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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a sigh of relief from going to michael but germany's political uncertainty is not over yet social democrats narrowly bow to enter formal talks with the americans conservatives in a bid to form a new government but major hurdles still ahead for the chance for a final coalition deal is far from guaranteed also coming up reports of civilian
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deaths as turkey pounds kurdish militia militia positions in northern syria this as turkish ground troops roll across the border opening a new front in syria's civil war the kurds hit back with their own rocket fire into turkey. pope francis says goodbye to her room wrapping up a latin american tour that's been overshadowed by angry protests over the church's handling of a sexual abuse scandal. also on the program u.s. vice president mike pence heads to jerusalem as palestinians feuding over washington's decision to recognize the city as israel's capital will pence be able to revive the peace process. and in the bonus legal runaway leaders by me they did not have things all their own way against about and blaming but they are champions for a reason. hello
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i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. a glimmer of hope for chancellor merkel after months of political deadlock the social democratic party has voted to enter formal coldish in talks with michael's conservatives to form a new government but the chancellor herself says the negotiations ahead will be no easy task and initial show of hands at the s.p.d. party conference on sunday was too close to call a narrow majority then did back formal coalition talks but that could help the s.p.d. demand more concessions from conservatives who don't want to lose another grand coalition it was a nail biting finish to a long debate. three hundred sixty two voted yes with two hundred seventy nine zero and one abstention with that the s.p.d. will enter into coalition talks thad in the end the social democrats top brass had
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the majority they needed to start coalition talks with angle america's conservatives. earlier party leader martin short made an emotional appeal to delegates stressing the role the center left party could play in strengthening europe. you couldn't feel it do you do much we can improve many things in germany and we have a great opportunity to rebuild europe and thus bring about more social justice not just in our country but across the continent. and in few of the last decade and a half i want to tell you this very clearly in my view it would be negligent not to seize this opportunity not even thank the leader of the party's youth wing urged delegates to vote against the talks. to proceed is this distance and it whatever happens today it's not the end of the story and it's certainly not the end
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of the social democrats but that can be the beginning of a new story we brought together let's take this risk together even if it means being a dwarf today in order to be a giant again in the future. others say the party's approach a coalition talks will still be tough. this isn't something we're going to negotiate until the other side squeals i can't promise you any more than that i don't know if we'll get one hundred percent of what we want probably not but we're going to negotiate and get small good results that's why voting yes today is worth it thank you joe it's a sincere john thank you sunday's vote was a major step toward ending germany's political gridlock that has prevented the formation of a new government since september as inconclusive election but there's still a long road ahead once the coalition agreement is reached the social democrats nearly half a million rank and file still have to approve it. well despite not being out
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of the woods yet chancellor angela merkel appeared relieved as she reacted to the news. no the city following the sea to use conclusion of exploratory talks last week which cleared the way for formal coalition talks we welcome the news that the social democrats have followed suit at their party conference today. after intensive and sometimes controversial discussions they reached a positive result that means the way is now clear for formal coalition talks. what's important to us in these talks is that germany gets a stable government that is able to tackle the questions and issues of the future and find solutions to them. it's more we will discuss the line of negotiations tomorrow and then quickly enter a discussion with the social democrats a great deal of work lies ahead but despite all internal controversies it should proceed in a sensible climate with
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a clear and intensive goal that's what has been made possible today. well for more let's cross to our political correspondent. just outside the german parliament here in berlin and fabio i'm going arkell sounds relieved after sunday's vote but how close are we really to a quote stable government in germany we are definitely a lot closer than we would have been yesterday at this time but there is still a long way to go we going to expect three weeks of quite tough coalition negotiations between the social democrats and the conservatives and then even the more difficult task will be this grassroots vote some four hundred forty thousand s.p.d. members will have the last say whether this grand coalition actually will get into place or not or arguably this vote on sunday strengthen the espy's hand will
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medical services be more inclined now to make concessions to the social democrats in these forthcoming negotiations on the coalition. well this debate has begun right after the decision of the social democrats in bonn yesterday . her self she said that the results of the preliminary talks that we had between social democrats and her conservatives were a framework for the now beginning form a coalition talks but the see is that with the very system party has already ruled out further concessions and also the right wing of america's c.d.u. on the other hand the s.p.d. is determined to negotiate very hard to get all these concessions that they have promised their voters in the on the party congress and beyond yesterday and one thing is also sure the s.p.d. can always argue well look we had fifty six percent only had the party congress if
