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tv   Doc Film - Afghanistan Mon Amour  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2018 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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muguruza she was beaten in straight sets by shakes away of taiwan and blames their surprise the scorching weather i'm back at the top of the hour work with more world news followed by the data busy of the. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thriller speaking hymns. for investigative cases that we've just you on your toes. staring at the base idea if i saw every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and shan't tell a friend tell a friend to a friend. crime fighters don't miss it. it's
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a side of afghanistan and up the wider world has to go a peaceful and fascinating afghanistan boasting unique natural monuments and the legacy of a civilization dating back over a thousand years and then there are the people who live and love this and that illuminating stories. this ancient melody is set to exude the scent of apple blossoms and the musicians and the conductor actually do blossom as they perform in the capital kabul eighteen year old megan feels far removed from all the current problems when she swings her back. when i conduct
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a student i really it's feel like crying that i'm conducting here and it's easy even if i do it if i work hard on. nagin has a competition nature which was vital in asserting yourself against the reservations of a clan the northeastern afghanistan a region where the taliban still have considerable influence. after the orchestral rehearsal negin practices various percussion instruments. she had wanted to become a pianist but an injury forced her to consider other options it's a minor challenge after everything she's been through. this if you are going to music school or you are conducting or you are so doing some interviews so you will kill you like this they told me but didi can't they just tour like this so
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they scare me and yet my life is in danger more than two hundred students are enlisted the national institute of music a quarter of them women they have access to the best music teachers in the country as well as to some from abroad. like robin who until recently was playing the cello in a rock band and disregarded the worries and warnings of a family in the united states. when i was here a couple. months ago there were there were some horrible attacks and i think there's a hunger here there's a passion and it's to learn music to to try and also express find ways to express oneself the founder and director of the institute almost died in an attack himself he was badly injured hardly a day goes by without death threats targeting him and just charges he continues regardless this nation is not cleared to give up once again and to allow anyone to
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return to mean of history back or i need also given gap and running away from afghanistan just for my own life. it's lunchtime everything seems relaxed here in the heart of kabul where terrorist attacks have become part of everyday life the director hopes that young women like nagin can link the country to a better future she defends instead new generation of afghanistan that in spite of all the challenges and all the. hachi day and to fight for their rights. many of the female students live near the institute their home is called an orphanage not because their parents are dead but because in the eyes of their parents the children are dead having been led astray. good luck and whom are often think of their homes they come from the same region as nagin their role model. and again i'm like yeah i'd like to go back to my village and teach the girls music
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their. mom autism but that's impossible now because the taliban is very active in our region. and all. the young women here are resolute they don't want to turn their backs on afghanistan they want to help build the country the international coverage of their school is a nice bonus they regularly watch this recording of a concert they gave in washington d.c. three years ago in front of an illustrious audience in the middle of the orchestra is nicky at the time playing an afghan string instrument. in kabul she's never completely free from fear especially not when she's on her way home until recently she lived in the orphanage too but for a few months now she's been living on the outskirts of town she's finally reunited with her family who she hadn't seen for years because they have to fear for their
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lives in their home province now they've moved to kabul to join her her eight siblings and a mother and her father who works as a bodyguard and knows what danger his daughter is in every day every time i'm thinking like this because life is not safe that much here because the government they door didn't do anything for us and she become now the first lady in afghanistan conduct telling she's kind doctoring. partly due to his own efforts as well when again was determined to attend a school eight years ago he let her go to kabul and didn't interfere when she discovered her passion for music i didn't go to my that i pass the exam and when i pass the exam then i talk to my father and my father says it's ok and it's your life and do it if you like it but my mother said that it's not good for a girl. the mother doesn't want to be filmed but negin says she's also
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a little proud now of the eldest child who's showing the whole world what afghan women can do once they're given the freedom to realize their potential. that. this is the new sound of afghanistan and the new look so some feel this is the pioneer female rap in the country and. the studio where she's recording a new album is located in this street it's an income spic us and glam a last place susan cuts a colorful figure in more ways than one instead of a book because she's wearing a hat with a face on covered not subtracted attention and has like a music let to
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a serious of threats she was told she'd be kidnapped so that face could be disfigured with acid i didn't you know having to choose on that i never feel safe on the streets of course i could wear a burka and then move about more freely my relatives think what i'm doing is really terrible. only my parents and my siblings stand by me. she grew up in a refugee camp in iran with family. after the taliban was toppled she returned to afghanistan and initially worked as a cop at maker than five years ago she discovered rap music do you know. what i'm plenty i still can't make a living with my music sometimes i think about leaving afghanistan on the other hand i like the people i want to improve conditions here. by speaking her mind and rap lyrics which are franken critical of society.
