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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is the w.'s line from berlin tops a politician gunned down in kosovo all about iran if it was a prominent leader of ethnic serbs his murder bears the hallmarks of a political assassination triggering fears of renewed tensions between kosovo and serbia also on the program thirteen brothers and sisters held captive some in chains in this suburban home in southern california police charged the parents with torture. pope francis asked the chilean people to forgive the church for a sex abuse scandal expresses his pain and shame over scum with so many away from the face value protesters joined crowds welcoming him to the capital santiago.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program a prominent leader of ethnic serbs in kosovo has been gunned down in front of his political party's office in the city of michel venture the assassination of all the evanovich threatens to inflame ethnic tensions between serbia and its former province kosovo declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight after decade after a war that killed thirteen thousand many ethnic albanians but belgrade has rejected independence because of what is still views the territory as itself a province in and cost of our officials have so far refrained from accusing each other being behind the killing but it's already cast a shadow over efforts to normalize relations between the two countries. assailants unpinned fire on evanovich from a car as he arrived at his party headquarters in the serb controlled northern city of metre of it he was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to save him he had
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been hit at least five times in the chest the assassination occurred on the very day serbia and kosovo had resumed talks on normalizing ties after a break of more than a year this delegation immediately left the talks in brussels to return to belgrade delegation leader marco duration described ivanovich is killing as an act of terrorism. so to them the say this the police goal is to destabilize the situation in kosovo and metohija especially in the north to provoke chaos and drag the whole of serbia into conflict. only if on of it was considered a moderate opposition politician in the ethnically divided town of meter of the tsa he was known for backing dialogue with kosovo's ethnic albanians and he had his enemies
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a kosovo court convicted him of war crimes committed during the war for cost of an independence in the one nine hundred ninety s. that verdict was overturned and a retrial had been underway when he was killed in july his car was set on fire serbian president alexander of new change said his country must be included in the murder inquiry. real whoever carried it out a serb and albanian a foreigner carried out an attack on the event of its family on the serbs in kosovo in the north of kosovo and on the serbs as a whole. you know sort of you with silly. predominantly ethnic albanian kosovo unilaterally declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight serbia does not recognize its independence evanovich is killing is likely to raise tensions between ethnic albanians and minorities in the region. from kauffman has extensive experience of reporting from the balkans so
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welcome frank. rich is kidding looks like an assassination what are authorities saying well the doctor came out after he treated all of a van of which this morning saying that he probably was already dead when he arrived at the hospital he was shot as you just mentioned with five bullets and he was probably already that right after that he had no chance to the wife half an hour later after he was gunned down here right at the hospital and i must tell you this this is a shocking events because i believe one of which was a leading figure of peacemaking in the balkans and so what are people saying about suspects not so much yet but it's obvious this region is a very nationalistic stronghold of serbian nationalist north and nature of its own and many experts are saying that we have to go into in that direction doing all analyzes and it's very much likely that serbian nationalists behind that as
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a nation tell us more about the vision the significance in the cost of the book they are not so many in kosovo that started to. give a hand to bang in some authoritative the overall majority in kosovo after independence and after the war he was a pace maker he was building bridges towards bridgeton i was even a member of the government of the cause of a government on the united nations rule after the war of one thousand nine hundred ninety nine so since that war in ninety nine i what have relations between cause of and serbia been like that not so much in the headlines but very. tough not very good relationship ships of course this is why these negotiations today that was scheduled that were scheduled today in brussels were so important it was the first meeting of the one year that a technical discussion group negotiators from belgrade and from question well to made in brussels to keep the process going to move on again and to facilitate
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practical discussions practical issues for the daily life of people especially in the northern part of the city of middle of it so that it's divided between albanians and steps so now that he is dead what will that mean for those talks on for those almost going negotiations about daily life look only two days ago the united states issued a travel of war and there were warning to go into north and little bits of the serbian dominated part because obviously they fear that new tensions might raise especially after the assassination of today thank you thanks very much for now to some of the other stories making news around the world bangladesh and me and i have agreed to be patrick more than six hundred fifty thousand three hundred mostly refugees two million over the next two years in losses it will allow the bridge to apply for citizenship the u.n. refugee agency warned that it's essential that refugees only be returned voluntarily. tell construction workers were killed in colombia where the heart of
