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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is. from berlin a top service politician. all over it was a prominent leader of ethnic serbs his murder bears the hallmarks of a political assassination triggering fears of renewed tensions between kosovo and serbia also coming up thirteen brothers and sisters held captive some in chains in this suburban home in southern california police charged the parents with torture and pope francis asked for give the catholic church for
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a sex abuse scandal you expresses his pain and shame over a scandal that has turned many chileans away from their faith earlier protesters joining the crowds welcoming him to the capital sunk. off it's good to have you with a prominent leader of ethnic serbs in kosovo has been gunned down in front of his political party's office in the city of new tributes. murder threatens to inflame ethnic tensions between serbia and its former province a kosovo declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight a decade after a war that claimed thirteen thousand mainly ethnic albanian law but belgrade rejects independence for kosovo which it still views as its southern province
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serbian in kosovo officials have so far refrained from accusing each other of being behind the killing but it's already cast a shadow over efforts to normalize relations between the two countries. assailants unpinned fire on evanovich from a car as he arrived at his party headquarters in the serb controlled northern city of me true. he was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to save him he had been hit at least five times in the chest. the assassination occurred on the very day serbia and kosovo had resumed talks on normalizing ties after a break of more than a year this delegation immediately left the talks in brussels to return to belgrade delegation leader marco duration described event of itches killing as an act of terrorism. so to them to see this to believe it's goal is to destabilize the situation in kosovo and the metal here especially in the north to provoke chaos and
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drag the whole of serbia into conflict. or near the event of it was considered a moderate opposition politician in the ethnically divided town of me to the he was known for backing dialogue with kosovo's ethnic albanians and he had his enemies a kosovo court convicted him of war crimes committed during the war for cost of an independence in the one nine hundred ninety s. that verdict was overturned and a retrial had been underway when he was killed in july his car was set on fire. serbian president alexander who change said his country must be included in the murder inquiry. sort of and be able to ever carried it out a serb and albanian a foreigner carried out an attack on the event of its family on the serbs in kosovo in the north of kosovo and on the serbs as a whole. you know sort of you it's
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a loony. predominantly ethnic albanian constable you know naturally declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight serbia does not recognise its independence evanovich is killing is likely to raise tensions between ethnic albanians and minority serbs in the region. what's now we'd like to bring in someone who knew mr oliver ivanovitch personally do shaun really is the head of the brussels office of the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the show i want to talk a little bit about mr evanovich and what you knew about him and maybe you could tell us why was he so significant in northern kosovo and what was it about him that would have made him a lightning rod for this kind of attack all over iran which was an independent who was very outspoken although he was also pretty much in
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his attempt to build the bridges between the various communities and to improve the political climate in the region he named people who were involved in all kinds of things so if there was someone who fought the culture of impunity which is very current touristic for most of the regions of former yugoslavia for one thing negro focus a will for serbia than it was him so i guess. the number off animus in the political class that he made in the last two decades was quite significant and would you say then what we saw today was it an assassination and do you suspect who could have been behind it. cannot suspect anything because the information is the no there for this but the whole asus and they said and it was an assistant nation through months of very many other killings which happened in the last two
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decades in the region and for me was the name cos it was well one has to remember that all they were had just about two weeks ago warrant kosovo is in stable mostly because of the activities of organized crime groups which were tolerated by the authorities and not only by the albanian authorities in prison and the serbian authorities in belgrade but as many critics say mostly overlooked by the international presence there by k for you lex and other international missions hooves prime concern was always to keep stability and avoid any risks for people around the world who are watching and want to know what is going on in that part of the world talk to me a little bit about relations between kosovo and serbia today and how they've been basically since one nine hundred eighty nine hundred ninety eight nine hundred ninety nine. you know both the kosovo albanians and the serbian authorities still
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consider their interaction as a zero sum game including the negotiations which are taking place in preached in the auspices of the european union it's about identity it's about serenity corso has not been recognized by two out of the five members of the un security council but china and russia and five of the twenty eight states do not recognize kosovo as an independent state either so it's about who is going to make political games and the moment it looks as if the ambition of kosovo and all the supporters that it has in many western countries that it will become soon a generally accepted country also in the un is not going to be fulfilled so soon on the other hand belgrade these north you know very strong position through even dream of reintegrating kosovo into serbia's constitution so they're fighting for inches and there has been no significant political improvement while
