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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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lead player. played. this is the news coming to you live from berlin gilkey finest on kurdish militia across its border into syria the tanks and troops at the ready to look his defense minister says an attack has begun we get a live update from our correspondent in turkey also coming up a make or break germany's social democrats prepare to vote on whether to enter a coalition talks which is conservative or to go into opposition to president donald trump makes a year in office twelve months of quote
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a rise in national opinion we talked to a republican congressman about the trump presidency its highs and its lows. in the next sixty minutes of release day i'll really go but also a dog long strike. has been left out of tonight's game and it fuel speculation that he may be on his way to honor in the english premier league. play. that shima a pleasure to have your company. still his defense minister says an operation is underway against a kurdish controlled on klav in syria and reports are coming in that turkish forces are firing shells across the border the move against the on killed off offering comes just days off to turkey's president richard do on threaten to stamp out what he called nests of terror on his country's border any military intervention with
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stick it on through the u.s. which is backed the kurdish militia and it's fine to gain so-called islamic state. not even the rain could dampen their spirits. thousands of kurds demonstrated against a possible invasion of turkish troops president add ons and once meant that he wants to drive kurdish militias actually for syrian enclaves brought them onto the streets. and that's not all the world needs to hear us and these threats from turkey. who goes over the call of everyone wants to intimidate us but we will kill any attacker who sets foot in our free. was all about. a ranch twenty kilometers further north turkish tanks roll on unperturbed towards the border region of how tight security that is high media reports say there have been exchanges of gunfire but no one was injured turkey calls kurdish militias in
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northern syria terrorists. they are the extended arm of the band p.k. k. however the p.k. k. also u.s. allies in the fight against the so-called islamic state. should move us along we are telling the turkish army straight we are ready. what we are prepared for anything and our troops are well equipped to defend our free will be put out there on the core part of. a free night fears a military strike that could drag the entire region into a new war. if we now pull in our correspondent in turkey jordan istanbul he joins me now dorian jones who joins me now from istanbul welcome door into this first of all about this military operation and the shelling which is going on in northern syria by the turkish military. this is the most
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sustained bombardment of the syrian enclave since these bombardments started a few days ago and the turkish defense minister said that this is that they fact the beginning of the operation although he stressed that no soldiers turkish soldiers have crossed into syria he said the timing of that decision will be made by turkey's military the pendent all military considerations but he also warned he said there is no turning back from this operation and lined us on correct consider the y b a l y p g as such a threat to its national security longer accuses the y p g of being linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. that's been waging a decades long insurgency in turkey a conflict as claimed tens of thousands of lives on crocuses a white b.g. militia of joining the p.k. k. in operations inside turkey now that is a claim the militia hockley tonight but longer says that this is a clear and present danger and is a danger it has to address this in reports coming in that russia has been drawing
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its troops from the often read much of that mean for techie well this is turkey state news agency that said a force of around three hundred russians are starting to pull out of africa those soldiers will deploy by moscow to prevent such incursions by turkey now it has to be said that this report by turkey has been contradicted by syrian media but if it is true it will be a strong sign that moscow is giving the green light to ungar the carry out this operation and that's why that is seen as so important is unclear is looking to moscow to give permission for its planes to cross into syrian airspace to support any military operation that has support is seen as crucial to any incursion into syria if that is of a interesting development but i'm to take his defense minister has also said that it has no option but to stop a ground offensive at some point in northern syria but that surely would have why do repercussions wouldn't it dorian. well it certainly would and already the
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mass course yesterday warned that any incursion by turkey will be treated as a hostile act the turkey syrian prime minister warned that any turkish planes would be shot down a bit and that into syrian airspace on top of that washington has also issued a warning yesterday on turkey not to enter into syria and crucially everyone is looking to moscow moscow up until now has remained silent what moscow says if seen as key in many ways to whether turkey does carry out this operation during jones in istanbul thank you very much for that live update from there. let me know being you up to date with some of the stories making news around the one the husband of german journalist i'm a shiny gold who has been arrested again in turkey just weeks after he and his wife were released from pretrial detention to news father confirmed that his son in law journalists and activists throughout cornu was taken into custody both he and told
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to face charges of belonging to a terrorist organization a group of international scientists say they've developed new tests that screened for multiple types of cancer using only a blood sample but for the studies needed before the test court can says seek can be made widely available for its projected cost of about five hundred dollars. germany's most well known extremist a dentist spat has reportedly been killed in syria a media site affiliated with the so-called islamic state announced the death of the forty two year old former rapper who performed under the stage name of diesel dog. in germany a tense political drama we play out on sunday that's when the social democrats will decide whether to enter into formal coalition talks with. the victims here's how the drama unfolded election day twenty four september two thousand and seventeen
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the social democrats suffer a major setback party leader martin schultz says his party the s.p.d. we go into opposition. then begins exploratory to coalition talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens but those talks fail then the president of germany frank was to steinmeyer. christian democrats and the social democrats of not insurance to hold talks a week ago often or like negotiations the leadership of the s.p.d. recommends starting formal coalition talks of this coming sunday the s.p.d. rank and file will decide whether or not to back that decision by the leaders but the party is divided many social democrats remain deeply unconvinced about the prospect of their party entering into another coalition with a new american nowhere more so than the party's youth organization and they could hold the balance of power in sunday's vote because up with the youth wing media.