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you want to have this less risky thing at the end you should give us these concessions ok so sunday's vote in the s.p.d. has taken us one step closer to another grand coalition in germany if the negotiations the coalition gauche asians are successful what kind of government can we expect will it be much different from the last one. well in terms of content we will certainly see a pro european government we will see a government of stability a government that stresses security both internal security but also says social security in a way we won't see a government of the visions or spectacular projects it will be a government pretty much the same as we had before with the same chancellor a few new ministers maybe but one thing is certainly different it will be the last time in office. so for her it will be a major task to hand over power little by little without losing it too fast and
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thank you very much for now to be a political correspondent and fund there. of course more analysis let's bring in atika closer now she's chairwoman of the young socialist within the s.p.d. party here in berlin thanks for being with us this morning and d.-w. news. the youth wing of the s.p.d. party in your part of that of course campaigned very loudly against coalition talks with chancellor merkel's conservatives but the party has now voted to proceed with the coalition talks how do you feel about that well of course on the one hand we have the sad about it that we weren't able to push through our position but on the other hand i'm kind of proud of what we were able to accomplish in the last couple of weeks because looking back at the congress in december we only could convince back then twenty percent of the delegates to vote against the start of talks and
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now after the talks we have been able to convince forty four percent of the delegates to vote in our favor so i think that that says a lot about the campaign that we had in the last weeks and also we're quite convinced that we are going to be able to also influence the grassroots movement majorly and the vote on. that is my next question will you given that the s.p.d. has now voted to pursue coalition talks your your party's leaders are now sitting down with the with the conservatives and chancellor merkel's party and trying to hammer together a government are you going to continue to oppose those talks yes we're going to continue to oppose those talks because we if we think that our arguments against us to break relation are still valid nothing has changed about that nothing has changed about the fact that we have to renew our party nothing has changed about the fact that we shouldn't help america into office again and i know that and
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remember base many people are really not satisfied with the results of the last talks and i don't think that they are going to be able to push a lot through in these talks and if they're not going to be able. to push through major points of the social democratic party and i don't think that they're going to win a majority of the grassroots members ok now these coalition talks are important not just for the s.p.d. but for everybody in germany and well beyond it could be said let's listen to what people on the street are saying about this decision. it's about time the decision was made right i don't think the grand coalition is a good idea he was actually it would be best. it's not what i voted for but it's better than nothing i just want something to happen in the previous bill even better for the s.p.d. to be part of the government than an opposition you know they can't achieve much in opposition it's much more. difficult to say how it will go for the grand coalition . i think they have to send a clear signal that they want to make their mark. bit of.
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a grand coalition is maybe not so credible because the s.p.d. said they wouldn't do it again this finished a few i think it's definitely good the negotiations and talks are happening it's basically a good thing. to have decided against the grand coalition simply said that something new would happen in this country. so there's a sampling of public opinion on the streets in germany obviously opinion is mixed on whether or not to revive the grand coalition in germany that ambivalence is clear within your own party but isn't it better on the whole to be in government rather than to be in opposition whether it's a question that we have been debating for a week for weeks now but i would argue that our race depends on on what quotation it is and what government it is and if you know able to really reach the goal that you have we started our campaign for the elections in september and we said that our country is just the way it's wrong and that we need to change in politics and
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right now we don't see any change in politics by this this coalition would be a continuation of what has been going on for the last four years and we were convinced that this is not the right way to go so i think also looking at the papers that have been like coming out of the talks as i go back of party you look at it and just think major mark pryor social democratic parties are not in there you don't see as a social democratic party handwriting so why should they join this government well other people in your party obviously feel differently about that and what you're referring to is a result of exploratory talks now they're moving into more formal coalition talks the s.p.d. is parliamentary leader andrea not as she has vowed to squeeze as many concessions as possible out of chance of michael's conservatives in these coalition talks what in your opinion would under the a novice and the other s.p.d. party leaders have to get out of the conservatives in order to win your support. i
