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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CET

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material. this is d w news live from her lead a nail biter of a vote a narrow margin and i just cited a moment for germany as the social democrats declare they will begin coalition talks with ongoing marcos conservatives since there were six hundred forty two votes three hundred sixty two people voted yes and two hundred seventy nine voted no there was one abstention such the s.p.d. will embark on formal coalition negotiations. that paves the way for formal discussions on forming a government bringing germany a step closer to ending months of political uncertainty also coming out the.
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turkish troops roll into northern syria clearing the way for ground forces to move in it's part of an offensive against a kurdish militia the united states has asked turkey to show restraint. and pope francis says goodbye to a group wrapping up a latin american tour that's been overshadowed by angry protests over the church's handling of a sexual abuse scandal. i my a waiter thank you for joining us. it's been some four months since germany's parliamentary elections and tonight the country is finally one step closer to forming a stable government the social democrat party had voted to enter formal coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and initial show of hands was
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too close to call so every vote of the more than six hundred delegates at the party conference had to be counted individually and the outcome was a clear majority in favor of moving forward with negotiations it was a nail biting finish to a long debate with john hoping to steer three hundred sixty two voted yes with two hundred seventy nine zero and one abstention with that the s.p.d. will enter into coalition talks. but in the end the social democrats top brass had the majority they needed to start coalition talks with ongoing america's conservatives. earlier party leader martin short made an emotional appeal to delegates stressing the role the center left party could play in strengthening europe. you couldn't feel it the huge we can improve many things in germany and we have a great opportunity to rebuild europe and thus bring about more social justice not just in our country but across the continent. and didn't view of the last decade
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and a half i want to tell you this very clearly in my view it would be negligence not to seize this opportunity not even thank the leader of the party's youth wing urged delegates to vote against the talks. and that's the most wanted to proceed it is this instance and it whatever happens today it's not the end of the story and it's certainly not the end of the social democrats but that can be the beginning of a new story we brought together let's take this risk together even if it means being a dwarf today in order to be a giant again in the future you can sense it but others say the party's approach a coalition talks will still be tough. sun we're going to negotiate until the other side squeals i can't promise you any more than that i don't know if we'll get one hundred percent of what we want probably not but we're going to negotiate and get small good results that's why voting yes today is worth it thank you.
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thank you sunday's vote was a major step toward ending germany's political gridlock that has prevented the formation of a new government since september as inconclusive election but there's still a long road ahead once the coalition agreement is reached the social democrats nearly half a million rank and file still have to approve it. so how have people been reacting to the news of formal coalition talks set to begin between the social democrats and conservatives we asked people here in berlin what they think of the s.p.d.m. decision to go ahead with the talks. it's about time the decision was made right i don't think the grand coalition is a good idea he was actually it would be best. it's not what i voted for but it's better than nothing i just want something to happen. or for the s.p.d. to be part of the government then an opposition like an opposition this is much
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more. it's difficult to say how it will go for the grand coalition. i think they have to send a clear signal that they want to make their mark. it. was of course a grand coalition is maybe not so credible because the s.p.d. said they wouldn't do it again let's finish a few folks i think it's definitely good the negotiations and talks are happening it's basically a good thing. to have decided against the grand coalition simply said that something new would happen in this country. the hope that something new will happen in this country did obvious political correspondent michelle of course there is now joining me in the studio let's talk let's let's start with that sentiment there is this hope that something new will happen are we looking at more of the same of this grand coalition between the studio and the s.p.d. or could something actually change there well something could definitely change and martin tilt the s.p.d. leader made his argument today trying to demonstrate that something would change if
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the social democrats were to enter a third ground coalition under german chancellor angela merkel actually coming from this very difficult day for him this very narrow vote with just fifty six percent of his own posse delegates following him on this particular point of launching these coalition talks he actually said he recognised that there was a sentiment in germany for change and that this is something he would also take into proper negotiations the big question now is whether i'm going to machall c.d.u. c.s.u. party will really stretch out its hand and give him more to go back to his own party with so expectations on both sides and we have a clip i believe of what chancellor angela merkel had to say about the social democrats decision a little earlier. not in the city voting to see hughes conclusion of exploratory talks last week which cleared the way for formal coalition talks we welcome the
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news that the social democrats have followed suit at their party conference today. after intensive and sometimes controversial discussions they reached a positive result that means the way is now clear for formal coalition talks. it's important to us in these talks is that germany gets a stable government that is able to tackle the questions and issues of the future and find solutions to them. but that's more we will discuss the line of negotiations tomorrow and then quickly enter a discussion with the social democrats a great deal of work lies ahead but despite all internal controversies it should proceed in a sensible climate with a clear and intensive goal that's what has been made possible today. america saying she wants to start coalition talks quickly social democrats are now saying they want to negotiate a better deal are they going to get that better deal well she will have to give