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an unfinished bridge collapsed a decade of supporting tower tumble nearly three hundred meters into a canyon near the capital by guitar the bridge was part of a major new highway due to open in march authorities are investigating the cause of the collapse. a speeding car in southern california has hit a road divider and flown in front of a bus traveling in the opposite direction the car's occupants escaped serious injury they have a hole and have went into a into a second floor office. a members of the european parliament have been debating the iranian nuclear deal u.s. president donald trump and dos the deal last week despite saying that he wanted america to withdraw from it believing that it still has flaws that must be addressed were joined much hoffman at the european parliament and stressed strasburg in just a moment report. and
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he made it out just how tight between proselytise and tehran but in recent weeks the islamic republic has felt much closer iranian exiles fly the flag of a previous iranian government in protest over the current regime. they want to make on kalam situation for the neighbors inside afghanistan inside syria inside iraq. and older terrorist groups like his more love in lebanon to help them avoid the money of the iranian people both the e.u. and the us also regarding iranian ties to militant groups as particularly problematic at a meeting with iran's foreign minister in brussels the e.u. made clear that it believes these controversial issues should be kept separate from a discussion of the nuclear deal which president trump would like to renegotiate i think perhaps the president for quote that it took several years to come to this
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state of the agreement and in his perspective perhaps he thinks he came to this in one week and this is really not what it means renegotiation means to stop it and we don't know when the next will come despite numerous problems such as iran's human rights record european lawmakers in strasbourg are convinced that terror on is abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal. we are happy to have this agreement that we negotiated for more than a decade and i would in comparison with other areas like the korean peninsula i would not like to see us in a comparable situation with iran as we find ourselves with north korea where we all seem to be at the brink off of a nuclear problem for the e.u. keeping the uranian nuclear program in check removes a serious threat a threat that's four thousand kilometers away that's right in europe spec yard.
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hoffman is falling there's a huge discussions from the parliament in strasbourg welcome i'm not so despite threats last week the us president to donald trump has put off imposing sanctions against iran so the deal is safe for now he says its flaws must be addressed how has the a you reacted to trying to stress what they call the factual meaning that the deal actually works and you know they have the international atomic energy agency on their side that has repeatedly verified that iran is complying with the deal and that's what lawmakers here and also the you commission are jumping on saying why should we change something that is working as intended especially if in their eyes we're going to lose influence over iran if we just in their eyes and this is really stop this deal well i suppose the us president's answer to that question is which is why should we change it is he says it's not good enough so how do they convince him not to withdraw his country.
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we could already tell last week in brussels and also here in strasburg phil that lawmakers and e.u. politicians in general are trying to bridge that gap because if you look at the facts the e.u. and the u.s. aren't that far apart on many issues they all agree that there are serious problems with iran's policy for example in the middle east there are serious problems with the ballistic missile test there are serious problems with them financing official terrorist groups so you lawmakers also want to address those topics but the difference to the u.s. is they want to do that outside of the framework of the nuclear deal arguing that it will give them more leverage the u.s. a exactly the opposite they see that we need to keep this discussion within the framework of the nuclear deal because it will give us more leverage i would say that more experts are on the side of the european union here but that's the they will have to work out somehow in the next one hundred twenty days that's the time that donald trump wants everybody to work out
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a new deal one hundred twenty days is the next time he has to sign america up to it if he doesn't and america withdrawals what then will we ask that question repeatedly here at the parliament but nobody really wants to answer and the reason is quite simple there are two main protagonists in this deal one of course is iran and the other one is the united states of america the european union played a crucial role in the go shooting the deal but who was important in keeping this deal in place it's the u.s. it's iran so if you if you lose america here's going to be very hard to convince the iranians to stick with that why should they comply with it when the u.s. as the biggest party here aside from themselves is not complying with it even the european union if they put their full weight behind it very difficult for them to keep iran in that deal after that. and strasburg found here. this is the w.'s live from baghdad still to come bugs also having
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a look at the bronx it negotiations officials are inviting britain to accept for breakfast more on ballots or not basically there's. a thirteen brothers and sisters of sorts to have been imprisoned by their own parents have been rescued from a house in california the victims ages range from two to twenty nine police say they were alerted by a teenage daughter who managed to escape. authorities were shocked at what they found hidden in this quiet suburb describing emaciated captives in foul smelling surroundings with padlocks and shackles. neighbors described the family as reclusive the children nearly invisible. they were the type that you didn't really get to know anything about them they were very good themselves in a sense childish so they only kept to themselves. and the only time you would see him he would never see them and visit him you would never see anyone come outside