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six months ago no one knew who he was now it seems everyone wants a piece of kevin can at. at just twenty eight the leader of the s.p.d. as youth is on a mammoth mission to stop the grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives what germans call the. grand coalition because we convinced it wouldn't be right for democracy in germany and we consider it negligent to let the far right become the leading opposition party with us and for the second time in two months. you know it will be locking horns with s.p.d. party leader martin schultz on sunday as he bids to convince party delegates to vote no grow closer. to his grassroots support to not believe this is the only way for the s.p.d. to regenerate after damage and he is into medical government's. business
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to me is the kind of politician who hopefully has certainly shaped the future of this party. that they tried to influence a very talented upcoming politician he's still young and everything lines ahead of him i think something will become of him. even pause and members who support the idea of a grand coalition have high hopes for clearness political future definitely has a big future. cannot became a member of the s.p. day at just fifteen in the same year that angela merkel was first elected chancellor but q nets no grow coke campaign now threatens to end her twelve year i mean. that's the cards that i think i'm going to mathilde's time in office will soon end because her policy model simply no longer works you can sit on issues forever and make new decisions but things aren't going to get to magically better
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when she's no longer chancellor you know america is a business council is it's a classic tale of experience against youth neighing first is nobody but they snow day could well be the straw that breaks the camel's back in germany's chancellor. i've seen that analysis i'm joined by political correspondent christopher spring good welcome chris i mean you know why have you seen this disconnect between the youth wing of the s.p.d. and the mainstream body given that the s.p.d. executive voted unanimously to go into focus until today i mean america there's always been tension between the the mainstream of the social democrats and its youth wing the uses you know the uses of the younger the more radical the more left wing they're more ideological they're far less willing to compromise and they have from it well if that is in a sense their jobs you know to provide ideological stimulus and youthful energy and that but the key thing at the moment is their focus is the health of the party and indeed from the perspective of the social democrat party would be best to go into
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opposition and really reinvent themselves there but you know what the users don't have as young politicians as experience of government that kind of national perspective where you develop a sense of responds responsibility for the nation before the party so that's where that disconnect is coming from is that it's a what from what you think it's also body it's a generational thing that i did is i'm off the youth wink compared with the kind of riyadh political the mainstream but also in terms of policy you talked about do neal and there's a lot of people say that what the party desperately needs is really new and i think actually the main dividing line at the moment within the social democrats is between the wings if you want the mainstream the right wing of the party and the left wing it is the left wing of the social democrats who are most keenly against joining another grand coalition on the other grow co with chancellor merkel the conservatives and of course the use of those the youth wing a key element of that left wing but as i say their concern is a narrow one it's with the health of the party they want to put the party before
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the nation but for decades now the social democrats have put a nation before party and that is why the party leadership is tending in that direction in fact the the useless good in fact. affect the balance of power in the vote. that is going to take place on sunday but looking more broadly these it's the details have been going on in seventeen days give it take a few days what is the general public in germany feel about this dragging on people are fed up with this you know as you say hundred seventeen days four months after the election we still have no government and i think they'll be positively angry german voters if they're forced to go back to the polls again i think this is also something that is exercising the minds of the social democrat leadership they know that if they go back to the polls if there are fresh elections the s.p.d. their party will be punished ok and what about overseas about how people view this do you think the fact that you know four months off elections still doesn't have
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a new government well it is affecting the way people abroad view germany germany until now has been this model of solid stability and that image is being eroded chancellor merkel or thora she is being eroded her reputation as a dealmaker is being eroded although i think she's probably not the only one to be blamed for that. the european allies of germany especially want to a government a soon as possible they need to move forward on the e.u. budget they want to move forward on a debate about how to integrate deepen european integration so people are getting impatient. chrysippus bring it up as you know a republican congressman who has been critical of some other shops on a three. but front spend joins me and he has some pictures of yes very interesting ones i.b.m. it's announced its first sales growth in almost six years the struggling tech giant it posted a loss for twenty three consecutive quarters going back to two thousand and twelve
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i.b.m.'s results were boid by growth in its cloud computing operations total revenue in the last quarter increased three point six percent to twenty two billion dollars but despite those numbers i.b.m. still posted a one billion dollar loss they blame it on us president or trump's tax reforms. european farmers are bracing for the arrival of african swine fever calling for the culling of huge numbers of wild boar to prevent them infecting livestock over the last week african swine fever has spread into the european union pharmaceutical companies are developing a vaccine so far without success the outbreak of p. is to have it began in russia authorities in neighboring bella roost banned some imports of russian pork the disease now making its way into the heart of europe it's already crossed into the baltic states and poland where thousands of cases have been reported the european commission is supporting
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a color of wild boar it's also warning people to be careful with food waste that could contain a highly contagious disease it was first recorded in africa or a century ago since then it's spread around the world well it doesn't affect humans it's almost always deadly to pigs and it's certainly a big talking point of berlin's international green week our reporter steven beardsley is there i asked him what people there are saying about the threat of the virus reaching the e.u.'s biggest polke producing nation germany. well then i think that there's been resignation to the fact that this disease has been out there for awhile that it's been slowly making its way across and that like many things with farming or livestock production it's sort of this act of god that there isn't a whole lot of. sort of methods or manners to fight right now at the same time there is a lot of concern about what they can do what should be done what measures should be taken and so i talked with one farmer today who was talking about this he has maybe sort of a regional smaller size. operation and he was saying that what he wants to see
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is more work on the transportation sector in terms of those people who are coming over from the lands where there is swine fever already they want to see more instructions over you know be careful about spreading the pathogen how to limit it spread putting farming machinery all that kind of stuff that sort of spread between the two lands. steve basically they're more busy coming cluing a brewing trade will between beijing and washington and rita thank you then saturday marks the fifth anniversary of donald trump taking office as president of the united states some said he wouldn't last until christmas box with the economy booming and his health reportedly good trump is holding steady his unpredictable nature has had its supporters cheering and his opponents cringing here's a look back at an event for leah. it was an audacious first week in office.
