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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news line from berlin the u.s. government against the federal shutdown on the day president trump marks one year in office the u.s. senate fails to agree on a new spending plan and both parties move quickly to blame the other will ask how the shutdown will impact the truck presidency and the american people also coming up. turkish artillery shell the syrian town of the dream in a move to oust the u.s. backrush militia in washington is appealing for them to stop that and corvallis to press on the full scale operation against them. and in support at the
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bottom of the bundesliga cologne looks to build on its win last weekend in the basement clash against relegation rivals how dark. i'm michel henery thanks for joining us. the u.s. government has begun a federal shutdown on the day president trump marks one year in office the senate failed to reach a spending deal needed to keep the government running halting all but the most essential operations it's the first ever shutdown to happen while the same party the republicans controlled both congress and the white house and the recriminations have already begun. it was a night of partisan politics at the capitol despite hours of debate and last minute deal making there was no agreement on
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a government funding deal the a's are fifty the nays are forty nine the motion is not agreed the republican leadership couldn't find the sixty votes it needed to keep the government open the government shutdown means hundreds of thousands of public servants may have to stay home officials. following the senate vote the white house said the democrats were behaving like obstructionists loses its words were echoed by the republican senate laid out what we've just witnessed on the floor was a son a conversation out of democrats or a shovel. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political gas a government shutdown was one hundred percent of all the democratic senate laid at chuck schumer said he tried his utmost to give the republicans what they wanted he was prepared to offer donald trump money for his border wall if the president would
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soften his hard line on immigration no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump he walked away from two bipartisan deals including one today in which i even put the border wall on the table ultimately dog the democrats wouldn't back down on one key demand they wanted guarantees on the future of hundred thousand undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. is children republican side that's holding ordinary people hostage but with most americans supporting a deal on the children democrats are calculating the voters will back them. our washington correspondent explains how you wish lawmakers inability to reach a deal will affect government services well it has happened congress has not passed a spending measure until midnight and the government of the united states is now in
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a shutdown each party is blaming the other one of causing this crisis the truth is it has never been of all policy it has been the whole time only about politics each party with their respective political strategy it's a partial shutdown that means the essential services of the government will remain the justice department will keep working although with less workers social security checks will continue the military operations will continue and of course to congress will be working especially to end this shutdown some federal agency is that will be closed are the department of education and the environmental protection agency also the funding for the children's health insurance will be put on hold until it can be extended all of this happening on the one year anniversary of the inauguration of donald trump as president of the united states of america. let's take a closer look at the internet national impact the u.s. government shutdown could have joining us now in the studio is having rika head of
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the transatlantic program for the german council on foreign relations heading welcome to. the midnight deadline passed without enough votes in the u.s. senate to keep the federal government running why should we care here outside the u.s. i mean it's our strongest ally it's an important vibrant economy so headless government in washington would be a catastrophe for many specs of the policies of a of a corporation of course this is the first focus the attention of the president towards washington even more and sometimes you need an odd looking president if a crisis comes and then of course the shutdown means the government can't really run you remember. president obama couldn't attend a very important summit in asia in two thousand and thirteen because of the shutdown and we can't afford the president trumps trump is planning to come to the davos economic summit to europe and these are important venue's he has to attend
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there so we'd be happy if this could be avoided despite republicans controlling both the white house and congress the u.s. government as as you know has shut down what does this mean for president trump i mean. imagine this is his first interview anniversary in office and. i think the democrats knew that this might happen then of course it taints the day the day he should take balance and look at his achievements and this is why they are so frantically trying to put the blame on the democrats the democrats have of like loaded the bill with nonfinancial issues especially the very important agreements legislation and this is exactly what the republicans did earlier so to blame them as being irresponsible is hypocrisy but it means for him that he cannot prove that he is. do you make it that he cannot actually reach out to congress and make these kinds of compromises that would be necessary for this. thank you
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so the u.s. government technically ran out of money of midnight on friday the moment trump began marking one year in office so let's take a moment to look back on that year one of the defining features of his presidency is his propensity for governing by twitter earlier we spoke to former cia director and then secretary of defense leon panetta we asked him what implications trump's use of social media house i cannot imagine i was i was chief of staff to the present united states to bill clinton i could not imagine being a chief of staff and trying to determine what the strategy is for a particular day and then go to work and find out the president at five am started tweeting thing that that totally undermine the ability to have some