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think for example i am they have to do something against a precarious job situation like we have many job contracts which only run on a very short amount of time in germany and that's a very bad thing for young people the other thing is a pension politics where we really have to do something to ensure that not so many old people are getting into poverty as soon as they enter the age of retirement and the other thing is for example our national health first i'm and a social security needs a strong need to strongarm and all those points are not really included in these papers right now i know that's a party to think that they can make concessions now and push a lot more through talks we're just not convinced they could thank you so much i could close ahead of the youth wing berlin social democrats they spring with this morning of the w. next so thank you for having me. now
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that the euro was up in early trading after germany center left social democratic party voted to begin formal coalition talks with america's conservatives a deal that would end months of uncertainty in europe's biggest economy the news comes as a confidence boost to german business leaders but they are also concerned that germany is lagging in the digital transformation of industry and they want to see a new government to make that a top priority still the german economy expanded by over two percent in twenty seventeen boosted by high unemployment and logic investments economists expect growth to be about the same this year. now so how upbeat is the business world here in germany about this result let's ask a custom jet skis chief economist at. bank and joins us now in frankfurt good day to you i know that to german industry leaders were very disappointed when the business friendly free democrats opted out of coalition talks at the end of last
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year what's the business world's making of a possible revival of the grand coalition. i think the view of the business was very similar to the the people on the street in there are now looking really for having a government which would already be a good thing in the eyes of the business world which which means the grand coalition if we take the the paper from the exploratory talks at least they do more investment in infrastructure in digitalization which is a good thing for the entire economy and also for the business world when you mention digitalization the head of the german industry association has criticised that particular paper all those preliminary talks that not enough action is included in there in terms of digitalisation what more needs to be done you think. put some numbers on it because i think that is the criticism that hold for the whole for the entire paper it looks good has all the right elements in it but very
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often lacks details lacks clarity and there's also holes for digitalisation i think that the structure the strategy for for future it for this is not clear and it's believed missing some numbers now europe took center stage in that paper as well do you think that the social democrats in the conservatives see eye to eye there is different than on the horizon nothing with the possible grand coalition we would clearly have another pro european german government but also hear the bells in the detail because when you look specially at the the level of the month or union the euro zone the paper also lacks clarity aleck's. clear strategy because the only thing that the paper has here for further strengthening the monetary union is to make the e.s.m. the european stability mechanism the european monetary fund but we don't read anything about banking union we don't read anything about how to take all the plans of mccrum can germany as you have speak just economy survive another grand
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coalition is perhaps even good for the country only from an economic policy where what this grand coalition would probably bring is more of the same so it would extend the current positive cycle because there will be a bit more fiscal stimulus there are no big economic mistakes in this program so we would clearly extend the current golden syrup cycle by another couple of years but the big structural reform which would prepare the country for five years or ten years ahead is not included in this in the paper of a possible new grand coalition all right let's find out what will be discussed in those coalition talks that are coming up next custom just be chief economist at the bank thank you so much for this. and that's it's two more military action in syria terry you got that story this right want to. the conflict in syria is becoming even more complicated as it were reports by rights groups say turkish air
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strikes have killed at least eleven civilians in northern turkey this on the second day of a turkish ground offensive into syria to oust u.s. allied kurdish militia from the area their operation was met with a hail of rockets on turkish towns killing at least one refugee in the turkish offensive on offering is code named operation all of branch it began on saturday and has heightened tensions in the already complicated syrian conflict the united states has urged turkey to exercise restraint. turkish border towns are paying the price presidents in neighboring syria at least one person has been killed and dozens injured by rockets fired from the kurdish enclave. despite the danger many people here remain enthusiastic about turkey's military offensive on the kurds. live on these boys chant as they urge the tanks. they believe this is
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a saving turkey from cutting insurgents the ground invasion follows as strikes and shelling against kurdish militia targets the turkish on me has reported some initial gains that is disputed by the kurdish. president reza tayyip added one says the operation will soon be concluded he's also warned that any opposition to the attack will not be tolerated. if anybody heed the call to go on to the streets and protest they will pay the price very heavily to go over. this is a national struggle and in this national struggle we will crush anyone who stands against us. the living. words that the kurdish fighters at the time means to prove wrong they've released this footage and say it shows them striking back against takesh positions and tanks but the cut to seeking assistance against turkey's military might these protesters are calling for support from washington