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point of fact that there are differences to western rap i'm not allowed to use bad language for you but i am allowed to rap honestly about the things that move me and i do that very very clearly that has exactly talk about an obsession mission to just send her the medea and then anything. more. like that. i don't want. so soon wraps in the local language dari she wraps about corruption about the oppression of women and the terrible security situation she hopes she can change things for the better and how to ensure that one day she can go to the recording studio without fear.
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there's music in the air here to the final of the biggest t.v. show in the country millions can't wait to find out who will become this year's afghan star the two contestants left in the competition for the two previously unfancied outsiders so yet as a hairdresser he's wrapped himself into the hearts of the audience and the judges with ace no nonsense lyrics and their sixteen year old salada who had until recently never sung in front of an audience in the end the hairdresser triumphs. the way he was rapping was all the problems of the society so he was talking the language of every afghan that's living in this country so that's why he came up.
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this prize a moped and a short trip to kazakhstan and away from afghanistan at least for a week. sayed to his from the northern afghan city of mazar e sharif where the taliban recently committed a terrible atrocity the disastrous security situation is one of the many problems yet raps about. i still don't want to leave afghanistan forever my friends are here and this is where my purpose lies i want to capture the pain of the afghan people in my lyrics that is a record in the thick of that death and he doesn't mince his words i'm angry because the government doesn't do anything for ordinary people instead of looking after the poor they're fighting for power at the top but the person who pays the most becomes a minister that while the country is going down the pan yet is happy about his victory even though he things should have won but it is you can. be sure she
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has such an. lovely personality and she comes from such a dangerous region much about chicago courage i learned should have earned her the victory. even so never before had a woman made it this far in this show to lolla a young woman singing and in public for many a blatant provocation. and security as the show's producer knows all too well last truck in a kabul thursday lives in danger to last year the taliban attacked his station killing seven stop at least twenty people were also also has to expect the worst if i say right now no there's no rest for i would be lying because. going back to tell about going sinking in if you go to city of jalalabad you don't see much money. and so being a singer performing on
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a stage performing on a big stage like star is is not out of danger. this might be the most secure campus on earth the students are literally walled in not just once but three times that's the number of barriers in closing the american university of afghanistan there are also numerous security checks the university is filled not just with students but also security personnel there largely from india not afghanistan to be sure that no taliban member has infiltrated the squad after one terrorist attack the university was closed for more than six months the college president is adamant something like that will never happen again. we of course have to increase our security massively but we did that and we were very worried that many students would come back in fact many students came back many more new
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students came and over the last three or four weeks this university has become a bright beacon of hope but for all of afghanistan. almost eight hundred students are enrolled here many of them can still remember the attack which claimed the lives of sixteen people. when attack i've been doing the second floor of the building which was attacked and then the attackers eventually made their way up to the class that we were hiding so we had to actually sketch through the window because obviously the hallways and. work for the patrol actually but about what about for the better man. so we had just go through that when he said i want to go on as the violent extremists as the high proportion of female students at the university almost fifty percent. it left me so hard for for months because i lost some of my great friends in the attack but every came