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kind of strategy or for that particular day you're going to have to spend your time basically repairing the damage that the president did from his tweets it is it is very unstable it's very erratic there's no reason that the president has to suddenly get up in the morning and tweet without developing some kind of stable policy approach to deciding what is the strategy for this administration it cannot just be a tweet you can't do foreign policy by tweeting. so leaving panetta says trump's tweeting is a damaging and ineffective has the international community been able to come up with an effective strategy for interpret his tweets first one has to understand that his twittering is effective to reach out to his electorate and this is very important these are not done these are of course government documents but they're not treated like this in his mind he wants to reach out to his listeners first we
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have to understand that the policy is made not by twitter but by the actions of the people around him by the agencies by the white house and i think there is a lot of good cooperation going on so the strategy is to reach out to the reasonably reasonable people around him and and press that they have sort of credible long term policy that we can can actually rely on having regular thank you for joining us. turkey has intensified shelling of the northern syrian town of afraid in a move to oust us that critics militia on chrissy's the tens of thousands of critics fighters massed there as terrorists and is bound to press on with a full scale operation against them but syria has warned against an incursion and is threaten to shoot down turkish jets. their target is a differing syria that's where turkey believes the kurdish y p g militia has its bases artillery rounds are intended to wear down wipe the g. forces before air and ground forces go in and is refusing to back down in this
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operation will take place we will cleanse the region of all terror groups the specifics are dependent on developments in the fighting as is the time frame it can start any time tomorrow or even tonight actually it's already begun. for turkey the wider g. or peoples protection units is the syrian army of the kurdistan workers party and enemy of the turkish state for the us the white peachy has been useful against the so-called islamic state and washington arm the kurdish group to defeat us now the us is calling for a border security force in syria that would include the y.p. g. militia turkey is dead set against that plan. turkey has run out of patience. no one should think will sit idly by to watch events unfold. turkey's government wants to prevent a kurdish zone of influence at any cost from northern iraq to the turkish syrian
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border which it believes kurdish militias would use to attack turkey turkey's attack on white g. forces an app for a look to achieve that goal. the campaign is turkey's next round in a long conflict against kurdish armed factions they are often supported by the u.s. turkey's nato ally as part of a larger regional conflict involving ever shifting alliances. not just some of the other stories making news around the world egypt's president adel fatah assisi says he will run for a second term in march elections he's being challenged by sunny and on the country's former armed forces chief anon has called upon state institutions to remain neutral in the campaign but. the op. the writer of japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant says it says it has captured images was likely to be melted fuel inside one of the damage reactors the images would provide crucial information for its cleanup a massive earthquake and tsunami in two thousand and eleven cost three reactors at
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the japanese plant to melt. north and south korean officials are meeting at the international olympic committee to discuss the participation of north korea at next month's winter games north korea's possible involvement is seen by some as a sign of easing tensions over pyongyang's nuclear and missile program. one of the top blunders of the games on saturday sees a bottom of the table showdown second to last hamburg vs last place cologne this encounter could be an indicator of what to expect from each of these old traditional clubs as they have battled to stay in the top division next season. number coach my cause gives dollars attempting to remain cool and calm no easy feat and his team are sitting in the dreaded drop zone the last time i played last way to outwork so they desperately need a victory this weekend against bottom of the table. it's right to say
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that this match is particularly important to us to beat it's a home game and against a team that's struggling to avoid relegation but recently they've had a bit of a boost get some person off the puck the first half of the season proved disastrous for cologne with relegation practically a short but the club are feeling hopeful again after their last minute victory against gladbach last weekend put their success in the wrong darby be a sign of what's to come. as a long live via and it what so long as we remain in the relegation zone winning is the only thing that matters for. playing for a victory from the very first second to the last. sort of. victory for cologne would push them within three points of second from bottom hamburg which would serve as a welcome boost for the billy goats and worrying for michael's good old site. persons to. we don't like the situation where he ended we don't have enough it's
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points from is what we need to be realistic before the current season even got underway we knew this season was going to be incredibly difficult to get him she says although something has changed in cologne believes that miracles can sometimes happen with hard work and dedication. at the australian open it's been a mixed day for germany stars kerber has stormed into the second wave but the comprehensive win over maria sharapova was on top throughout winning six one six three but germany's best hope in the men's draw out sent a stare of crashed out in five sets against young china south korea fourth seed spirit was ahead after three sets but chung roared back to take the final two in the rest of the action top women seeds simona halep fended off american lauren davis and a tense battle that took nearly four hours howlett won the marathon final set fifteen thirteen and now that talk of it is also through to the fourth round after
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beating spain's albert ramos in the last and straight sets the service chasing a record seventh australian open title more news coming up here at the top of the hour but stay tuned for our business news coming up next thanks for watching and see you next time. when i'm traveling like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. and d.-w. makes that part.


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