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and moscow who have benefited from kurdish efforts in the fight against the so-called islamic state. but so far the calls for help have fallen on deaf ears. let's bring in our correspondent there in jones who is covering the story from istanbul first of all tell us about the turkish offensive against the kurds in syria why has encouraged taken this step. structure offensive is now full on turkish tanks along with circle soldiers are engaging the militia in several points inside our friend kurdish militia claims to have destroyed as many as eight tanks no comment from the turkish military but images on social media appear to show burning tanks and tank videos of tanks being destroyed by missiles on another front the syrian free syrian army possibly a force of twenty five thousand have launched an offensive again the kurdish
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militia are claiming to have inflicted heavy casualties with images appearing to be showing dead rebels now this underlines that this kurdish militia is a highly disciplined very motivated and battle hardened group after years of fighting islamic state and are very well armed many weapons believed to be given by the u.s. in support of this group in fighting the islamic state and this is why turkey said this operation is needed because they accuse the group of being linked to an insurgency inside turkey which has claimed tens of thousands of lives over the last two decades and the turkish prime minister believe on sunday said the objective of his overall peroration is to create a thirty kilometer security zone inside africa the turkish president. he has called on nato allies to support the turkish offensive in syria are they likely to do that the deputy secretary general of nato is jus in ankara for talks with turkish
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officials uncle will be hoping for strong support but they realize behind the scenes they're unlikely to get that what they want is a free hand any criticism from its nato partners to be muted and for now at least it does appear that broadly getting this story what impact could this offensive have on the syrian conflict as a whole. well the potential is massive this is the latest front in a seven year civil war the risk so possibly turkey could end up in confronting the damascus regime forces added to that there's even the risk that to keep front us forces which are parked in areas which are helping the syrian kurdish militia the risk all very large and i think that's what all the key powers behind the scenes being turkey to make this operation limited in its goals and to end it as soon as possible but now at least it's unclear with uncle will listen to those so cools dorian jones there in istanbul thank you very much now to
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some other stories making headlines around the world today in afghanistan fourteen foreigners and poor afghans have been confirmed killed in the attack on the landmark intercontinental hotel in kabul officials say six gunman wearing army uniforms stormed the building saturday evening sparking a thirteen hour long gun battle with police the attackers were all killed the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. a motorcycle ball has exploded in a market in thailand's southern province killing three and wounding many more the region is home to a long running insurgency muslim muslim insurgency but no group has yet claimed responsibility most u.s. government agency swill be closed today after congress failed to reach a deal on reopening the government a boat is now scheduled for monday at noon the shutdown came into effect saturday after the senate failed to pass a new budget. trial of two women accused of killing the how brother of north
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korea's leader has resumed in malaysia the women allegedly smeared poison on kim jong noms face at kuala lumpur airport in february the claim they thought they were they claim they thought they were playing a prank for a hidden camera t.v. show. but francis has wrapped up his tour of latin america ending the most contentious and violent trip of his papacy the pope's comments that sex abuse victims in chile slandered a bishop have cast a shadow over the trip and there's been widespread outcry over the vatican's inaction over similar scandals in peru but francis tried to move beyond the controversy on the last day of his visit for. some million people gathered here in peru to pitch the pontiff. at his final mess francis once again
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voice to support for the poor and weak. a society that doesn't accept those who suffer and is not capable of sharing and easing their suffering through compassion is a cruel and inhumane society pace. francis words coming after a challenging and contentious visit his sick and that's in america unprecedented anger. at least a dozen churches in chile have been burned to to ground in protest of the papal visit scuffles also broke out between police and protesters as to pay upset by. these demonstrators in chile were protesting the church's handling of a clerical sex abuse scandal they accused the pope himself of being an accomplice to these crimes. francis apologized to the victims he provoked outrage when he
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called the allegation against a bishop. is known for not shying away from uncomfortable topics every day of his visit he confronted other sensitive issues in peru he addressed the issue of corruption in front of the president who barely xscape impeachment over corruption allegations. how much evil is done to our let's new american people and for democracy selfless blessitt consonance by the social virus. because everything being done to combat the social scourge deserves our utmost attention. a truth full of social issues and challenges for the posts is probably one he won't forget. you're
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watching the news still to come u.s. vice president bike paths visits jerusalem a palestinian leader's canceled their planned meeting will the trump administration be completely sidelined from the peace process and self-reliance by working together we'll meet a support group for the disabled in rural kenya who are pooling resources to help each other. that and plenty more still to come. north to. dash of should be changing and the wounds from an orange tree. that's losing one point. in the remote corner of the philippines she's one of the last to practice an ancient technique. to two ladies.