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back because we wanted to tell the insurgents that no matter how many times you attack or how much you want to scare us we are going to come back because it's occasion is the only path that will fight them that will break them and make them weaker the mood on campus is favorable to the west although not everyone here is a fan of the incumbent u.s. president. i like president i like no i don't like him i don't like president trump but because i don't really know what his strategy towards afghanistan is i don't know what what that means but i have heard his comments about women grabbing woman and liked or talking about women in a disrespectful manner and that's something that i don't think is right for a president or a person in n.p. . after class some students stay on campus those who live indoors but most of them have to leave the protection of the security perimeter and go back to the city
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hoping that they'll be able to return to law if and well the following day. many of the really exciting places in a couple right now why didn't the way the country's most important op museum the national gallery is located right on a main road but it's been closed for renovation for some time now the museum's back yard however is home to a fascinating development it used to be filled with rubbish now it is the garden of peace and hope an event venue especially for young artists in the usaf. for the for the soldiers what. we are looking for the young generation or for unity the young people who are talented they have a career to vittie or they are escaping they have skills in the arts and we find it to do so our end remote area where the forest area and then i find them and bring
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them here and i. invite some expert in art and i take exhibitions the next exhibitions about to begin a new the young curator is receiving support from three artists they're going over final preparations for the exhibition of as at a one on one especially the situation of women in kabul has massively improved in recent times in the past they weren't even allowed to go to work they couldn't leave the house but that's becoming more normal now i'm optimistic. that will make the room i think my goal is to become really good in the next five years and win an international award taking pictures is my passion and i want to make the most of it . you know they're there. for the artists arrive almost one hundred in total they all want to experience the opening of the exhibition and then they
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have to wait because the deputy minister of culture has heard that we're here so she wants to give a speech. on the game. and. then finally everyone's allowed into the garden and admired the works on display they're not for sale today but the artists are content with the recognition that gets and the feeling of having an impact like the painter of this picture. i want to express the pain of all afghans particularly that as the women who've been suffering for so long from oppression some of course i'm criticised for this not least by the less well educated they are ask why i'm doing this and why i'm criticizing our country they don't realize that by doing this i'm raising understanding for our country around the world are making a mess as i'm sad as i was and. there's no abstract model not to the paintings are either purely decorative or they're striking in an easily accessible way. the
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garden is funded by donations from other countries it has a budget to offer around one hundred euros a month through. the garden of peace and hope is private and i'm i'm responsible for discarding my responsibility is that what i have. to do i do and for there gallery i don't know it's from government and he said it's two years and the door off this gallery is closed and i don't know why it's not going to be open but here i'm responsible that i have to take exhibition i take if a patient every month a short while later the visitors are gone and the garden is empty again ready for the next exhibition.
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those who like a bullet from its quiet relaxing side head just out of the city to the biggest natural attraction in the region. laycock although it's a manmade reservoir that doesn't bother the thousands of daily visitors. they can hire a boat for just a few signs are enjoyed the various attractions on line. there's also a range of small restaurants with new ones opening all the time this one is still under construction its name translates as clean fast food. the owner. spent almost twenty years in germany in a place near frankfurt his wife and children still live there but ten years ago he chose to return to afghanistan. would unleash what windows than when i was in germany you know whether it really bothered me and when it's coming
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now go sundin when i returned to afghanistan i felt better. in desperation. i have a lot of night and oxygen at work every day thanks to the garden and working with fresh air's own stuff. he's not scared of attacks security has been tightened dramatically since a murderous attack by the taliban five years ago. this church here is securities very good here while. the artists the. police the police are over there the police yes. there are checkpoints everywhere. i know that for control does our welcome to this is the best and friendly spot in afghanistan or in goods is this. in. c.s.