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migration had been a central tenet of candidate trump's campaign within days of his inauguration president trump issued the first report became known as muslim bans his supporters welcomed the move but thousands of people turned out at airports across the country to protest the executive order legal challenges against the travel ban came almost immediately even after trump signed a second and then a third ban later in the year courts prevented them from going fully into effect the supreme court will ultimately decide their fate this year. shortly after the election the number of illegal crossings at the u.s. mexican border hit an all time low according to u.s. border officials throughout the year the government stepped up raids and arrests of suspected undocumented persons in the u.s. . the wall on the u.s. mexican border that trump promised is now part of some key immigration negotiations in washington. law school one clear triumph for trump was the ascension of neil
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course to the supreme court for many conservatives this was an affirmation of why they voted for trump course it is an arch conservative jurist at just forty nine years old and with a lifetime appointment he is likely to shape a good portion of american law moving forward. in terms only legislative success so far has been his tax bill with an estimated one point five trillion dollars in tax cuts it advances several conservative republican objectives like slashing corporate taxes and in particular lowering the rate for the richest americans he signed the bill into law even though the american public largely disapproved. the president also fulfilled a key campaign promise when he announced he'd withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement over the objections of many of his advisors the us is now the only country in the world that has not signed the accord. building on
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strategies the obama administration put in place trump ups the numbers of u.s. troops in iraq and syria ultimately helping to defeat the so-called islamic state the prime minister of iraq declared victory over i asked last month. and the u.s. economy has remained strong under trump u.s. stock markets have reached record highs and unemployment is at a seventeen year low over the president's behavior has been a daily flash point and many people still feel left behind in the economy mainstream conservatives have a lot to be happy about. joining me now live from washington is congressman charlie dent he's a republican representative for the pennsylvania fifteenth district welcome congressman dent thank you for talking to us on not what do you make off president trump's first hundred days do you think he's made america great again that was is about objective. well it's the first year not first one hundred
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days i have to say it's been a rather chaotic year to put it mildly we've never really dealt with this level of a chaotic government it's just been a it's been a new experience for all of us that's all i can say there's been a lot of dysfunction and discord in the white house and a lot of disruption and that has made legislating frankly a lot more difficult than it should be. critical of some of president policies why well there when i've always said when there are areas where i agree with the president i will work with him and support and when i disagree with him you know i will serve as a check that's our job as members of congress to be a check on the executive branch and if the president goes off the rails as we say here then we have an obligation to call him out so there are areas where you know i've agreed with him on regulatory reform on tax reform but there are various i've disagreed with him on on trade policy for example and some of the immigration
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proposals that he's put forward and that some of this hostile or this very unhelpful rhetoric that we've seen the tweets and other statements that have been rather incendiary inflammatory that have really disrupted our ability to govern in many ways that support that doesn't trump said quote you're destroying the republican party is that why he said it because you think he was going off the rails on certain issues. you he said well the president said that to me during the health care debate right had a policy disagree with him about how to proceed on health care and the direction of the bill and i felt it was not good for my state and for a lot of people i represented i was opposed to the bill and he disagreed with me and he was pretty clear with me that you know i was going to be part of the problem and he blamed me but the end of the day it really wasn't about me it was about the people i represent in my job is not to work for the president the united states my