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in sixty minutes d.w. . hijacking the news. more are going wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them. in war. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that. and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear or being neutral it's about being truthful. funny was great golf and i were good you know.
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dropping bombs on civilians. more to the situation escalates there's no longer a need for scruples. ruthless calculation military leaders were kopi extent of the basque. technological spurns when it comes to christians massacres. coming. to. starting february third on t w. welcome back your news i'm terry martin and our top story german chancellor angela merkel says party leaders face looks of work to deliver a stable government this softer the social democrats narrowly bowed to join formal coalition talks with marcus conservatives from germany has faced months of political uncertainty after inconclusive national elections by september.
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but by the social democrats to start coalition to go she actions came after hours of debate on sunday with a yes but by no means certain s.p.d. leader martin scholtz had issued a last ditch appeal to delegates to say yes to a new government with uncle amuck. does this going to be i believe this is the more courageous bodies who enter governments improve we can do good for the people of this country and europe. and that sense i ask you with all respect and gratitude for the fact it paid we had here today for your agreement to the proposals of the party leadership. to be clear the way for is based on the results of explode he talks negotiations thank you. like to welcome to spend your calls to the studio she's a political analyst university and our correspondent poppy and founder mark is with
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us from just outside the german parliament hello to you both let's start with you fabio on the s.p.d. parliamentary members soon what's the next step for them. well the parliamentary group of the social democrats is meeting here in the bundestag and they're discussing of course last week's yesterdays party congress and. they're going to discuss the strategy for the now starting coalition talks with america's conservatives and they certainly also want to discuss those points that they want to see concessions from the conservatives strenuous on sunday a majority of party delegates voted in favor of starting negotiations but there was substantial opposition to that within the s.p.d. how divided or the social democrats in germany very divided and we have already seen this in the last couple of weeks but it doesn't necessarily have to be bad for
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them in the upcoming negotiation talks because then they will have some sort of leverage against the c.d.u. c.s.u. what will party leader martin schultz have to deliver in order to get the skeptics on board with all of this. because he has to convince the rank and file the whole the whole party all the party members are going to be able to vote on any deal that's hammered out they has to get them on board what does he have to deliver well first of all i think it's important that they take care of the child market policies but also. and maybe also with who got that health insurance even though the conservatives have already said that they will not negotiate about a civic insurance but he will also have to mobilize the members right because it's always easier to mobilize against something than in favor of something ok back to you. during that vote among the party delegates on sunday they didn't even manage
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to get sixty percent in favor of a deal is there a real danger that the party rank and file will torpedo any coalition agreement. i think this will be another very very exciting moment in this whole path towards a grand coalition and even more dangerous than yesterday's party congress first of all it depends of course on the result. the analysts in the studio just mentioned all of those topics maybe i can add the refugee policy where the social democrats also want to ask for more concessions and it depends on whether martin shoes and social democrats can deliver or whether they can offer all these results to their party members but then also of course this vote in secret everyone can make their decision back in their homes and so there is a lot of reluctance towards this grand coalition on the grassroots level so there
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needs to be a lot of conviction work by the democrats and by martin shows so that this can really turn out positive for them what a speedy leader. has he come out of this process stronger or weaker. well let's start maybe a little bit differently if he would have lost the vote on yesterday's party congress he probably wouldn't have got out as had of the social democrats at all he would have been in major trouble now he sort of saved his skin for for the moment as party leader of the social democrats but the result has shown that the party is strongly divided that. chorus that he has walked off to the elections is by no means understandable of the party members and he is
7:36 am
still a party leader well who is shaking and who needs to get this resolved this grand coalition but even then there are still many open questions for example will you join a cabinet which i'm glad america has ruled that out another of these fixed statements that he made and it's unclear whether he will deliver here so not go into the cabinet or try to do that would be another flip flop move of mark insureds sonia we saw that the youth wing of the s.p.d. party very much being vocally opposed to any coalition talks with the social with the conservatives basically the youth wing is an open rebellion what does this tell you about the future direction of social democracy in germany well it's definitely speaking to a renewal of the social democrats but known in germany but we see this all over europe that social democrats have sort of lost our way and will have to find