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. and things do remain calm in and around kabul today there are no reports of attacks if it were always this way more foreign visitors would perhaps come and experience the relaxing atmosphere of lake aga. here at the northwest afghanistan a wedding is about to take place and not a conventional one there are the obligatory security checks at the entrance ops there's in the gallery above the hole sixteen couples are waiting to be true they will look into each other's eyes for the first time only after the ceremony custom demands that the bride hides a face until the end of the wedding the seating arrangement is very strict the men sit on the left and the women on the right they're largely from poor backgrounds and almost the loss of the knowledge that is in my family has no money. and you know that my income is just enough for the bare minimum. that's why i'm grateful i can get married today. to see the novel and.
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i'm happy my mother is here along with my sister my aunt and two other relatives. well enough one and. there's one cake for all the wedding guests donated like the cost of the entire event by business people from the surrounding area. these women are responsible for the organization they chose the couple's depending on their level of need. but the full version we've been engaged for six years i responded to a transfer i'd add and applied for the wedding for the two of us for that one of the staircase thanks be to allah we were picked was all over there hello. the master of ceremonies hats the parade of couples carrying the qur'an the procession looks like a t.v. event and indeed
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a local broadcast is transmitting the ceremony life the couples have dressed up in their final refold the ok sion ball wrote finery. almost at the same time a few streets away there's a regular wedding in one of the city's huge wedding holes the catering alone costs twenty thousand euros the average wage is less than two thousand euros in afghanistan as a result many afghans take on a huge debt when they get married. in western countries couple spend a lot of money in nightclubs before the wedding here in afghanistan the wedding is the one big celebration so it's fine if it costs a little bit more. to after the meal comes to party the men dance among themselves.
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the women celebrate next door where cameras are forbidden. the country's fourth biggest city still maintains traditions although the taliban has no presence here there are strict family customs in place. many women are forced to get married they strike complains she says the opulent wedding facade mosques the awful reality of marital life. just one percent of all marriages here are based on love that only happens in very liberal families and if a wife is abused by her husband she can't get a divorce her parents tell her to stop making such a fuss. if. for some this marital how and in hospital every month sees the mission of young women who've tried to kill themselves some just after their wedding doctors talk about a literal epidemic of self burning women who pour petrol over their heads and set
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themselves a lot if they survive these incidents are called accidents. hope it's often very young girls who were forced to marry by their parents often to very much older men who treat them. guess at some point they see no other way but suicide and going on what sources in some poll families the daughters are sold into marriage for them their wedding day is a day of horror. the mass wedding is approaching its climax a huge surprise awaits the couples and the guests here routes most famous singer will be performing a formal window of afghan stuff while the guests enjoyed the entertainment the organizers are already planning the next group wedding. i bet it. will keep our eye out for applicants via facebook and will find
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those who don't have access to the internet and must there are enough people who can't afford to get married because of poverty and of the other message it yes it is a massage so did. the celebration last three hours relatively brief by african standards then the young people stop them married lawyers without veils and without sponsors. this just the geo graphical haad of afghanistan right between herat in the west and kabul in the east everything seems peaceful here in the province of bomb yun. its main claim to fame is an unparalleled natural attraction this lake. more than one hundred thousand toll rests come here every year most of them are
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from afghanistan during the winter season it's possible to skate on the lake which sits at an altitude of two thousand meters during the summer months it's used for bathing and boating. the people here live off tourism by myans considered liberal and women work as tour guides to. have yeah i'm happy that more and more tourists are coming here it would be nice to see a few more foreign visitors. but the problem is that this place is hard to get to this road goes through territory where there's fighting that scares off people who can't afford to fly john good though. there are no risk in it is. the only other attractions more famous than the lake out ones that don't technically exist anymore all that's left of them other rocky caves where they were
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blown up by the taliban fifteen years ago the world famous borders of bomb yawn but there's a whole new attraction here now the country's only international marathon the runners registered on the day before the race andre is from germany. to take the. measure but i want to survive i want to finish and it was a time of less than six hours do you have respect for the altitude. of course that's the biggest problem. i've never run a three thousand meters you can tell you get out of breath faster when you climb some stairs and often come to view the races hosted by a british organization. well security is something the race organizers we have to take very seriously especially given we bring some international run this here and it's really a race for the local people but as soon as you start bringing internationals in then we need to in a way of the risks of as you can imagine so keeping the rice low profile we don't