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the social economic situation poverty has increased. poorer than it was twenty years ago so for young people there are two options one is to emigrate very many do it because oil has lost about seven percent of its albanian population in the last two or three years all and a number a significant number of people in the region there is join the organized crime syndicates and make a living out of drug smuggling in a similar illicit activities mr rutledge the head of the brussels office of the german institute for international in security affairs thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us tonight we appreciate your insights. us president drums former chief strategist steve bannon has been called to testify in front of a grand jury over alleged contacts between trump associates and russia the new york times reports special counsel robert moore issued
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a subpoena to ban them last week and this is part of an ongoing program to suspected russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election today u.s. lawmakers have been grilling banned in over the trump campaign's alleged ties to russia in a closed door hearing a back to that subpoena i asked you to be used alexander phenomenon how significant it is that special counsel robert muller has called steve bannon to testify before a grand jury well if it's true it's going to be confirmed it's very significant because it would be the first time that mr miller is issuing a grand jury subpoena to seek information from from a member of the president's trumps inner circle and it would be a clear signal that the investigation is intensifying and not going to be concluded soon so it has to be confirmed but if you ask me i'm sure that it's very obvious that mr miller would like to speak to steve benen because of his very critical role
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during the trial come pain because of his critical role in the white house in the early days and because of his comments and michael walzer fire and fury book and were then on was quoted as saying that he expects the miller investigation to fuck with on money laundering thought of course i would assume that mr willow with miller with like to know whenever steve benen was just talking or whatever he has actually a half he has knowledge of for what he was talking about. that was alexander phenomena there reporting from washington a disturbing find inside a california suburban home police say thirteen brothers and sisters were held captive by their own parents the children some shackled to their beds and starving range in age from two to twenty nine police say they were alerted by one of the
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daughters who managed to escape and call for help. it's believed these pictures of the family at a wedding were taken in twenty sixteen. at first glance there's nothing to suggest child abuse. but evidence points to severe mistreatment in a suburb of los angeles the children were almost never allowed to leave this house they were chained to their beds with padlocks and malnourished some look younger than their true age. a neighbor recalls meeting them just before christmas when they were putting up decorations outside. they were like i said the kids were invisible the kids were always on us all the kids. besides the christmas as if the kids were just coming out of the car going at the house that was it so it was never i never saw the kids by themselves the parents were closer while. one of the daughters aged seventeen was able to notify police after she got hold of
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a cell phone in the house. her parents david and louise turpin have been charged with nine counts of torture and ten counts of child endangerment police say they're convinced of the terpenes guilt. well again i can't get into the specifics of that but if you can imagine. being seventeen years old and appearing to be a ten year old. being chained to a bad being malnutrition. nursed and. injuries associated with that. i would call that torture. the children are being treated at a medical center and reported to be doing well accord. i can tell you that they're they're very friendly they're. they're very cooperative and i believe that they're hopeful that life will get better for them after this event the children's parents are set to appear in court on thursday. francis has held
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a public may also in front of hundreds of thousands in the chilean capital santiago earlier he asked chileans to forgive the catholic church for a sex abuse scandal that has turned many away from their faith the pope's. it has sparked protests. pope francis is used to addressing adoring crowds some four hundred thousand turned out to hear his mass in santiago. but not everyone in chile gave him such a warm welcome. this woman is shouting that's how you protect rapists she's one of thousands of protesters angry over a child sex abuse scandal many here accuse the pontiff of complicity. we are here to say that the church violates human rights when it is complicit in paedophilia and does not submit those who committed the crime to judicial process we are here to denounce that. pope francis stokes their anger when he
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appointed this bishop one bogost a protege of a notorious paedophile priest but last denies that he had any knowledge of crimes being committed the pope didn't mention biassed by name but he did apologize for sexual abuse within the church. here i feel brian's to express my pain and shame at the every purple damage caused to children by some ministers of the church. and he said. i am one with my brother bishops for it is right to ask for forgiveness and make every effort to support the victims even as we commit ourselves to ensuring that such things do not happen again francis is also facing controversy on another front arson attacks on catholic churches militant groups are
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protesting what they see as the church's role in oppressing the rights of indigenous people. the pope is set to meet with the indigenous people on wednesday . thanks for watching we'll see you next doc. to w.'s program guide on the internet. the holy month. dot com highlights.


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