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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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biala guest trend food employed city managed by truck bought. the odd. union the odd. ingenious. this is d.w. news live from berlin and turkey attacks the kurds in syria a move that could seriously aggravate the war in the country turkish forces have launched ground and air offensives against the northwest town of operation as they step up efforts to oust kurdish fighters there russia and the u.s. call for restraint. also coming up. a year after
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a year in office donald trump faces division in the streets and in the halls of congress as a budget fight paralyzes the government. and a new exhibition in basel switzerland celebrates the lib ork of the day arc of basel lets the german artist has turned the art world upside down in more ways than one. my ass waiter thanks for joining us. turkish forces has have begun have launched ground an air offensive against the northwest town of offering off rain and its surrounding villages officials say turkish forces have lost their ground and air offenses and the army says it has hit shelters and hideouts used by militants from three groups including u.s. backed her dish y p d militia the move opens
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a new front in syria's civil war the syrian government has warned against any incursion and threatened to shoot down turkish jets but turkish president russia one is promising to expand his country's border operations here's what he had to say earlier today let's get up move now we will clear this terror corridor from our border step by step just as we have prevented a terror corridor from being formed along our border with to rubble us and our bob operations. we've launched a military operation into the northern africa province of syria. and operation in miami beach will come after offering. the promises made to us have not been kept up to now so nobody can object if we do what is necessary. for more let's talk to dorian jones our correspondent in istanbul dorian with this
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news that there is escalation are there also signs that turkey is preparing to send large number of ground troops into syria. well that is the message coming from ancora of the turkish prime minister billie yield from announce to ground operations could start as early as sunday that would appear the turkey's expediting this operation there was the expectation that this ongoing ground strikes against the syrian kurdish militia could continue for several days if not weeks and that's because this is a very mountainous region the syrian kurdish militia are a very entrenched and well dug in and air support was seen as key to softening up the operations before the ground offensive but now it seems that turkey is expediting this would be an imminent expectation of a ground operation and given the syrian government's reaction to this situation do you think that this could escalate into a major conflict between the two countries well that is the
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fear damascus has condemned this operation it says that for him is syria and it says it will do all its means to prevent its operation but the key player here is russia they have deployed a very sophisticated surface to air missile system in syria and they effectively control the skies over syria for now at least that it does have some appears to have some tacit agreement that allows these airstrikes to go on but most code does appear to be following a diplomatic route it has called for restraint it says it will defend syria diplomatically and that is a sign that it's likely that russia will take this to the united nations security council if that is the case than it appears that turkey's time for an operation appears to be very limited and dorian just briefly these kurdish fighters that the turkish forces are charging are backed by the u.s. are we looking at also possible new strains in the relations between washington. oh definitely relations are already deeply strained over the u.s.
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in support of this kurdish militia now that turkey is attacking them there were those relations are plummeting further u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson spoke to his turkish counterpart. today i'm not pressure on from washington is expected to step up particularly as washington called on not to intervene turkish president reject typo's want slime washington said they cannot be trusted and they are supporting terrorists torian jones for us in istanbul thank you very much afghan officials say a group of gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in the capital kabul the attack on the intercontinental hotel is understood to be ongoing officials say security forces are on the scene and are exchanging fire with the gunmen at least one of the attackers is believed to have been killed some residents and staff managed to flee the raid comes days after a u.s. embassy warning of possible attacks on hotels in the city turning to the u.s.
