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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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recycling. in transport can help on the line find out what you can do today at regionals. this is news coming to you live from berlin disaster of virtue going to go but the stable government she's promised germany well that's still just a possibility social democrats narrowly voted to enter formal talks with the americans conservatives but a final coalition deal to end months of political deadlock is far from guaranteed also coming into us vice president mike pence gets
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a warm welcome in israel but most indian leaders refused to meet with him after trump's decision on jerusalem is america's binged because a peace broker in the middle east. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a glimmer of hope for chairman chancellor merkel after four months of political gridlock the social democratic party has voted to enter formal coalition talks with merkel's conservatives to form a new government but the chancellor herself says the negotiations ahead will be no easy task just a slim majority of the s.p.d. rank and file backed the move and that could help the s.p.d. demand more concessions from chancellor or from conservatives rather who don't want to lose another grab coalition. it was a nail biting finish to our long debate with three hundred sixty two voted yes with
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two hundred seventy nine zero and one abstention with that the s.p.d. will enter into coalition talks thad in the end the social democrats top brass had the majority they needed to start coalition talks with on the americans conservatives. earlier party leader martin short made an emotional appeal to delegates stressing the role of the center left party could play in strengthening europe. you know you couldn't feel it do you do it we can improve many things in germany and we have a great opportunity to rebuild europe and thus bring about more social justice not just in our country but across the continent. and in few of the last decade and a half i want to tell you this very clearly in my view it would be negligent not to seize this opportunity not even. thank the leader of the party's youth wing
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urged delegates to vote against the talks. but in a way to proceed is this instance and today whatever happens today it's not the end of the story and it's certainly not the end of the social democrats but that can be the beginning of a new story we write together let's take this risk together even if it means being a dwarf today in order to be a giant again in the future. others say the party's approach a coalition talks will still be tough. sun which is going to negotiate until the other side squeals i can't promise you any more than that i don't know if we'll get one hundred percent of what we want probably not we're going to negotiate and get small good results that's why voting yes today is worth it thank you. sunday's vote was a major step toward ending germany's political gridlock that has prevented the formation of a new government since september as inconclusive election but there's still
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a long road ahead once the coalition agreement is reached the social democrats nearly half a million rank and file still have to approve it. talk with a close and now she's chairwoman of the young socialists within the s.p.d. party in berlin good morning to you because morning the youth wing of the s.p.d. party that is you campaigned very very tough against the s.p.d. entering coalition talks with chance of michael's conservatives but the party has now voted to proceed with those talks how do you feel about that but on the one hand off course we have a bit disappointed that we didn't get the result we want to but on the other hand i'm also already a little bit proud of what we achieved looking at back at the party congress in december where we only gain twenty percent of the votes against the top starting the talks now we're up to forty four percent and we got a lot of positive feedback to our campaign i think the performance of the year on
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the part of congress was very strong i have huge back up for our position ok but your party leaders are now going to enter those coalition talks with the conservatives to be sitting down and trying to work out an agreement on how to govern germany are you going to continue opposing those talks while they're going all definitely we're going to continue opposing the grain quotient i think it's a bad decision for germany to have a new grand coalition of bet's as a social democratic party and our points against the. grand coalition are still valid and i think many people also support our point of view we're going to have a grassroots vote on a grand coalition and of course we're going to try to win the member base you know the s.p.d. parliamentary leader on glee and not as she has vowed to press the conservatives to get as many concerts concessions out of them as possible in these coalition talks what do the s.p.d. negotiators in these talks have to achieve in order to win your support. or is that
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impossible i wouldn't say it's impossible but looking at the paper which they're starting for which they're presented on last friday. i think it's going to be very very tough because very important points are missing for example for the job my kids and for the precarious jobs ending short term contracts for workers for example also the pension politics needs a fundamental reform and they're big steps of a far from that the social system needs reforms and i don't see how see how they are going to push that through as a call ishan was anglo-american also a still of politics and integration politics fun for migrants i think there's no way to negotiate that was a c.u. i think they should try to do that but i think it's going to be very very difficult there's going to be a grassroots both within the s.p.d. on any coalition agreement other more than four hundred thousand members in the s.p.d. party do you think they will approve a coalition deal or not i think many people are to this point of very disappointed
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from what has been reached so far and many people think that it's. already a bad decision to even start talks with there's the grand coalition so i think it really depends on what they are going to be able to negotiate now and if they're going to have strong points for social for the social democratic party in the coalition papers and if they don't reach that i think it's going to be very tough for as a party leaders to get a positive result and it could thank you for being with us this morning on a closer. head of the youth wing of berlin social democrats thanks for coming in thank you think now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today rights groups say turkish air strikes have killed at least eleven civilians in the northern syria region of the brain this is on the second day of a turkish ground offensive into syria to oust u.s. backed kurdish militia from the area where operation was met with a hail of rockets on current turkish towns killing at least one refugee.