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publish that kind of thing is is very important these two girls have also registered which is pretty unusual in afghanistan they're from the local area. you mark bush some of my relatives think women shouldn't run marathons but why not tell you about this event in that box where they get the. man a harmonizer it should be taken for granted one of the reasons why we're running is to make a statement you cannot wash the participants gather the following morning it's friday and therefore the day of rest there are around two hundred fifty runners including more than one hundred women and they can't wait to get going. among them is needle for a student. there or in that time it goes oh i wasn't allowed to go out of home but now guys can run so it's
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a very different races co-sponsored by free to run an international organization that empowers women and girls in conflict affected communities feel like this is a not good now maybe they don't know yet how it feels and the excitement among the women and girls here is incredible they need space to express themselves to see platz our finance which ousts a tall man does is they're happy to be given this opportunity it's nice to see the boys and girls running together here young to meet you get. examined out from under the satanic candace. running against daunting resistance something this man knows all about charlie from britain as an artificial leg it's something that i was in the news. all those years ago so to say here and say now is that. it's it's a bizarre emotion it's it's incredible it's sad to see them gone and i don't know i guess the histories of skulls and well that's what is despite the freezing cold and
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thin air everyone is extremely motivated this is from scott and his five degrees we're very excited we hope we'll make it and get in under six hours spokesman with that extra. the race begins to shoot. bomb youngness consider taliban free is population as tolerant the only intimidating thing here is the challenging but beautiful course. the spectators cheer for the runners from other countries. but most of all for the local women taken cocked. back to. the highest point is at three thousand metres the course takes the runners through picture perfect landscapes that lessen the pain in the lungs and the legs at least a little.
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that won't fall halfway through the race there's a refreshment stop and there's trouble the second place man is accusing the front runner after cheating saying he took a car for part of the course he can't prove it and has no chance of catching up any more and so he gives up. again. after almost three hours andrea rise at the twenty one kilometer mark he has to take a breather before setting about the return run. a short while later the first run out crosses the finish line much to the joy of the locals the when there is an afghan nobody's talking about cheating and the more the victim enjoys a hero's reception. the. jolly finishes in second despite his physical handicap not told so makes him the best foreign participant. to get here. and finally under a arrives at the finish he has reached his goal by running
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a time of under six hours he's satisfied that was the toughest race i've ever run the altitude is indescribable as if your lungs are being torn apart every step is torture but somehow i managed and now i'm having a. mental fall as among the last to arrive but she's happy she kept going despite severe stomach pain but i am happy says at least i finish it and also it might soon . team member which i was trained in one of them to come first. another photo with greetings to friends back home i'm to be doing will be recommending they visit bonnie on the don't have to run a marathon if they come here after all. mazar e sharif in northern afghanistan the country's third largest city is famous for its blue mosque the son in law of the prophet mohammed is set to be buried here there's
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another special thing about this mosque now something that never would have happened under the taliban. it's just after seven o'clock in the morning like every wednesday the pot belongs to these young women for two hours. setting the pace is need of the young woman who recently ran the marathon she organizes the local women's makes. her running gives me energy and i'm feeling free the trannie when a running saying feeling that i'm free and have i have were right like a man so i'm here we are like an equal with men. journey the training sessions the pock remains closed to visitors a measure by the local authorities to protect the runners quite a lot of people in mazar e sharif consider women doing sports as islamic as
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a western perversion but that doesn't scare these young women. on the contrary i enjoy the feeling of freedom when i run from the park and i said again. after the training session the women stop their daily lives some live more than an hour's drive away they've worked hard to save up the money for the taxi. needle father who's studying medicine normally goes to the university but she has a day off today she's taking care of the business she set up she produces footballs a few dozen a day she sells them to wholesalers and employs an elder brother and also women from the neighborhood. i tried to make opportunity for the other girls to rant and now when i learned
