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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin the u.s. government shuts down on the very day president trump was hoping to celebrate his first year in power with the u.s. senate failing to agree on a new spending plan the republicans and democrats have been blaming each other will be asking how the shutdown will affect trump the u.s. and the outside world. also on the program troops have stepped up their shelling of the syrian town of three in a campaign against the kurdish militia that controlled the region despite washington's appeals for restraint and turkey's president of the one says
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a ground operation is now on the way. so five balls the name of the game with cologne looking to build on a greater win last weekend as they face relegation rivals humbug in a place clash. with. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring thanks for joining us a year into donald trump's presidency the u.s. is still a country wracked by political division on the very day marking the first anniversary of his swearing in ceremony the federal government has shut down off to congress failed to reach a deal on spending it means the government workers will stay at home halting all but the most essential operations recriminations have already begun. it was a night of partisan politics at the capitol despite hours of debate and last minute
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deal making there was no agreement on a government funding deal the a's are fifty the nays are forty nine the motion is not agreed the republican leadership couldn't find the sixty votes needed to keep the government open the government shutdown means hundreds of thousands of public servants may have to stay home. following the senate vote the white house said the democrats were behaving like obstructionist loses its words were echoed by the republican senate laid out what we've just witnessed on the floor was a son a call decision by a set of democrats as shovel. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political games a government shutdown was one hundred first of all double the democratic senate lead that chuck schumer said he tried his utmost to give the republicans what they
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wanted he was prepared to offer donald trump money for his border wall if the president would soften his hard line on immigration no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. he walked away from two bipartisan deals including one today in which i even put the border wall on the table ultimately though the democrats wouldn't back down on one key demand they wanted guarantees on the future of eid hundred thousand undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. is children republican side that's holding ordinary people hostage but with most americans supporting a deal on the children democrats are calculating that voters will back them. ok we're going to get some analysis on all this now from us expert doris foreman proffer fessor politics of politics rather than college thank you for coming in bars i want to pick up on those bipartisan deal deals that didn't come through that
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we were just hearing about in our report the last time we had a shutdown twenty thirteen don't trump blamed president obama for failing to make the deal necessary deal with the other side what does this latest shutdown tell us about donald trump's fame skills as a deal maker well i mean first of all it tells us something we knew already which is that congress in american politics is very polarized it's very difficult to get a deal done but it's true i mean trump ran on the ticket saying that he's a great negotiator that he had certain skill superior skills from the business world that he would translate to the political political world obviously this is not something that's that has worked. now this is of course the u.s. domestic story the u.s. federal government to shut down you've just written this book. that had a makati in germany in germany rather the crisis of democracy show talking about
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the wider. implications of people like trump. and so on how does this u.s. domestic development the federal government shutdown how is that going to affect the outside world well first of all. i think it's going to impact the domestic world trump was elected because there was a deep frustration with the political establishment something we're also seeing in the real pims european context and he promised that there would be a protection of american workers from the outside world from globalization there would be investments in infrastructure there's a debate about a big infrastructure deal towards the end of general that's something he can finance if there is this government shutdown and obviously with the with the tax reform he's hamstrung in what concerns his his budget what's the outside world wealth i mean you could be cynic and you could say he would be distracted from the outside world which some would see as in the vet it's on the other hand every time
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that he's cornered at home sometimes there's an escape and there's a probation that sets off a whole spiral of events that is hard to calculate ok foreman thanks for now but do stay with us we're going to talk a little bit more first though we're going to switch our attention to transfer student office it is a year today that he was inaugurated as u.s. president and our correspondents have been gathering opinions about him for us so here's a look at how people around the world view the trump presidency. do you lock he's the most interesting president in u.s. history he's outspoken and adept in social media he's a star on the internet to go off on was nobody writing to the post everything takes time trump's not a bad president new book i believe that a bright future of sorts does lie ahead technically i think what he does and how you talk some presents himself is terrible he's a very unpleasant man and that makes living with him very difficult but when i had
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children yeah. present rate cut trump talking about it that they doubt themselves i hope he would say. oh no i don't want to talk about trump. very mixed set of views there back to boris folan professor of politics and balanced budget college what is your view of the trump presidency so far particularly the way that donald trump conducts foreign policy there's been a lot of chaos and this is what foreign policy experts have been fearing the volatility in the international system we've seen a couple of crises. in the korean case the russia affair different moments where it wasn't quite clear what position the u.s. was standing on and i think this is one thing that worries. states leaders and foreign policy experts most is that the u.s. seems to have taken a peculiar turn over the last one hundred years one could almost say it was always
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clear that the u.s. was leading the gloat that it was the hedge i'm on but it but it was a beneficial hedge among the believed in certain universal values such as democracy under trump it's not about values but it's about interests and i think that there is a lot of people ok our form on many things in talking to us thanks. now moving on to other news turkey's president wretch of tired everyone says his armed forces have launched a ground operation to oust kurdish militia from the syrian town of afrin he hasn't specified yet whether turkish troops have now crossed the border into syria turkey has been intensifying its shelling of the region in recent days in order to push out tens of thousands of kurdish fighters it says on terrorists syria for its part has warned against any incursion and threaten to shoot down turkish jets. their target is a differing syria that's where turkey believes the kurdish wide b.g. militia has its bases artillery rounds are intended to wear down the g.
