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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is the deputy is coming to you live from turkey fires in color across the border into syria we can send troops at the ready the country's defense minister says an attack on push on clear has begun we'll go live to our correspondent in istanbul for the latest also coming up germany's social democrat delegates prepared to vote on whether to join chance i'm going back to school to pull a new government for good to the opposition. and tomorrow marks one year in office for donna trunk we'll take
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a look at the highs and lows of twelve months in the white house. kind of a warm welcome to you i'm shima. turkey's defense minister says an operation has now begun against the kurdish controlled enclave off awfully in the reports coming in that turkish forces are firing shells across the border earlier this week the turkish president who won threatened a full military intervention into syria to stamp out what he called nests of terror on his country's border on korea deployed tanks and military equipment ahead of the operation but in ankara at odds with the u.s. which plans to set up a thirty thousand strong border force in syria's north according to some reports joining us now from for the very latest is our correspondent in. dorian jones
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dorian we are humoring we're just waiting to get daryn that's hi dorian now we're hearing reports of the turkish military aside firing into the enclave off off in syria's north what can you tell us about this operation well it is still confined to bombarding from turkish is terry located on the turkish side of the border there's been no reports of turkish forces actually crossing into this syrian kurdish enclave as we speak this comes as turkey continues to build up its real form of reinforcement along the frontier of this enclave and as the turkish defense minister neurontin chronically was saying he confirms that the operation will be carried out and he didn't dictate the operation will not only be confined to this one syrian enclave but all of the syrian kurdish forces on long turkey's sovereign borders so it does appear turkey is not only ratcheting up its military escalation but also the rhetoric accompanying it back to
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the target of this shelling and mortar fire is a group called the y p g tell us more about this group and why does turkey see this group as such a threat. well according to the y. p. g. is linked to a kurdish rebel group known as the p.k. k. which has been fighting a decades long insurgency inside turkey causing thousands of casualties turkey considers the p.k. k. as does most of the international community a terrorist organization and they say that this wipe e.g. kurdish militia is affiliated to it and they say that this organization is a clear and present threat to turkey they accuse its forces of crossing over into turkey to carry out operations in source port of p.k. k. now the y.p. cheap the nicest and adding to the problem the white beach is a key ally of the united states in its war against the islamic state in syria i mean unger is arguing and i would quote them it has no option but to carry out the military operation but turkey just in fact bombing
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a territory in syria one of the wider repercussions of this move or turkey argues that it has international law on its side it says that this militia poses a clear and present danger to this country and under international law it claimed it has a right to defend itself but this why p.g. militia has powerful allies not only the united states and in fact the state department yesterday warn turkey not to carry any operation against this group but also as a supporter of russia as well so turkey has powerful enemies its place possibly faces if it does carry out this operation on top of that damascus the deputy prime minister yesterday warned talking not to carry any intervention into his country and if they did it would say they will respond in force against it so there are major repercussions if turkey does carry out its operation and least we will without the support of any of these key players in the region and anyone during the
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u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been saying that the u.s. is planning no force to be deployed it in a serious opportunity as as turkey is alleging so i think you need to allies actually not in the same page when it comes to this. well certainly not and in fact the the words of a sort of being dismissed by on they say that we're hearing conflicting messages from one minister saying one thing another saying another third the third is prime minister and there is this chasm of trust this trust between these two allies turkey simply thought not believe the assurances it's hearing from the united states and in fact i think the turkish president reject type of one make clear he's waiting to hear from the u.s. president donald trump on this issue and as of yet the u.s. president hasn't chosen to intervene on this and this just adds to the feeling of this drought that has towards washington so a lot of open questions still dorian jones in istanbul thank you very much for that . and here in germany weather forecasts are describing it as
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the was still in a decade eleven people were killed eight of them in germany as gale force winds and rains slammed to parts of europe the storm came from the west and hit the netherlands and belgium before sweeping across germany damaging infrastructure and causing major disruptions to really road travel and on the center of broken mountain top wind speeds of over two hundred kilometers per hour were recorded a sense of the storm's power as it hit europe a nightmare for nervous flyers planes blown around like toys at amsterdam's schiphol airport. further south and you trashed the storm named for the rica toppled stacks of shipping containers. and the trail of destruction continued across the border in germany were gale force winds and snow cause traffic pileups and accidents high speed train services were shut down across germany leaving many
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stuck. is your idea of fun out i wanted to take the train to hamburg but unfortunately we were routed through berlin and i was stranded here until me thinking. is that i'm good. at berlin central station train carriages doubled up as a temporary hotel overnight. friday morning travelers were resigned to the situation i've been here since yesterday and i mean it's just the waiting game now there are a lot of people who all stuck in berlin so i think they do what they can and they can control the weather. as it continued east the storm also pummeled poland. to weaken throughout friday. turning out of jail in politics and grassroots members of the social democrats are set to vote at the weekend on
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whether to endorse formal coalition talks with. if they do germany could soon have a new government after weeks of waiting if not the country could be heading for new elections it's a tense political drama here's how we got here election day twenty four september two thousand and seventeen the social democrats suffered a major setback fanti leader martin should say as the s.p.d. go into the opposition chancellor merkel begins exploratory talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens but the talks fail then president from palestine my urges backers christian democrats and the social democrats of lot insurers to who are talks then after matter to an all night negotiations the leadership of the s.p.d. recommend starting form a coalition talks on this coming sunday the party rank and file would decide on whether or not formal coalition negotiations should start the party is divided if
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they say yes coalition talks will begin but what a tentative let me now draw in a political cars one thomas barrow he's at our parliamentary studios. i think we've not been able to establish a line to our political correspondent while he is that there really is. thomas give us a sense how likely is it that the s.p.d. rank and file will not. be will reject this another grand coalition with the conservatives well it is under no circumstance certainly if you ask here people in bali and i think no one can predict exactly what will happen on sunday and this just makes this event on sunday this party conference exciting and also very important there are those within the s.p.d. who favor entering formal negotiations with the c.d.u.