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fourteen foreigners and poor afghans have been confirmed killed in the attack on the internet continental hotel in kabul afghanistan officials say six gunman wearing army uniforms stormed the compound saturday evening sparking a thirteen hour gun battle with police the attackers were all killed the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. and most u.s. government agencies will be closed today after congress failed to reach a deal on reopening the government of vote is now scheduled for monday at noon the shutdown came into effect saturday after the senate failed to pass a new budget. u.s. vice president mike pence is in jerusalem today as he continues his tour of the middle east heads was given a military welcome as he met israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu. says the first top u.s. official to visit the city since trump's administration just decision to officially recognized roussel me as israel's capital and to move the u.s.
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embassy to the city before meeting netanyahu pence said a two state solution was still official american policy. president trump made a historic decision that you recognize a truce on this the capital of israel but is he also made clear in that decision at that we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we no position on boundaries and final status are subject to negotiation and and as i make clear to you the president made clear the world united states of america remains committed if the parties agree to two state solution. u.s. vice president mike pence there well palestinian president mahmoud abbas has canceled a planned meeting with peds in the west bank let's bring in our jerusalem correspondent tonya kramer for more autonomy or will there be no meeting whatsoever between
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parents and palestinian leaders. well they slow a meeting on the official sketch and that comes back to a decision by the palestinian leadership back in december shortly after president. they came out had made his decision his announcement that he recognizes that u.s. recognize the true semes the capital of israel the palestinian leadership said that mr pence was scheduled to come to the region already in december would not be welcome here in the region so this to post postponed twice in this position has not changed ever since also the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he has been traveling over the weekend to europe and he's expected to be in process today so you won't be even here to receive mr pence. not happy with this arrangement let's listen to a senior p.l.o. member of war ii talking about mike pence on sunday.
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extremist fundamentalist. christian absolutely. which goes against all the beliefs. christians and particularly and they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is. using the as a justification for talk there from. sounds like there's really no trust left between the palestinians and the current us administration is the peace process effectively on hold while trump is in power. well what mrs ashrawi said there has been echoed by many other palestinian leaders and you also can hear from people from ordinary palestinians who are saying well we never really believed in the u.s. being an honest broker here but now this has been confirmed after this decision now
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what the palestinians are saying over the past week is that they won't see the u.s. as the sole mediator or the sole broker in any peace initiative they're looking to fill the void as they say they want to see other partners other parties stepping in and on the other hand as well i mean there are no negotiations at the moment the peace process has been frozen for a long time so what the palestinians are trying to to see is what can fill this void now that in their eyes the u.s. has left mike pence was a big supporter tanya of moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is that on his agenda there briefly well they might talk about it but it's not quite clear we're not quite clear about the timetable when this. would be moved their different statements some reports were suggesting that it could be happen by the end of two thousand and
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nineteen and then the state department said this is not on the agenda right now the time to this not being said so we will have to wait and see if they will give us any hint of what will happen to this embassy move tony thank you so much t w tanya kramer there in jerusalem. the philippines most active volcano has been making thunderous explosions and authorities are warning it could erupt in a matter of days this dramatic time lapse video shows mount my yawn shooting a giant mushroom cloud of volcanic fragments ash and steam into the sky the volcano has been acting up for more than a week forcing thousands of nearby villagers to flee to safety. to tennis now in the australian open is moving to the sharp end with more big names reaching the tournaments quarterfinals in melbourne germany's. is through to the
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last eight the two thousand and sixteen champion came from behind to be chased away in three sets but will play madison keys next as after the american swept past caroline garcia the number eight seed from france in straight sets and in the men's draw defending champion roger federer a downed martin folks of it in three to set up a quarter final clash with thomas buried. and in american football defending champions the new england patriots will face off against the philadelphia eagles for super bowl fifty two the patriots led by tom brady defeated the jacksonville jaguars twenty four twenty wide receiver danny amendola caught two touchdown passes and one came in the fourth quarter that helped the patriots comeback after they trailed at half time. their opponents on feb fourth the eagles scored in every quarter against the minnesota vikings and won in convincing fashion thirty eight to
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seven the eagles nick foles played per near perfect game throwing three touchdowns in the winning effort. and just before we go reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the news german chancellor angela merkel says party leaders face lots of works to deliver a stable government in this after the social democrats narrowly voted to join formal coalition talks with michael's conservatives. that's all your news for now thanks for watching. germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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