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this time around so for those who think we need movement in europe that i think i think there is something to look forward to let's pull in brussels correspondent barbara vai's old she's been following this very exciting day in german politics with us and he needs to you barbara so let me ask you you've spent a lot of time covering politics in france and paris let's talk about macro and america will and the future of the e.u. . is he breathing a sigh of relief based on what happened tonight with the social democrats. definitely so we saw on friday evening uncle america visiting and none of my crime in paris and that was sort of like a ceremonial visit because they really didn't have anything concrete to talk about but it was a sign that he wanted to show that she is my a partner i need her in europe i need her to sort of do anything to move things
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and it was just a day after he had come back from seeing theories or may in his may in britain so he really made quite clear that aguilar merkel needs to be by his side and it is quite funny melinda crying just said that he really can't do anything without money he said that in a tweet yesterday he said we can only fulfill our invitation for europe he means his european plans his reform plans for europe if the germany also shares that same and mission and that is completely clear he will fall under if he doesn't have a strong german government at his side and at the moment the only constant in that government can be an american because nobody else is there nobody is tested nobody has the experience and nobody has really shown his face yet on the european stage so that is what he is hoping for and yes he must keep his fingers crossed. the.
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in the e.u. we heard headlines like that in the last couple of years especially because of brecht's it. is a strong german government a solid german government is that crucial to making a done deal and putting it behind your party in the past. probably that's not the most important point really because it seems on the outside but particularly through british eyes breck's it seems much more important than it really is for the european union if you look at the last summits here perhaps it was a footnote i mean they were talking about it after dinner during coffee so that was quickly dealt was because there is really a very strong unity about how to proceed was bricks at that means the british the british will really get what they pay for they get what they sort of you know they will get access if they stay in certain organizations and if not we say thank you and we'll figure out something else so that is not the big thing to move the
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european union forward to make it more resilient against those crises that you mentioned print particularly in the euro zone particularly was investment use unemployment and all those important questions that is the point the angle america or and a strong government in germany is needed. in brussels as always barbara thank you very much and thank you for the analysis. philip we've got time you know what we have not brought up in this a transatlantic relationship with the german government and this well the cleavage that we're seeing right now in the even in the social democrats you've got one school of thought that serves because of trump we have to pursue a completely different foreign policy without american hegemony you have a nother school of thought that is see in the s.p.d. that says no we have to wait out but we can't change the course i mean what is this speedy that we're seeing now i mean is there is there going to be the possibility to get
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a change in that transatlantic relationship well we've even heard the chancellor herself say in the course of this past year of twenty seventeen to a certain degree we can no longer rely on the u.s. in the future as we did in the past so she is not all that far off. the points that were made by sigma gabriele in a speech in late november i believe it was early december in which he said in rather stronger terms but nonetheless along the same lines we can't count on the u.s. any more we in europe must take more responsibility for our own fate but both acknowledge that nonetheless they must still work together with the united states so i think there is room on that issue i think there is real room for the conservatives and the social democrats to work together in shaping a transatlantic policy that is perhaps based on pragmatism and ad hoc cooperation where it works but very much looking toward strengthening europe in areas like
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cooperation on security and defense that's already moving forward that is a real step forward for the european union and then on a number of other issues as well and i think that's another reason why that e.q. plank in that position paper is so important as a good point to answer you to the board economic forum starts in davos this week we know that miracle and mccrone both will speak on wednesday. that plane the talking about will be presented there and we know that donald trump at least for the moment is still planning to go even though the government doesn't have any money. and he's speaking on friday so if there is any type of clash we're going to see it in the snow we alps this week when a crane is always thank you very much always a pleasure here the big table with you thank you i want to move on now to other news that we're going to the clash between kurds and turks turkish backed fighters have reportedly entered the northwestern syrian town of afrin the attacks are part
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of an offensive on kurdish militias that is calling operation all of branch turkey's military says that it has so far struck more than one hundred fifty kurdish militia targets in northern syria. marches leave on these boys chant as the turkish tanks surge by them towards the syrian border. many in turkey south have been celebrating the army's offensive operation all of branch . of the base people the soldiers a sighting to keep from the could issue insurgents. amongst government supporters to the mood is one of. president red chip type two one addresses a huge rally in the country's northwest he promises that he's operation will be soon for a third day now took each motors have been writing down on series afrin region. the army reports advances that's disputed by the kurdish militia they're fighting but
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they say isn't on they've been battle. militia in africa enclave of facing one of mexico's largest armies and finale that could support is in washington the moscow looking on after backing they could say against islamic state a fact that dismays could spike in syria and in turkey. as well to to kill a the global powers in the united nations the poet to the could his papal because of the struggle could carry out against the islamic state and. then do what. i want these attacks to stop. to the syrian operation doesn't come without risks for turkey not several rockets from syria landed in a turkish border city one person has been reported wounded as turkey escalates its involvement in syria the dangers to civilians on both sides of the border.