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mostly the party leadership who believe the party has a responsibility and that they could pass certain policies if they do join another grand coalition but there are many party members and many delegates especially the youth wing of the s.p.d. that are against a new version of the grand coalition saying that if they do join another grand coalition they wouldn't be able to renew the party that another grand coalition would just harm them so on sunday delegates around six hundred of them will decide the next steps for the party whether they do or they don't join formal negotiations with merkel's conservatives so of course sunday being the crucial day to almost if the social democrats vote against another grand coalition what are the possible options for forming a new government. two possible options in short one would be a minority government in other words i'm going to of course conservatives having two fights in the parliament for every major policy initiative that something the
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chancellor certainly doesn't favor the other option would be fresh elections that's also another option that the chancellor doesn't want to so that's why the pressure is so high not only on the conservatives but also on the social democrats to try and find some common ground to try and find those formal negotiations that could lead to another grand coalition now if all else fails it could be a minority government but that is uncharted territory in germany why is that the case other governments other countries have had minority governments that it worked well because germany favors stability and compromise and a minority government would certainly not be as stable as a government formed in a coalition as we've seen in many other cases that would leave the conservatives trying to look for support for every policy and that's something that most parties here in germany certainly don't want that's the reason why germany hasn't had such a minority government they favor stability continuity and those are elements that
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definitely most leaders want to have to understand that a parliamentary sylvia's thank you this article look at some other stories making news around the world authorities in cape town have imposed new water restrictions and house rules to combat an ongoing drought from favoring residents must use more than fifty liters a day a reduction of almost half the south african city has had three years of low rainfall. a californian couple who held the thirteen children captive for years in their home have pleaded not guilty to charges of torture and child abuse prosecutors say the children was starved and shackled even when they had to go to the bathroom the couple face life in prison if convicted for ciancia. and staying in the u.s. and saturday mocks the for us anniversary of donald trump as president of the
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united states someone said that he wouldn't last until christmas but with the economy booming and his health reportedly good trump is holding steady. it was an audacious first week in office. gratian had been a central tenet of candidate trump's campaign within days of his inauguration president trump issued the first of what became known as muslim bands his supporters welcomed the move but thousands of people turned out at airports across the country to protest the executive order legal challenges against the travel ban came almost immediately even after trump signed a second and then a third ban later in the year courts prevented them from going fully into effect the supreme court will ultimately decide their fate this year. shortly after the election the number of illegal crossings at the u.s. mexican border hit an all time low according to u.s. border officials throughout the year the government stepped up raids and arrests of
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suspected undocumented persons in the u.s. . the wall on the u.s. mexican border that trump promised is now part of some key immigration negotiations in washington. the law school he won a clear triumph for trump was the ascension of neil course to the supreme court and for many conservatives this was an affirmation of why they voted for trump course h. is an arch conservative jurist at just forty nine years old and with a lifetime appointment he is likely to shape a good portion of american law moving forward least in terms only legislative success so far has been his tax bill with an estimated one point five trillion dollars in tax cuts it advances several conservative republican objectives like slashing corporate taxes and in particular lowering the rate for the richest americans he signed the bill into law even though the american public largely disapproved. it was in need of news coming to you live from london stay with us
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monica as the business date of updates coming for you shortly meanwhile you can always check out a website the dot com by finale. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. and d.-w. makes them more of a.


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