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all you work really see is that. they go out maybe make a grocery run and that was about it. parents david and louise turpin were arrested after one of their children broke free and managed to find a cell phone to alert the police the couple are now prisoners themselves being charged with torture and child endangerment. but photos posted by the couple on facebook in two thousand and sixteen portray a happy family. authorities will now be asking what went wrong. in the time we live and it's unfortunate to see that it's actually heartbreaking for the staff and. it's just it's unbelievable what you see. the thirteen children are now receiving treatment in hospital. their parents are set to appear in court on thursday. john back from kenya next news right here in los
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angeles joins us on the line from the city welcome to the dump and well more we learned about the tough in family. well we expect to learn a lot more in the news conference this morning i guess he used to be an engineer with an aerospace company and that their kids may have been home schooled but neighbors are still reacting they can't believe that this happened in a neighborhood their capital and did you know this is an average middle class neighborhood and it's a bunch of new houses tract homes nice neighborhood nice and neat homes used to be a model home it was one of the homes you go to when you go and look to buy one of the houses there and the deputy said the conditions inside were deplorable when they got there thousand mellowing kids shackled to their bad and the neighbors can't believe this was going on under their noses and what about contact with the whole forest is the council's police and social services you can have thirteen
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children and nobody notice well that's another good question the neighbors say they almost never saw them and they never saw all thirteen at the same time they see a couple here and a couple there but they also say they didn't know anything was was going on they didn't know anything was wrong so as one dave or just put it to me a few minutes because the interviewing neighbor who said how are we supposed to know what's going on behind closed doors we couldn't have known that. and this is as you say this is a middle class neighborhood this didn't happen in the middle of naps what that's why did neighbors are so shocked it's like this in my neighborhood this neighborhood this is a nice neighborhood this doesn't happen here you know and people are raising the question how could no one have known this i had a pastor tell me people here don't even know their neighbors and he said
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he said in his own neighborhood everybody knows each other and they watch out for each other but he says it's pretty difficult that people don't even know who lives next door and they don't know the people at all and this is why stuff like this happens so better to tell you next news radio los angeles thank you so much. you know some interesting figures coming out today over breakfast on some interesting new stances been fizzling can tell us foreign secretary boris johnson first of all has come out with a very interesting figure he says britain will have even more money to spend on public services than the disputed three hundred fifty million pounds a week that breaks it is promised once the country leaves the european union that is but could britain put the brakes on braggs that e.u. politicians may have just to open the door to reconciliation talks with london in comments to the european parliament european council president donald tusk said we here on the continent haven't had
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a change of heart but so far it seems his appeal has fallen on deaf ears but his prime minister's reason may is still backing an amicable split from the e.u. according to her spokesperson it all goes to plan that will occur on march twenty ninth next year and. of daniel cope in frankfurt to talk about this is this a case of bad cop good cop as far as these comments from toast go. well those words i mean our hearts are still open they even sound a little bit romantic but well when you know politics and also politics you know that doing business in most of the cases is not romantic at all it sounds a little bit more when you tell to your partner who recently broke up with you well if you're not going to come back to me you're going to take away your apartment you're not going to see the kids of course the e.u. leaders know exactly that british politicians like to reason they would completely
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lose their phase when now doing a second referendum maybe with a different result but of course the e.u. at the end would most likely be happy if bracks it is not going to happen they know that it's going to be a very bumpy road those talks are going to be complicated and also that it's also not just going to be expensive for the u.k. but also for the european union and there's nothing romantic about a breakup or divorce but we did boris johnson never excel in mathematics. well you certainly did i guess you i mean i don't know which great he had of the end but he certainly has some issues with the numbers remember during the campaign for breakfast he was driving around with his boss saying that in just one week three hundred sixty two million pounds could be saved and could go straight into the public health system now in an interview with the guardian he said that those numbers were not correct that even britain could be saving more money he was
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already criticized in the past for kind of misusing the statistic and he never talks about the breasts of bill that the brits also have to pay so you should take some more lessons i actually also even know a math teacher i could recommend from my that's what i was in school i don't know how it takes to a job good math teacher but you could try dad you know fingers crossed thank you very much for your analysis from the break but stock exchange. now you'd think in these high tech times some things would become obsolete you need to watch when you've got a spot for but after a year and a half of falling sales and many are prepared to reach deep into their wallets for it some of the most prestigious brands are currently featured at the geneva watchmaking show. customers come from all the coming back and so are the tourists the us is quite promising career distribution channels were a bit overloaded like that's now easy to show just so we're in for a great year in twenty eight. degrees which i'm sure i mean. prices for luxury