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yeah this is definitely a powder keg that the world is watching we want to go now to our correspondent julie haunch she joins us now from istanbul good evening to you julia we understand that stirred his forces have crossed the border into syria and are attacking the a different region what were can you tell us tonight. well yes the turkish military has confirmed the ground offensive has started so took soldiers on moving into along side as we hear about twenty file five thousand fighters of the so-called free syrian army that's a pro uncorrupt rebel group we also hear reports of turkish warplanes hitting further kurdish targets in syria and there are also reports of a rocket fired from syria that has hit a turkish border town at least one person was killed and many more injured that's what turkish media are reporting so overall turkey this weekend has started another front in the syrian war making an already very complex situation even more complex
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and the language we hear from is that this is just going to be the beginning they are planning to move into another majority kurdish town called mun beach further north and the big question is what will this mean for the civilian population in the area there are a couple of hundreds of thousands of civilians inside and around often and for them these days are not going to be safe days yes to talk about the situation in africa in just a moment when i ask you though is there a lot of talk there in turkey about the potential conflict that we see developing here that could develop and that is you've got these turkish forces clashing with forces in northern syria that are backed by the u.s. are we is it being discussed in turkey that we could have turkish and u.s. forces standing you know face to face.
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well of course this is a huge topic here that you have to know there are no american soldiers inside the efren area so we will not see turkish an american soldiers actually fighting each other directly but yes this is highly highlighting the complexity of the situation you have a nato ally turkey actually bombing kurdish forces that the u.s. considers its most important ally in their fight against the so-called islamic state group so you see this is a very messy situation ofter all and of course at this is a very huge topic and it's going to further complicate relations between the two nato partners turkey and the u.s. and also comes down to the fact that turkey and the united states have very different attitudes and opinions about kurdish groups we know the turkish president . has failed to flush out what he describes as terrorists from the kurdish enclave in northern syria why do kurdish groups why do they pose such
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a threat to turkey well to keep a long story short the turkish president and the government and considers the syrian kurdish groups terrorist groups with close links to the banned kurdistan workers party the p.k. case that has waged a decades long fight incites turkey the serious syrian kurds are actually denying those slings you have to know that as well but anchor as especially feel fool off a so-called kurdish corydoras developing along its borders which might then inspire further separatist notions among turkey's kurdish population. the story for us tonight and tell you thank you very much. and the. headlines around the world of the iraqi government has condemned to death by hanging. the woman. to join the terrorist organization.
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that killed at least nineteen people and wounded. officials say. they were all. u.s. vice president has met with. the men discussed the president. recognized. urged. trust and confidence in the two state solution between the palestinians. and here's a story that we are following for you. the
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decision. and thorns from an orange tree. that's all she needs one boy. in a remote corner of the philippines she's one of the last to practice an ancient technique
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. letter to the lady. next. to you would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a plan for your children. learning is that the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for minds. freedom and hope. were i come from the region is rich in history style and talent poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it specially difficult for can depend on drugs i see many of the younger promising german. now making names for themselves all over the. song by
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the way some might follow some will continue. their experience of freedom and sense is like that fenians. you can visit with your car come back home. my name is richard ford and i work at the end of it.


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