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job is to work with the president united states and i part of a separate but equal branch of government and and he has to listen to our views so you know he want to be to vote for that particular bill i was not prepared to vote for and i didn't vote for it because i felt the the impacts had been detrimental to too many of my constituents and does present listen to people who disagree with them you find a lot of the stuff members in his first hundred days in office. well i mean that's it that's an ongoing debate you know how much does he actually listen to the people who advise him i really can't give you a great answer to that i don't know that anybody can i think the president many respects keeps his own counsel he certainly does seek input from a lot of people and one of the challenges we face that sometimes the president can have unformed policy positions that is that they can they can shift and it was just for example the very recently he talked about a bipartisan agreement on these dreamers these young people who came to the united
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states no fault of their own a bipartisan agreement he would sign any bill that was sent to him by congress and then he started laying down other demands after the fact so we deal with these kinds of issues from time to time or his positions do shift and it makes our job harder in fact senator mcconnell just said yesterday that he didn't want to advance . a bill on these dreamers until it was a clear understanding of where the president actually stood and that was from the head republican senator so these are the kinds of challenges that we are facing with this president he's been very different than any other president he he moves outside of traditional norms that we've come to expect the presidents presidents of both parties and so we're all trying to feel our way around with this president is not it has been challenging it has not been easy when he's been in pound on donald trump for one hundred days not for a year but now during this time disbenefit deal of controversy what's the within
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the republican party do you think at some point your republican party missed see him as a liability and one tim removed. oh look the american people made a decision when they elected president trump i didn't support him but the american people made a decision and we have to respect that decision i suspect this midterm election in two thousand and eighteen will tell us quite a bit about the future of this ministration i believe the twenty eighteen mid-term election will be a referendum on the party in power it typically is but it'll especially be so this year it will be a referendum on the president the united states and his conduct in office and and what typically happens in the united states is during a midterm election like this the party of the president usually loses seats in the house of representatives thirty two on average during the first midterm and so we the republicans control the house by twenty four votes and so if history if history
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is any indication we would lose probably on average thirty two seats that would put us in the minority i believe today it's too soon to determine just how the house will. go in terms of the election but we republicans will be running into a very have you had wins we know that the senate is also also very much at risk but less so and going to have to correct myself i did say that donald trump is being in power one hundred days but you corrected me it is one and one thing away from policies two to some extent what has been your reaction or reaction within the party to the media frenzy over public and political life. about the media about the media reaction to his public and personal life while the president. has a celebrity. well. i think for the for the german
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people it's important for them to understand that you know in many respects for better or for worse we have a bit of a celebrity culture here in the united states so many people are not shocked that celebrities want to jump in to elected life that happens here from time to time you may remember several years ago arnold schwarzenegger became governor of california and other celebrities al franken was a senator from minnesota he was a comedian we have this is not unusual for celebrities or even sports figures to enter the public domain we haven't had that happen at the presidential level and that is what there is different there are more traditional. i've always thought that words matter in that when a president makes statements those statements are policy and those and that and those and those words of course are viewed differently by different constituencies in the u.s. and around the world thank you very much congressman charlie dent on the republican party for talking to you thank you very much for your time. more news coming up short changed.
