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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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turkey fossum kurdish militias in syria with tanks and troops ready to roll turkey's defense minister says the shelling is part of a planned invasion we'll take you live to istanbul also on the program. germany social democrats prepared to vote on whether to back their leadership. and some said he wouldn't last until christmas but the president is still that will take a look at his first year in office. welcome
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to the program turkish forces have been firing on targets across the border with syria the country's defense minister says an operation against a kurdish controlled klavan serious african region has begun move comes just days after turkey's president red tape type one said he would stamp out what he called nests of terror on the border military intervention puts turkey at odds with the united states which has backed the kurdish militias and its fights against the islamic state group. not even the rain could dampen their spirits. thousands of kurds demonstrated against a possible invasion of turkish troops president add ones in once meant that he wants to drive kurdish militias i took the syrian enclave brought them onto the streets. and that's not all the world needs to hear us and these threats from
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turkey. who goes over the colorado one wants to intimidate us but we will kill any attacker who sets foot in a free. fall that's. a ranch twenty kilometers further north turkish tanks roll on unperturbed towards the border region of how tight security that is high media reports say there have been exchanges of gunfire but no one was injured turkey calls kurdish militias in northern syria terrorists. ankara says they are the extended arm band k.k. however some kurdish militias are u.s. allies in the fight against the so-called islamic state. we are telling the turkish army straight we are ready. what we are prepared for anything and our troops are well equipped to defend our free will be.
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a free not i feel as a military strike that could track the entire region into a new war. correspondent dorian jones in istanbul welcome doria as we heard in the report that the main target for appears to be the white. they're fighting islamic states so why is turkey starting this shelling now. well that's because turkey said for many months in fact years that the white piccies linked to a kurdish rebel group fighting an insurgency in turkey the p.k. k. a conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives and uncle says that this militia is sending its soldiers across the border to support the p.k. k. in military operations that the militia the knife but the fact that the syrian militia controls much of the nine hundred kilometer border with turkey turkey argues that this is a clear and present danger and it has to be dealt with. turkey's defense minister
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says there's no option but a ground assault in this strange three dimensional chess conflict that is syria talk us through some of the why the repercussions of such a move well the repercussions could be enormous already damascus has warned turkey that any incursion into syria would be treated as a hostile act in fact the prime minister said any turkish planes would be shot down have entered syrian airspace also the united states has weighed in yesterday it warned turkey not to carry out an incursion into syria against its militia saying that all i should be focused on the war against the islamic state and crucially moscow they haven't said anything but moscow is seen as key given the fact that russia control syrian airspace and any operation by turkey would rely on turkish air force supporting its forces on the ground moscow in many ways it's seen as key also moscow has something to reason of three hundred soldiers in the afrin enclave they were deployed to prevent earlier in front of incursion by turkey so turkish
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calculation then is who can we afford to annoy the least the usa or russia. well i think turkey's looking to moscow in fact that the head of its army and its intelligence chiefs who are in moscow earlier this week trying to win over moscow trying to get their support for this operation and pretty good not only united states in fact the prime minister said that on america can't be trusted they say one thing one day another thing another that there is a massive chasm of mistrust between washington and this latest crisis is the most worrying thawing of this deepening crisis between the two countries or in jones in istanbul thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world the husband of a german journalist mashallah tolu has been rearrested in turkey just weeks after he and his wife were released from pretrial detention the dissension was confirmed by his father in law so what color is
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a journalist and activist and to hear his wife face charges of belonging to a terror organization. here in germany clean up workers on the way in the wake of the worst storm to hit northern europe in a decade erica now fredricka killed at least twelve people eight of them in germany insurers estimate the storm caused some five hundred million euros worth of damage germany's most notorious jihadi dennys. reportedly been killed in syria a media sites an affiliated with islamic state group announced the death of the forty two year old former rapper performed under the stage name desert dog. you see it as prime minister just into her and has announced that she's expecting her first child and will take six weeks of paternity leave the baby is born. on a women's right to privacy concerning baby plans went viral last year after she was elected leader of new zealand's labor party. a key vote in germany this weekend
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could decide to chancellor merkel's political that future on sunday s.p.d. party leader martin schultz will try to convince a special party conference to back of the leadership decision to talk to the chance the conservatives about entering into a new grand coalition will negotiations with the conservatives can only be good if the conference votes yes but there is resistance from the s.p.d. particularly its youth wing and over with me a minority government or the possibly old possibility of fresh elections i should say spoke a while ago in a short while ago in berlin and here's what he said about sunday's vote your thoughts are clearly on the start of the we are concentrating on reaching a majority at a party congress on sunday in favor of the decision to enter into talks aimed at finding a coalition deal that is my task to get a majority of others are trying to get a majority for their positions that is how the democratic party works up you know
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a bit of it will cost the pub so those talks with about starting those talks about talks about starting a coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives resistance particularly strong in the youth wing of the s.p.d. the youth wing could hold the balance of power in sunday's vote the double quarter with its leader. six months ago no one knew who he was now it seems everyone wants a piece of kevin care net. at just twenty eight the leader of the s.p.d. as youth wing is on a mammoth mission to stop i'm of the grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives what germans call. we reject a renewed grand coalition because we convinced it wouldn't be right for democracy in germany and we consider it meg legend to let the far right or you have to you become the leading opposition party with us and for the second time in two months
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cain at will be locking horns with s.p.d. party leader martin schultz on sunday as he bids to convince party delegates to vote no grow closer to his grassroots support kuna believes this is the only way for the s.p.d. to regenerate after damaging years into local governments. the finnish president and for me he is the kind of politician who hopefully certainly shaped the future of this party. that they tried to influence a very talented upcoming politician he's still young and everything lines ahead of him i think something will become of him. even pas members who support the idea of a grand coalition have high hopes for canucks political future. impose a t.v. and put in the most positive senses of politics junkie he breathes politics but at the same time he's matter of fact and stands by his opinion and he definitely has a big future. cannot became a member of the s.p.