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now it's been a year since donald trump was inaugurated and despite trump's protests promised to bring people together the country remains wracked by political division the federal government shut down overnight after congress failed to reach a last minute deal on spending this means government workers are staying home halting all but the most essential operations recriminations have already begun. it was a night of partisan politics at the capitol despite hours of debate and last minute do you miking there was no agreement on a government funding deal these are fifty two days or forty nine. the motion is not agreed the republican leadership couldn't find the sixty votes needed to keep the government open the government shutdown manes hundreds of thousands of public servants night have to stay home artificially. following the senate vote the white house said the democrats were behaving like obstructionist loses its words were
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echoed by the republican senate laid out what we've just witnessed on the floor of the sun a conversation about senate democrats to shovel. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political. a government shutdown was one hundred percent of orderable the democratic senate laid it chuck schumer said he tried his utmost to give the republicans what they wanted he was prepared to offer donald trump money for his border wall if the president would soften his hard line on immigration no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump he walked away from two bipartisan deals including one today in which i even put the border wall on the table ultimately dug the democrats wouldn't back down on one key demand they wanted guarantees on the future
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of i'd hundred thousand undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. is children republican site that's holding ordinary people hostage but with most americans supporting a deal on the children democrats are calculating the voters will back them. and while politicians in washington scramble to find a solution to this latest crisis thousands are taking to the streets of major u.s. cities for the second so-called women's march it's been one year since the first women's march saw people around the world demonstrate against donald trump's election the demonstrations were aimed at raising awareness about sexism and minority rights something protesters say hasn't improved in the first year of trump's administration. aleksandr fund naaman has been following the latest from washington for us under great to see you we are now one year into the trump administration but with demonstrations like the women's march it seems like the country is more divided than ever what are you hearing on the ground about how
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people are feeling about this first year of trump as you said after the election president trump promised to unite the country and today i talked to protesters here in washington and they told me that they think that this school has not been achieved they told me that they think that president trump's first year in office was a disaster some of them told me they think that is a sexist and a racist and they do not approve anything he does or tweeds and meanwhile we have to say that still no problems approval ratings nationwide is at a record though and more and more republicans in congress are coming forward criticizing the president's conduct his controversial remarks saying that they job is to work with the president not for the president. and speaking of congress
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we see that trump has accused democrats of blocking the financial built in order to ruin his inauguration celebrations but really we're looking at those who stands to lose the most from the shutdown. well you know traditionally it is the party that is in control of congress and according to polls more americans think that it's the president and the republicans to be blamed for the crisis and indeed we have to add the president he praises himself as a deal maker and he was not able to. make a deal and actually we have to say that the republicans and the democrats in the senate they were quite close to an agreement on the immigration and border security
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and it was donald trump who said that he wouldn't support this compromise. for us on the ground in washington d.c. thank you very much. and next week we'll see the eightieth birthday of the artist who turned the art world upside down. basel as the rebellious painter and sculptor likes to paint portraits this way these days still loves to swim against the stream an exhibition of his life's work is about to open in oslo. art turned upside down and ingenious concept which paved the way for georg basel it's in the one nine hundred seventy s. it helped the artist plays his own path between abstraction and realism as a young artist he resisted the demands of his teachers to commit to a set style. i started to squander this since i couldn't do that i tried to replicate my subjects i fought against expectations and tried to do something else
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and ended up with the portraits of my friends which are all upside down at some point. it's as working moms to tease and provoke the bourse conformity and the mainstream works from six decades including the heroic portraits from his early period are on exhibit at the fund gone biola in basel in tribute to the artist's eightieth birthday the show also has recent works on display fresh from his studio . a job i did with and i think in working with my own i'm sure is for a lifetime and all of them are present in my mind really present and i try to improve more and continue them to to focus on the defaults as it's at eighty basile it still has boundless energy and unrestrained creative power. in the bundesliga there been some surprise results today freiburg produced a performance of the day coming from behind to be
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a cyst and wreck their title hopes live a close and replace life sis in the second spot after destroying hoffenheim four one away bottom side colona one for the third game in a row to close in on second thought at homburg there were also battling wins for frankfurt frankfurt and mights catch all the goals on our bundesliga show from ten sixteen global mean time on friday top man drew away at heritage two games to come on sunday including leaders by and against bremen. a shock of victory for a german downhill skier thomas to the s.n. as he be a host of more experience competitors at the world cup race and asked and the austrian resort of kids and let me just remind you he did that on the one of the most difficult and dangerous slopes in the world the hanun come up competitors lost themselves in the starting gate over sixteen hundred meters above sea level reaching speeds of over one hundred kilometers per hour. the han income
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pieced in kids bill is daunting even for the very best out pine downhill ski areas last year's third place finisher yawn clary lost control of through the jump and crashed into the safety net saying. the frenchman was going over one hundred thirty kilometers an hour at the time needless to say clever he was unable to finish the race but was not seriously injured. thomas jefferson had no such miss fortune the german got off to a fast start and he mastered every twist and turn on the intimidating course. the twenty four year old stayed on the skis and crossed the finish line no point two zero seconds quicker than his nearest rival. test was ecstatic after his maiden will cut victory on the epic on income and with the winter olympics just around the corner. and veteran color science has triumphed in the dakar rally for the
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second time the fifty five year old spaniel spaniard wraps up victory in the car section on the final stage through the argentinian city of call of the boks the former double world rally champion gave their third win in three years in the fortnight long event the french carmaker is quitting the grueling endurance race after this year sides previously won in two thousand and ten. as you knew about trying to get at the top of the hour and thanks for watching. the british. tour link to school for more willing to accept your stories and discussion on the use of easy and i would say the deputy comes to me to join you something spoke. for god.


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