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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 12:02am-12:16am CET

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nine emery's signs a deal to save the popular eight three hundred eighty votes just haul keep the double decker. year. apple wants to pay taxes donald trump's u.s. tax reform sparks the tech giant's move to cough up tens of billions of profits. from. chinese surprised the world's number two economy defies expectations with its first annual growth spurt in years. come to the program the middle east's largest emirates is basically a lifeline for the troubled jets that a three hundred eighty amaris is buying twenty jets with the option to buy sixteen more airbus had said earlier this week that if it didn't close the deal with emirates it would end production off the jets altogether. the air bus a three eighty lives to see another day emirates ordered thirty six of the super jumbos for
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a total of sixteen billion dollars on twitter emirates c.e.o. shake bin saeed al maktoum called the a three eighty a success story and a critical part of future success for his company and united arab emirates the latest deal shows how confidently we're approaching the future and how determined we are to forge ahead dubai wants to keep growing and become a world class destination and aviation hub. airbus has manufactured and sold more than three hundred of the giant jets over the last ten years emirates has accounted for almost half of those orders. but production lines have been silent recently high fuel and maintenance costs have deterred potential clients leaving air bus without a single order for over two years and into production appeared eminent the latest order puts new wind under the eight three eighty s wings airbus now hopes that
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other airlines will follow him or its lead. to alcohol it's been stashing cash abroad for years to avoid higher kopra tax rates and help that now the tech giant is bringing back that money to invest in the united states and save on taxes apple c.e.o. tim cook welcomes this move as a chance to create more jobs here is more our view is apple could have only been started in america and so we've always felt a deep sense of responsibility to give back we're not taking a position on the individual side. i think that's for others to to look at but on the corporate side i believe it will create jobs that will help middle class. all right time to bring in school correspondent on wall street yes welcome to the program so there are mixed reactions to apple and some are very critical of the company saying it has much taken way too long advantages of tax loopholes how's
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wall street reacting to this talk of a bull pretty much stands at an all time high but if that's because of the takes announcement is. over all the money that it will is paying now they wouldn't have to pay this money anyhow but probably further down the line and not right now and one of the big questions certainly remain what precisely apple will do with the money will they buy a big share will they increase the dividend will they pay down debt or will they really create tens of thousands of jobs this is still a big question mark at this point and we still do not know about the second quarter of allison but at least we do know that its search has been refused to narrow it to twenty no cations tell us more about that. down to twenty or maybe to nineteen because one of those twenty cities is toronto so that would be
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a non us location and it is kind of unlikely that it will go was this place altogether it is pretty a double edged sword because on one side amazon is promising direct forty thousand jobs and the boost to the local economy whichever place they choose but on the other side m. is and is also asking for huge tax incentives for example new york in the wood jersey is offering seven billion dollars tax breaks so whatever community will get the hex headquarter will also play it pay dearly to convince amazon to move the second or to build the second headquarter over there and we will see if some of those communities can really afford having and is in iran right quarter thank you so much for your reporting from new york. german
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supermarket chain needle is off to a poor start in the united states in its first year and they are the company has only opened forty seven stores less than half of the one hundred that were originally announced only twenty more are expected to open this year as many of the locations it picked are suitable because the stores are too big and too expensive and sales have failed to meet expectations. new figures show the chinese economy gained steam last year that's the first annual increase in seven years gross domestic product grew by six point nine percent and that exceeded economists forecasts on the government's target. the chinese economy is coming back around thanks in part to robust exports to europe and the us investment is also bolstering growth beijing has been spending a lot on infrastructure from roadways and railway networks to housing projects.
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the head of china's national statistics office said last year's expansion amounted to stable development. don't look up only generally speaking the twenty seven economy maintain the stable and solid development of the past exceeding expectations this means more progress toward building a moderately prosperous society and we should of course be aware that difficulties and challenges remain and that the improvement of quality and efficiency in production remains a daunting task the chinese government has been working for years on broader structural changes to investment practices the state led expansion policies of past decades are to give way to a more resilient consumer driven investment model buoyant consumer spending is already spring grove a sign that the government is on the right track. and the next question is how best china wants to change its image from producing cheap to print you're seeing quality bank comps to that term made in china now correspondent daniel cope the fact
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frankfurt stock exchange has more. well that's exactly what china ones they don't want anymore that this image of made in china is still you know being compared with cheap products but china has a problem there are pretty much true economies true production inside of the company and one that is really a growing very fast they were producing a very good product they want to be number one when it comes for example to produce chips for cell phones or computers on the other hand there is still a booming business when it comes to those duplications that china has been accused for for many years and that and then again hurting and harming the image of made in china again. my colleague there is a friend for stock exchange now turning to a different story in uganda a nonprofit organization is helping previously unemployed women to earn a living by providing basic health care products the women deliver the products
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directly to customers hopes the same time they also helping to save life. i mean in the baby is a week. into now it's hard to break. who knows the mothers medical history. in their disease. i have circulation problems and i was pale. i turned yellow. she gave me porridge and tablets for my blood they were grabbed and there were lots of than a woman were worried. i swallowed them and they seen how. return somebody is not a medic or doctor but the whole spread mortar. she works with living goods an american nonprofit organization. and someone has training for basic health care
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provision and goes door to door selling medicine and other health products in how village in central uganda we do not treat all diseases but many. call for a year and mean money you have to do blood tests first before treating because so many people want to be treated with the distinct. leaving goods gets donation from international aid community to sell health projects at subsidized costs. the organization provides employment to more than eight hundred health promoters mostly women. and their products reach up to five million ugandans so we dress much as possible to make sure that where as we run out having an impact in the communities where we walk we also make sure that these are small margin for even goods to make in order for it to me to buy had course number two we
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try to make sure that there's a small profit margin for top renewals community health promoters such that at the end of the day we dawn. be like the ordinary community health workers who are. africa's pharmaceutical industry is worth about thirty five billion dollars the continent has a growing over the counter demand for health products. but many people still cannot access drugs. the dose delivery model for subsidized health products could be a game changer both for health care systems and job creation. you know you. betcha business frappe for now but you've got much more free online so check us out for example on twitter at d w on this call business back tomorrow
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