of facebook twitter and alphabet about what they're doing and what they're not doing to keep terrorists and their propaganda offline here in europe we will find out what the e.u. thinks of the latest efforts by facebook twitter and google to deal with hate speech online now there are no e.u. laws forcing tech companies to act yet but french president he isn't waiting any longer he plans to introduce legislation this year to ban fake news during elections and to force tech companies to polish their content. the i've decided to
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change legal austell to protect democratic life from fake news. money channel towards the content of those he didn't meet the movie or here in germany a new anti hate speech law took effect on january first designed to force social media platforms to remove hate speech quickly or face huge fines the law which is known as nets d.g. puts the state at the center of a debate over free speech versus digital censorship germany is now recruiting armies of cyber content cops and a note on the language here in english people responding to hate speech reports are referred to as content moderators in german they are members of what's known as a unit lush's team and if you transit light directly it means delete team now it may sound harsh at first but perhaps it's more to the point to and perhaps even
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more on it's my next guest tonight spit three months inside one of those content management teams for facebook right here in berlin as she recounted her experiences and the reasons for leaving so soon in an article published in a german newspaper last week entitled three months in hell for. and tonight. you go to keene points month joins me here in studio three a at the big table i think that's an improvement from three months in hell bores you it's good to have you on the show i mean we laugh ingrid about the tire but three months in hell what made what made it so bad oh well thanks for having me again a bit surprised to be under the spotlight. while. what make it so difficult the way the work is organize was very constraining
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bridget. where you are in a factual work of that that is the digital age well as many other people are working its way and i've been so far lucky enough to be able to work there differently and has just arrived to build lanes six months ago was looking for a job that i could perform with talk to fluent into that in german and that's what i would find myself in this way but what is very specific here is. the violence that it's human contre you have to we work on the very violent content is a continent i'd like to i think to share a part of what you wrote about your time with facebook with our viewers you write i found myself in a factory world as part of a global digital proletariats i don't know whether we were producing anything but i
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got the sense that we were helping to keep a multibillion industry running i sometimes had the impression that i was working in the emergency services and and other times in law enforcement i felt powerless as i couldn't intervene the only power that the content moderator has is to delete a post. i mean this there are some profound faults there but did you really feel that your job was to keep monster sized company in business. know this will not be correct and what makes this work also difficult is the fact that the profession of quantum with directors doesn't accessed and those performing this task are call call center agents and they paid. probably less than call center agency because it's called i think bloomberg called the worst job in the tech industry right now i'm not so familiar with other jobs but.
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in just a small record actions i haven't worked directly for i was one of the outs was revealed so this is horton but. you see the reason why i mean this paper got published the first the reason why i wrote it i wanted to reflect to. try to address them shit myself from this content that i've been facing. a trial was every day you said you didn't have time at work ever to reflect on all the times that you would do leading right and not listen that's correct and this is what i said that you don't there's no space for really to briefing inflecting on the impact of this conflict and have on you the reason why i came i decided to write these were very post after post and notes and it was for me a way i know that you know it's very important to talk about something that has
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affected you in order not to carry it with you for the rest of your life was and then. and again so while i had worked previously was color i mean i'm used to do some kind of analysis and talking and communicating . well. i think it's special i'm affected by an issue i can i mean i was a as were my. eyes of the the results of and i'm very grateful as well as i don't show interest in them here i mean is that. then i feel the need to share them and as you as whether i had the impression of. helping multimillion dollar to keep going on. that was not really a concern for me i was i think that isn't there what's most of my former colleagues
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will agree with is that. i have a sense of responsibility and what i was doing was important we did were you trained to be aware of that tell you how important your job was that you know this continent is very powerful. you know. that job is important and that's what we do is important we know i mean we're doing the training that i enjoyed very much in by the way was short it was the only time where we put into rock and reflects to short shorts yes and that we didn't have this kind of interaction after work. but. but you understand that. what you see really i mean i discussed at length about that. reflection of the society this is a reflection some ball first i was trying to convince myself that i was