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watches can top one hundred thousand a year and. still demand is rising. for swiss manufacturer of my piggy global sales rose twelve percent last year and could reach the one billion dollar mark this year the second hand market is also we're past. it so next big thing in the watch in this room. to secondhand sales we should look to the car industry where other brands also sell the. own second hand car until recently trade in second hand watches was handled by others everyone is involved except for the brands themselves which i believe is commercial nonsense so you know. that new watches are still the mainstay and with consumer demand taking over nicely luxury is still the watchword . i'll have for fifteen minutes of business for you next hour phil i thank specific event france's president about your macro has been addressing security forces in
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the northern french port city of cali he talked about migration policy including plans to create a better system for people entering the country the speech came days ahead of a meeting in britain to discuss border controls between the two countries. countries earlier on tuesday president macro visitor migrants said where he spoke with staff and asylum seekers has promised to speed up the process same asylum applications and to ensure that people who are unsuccessful dealt with us he said more firmly. palestinian leaders have voted to suspend ties with israel a palestinian liberation organization central council announced that it will no longer it here two existing agreements with israel including the oslo peace accords the council is the second highest decision making body and the palestinian territories it wants israel to recognize a palestinian state the meeting was held in response to u.s. president donald trump recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. but francis is
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holding his first public mass in front of hundreds of thousands in the chilean capital santiago it's his first official visit to the country amid a child sexual abuse scandal that has cast a cloud over the trip just before the mass francis back to forgiveness for what he called you run for bone damage done to children was sexually assaulted by priests in chile and scandals greatly damaged the catholic church's image in the country several churches were firebombed in the days heading up to the pope's visit. let's get moving from religious affairs correspondent to martin a guy who welcome martin think this trip is being viewed as particularly important why well it's one more attempt by the vatican in the in the future of this pope to repair some of the relations and some of the damage done to its public image in latin america so in a way this pope is the first one to be said to list since john paul the second
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visited it in nine hundred eighty seven essentially offering what was seen then correctly in my in my in my assumption as support for the pinochet regime even given the knowledge of the mound are for some knowledge for the amount of human rights violations so the vatican was seen by the latin american left by and large and she was in particular as a very close ally of very unsavory political figures i think that deceased the one first trip into one of these areas which actually tries to mend that so so that is the the background to the church is the catholic church is status within chile and a poem that is this is that is the problem of sexual abuse and a bishop who was appointed by the pope who may have shielded an abuser absolutely so on top of this which is sort of the story called the heart of the story grievances in relation to the vatican and now we have also over the last ten years or so in latin america an increasing opening on. the questions of sexual abuse this
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pope in particular has offered support to a bishop that was actually the assistant to the most infamous priest probably in the history mother in history of chile in terms of sexual abuse he was accused and it is said by some of his some of his victims or presumed big themes that this be sure but it also had actually protected host of use or this is not quite clear this is not gone through cord so the question really remains sort of open nonetheless it clearly was a bit of a political misstep on the part of this pope. essentially but dressing somebody who came with this kind of credentials so pope francis in his speech expressed what he called his pain and the shame of a child sexual abuse scandals. how far is that going to go to address of the grievances of people have with the church itself not very far i mean this is sort of a gesture and i think that there are gestures of this pope that quite clearly have a lot of political impact their gestures of this pope that very often fall into the
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container of just being jesters they think that this in a sense if it's not accompanied by a serious attempt an overt attempt that can be seen by the population and reburying some of them it's done by all of the stories of sexual abuse including bringing these cases to justice will essentially be taken us just one more of the nice words that sometimes it's vatican offers nonetheless it is worthwhile saying that they are opening in that direction these at least heartening. thank you a pleasure. as reminder of our top stories and this politician has been gunned down in cost of a of a if i live it was a prominent member prominent leader of ethnic serbs killing looks like a political assassination triggering fears of fresh tension between kosovo and serbia. one please in california say they have free thirteen brothers and sisters who appear to have been held captive by their parents seventeen year old girl managed to escape on to lives with orses parents are being held on charges of.
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torture and child endangerment. that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour. because. those legal highlights. back in full amount of the mental break i am in
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and so it continues friends kick up is back with the stars of a new year doesn't new year bring new york yes or no. rock bottom cologne could use a large dose of ice this in a few.


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