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february first. because you get the news coming to you live from. the top stories dickey is tone and sharing a kurdish controlled enclave across the border in syria the turkish defense minister says an operation threatened by president against what he calls nets of terror is now under way. to hong kong now a democracy activists are battling in the courts of the protests that took place all before yes ago was it a dozen of them were given suspended prison towns this week one of them was nathan lol earlier we asked him whether they'd been any change in the political situation since those pro-democracy protests or was four years ago. well to be honest the situation gets worse the interventional the beijing government and most will
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see of them before and why for example the disqualification of them quite simply lessened legislators and i am the one who was elected by more than fifty thousand voters but the whole ones this qualified me by. explaining the law from a gene site so that definitely that things situation are on call and i think most of the democratic supporters they are still having all. this this will forward to a brighter future now in the. north side of the battle between the go from between the beijing and the democratic process you know that was nice in little democracy activists and not the issue causing frustration hong kong is a crowded city sky high rents for the poor have that can mean hard choices social housing is scarce forcing people to share a tiny apartments others literally sleep in cages on next support highlights one
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woman's drive to find homes and dignity for hong kong's destitute some have dubbed the angel of the poor. their home is a cage seven men live in a single room in bitter poverty they often don't have enough money for three meals a day. mr long shows us where he's been living for years. he gets about five hundred euros in welfare every month nearly half of which he spends on his cage bed and electricity. as expendable as trash we have been cast out so siah he has given up on us. there only ray of hope is life she visits them regularly and asks how they're doing what they need and brings them extra money for food. she works for an aid
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organization that looks after people living in miserable conditions in hong kong. everything is ready set and they're also used for a shameful because the whole call we have here who is also us and people they are so rich in hong kong and that the government have hugely houses so i think that up once you have the capacity and resources to help these people but we just allow this to happen. hardly anywhere in the world is living space as an affordable as in hong kong there's very little room for the more than seven million residents but there are plenty of bias for luxury apartments a profitable business for real estate companies. buying an apartment is barely affordable even for the middle class it's long been the norm for them to spend hundreds of their income on rent or animal cage hong kong is a housing nightmare for many. people call her the
3:34 pm
angel of the poor because of her efforts to help out visits the home of thirteen year old czech ming onus here have subdivided many of the apartments into mini lodgings known as shoe boxes with just a part time job and welfare all this mother and child can afford are about two and a half square metres with a bunk bed and a small table the mother cries a lot and wishes she could provide something better for her son so you have a mouth. our apartment should really be big enough that my son and i can move around freely. his own but here it's so small that we can only enter the room one at a time. checkmating won't tell his classmates how he lives he's too ashamed most people here work but they don't earn enough for an apartment of their own so several people are forced to share a grubby kitchen and a single bathroom or board their only hope is
3:35 pm
a state subsidized apartment but the waiting list is several years long lines shannon gives advice helps people deal with bureaucracy and puts pressure on officials where she can. mean it's not a phase easy to keep moving really the only country where you hopeless and helpless because. he ain't going easy on you somebody has many hearts and some people you know mostly and besides now too many people and i didn't know more. about thirty percent of hong kong's residents live in subsidized housing but there's not nearly enough to go around the hunt for an affordable living space even drives people to live in corrugated iron huts atop factories with little by way of safety features it's illegal and dangerous.