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the idea about this company i was thinking about the. housewife that they need money and they are not able to work outside of their home so this is a big opportunity for them to can work at home. fast to live with their family she's the youngest of five siblings and her mother's pride and they often talk about needle fast marathons she's completed several to date she's a pioneer in afghanistan. and a mother's nervous every time because she's scared of extremists. as viewed only a kusiak but during the marathon and a stranger came and handed her an energy drink nobody knew the guy i was scared he would poison her fortunately she never even tried it should only added them to them so that was she yes we just need
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a father wants to run another member of the next year not for the first time she's received death threats the names of the patients that we got an anonymous car a man was angry about my love for how could she run with foreigners and with men he said she deserved to die it isn't then i mean one in a short while later fast back in kabul not as a runner but as a student at the prestigious american university. in condos not far from mazar i sharif word has spread that the best bread in town is available here the queues are long in the mornings some of the people are just curious because the bakery is the talk of the town. a nissan omits on our way to the afternoon shift. she's the boss and wears a book. condo's is conservative and that's why this bakeries a minor revolution. it employs exclusively women
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there's no other bakery in the country like it or not yet. an isa hopes other women will soon copy her. women bake for their families at home so why shouldn't they make that their work we want to encourage women to leave the house and become active outside of it you know as a system in. the bakery is supported by german development aid which paid for the equipment and the initial salaries the women work very hard managing to bake up to three hundred flat breads every hour and they sell almost all of them to. make sure maybe it's because we put so much effort into it we take the best quality flour and we only used.
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these women desperately need the income and they're because they're widowed or because their husband's income isn't enough. but they also pay a price some have received threatening letters there are regular reports from other parts of the country that women have been killed simply for pursuing a job. there's criticism of the bakery and condos too particularly from religious hardliners. now it seems according to the qur'an women are strictly prohibited from working outside their home so they should stop it once the taliban gets the say here again all this will be over anyway. and indeed the taliban have tried several times to retake this city of two hundred thousand people ever since that departure of the german
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military. there are security checks at all the entrances to the city and that hasn't stopped the taliban from entering the city several times and spreading fear and terror. the police insists that it's over and the women because don't have anything to fear. that the americans damage the taliban quite substantially in recent weeks with aerial attacks that. they're not getting their hands on this city and on who you are michel your. projects like the women's bakery shows progress as if nothing was. done we find the bakery abandoned with no sign of the start of word in the neighborhood is that they fled. that i have no idea why business was going well. maybe they got scared
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because of the security situation because there was so much criticism from five. the mentalists. a few days later they cannot jia opens up shop again. her boss quit for family reasons she says but she and the other women will continue . even though she adds she always has an easy feeling on her way to work. my parents are scared someone could hurt us i don't feel one hundred percent safe. but when i see the other women i'm reenergized and i know what we're doing here is important. here. the next day the bakery is going to be full again not least because there'll be three men working here two at the women's request for protection can does doesn't seem quite ready yet for a business run solely by women.
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show care for the twenty first century. any ill treatment of injuries are unique interpretation. a tesla in concert and the world of a young piano sheena's. arts twenty one presents johnny in a tree for nothing new show. starting january twentieth on d w.
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so we may improvements all the time we have more public transportation and i would be in the big cities. car sharing the point is that energy has to call me a clean soul as renewable we need to produce wonderful batteries full color so that all cars we want and the electricity with no emission batteries with high capacity of electricity it will take us hundreds of kilometers of this exists very tough and you name call them it's chemistry physics it's material science what would doing if you take time between.
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this is g.w. newsmonger from berlin tonight a powerful storm slamming parts of europe claiming long and creating chaos for commuters winds have brought down trees blocking roads all of germany's long distance road services are cancelled were wired to berlin as the central train station for more also coming off. and me and the money the leaders of france and britain agreed to more financial muscle to help fortify their borders and to improve intelligence sharing plus d. w. goes to go.


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