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day at just fifteen in the same year that angle of michael was first elected chancellor but units no grow coke campaign now threatens to end a twelve year reign. that's because let's i think i'm gonna matter of time in office will soon end because her policy model simply no longer works you can sit on issues forever and make new decisions but things aren't going to get automatic lee better when she's no longer chancellor you know america is one of the translation is it's a classic tale of experience against youth name first is nobody but there's nobody could well be the straw that breaks the camel's back in germany's chancellor a. saturday about the first anniversary of donald trump taking office as president of the united states some said he wouldn't last until christmas but with the economy booming and his health reportedly good he's holding steady he's unpredictable nature has had his supporters cheery and his opponents cringing
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here's a look back at an eventful year. it was an audacious first week in office. the gratian had been a central tenet of candidate trump's campaign within days of his inauguration president trump issued the first report became known as muslim bans his supporters welcomed the move but thousands of people turned out at airports across the country to protest the executive order legal challenges against the travel ban came almost immediately even after trump signed a second and then a third ban later in the year courts prevented them from going fully into effect the supreme court will ultimately decide their fate this year. shortly after the election the number of illegal crossings at the u.s. mexican border hit an all time low according to u.s. border officials throughout the year the government stepped up raids and arrests of suspected undocumented persons in the u.s. . the wall on the u.s.
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mexican border that trump promised is now part of some key immigration negotiations in washington. one clear triumph for trump was the ascension of neil course to the supreme court for many conservatives this was an affirmation of why they voted for trump course it is an arch conservative jurist at just forty nine years old and with a lifetime appointment he is likely to shape a good portion of american law moving forward. trims only legislative success so far has been his tax bill with an estimated one point five trillion dollars in tax cuts it advances several conservative republican objectives like slashing corporate taxes and in particular lowering the rate for the richest americans he signed the bill into law even though the american public largely disapproved. the president also fulfilled a key campaign promise when he announced he'd withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement over the objections of many of his advisors the
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u.s. is now the only country in the world. that is not signed the accord. building on strategies the obama administration put in place trumped up the numbers of u.s. troops in iraq and syria ultimately helping to defeat the so-called islamic state the prime minister of iraq declared victory over i asked last month. and the u.s. economy has remained strong under trump u.s. stock markets have reached record highs and unemployment is at a seventeen year low over the president's behavior has been a daily flashpoint and many people still feel left behind in the economy mainstream conservatives have a lot to be happy about. our temperatures have soared to forty degree celsius on day five of the australian open in melbourne but play has continued uninterrupted despite the heat men's world number one rough and the doll easily reached around four with a straight sets win. meanwhile third seed grigor dimitrov came through in four sets
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against a group left in round three of the women's singles a fifteen year old ukrainian. had her dream run and that six two six two by camacho at a competitive. football munich of confirmed germany international land will join the club at the end of the season shall commit field track to be interest of the trip to liverpool of a status but have managed to secure his signature of four but it's going to be a regular national team particularly impressive in last year's confederations cup. here's a reminder of our top story this hour turkey has started shopping with kurdish controlled flight across the border in syria the turkish defense minister says an operation threatened by president rouhani guess what he called tests of terror because. that's it your up to date. in the meantime of course
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as always. the websites of the movie talked about it. we've we've .


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