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but where else are people supposed to go if. children are especially vulnerable ly shan herself grew up in poverty and knows how they fail many don't even have enough space at home to do their homework. the aid organization has other volunteers who help them too. and here they're taught not to be ashamed of being poor. their images well because they feel they're inferior they not is and i was i was at it a day at the beginning they're not getting that back but of course the other people they don't know that there was ample we have some children their past may know that they. living in this kind of eating small space and. his calling for more subsidized housing from the city government she says too much land goes to the powerful real estate companies she's already helped thousands of
3:37 pm
residents to move from their shoe box dwellings to subsidized housing sometimes it took years such as with ms tie the apartments the bigger the rents cheaper for residents it means a complete lifestyle change fewer worries and more money left over it's a never ending job but a rewarding one i feel happy because when i help people that you do because situation i feel very sorry for them and so i will her and they finally put their situation. be very happy. and all because i think helping people is kind of happiness. those living in caged beds generally pay more rent for their space than people who live in subsidized flats if it weren't for life shan's help mr long and the other men here might not even have warm clothing for the winter nights. sometimes when the people of hong kong come home from work mr long goes to the soccer pitch he used to work in
3:38 pm
a slaughter house and lived in employee housing now he's seventy and in poor health he's given up hope of ever getting a subsidized apartment as there are almost three hundred thousand other people in hong kong who are also on the waiting list. here in germany have been experiencing what the weather forecasters are describing as the worst storm in a decade at least twelve people were killed as hurricane force winds and reinspect across parts of europe age of those deaths were in germany the pile for gales tore up buildings and toppled trees and cause havoc for real and air travelers. a nervous fliers nightmare planes blown around like toys at amsterdam's schiphol airport. down on the ground a mother and her baby had a narrow escape. while gale
3:39 pm
force winds toppled shipping containers out of dodge port said the. across the border in germany the elements made some jobs impossible. trees were uprooted here as well causing extensive property damage as well as fatalities. rail passengers were left in the lurch as high speed train services were shut down across germany. friday morning travelers were resigned to the situation i've been here since yesterday and i mean it's just the waiting game now there are a lot of people who are stuck in berlin so i think they do what they can and they can control the weather as it continued its journey east the storm also pummeled poland and vogue area but it's said to weaken throughout friday.
3:40 pm
and to men in business news in a credible continues to brew between china and the united states that's true some chinese steel and polyester exports to the u.s. now face punitive tariffs as high as one hundred seventy four percent. or shinton says subsidies from beijing give these products an unfair it making it hard for american producers to compete only a small range of chinese products are affected but experts say the trade dispute could also affect other countries. the u.s. pizza p akash airing platform has entered the german market that is purchasing dimas crew for which began offering a similar service in germany last year it will have to compete against cashing platforms like dr e. and snap which are already present in germany to row has around five million users in the u.s. not to show yet how many users here in germany but let's pull in our financial correspondent daniel cole who standing by in frankfurt on this one daniel there are
3:41 pm
already pizza picasa sharing apps here they're already caught sharing apps as well when companies like b.m.w. for example two cars on the streets that people can use and you share them with others but this is about sharing your own car and germans take pride in their cars but would they really want other people driving their prized possessions. well i was actually asking myself the same question because you know when i'm here in my car standing at home it would be actually a nice idea you know to make some money with it but on the other hand you don't really know who's going to be driving the car maybe it's somebody who is smoking i personally don't small investors also feel that the german market especially is going to be very difficult for the company because there are other european companies i actually asked my spanish colleague a little bit earlier where cars are mostly more seen as a way of transportation coming from one place to the other where here in germany
3:42 pm
a car in many places you know or for many people it can be even more important than the own wife but of course at the beginning also nobody was really believing in the success of air b.n. b. but it's now a company also making more than one billion u.s. dollars every year and also since last year in the winning zone so it sounds like there is a market out there. driving in step as well which i mentioned. for the fact that there are still a lot of germans who smoke and what it's like to get a good mica. yeah exactly i mean drive you from france right now number one here in europe tour has the goal really to become the number one here and you are actually trying to rent a car tomorrow just for a couple of hours and just one car was actually offered to me all to the north about for about twenty five euros but at the same time located in mine so would be
3:43 pm