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a new way so we'll probably see new social democrats with with more progressive politics in the coming years thank you so much spin you call us political and also university of course our very own fabienne fundament just outside the german parliament thank you both. now u.s. by president mike pence is in jerusalem today as he continues his tour of the middle east he's the first top u.s. official to visit the city since the trumpet ministrations decision to officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move the u.s. embassy to the city plans travel to israel after meeting with jordan's king of dolla in amman expressed his concern that the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital is real had not come as part of a comprehensive deal to and the middle the palestinian israeli conflict pence said the trumpet ministration remains committed to a two state solution if both parties agree to it the president made
7:38 am
a historic decision that you recognize it as the capital of israel. as he also made clear that. we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we know position on boundaries of final status. and then as i think clear to you the president made clear united states of america remains committed if the parties agree to two state solution. well mike pence is a longtime supporter of israel and played a key role in the recent shifts and u.s. policy but how will these moves impact the middle east process peace process well recognizing jerusalem as the israeli capital has angered the palestinians and washington's arab partners in the region last week the state department also
7:39 am
announced it was praising sixty five million dollars of palestinian aid through the united nations relief and works agency in response palestinian leaders have blamed israel and the u.s. for a breakdown. in the oslo accords which has formed the diplomatic pray more of the peace process since the one nine hundred ninety s. . well palestinian president mahmoud abbas has canceled a planned meeting with tense in the west bank let's bring in our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer to talk about all this. will there be no meeting then between pence and the palestinian leaders whatsoever. yeah that's right it's not on the official sketch of there will be no meeting with palestinian officials and that goes back to a decision that had been taken over it in december after mr trump recognized to resign as to capital of israel beginning of december as you know officials have
7:40 am
said at that time that mr penn's is not well come because as you know the trip of mr pence was postponed over to twice he was supposed to come in december nothing has changed on this position yet also what is interesting as well because the visit of mr peres had had been framed in the very beginning by the white house as being a visit to support the christian minorities in the region there would be also no apparently no meeting with christians here with church leaders because they're also highly critical of to jerusalem decision and as well that palestinian president mahmoud abbas has been traveling over the weekend and he will be actually in brussels mr pence's here in jerusalem let's listen to a moment to see what senior published the p.l.o. member. had to say about pence on sunday.
7:41 am
that is extremist fundamentalist look to the list. absolutist. which goes against all the beliefs and commitments and palestinian christians and particularly and they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is dealing. to mend this injustice using dillard's and as a justification. tanya it sounds like there's absolutely no trust left between the palestinians and the current u.s. administration is the middle east peace process effectively on hold during the trumpet ministration. well that's right i mean there is no trust in what miss us ravi said days i could buy many palestinian officials here but also by people you know republicans here talking to although they have never really believed in the u.s. being an honest broker always be more on the side of israel but it has really led
7:42 am
to a complete breakdown of the relations here and now we have to say there are no negotiations at the moment the peace process is actually frozen we only know that the u.s. administration or mr trump is still talking about bringing the ultimate deal to the region but nobody really knows what this deal and tells we only know that his special team is still here on the ground coming sometimes months a weeks and stay and have still talks but with the palestinians the relationship is really. extremely low at the moment palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas he's in brussels today meeting with e.u. officials or does he want europe to take a more prominent role in mediating. yes absolutely i think yes the main message he wants to give. there and he's meeting with the foreign ministers. on the one hand the postings one to pursue peace
7:43 am
a one to continue some kind of peace process. they will be but what they don't want to see is that the u.s. will be the only med they are looking for other partners to step in the e.u. could be a possible partner in this they could talk about russia talk about china there's also talk about finding a new mechanism for example the palestinians have brought into play mechanisms of the p five plus one talks of success. and on the other hand they also understanding that the palestinian leader might ask you to actually recognize palestine as a state that might not be in the cards right now because you has of course all the member states have different opinions on that but that's also something the palestinians here would like to see coming that this more involvement of the e.u.