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them something i mean listening to german chancellor merkel she doesn't really sound like season for a fresh start that does see she also went back on the record saying that now this blueprint that came out of these preparatory talks was really the framework within which she wants to discuss a coalition now this is coded language for the social democrats are not really going to get anything beyond what they already see on the table this now results today actually gives the social democrat leader mohsen still something to work with because he will be able to come back with this renewed pressure on him saying you will have to give me something on the issue of health care for instance or on education which you very much sees as the key point where he wants social democrats really to put their stamp on a potential new grand coalition in germany. and your prediction briefly how long do you think these talks are going to run with all these factors flight floating around at the very least till if everything goes according to plan of well talking
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of on the limb ackles plan making it sound like something is actually mapped out there but we may well see this take longer to agree and whether the social democrats policy base will sign off on that this is the big open question if they don't we could have more months of uncertainty here and many well let's wait and see tenterhooks what's going to happen is a political correspondent thank you very much. turkish troops have crossed into northern syria attacking a kurdish enclave in a bid to oust u.s. allied kurdish militia from the area their operation was met with a hail of rockets on turkish towns killing at least one refugee the turkish offensive on operators code named operation all of branch began on saturday and has heightened tensions in an already complicated syrian conflict the united states has urged turkey to exercise restraint. turkish border towns are paying the price for
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anchors offensive in neighboring syria at least one person has been killed and dozens injured by rockets fired from the kurdish enclave of. despite the danger many people here remain enthusiastic about turkey's military offensive on the kurds . live on these boys chant as they. say they believe the soldiers a saving turkey from kurdish insurgents the ground invasion follows as strikes and shelling against kurdish militia targets the turkish army has reported some initial gains that is disputed by the kurdish fighters president. says the operation will soon be concluded he's also warned that any opposition to the attack will not be tolerated. if anybody heed the call to go on to the streets and protest they will pay the price very heavily to go below still
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vote. lou this is a national struggle and in this national struggle we will crush anyone who stands against us. words that the kurdish fighters a determined to prove wrong they released this footage and say it shows them striking back against turkish positions and tanks but the kurds are seeking assistance against turkey's military might these protesters are calling for support from washington and moscow. who have benefited from kurdish efforts in the fight against the so-called islamic state. but so far the calls for help have fallen on deaf ears. now for some of the other stories making news around the world the taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack on a luxury hotel in kabul that killed at least thirty people and wounded many more officials say five gunman wearing army uniforms stormed the intercontinental hotel saturday evening they were all killed after
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a thirteen hour standoff. police in congo fired live rounds and tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters on sunday the u.n. says at least six people were killed and dozens injured catholic church as an activist called for peaceful demonstrations across the country including the capital kinshasa. pope francis has wrapped up his two of latin america and then the most contentious and violent trip of his papacy the pope's comments about sex abuse victims in chile slant as he sees me the pope the pope's comments about sex abuse victims in chile said his slander of bishop have cast a shadow over the trip there's been widespread outcry over the vatican's and actions over similar scandals in peru but francis tried to move beyond the controversy on the last day of his visit. samoan people gathered here in peru to bid farewell to the pontiff. at his final mess francis
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once again voiced his support for the poor and weak. a society that doesn't accept those who suffer and is not capable of sharing and easing their suffering through compassion is a cruel and inhumane society is. the royal. francis words coming after a challenging and contentious visit his sixth two inlets in america triggered unprecedented anger. at least a dozen churches in chile have been burned to the ground in protest of the papal visit scuffles also broke out between police and protesters as the pope sat mass nearby. these demonstrators in chile were protesting the church's handling of a clerical sex abuse scandal they accused the pope himself of being an accomplice
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to these crimes although francis apologized to the victims he provoked outrage when he called the allegation against a bishop groundless. the eighty one year old is known for not shying away from uncomfortable topics every day of his visit he confronted other sensitive issues in peru he addressed the issue of corruption in front of the president who barely xscape impeachment over corruption allegations. how much evil is done to our let's new american people and the democracies of this blessed continent by the social virus. because everything being done to combat the social scourge deserves our utmost attention. a truth full of social issues and challenges for the poem says probably one he won't
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forget. bundesliga follows after the break with former german top midfielder michel deans say this is thank you so much for watching. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. will tell you germany soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com. football made in germany.


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