another forty minute drive so i guess they really still need to grow a little bit because the infrastructure is not there and it depends on whether or not you want to drive or an ok day you thanks for. speaking with transportation in the capital of bangladesh dacca the most popular beings is the rickshaw the city reportedly has the highest number of them in the world but the government is clamping down on them. this is the easiest way to get around the bangladeshi capital dhaka. some tricks are readily available everywhere but we feel they are useful because they can move around in our roles. he said he did but he did not and they are less of an environmental burden than cars for several hundred thousand locals the vehicles represent more than just a means of transportation they are a source of income. you know i came from a village he felt i've been working in this area for six or seven years i make
3:44 pm
about nine dollars that's what my family lives on. what i did what i would have either much. but his days in the job could be numbered critics say rickshaws are slowing down traffic in dhaka so the police are cracking down on them. illegally plying through the v.i.p. rolls and creating traffic jams now will send these to be trashed less than ten percent of doctors rickshaws are legally registered now hundreds of thousands of drivers face the prospect of losing their livelihood. the industry goes national in one thousand kicks off several hours from now when had it today don't want any any ask them to get peaceful says joins me welcome and one man who's not even going to play tonight is dominating the lead up to this game and you're absolutely right and that is of course pierre and rick odom
3:45 pm
a young everybody's talking about him is he going to stay in dortmund or is he going to go to primarily joins arsenal to find that it's all a big mess but can dortmund win without him his small. or problem child pm rick about a yang is once again giving his coach a headache with thirteen goals so far this season his brilliance is a vote on the pitch the problem is it's not going on now it's just us a new coach vegas said on thursday that he thinks the twenty eight year old would fit in well in north london. has long been looking for a way out of dortmund and vegas talks seems to have gone to his head the strike has been left at home head of dortmund strict but because the club deems that he's got too much else on his mind and isn't fully focus. things had been going so well for still he's unbeaten in the disney guess since taking over in december and now christian pussy is set to make a return from injury. is ready to play again he
3:46 pm
took part in the last two training sessions and we're going to see how he is so he's a possibility for the games. in america which is fortunate because right now dortmund need all hands on day the much discussed departure of their biggest star is looking likely than ever. some of the house is going to pan out even if they ask the transfer doesn't take place although my angst time and gotten is over well it's going to be very difficult for dortmund because like we've just heard in the report it's their biggest star and he's somebody who let's not forget last year was the biggest goal scorer in the bundesliga so he's a very important person in the squad and also this season in fact and dormant of any picked up two points and scored three goals in the three games that they played but i think so we're obviously saying that he's a central figure here and the decision to not bring him to berlin and we actually heard from the sporting director of dortmund that's me shouts or he said that we
3:47 pm
feel that he's not one hundred percent with it mentally at the moment so became a question of whether or not he could help us in berlin the question is if he stays where they have you have to help them through at the rest of the season is. very difficult but i don't think dortmund really have a choice but they want to win they need to include him in the team meanwhile another big trance another big deal has already gone through today that's right them he of course is that shell guy and he has announced well that's been and i'm stunned he's going to be moving too big of course joins a bar in munich they also they always snap up these big players whenever they want he said he'll be joining the team from the first of july he's obviously a very important person actually we're seeing them reserve units in the squad of course this season they are fourteen points behind metres bar munich but they've been playing incredibly well i'm told so it will be worrying for them as well this season or what they're for next season more like who they're going to replace someone like gag the refs go with and of course that leads to much speculation which i'm sure we'll be hearing about who will possibly be going to shell or who
3:48 pm
will be leaving more like the year so don't expect much in the us thank you very much for those insights. kid and now the chapter is unfolding what. we are going to look at you know the scope of the californian couple who were arrested facing charges off. taking keeping thirteen off their children captive now they're being prosecuted they have defeated not guilty to charges that they tortured and abuse their children here's more on that story. it was the first quarter parents for david to win and his wife louise the couple pleaded not guilty to the charges but largely remained silent and court . lawyer said he thought it was important that the legal system be allowed to run its course and this should not be a trial by media. what we would like the public to know is that our clients are
3:49 pm
presumed to be innocent and that's a very important presumption it applies to each and every one of you it applies to us and it applies to our clients they are presumed to be not guilty. but with all the media attention that much beyond likely the world was shocked earlier this week when the story hit the headlines authorities say they discovered the couple's malnourished children in foul smelling conditions in this california suburb of some of the children was still padlock to their beds or in shackles prosecutors say several of the victims have cognitive impairment as a result of extreme and prolonging physical abuse they used a couple of human depravity. one of the reasons for the punishments were the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area they were accused of playing in the water and they would be chained. the judge overseeing the case has set bail at twelve million u.s.