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not just as a donor because you as one of the main donors here in the region but also politically that they put their weight into this process he. reported a live from jerusalem thank you so much. well people with disabilities in kenya have many barriers to overcome especially if they live in the countryside the lack of support and government services mean that many struggle to make a living but in the village of get just north of the capital nairobi disabled people have found the best is to help each other rather than go it alone. ferris khurana he used to take reading for granted along with most things in life. thirty years ago he suddenly lost his sight. i have to back to their war so as i walk out to walk out when i live. out
7:45 am
there was suddenly but thank god not this year i seem to see it so i was a very very much in the poorest viruses wife was one of the few who stood by him in the community. and then even if there are some were telling me that it's that them to even me. but despite losing his sight farris refused to lose hope the former teacher learned how to repair shoes. his new job now in seem around a dollar a day. he also decided that he didn't want to struggle on alone instead he reached out to other disabled people and set up a support group. one of its members that works around the corner and ferris pays a regular visits. our. kathleen
7:46 am
is twenty six and has cerebral palsy learning to use these knitting machine has turned her life around and allowed her to earn enough to get by. and. some people offer you help but in reality they don't want to help at all they just want to take advantage of your disability for their own benefit this work really helps me and i got it through our group. the support group has become an essential part of kathleen and farris as lives their regular meetings and activities so day they're learning how to work their fields with. a group formed thirteen years ago and now has around twenty members almost everyone is disabled in some way. and there's always a lot to discuss today is how the planting is going and who needs more support
7:47 am
right now. everything is noted down in careful detail. today's meeting has a special guest the group has invited people to join them. the expert farmer is teaching them the best way to grow corn. he recommends to leave around half a meter between the rows that's around two foot length as demonstrated by a helpful neighbor. who only. then it's off to put what they've learned into practice. ferris leads the way guided by a piece of string. then it's time to spread the compost everyone works together as a team each person bringing their own individual skills to the job.
7:48 am
if or when it's time to sow the seeds peter morag a once again shows them how it's done. philippa shock you can only see out of one eye she and her husband donated the field to the group. some people can't hear others are blind or can't walk and some can't use their hands but being part of this group makes me feel whole like i'm an able bodied person. this group the nobody put me. in implementing in every. even those unable to take full part in the activities are still made to feel welcome. ferrous and
7:49 am
phyllis pay a visit to orange and her son godwin. godwin was born with severe disabilities both mental and physical but now. the family has received a loan from the group. the support is very important to me without it i couldn't have bought the callus. the livestock make a huge difference to the family's income it means that god will and his mother have enough to eat and worry. ferrous is also benefited from the group support you bought a cow and had a well dug in his garden. members pay a monthly fee which goes towards financing the group's loans. and fairest dreams of building a new house the very next. i'm
7:50 am
driven with this segment. and ferris is determined to prove to everyone what a disabled person is still capable of achieving. well to the bundesliga now we've got some games to talk about from sunday and for all that i'm joined here in the studio by chris harrington from t w sports a cress. start by talking about byron munich as we often do there looking pretty unstoppable here at the top of the bonus league table yet terry i've been saying this for a few years now they need to change a name from bundesliga to by league. ok well underlying their dominance in recent years by an had beaten sunday's opponents braman in their previous fourteen
7:51 am
encounters a bonus league a record for the longest winning streak against one club braman have been languishing in the lower end of the table but could they cause an upset let's take a look. despite the unfavorable odds braman went to munich with big intentions and they started the game with a bang. of sliding in to give graeme in a one nil laid off to twenty five minutes this is goal in munich since twenty fourteen but had a tough time finding a way through their opponents thomas miller was in the mood. outstanding technique of the hosts and equalize a just before half time thanks shortly after the break it was two one zero robert levin dusky expertly brought into plants ahead of the five lenka. but braman full back with a helping hand from buy in mexico has a song in
7:52 am