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forces before air and ground forces go in and is refusing to back down this operation will take place we will cleanse the region of all terror groups the specifics are dependent on developments in the fighting as is the time frame it can start any time tomorrow or even tonight actually it's already begun on such a ritual. for turkey why he or people's protection units is the syrian army of the kurdistan workers party an enemy of the turkish state for the us the white peachy has been useful against the so-called islamic state and washington arm the kurdish group to defeat us now the us is calling for a border security force in syria that would include the y.p. g. militia turkey is dead set against that plan. turkey has run out of patience. no one should think will sit idly by to watch events unfold. turkey's
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government wants to prevent a kurdish zone of influence at any cost from northern iraq to the turkish syrian border which it believes kurdish militias would use to attack turkey turkey's attack on white g. forces an app for a move to achieve that goal. the campaign is turkey's next round in a long conflict against kurdish armed factions they are often supported by the u.s. turkey's nato ally as part of a larger regional conflict involving ever shifting alliances. ok time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the wilds thai police have arrested a suspected kingpin asians in the trade in detention species its name has been shy back he allegedly ran a launch trafficking network that smuggled parts to chinese and vietnamese tailless he was arrested on friday in connection with the smuggling of fourteen rhino horns wealth and one million u.s. dollars. the operator of japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant says it has
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captured images of what's likely to be melted fuel inside one of the damaged reactors the images could provide crucial information for the cleanup of those reactors a massive earthquake and tsunami back in twenty eleven caused three of them at the fukushima plant. the international olympic committee has officially announced north korea's participation in next month's winter games injunction in a historic move north korea will be sending twenty two athletes to complete to compete rather in five disciplines the two koreas will also be marching under a unified korean flag for the first time since two thousand and seven. in friday night's bullishly game. hosting dortmund at the german capital's lympics stadium both sides coming away with a point they be selkie getting the hosts the scoreboard less than
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a minute into the second half you know not settle for the beautiful cross to set him up for that easy finish one nil to how to. but. then headed home in the seventy first minute to level the school english teenager jayden sanchez one up for cargo want to put away one of the final school. now one of the top games today sees hamburg facing cologne in a bottom of the table showdown currently second to last cologne lost at the moment so this is one of the most important games of the season for the two sides as they battle to stay in the business league. humber coach michaels gives dollars attempting to remain cool and calm no easy feat as his team are sitting in the dreaded drop zone last time i think last way to outwork so they desperately need a victory this weekend against bottom of the table cologne. it's right to say
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that this match is particularly important to us it's a home game and against a team that's struggling to avoid relegation but recently they've had a bit of a boost create some percent of clay pot the first half of the season proved disastrous for cologne with relegation practically a short but the club are feeling hopeful again after their last minute victory against gladbach last weekend but their success in the run darby be a sign of what's to come i. live via and if it weren't so long as we remain in the relegation zone winning is the only thing that matters then they'll be playing for a victory from the very first second to the last. sort of. victory for cologne would push them within three points of second from bottom hamburg which would serve as a welcome boost for the billy goats and worrying for michael's kids adults site. we
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don't like the situation where we don't have enough it's points but we need to be realistic before the current season even got underway we knew this season was going to be incredibly difficult again. something has changed in cologne i believe that miracles can sometimes happen with hard work and dedication. at the australian open the fist of victory from former champion of the cow but as she stormed into the second week with a comprehensive win over maria sharapova germany's count on top throughout that match winning six one six three in while top seed simona halep also still on track she fought off the challenge from american lauren davis it was a tense battle taking nearly four hours halep winning the marathon final set fifteen games to thirteen in the men's competition reigning champion roger federer still as dominant as ever the swiss master beating frenchman gas key in straight
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sets and novak djokovic also won his match in straight sets he beat spain's albert ramos six two six three six three the sub by the way chasing a record seventh australian open more from us at the top of the hour you're watching news to stay with us if you can. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word for it will be. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free yourself from the w e learning course you can speak german made easy.


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