3:50 pm
dollars the couple is set to appear in court again on february the twenty third. and all the chapters on phil are doing in the hollywood sexual abuse scandal this time with good and the korea a one of the most vivid direct as woody allen this week his adopted daughter dylan farrow went on television to reiterate to claims that in one thousand nine hundred two when she was just seven years old her father sexually abused roman measure from a culture this is all been welcome so is woody allen's korea over what it could well be in this current climate i mean it's already finished the careers of harvey weinstein and kevin spacey i mean woody allen has made nearly fifty films he's won four oscars and actors queue up to be in his films all they used to but ever since this time in ninety two when he was going through an acrimonious divorce with his then wife mia farrow there's been a question mark about this alleged abuse not helped by the fact that after the
3:51 pm
divorce he married his stepdaughter sunidhi previn who was a college student however he was investigated at the time and no charges have ever been filed by us when you think of kevin spacey hasn't been to court but his career is over the atmosphere in hollywood is undoubtedly toxic at the moment there are people coming out day by day saying they won't work with woody allen the latest one is i think colin firth so his career is definitely curtailed if not perhaps ok we have to just wait and see and meanwhile let's move on if janis joplin had to leave she would have been seventy five today and she died actually at the tender age of twenty seven she was known as the queen of rock and roll and no one ever took the time to how cup well i have first of all that i think there is any female singer even today that matched that rock'n'roll voice i prefer the title first
3:52 pm
lady of rock n roll because she really was the first rock female rock n roller. there were female singers around back in the sixty's i mean think of joan baez for instance but there was nobody who was in the very male dominated rock'n'roll scene and she broke that mold it was also the time of live fast love hard and die young and janis joplin did all of that. born and raised in texas janis joplin was a misfit at an early age with her love of art and books a low point came in one nine hundred sixty two when her college newspaper named her the ugliest man on campus but she turned the pain from that into a source of strength she broke out and landed in san francisco which seemed to be waiting for someone like her with her raw expressive voice.
3:53 pm
after genesis performance at the one nine hundred sixty seven monterey pop festival there was no looking back she idolized artists like otis redding in a wreath or franklin but created her own unique style. all i got now is shrink but that's maybe if i keep saying maybe i did that's why. she felt safe on stage where she could share her emotions with everyone her fans went crazy for her but the highs from performing weren't enough and off stage she turned to heroin. joplin faced many obstacles in the male dominated music scene of the one nine hundred sixty s. she had no role models for what she was doing but she's become one herself in her
3:54 pm
last year of life joplin led a relatively quiet life free of drugs and more productive than ever. but she relapsed in one nine hundred seventy and died from a heroin overdose at the age of twenty seven janis joplin didn't live to witness the great success of her final album. a. signature to flash. for so many things including fast cars and even go to song famous i'm with you and i. think that everybody is really yeah i mean she owned a porsche herself what she had customized there it is in psychedelic count as buy ready and stand itself a one point seven six million dollars at ocean just a couple of years ago and as you mentioned she wrote and recorded as i connick song just three days before she died right and we're going to listen to that song robin
3:55 pm
mail thank you so much for bringing us more about janis joplin who would have been seventy five today had she lived the going to leave you now with a song of hers on a passion for us thank you very much for accounting that's it for me and thought she and robin mehta to death oh look don't you buy me a murder say these bands my friends. or see. what. i laughed then no help from friends so. what's a bum me a murderer say these vans oh ard watch me a color t.v. than me. is trying to find me i'll wait for day delivery each day until three so. it's about me.
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