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exposed only to the most why i'm segment of society marginal but then when you just do what you see is by seven to person made off this kind of content just try to start questioning the whole. if this was a site has not become insane. did you or did you have any contact with the owners of contact with the owners of the content to me it let's say you decide. that something should be deleted you did you have continued to explain why something was deleted is there any type of reason given to the person who posted it. so first we don't see at all the identity of the person who's behind to post the report it can be seen or not this is a can't decide on that but we don't see it even if we don't have time because we
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have to make our mind in some thirteen seconds thirteen seconds to hand them over thousands of more thousand five hundred reports every day that amazing mother put into context however i mean this is eyes read somewhere that was that more than six million reports were generated were it worth every week and then must say that's right and means that there's an incredible amount of pressure put on you. do you feel like you were doing a job that maybe the state or the government should be doing instead i mean you were you basically since you're an information that's been posted did you feel that that responsibility was. too great and that the state had outsourced it to you now have this very important question and well i will say no and no first i mean i don't think that i was censoring i really reflected the bar which my role was
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censoring i don't think so i really felt much more with behaviors. then really speech because there is a great amount of that is for your i had a freedom to think you have to freedom to talent to upset i mean this is really i mean. but not behaviors and very. normal behavior is and behaviors that can cause real harm in the world if this station did just a job. not again not because that's what will happen at the end. that they will ship the most support. from to private companies from this technology companies. with can try to come with some tough solutions and so to support this nonprofit the public sources perhaps but there is still cannot be done by say. you what you did was very important. and well we have more time to talk about it but i will
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definitely let our viewers know where they can read the piece that was in the paper too and up so that they can hear your story and learn a little bit more or as you go to get an appointment tonight telling your story about being a concert manager thank you thank you for having me thank you. so. far . well if you thought the future in motor vehicles promised green fleets of smaller cars well that future still appears a little ways off muscle still matters at least at the detroit motor show where big up trucks and s.u.v.s are still keeping us all the makers have dominated the market for years and the germans want in on the action mercedes benz even rolled out mr muscle himself and says oh i love this god is my favorite is he.
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yes even arnold schwarzenegger was on hand to promote the latest gene classed as u.v. and it was just one of dozens of new offerings in detroit americans still like their vehicles big and brash and the boom looks set to continue with low gas costs and accelerating the u.s. economy. all right let's get our man in the driver's seat tonight kirsten phenomena he joins me now from the detroit motor show he's covering that event there two legs and four wheels carson it's good to see you sir is this i mean it's hard to believe we're talking about this in twenty eighteen is this going to be the year of the gas guzzlers again. well yes and no i mean everybody here is talking about electric cars hybrid cars. the head of diamond when he presented the new g. four by four also promised that in a few years all models of message has been the luxury segment like this.
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coupe that you see here for only one hundred fifty thousand dollars i have to say so electric cars here and everybody talks about them but basically of course this show is dominated by s.u.v.s pickup trucks light trucks and so on and actually two thirds of all new cars on american roads are from the segments and cars when we were we look at what they are and what yours you're describing it begs the question have the europeans have they given up on trying to sell compact you know economical cars to the americans. oh the heavens i mean. folks logon b. w. has chosen the detroit show to roll out its new jetta so classic sit down if you like and they also have all of the other cars they also offering in europe or other
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areas they also offering here and so are all the other competitors and actually also the american ones the asian ones they all have the full range of cars but they have to accept the reality and that is once again that only a third of the cars that are sold in the us classic sedans and also only one percent of those new cars electric cars so basically the industry is catering to the wishes of the consumers in cars we got about twenty seconds here diesel emissions scheme to what do you hear anyone talking about that in detroit. short mentions from the north america c.e.o. of fox maughan but basically nobody talks about this and mostly all of the german comics i've talked to they're very optimistic for this year and also for the next few years to come writes are very young carson phenomenon with the best assignment
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in the show tonight in the driver's seat in detroit carson thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can write to me. the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow gives another day we'll see then everybody. tries. to. come. clean. cut the.
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welcome to tomorrow today coming up on the program. nature's finest artificial spider silk has researchers spinning. the life of beans what goes on inside their hives. and inventory a laser that creates a digital scan of forests. the art of.


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