a corner and nicholas was cool full watching. on goal two to. fly and were forced to up their game and some unleavened dusky to leave it again the poles seventy eighth goal of the season hama's then headed his hundred thousand as they had gone along a plateau oh four to the final score but unfolds to work hard for their customary win over courageous braman. chris bond looking a little bit vulnerable there of course they wanted everything but i guess this is a sign of a champion when you can dig yourself out of a hole the way they did that yeah especially when you factor in where they were playing they were in munich and it's the first time that byron were ever in a hole in munich and that's up against vertebrae mean a team that's expected to be faced with a relegation battle so it is a show of their dominance once again you know byron and kudos to thomas thomas what has been missing in action for here and there but ever since you've hiked is came
7:53 am
back you know we heard of the p.c. net his one hundred was the goal in robert live in dusty a brace and i'm so happy he changed his hair color. but you know his race and he's also now leads by and he scored the most goals of any foreign player he just surpassed his teammate i am robin with that stat so that's good also them and i think you know full steam ahead with martin their success i don't think anyone's catching them at all especially when you factor in the return of manuel neuer when he comes back between the posts you know another championship from so a couple of landmarks in that game and a style improvement as you say let's take a look at another game from the weekend shaka haven't had a great start to twenty eighteen last weekend they lost a life they can then they announced storm infielder play on gorecki will go to buy in munich at the end of the season their opponents on sunday hand over of had a decent return to the top flight and were looking for a win that would move them within a whisker of a european place. that scott might have expected
7:54 am
a warm welcome back after three months i was on the site lanes instead show because funds unveiled a banner but sold it by the bone star exactly where to go but it's good that scott was the villain of the piece newman market so was the hero that john would sing for give vent to speak shellac and from the t.v. turn and finish after just sixty minutes. in the second period things started to come unstuck for shelter. let's go was subbed off to a company of whistling. and over crept back into the game yet the fisherman looked to have sealed the points for shell kit with this double seat on seventeen minutes. but nicklaus fuku hung over have a striker who is buying on form he followed last week's hot chick with a puts his goal here in the eighty six minute to steal a point for his side and keep them in the country due to. it comes a miserable day for good sky. he'll have his sights set on utopian glory with buyer
7:55 am
next season but will his continued presence in the shellac a team derail their bid for champions league football. press looks like the wheels are coming off their child to how big of a blow for them is korecki is coming departure. it would be a bigger blow if he had been featured more he's just coming off of injury but in terms of leaving and the way they announce it the fans showed you how they feel towards the end the rest of because you know the banners out there said enough they basically told him to go elsewhere if you don't have left you know put to death go and company they only have one win in their last five matches but they're still in a decent position in terms of qualify for the champions league they have thirty one points and that's a good spot to be it and then kudos to marcos piazza marco is on loan from you dentist and he scored a goal but you have to expect more from to desk go in company and i do expect in the rebound and pick things up ok just quick i think talking about hamburg how do
7:56 am
you see them filling out the rest of the season are they done you know it's really hard to say you know they just lost at the bottom of the barrel cologne you have to really question you know what baird hollenbach can do he's coming into the team he's played for hamburg for a few years but time will tell chris harrington from v.w. sports thank you so much ok. and you're watching us we'll be back in just a couple of minutes with another full bulletin of course you get all the latest news information on our web site that's dot com thanks for. the be. the be. the but.
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the been. the be. moving. more to. dash of should be changing. the ones from an orange tree blood supposing he gets. to. a remote corner of the philippines she's one of the last to practice an ancient
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technique of the two to. thirty minutes. the because every journey begins with the first step and everything reaches the first word how much can you call me cohesive germany to find sherman. mistrust why not learn a little courage it's simple mind all your role model and. stuff . w z learning course a german made easy. w. diversity place. where the world of science is at home in many languages fell. on top program been brought to bear even b.c. i think. that with us our innovations magazine for in asia. every
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week and old ways of looking to the future on t w dot com of science and research for a shot. if. i am. play. such luck.
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play live. you know. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin a sigh of relief but germany's political uncertainty is not over yet the social democrats narrowly vote to enter formal talks with going to michael's conservatives in a bid to form a new government bought a final coalition deal is far from guaranteed also coming up u.s. vice president mike pence heads to jerusalem as palestinians few mobo washington's
8:01 am
decision to recognize the city as israel's capital peds be able to revive the key.


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