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craig i think it's only the beginning of this sort of machines starting february first on t w. this is due to have been news coming to you live from both ends dissolved a lot if i'm going to magically book a stable government she's from his germany still just a possibility social democrats and natalie voted to enter fullmer talks with i'm glad that those conservatives the final cornish indeed took any months of political deadlock is far from guaranteed or succumb enough u.s.
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president or vice president mike frandsen gets a woman welcome in stress but office and indeed has refused to meet with him after trunks decision on jerusalem is america finished as a peace broker in the middle east. to keep ounds killer dishman issue positions in northern syria as ground troops rolled across the border for a second day the killings kicked back with their own docket file. lawsuits in the bundesliga runaway leaders behind munich forced to work hard minded knows how things all the only against bad agreement of the champions for earnings then. hello and welcome i'm on the thought she. germany sees a major breakthrough after four months of waiting for a new government the social democrats have now really agreed to pursue formal coalition talks with conservatives fifty six percent of party delegates pushed
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through a guess vote at a nail biter of a party congress a slim margin many that many had predicted that could embolden the leaders in the tough talks that still lie ahead. a tense moment for german politics yesterday with a narrow majority of s.p.d. delegates voting in favor of the coalition talks their leader martin schulz visibly relieved after surviving the cliffhanger about. chancellor merkel was also quick to express her relief welcoming the decision of her potential coalition partners. not in the city to provide some of the season you cleared the way for coalition talks last week we welcome the news that the social democrats have followed serious at their party conference. after intensive and sometimes controversial debate they reached
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a positive result. that means the path is now open for full coalition talks life. opposition parties however condemned the move slamming a future grand coalition for lack of vision and the social democrats for dithering over whether to join government. about this dinner in talks you get the impression that it's almost like punishment to govern germany that doesn't exactly suggest a fresh forward looking start for the next grand coalition because it's all. it's clear that this will just keep the status quo going in spite of all the insistence otherwise. on. a new edition of the last grand coalition is essentially a continuation for the loses unfair that action that's a very bad signal especially for german invasion is not all about and ought mind a bit first on this does nothing of the tight result at the s.p.d. conference i fear their leaders will try to get more concessions from the conservatives and knowing merkel's methods that will mean smoothing things out by
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spending lots of taxpayer money so who should to indeed yesterday's s.p.d. conference called on party leaders to obtain further concessions from merkel's conservatives on immigration health and employment policy satisfying those grassroot demands could prove crucial when the s.p.d. is entire membership votes on a final coalition agreement. as we know drawn up little correspond fabiana funded maku at the jail in fall of one welcome five we know the s.p.d. result was much narrower than expected how much pressure does this put on the coalition talks. the pressure is big in the s.p.d. and here behind me the parliamentary group of the s.p.d. has just met for two hours and martin shows the s.p.d. leader was part of this meeting and he expressed within the meeting his determination to negotiate hard with the conservatives in the now following
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coalition talks with america's conservatives on the topics that you have just mentioned because he knows that the s.p.d. has to deliver given the fact that the grassroots have the last say at the very end and given the fact that forty four percent yesterday were and in favor of this grand coalition in fact some conservative voices are already said they're not prepared to make any more concessions to the s.p.d. so how much room for maneuver does john magaw have in these still. well i'm actually herself said yesterday that she is willing to negotiate within the framework of the preliminary talks that social democrats and conservatives have that means talk about details within this piece of paper martin should just hear sounded differently he said no is the beginning of negotiations everything else was in negotiations now is the beginning so hard stance there from the social democrats but the conservatives particularly the very insistent party of america see as you
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they have already ruled out concessions particularly in the field of migration where c.s. us tradition the quite hard stance and they have elections this year so it's probably hard for the s.p.d. to reach something in this field so still some tough talking head so what kind of time then are we looking at for the formation of a potential new government. we expect now three weeks of hard negotiations between social democrats and the conservatives then afterwards there would be a coalition treaty and then we expect two or three weeks for this grassroots vote of the s.p.d. and then the middle of march there could be the election of a new government and around easter end of march this new government could be in place in germany but many ifs and when still. a foreign funded lock at the german parliament thank you very much. germany and france are celebrating the fifty
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fifth anniversary of an agreement to formally when you relations after the second world war president of the german parliament balk on showbiz needing his french counterpart. in belin merlin is due to speak in the german parliament shortly later today scheuer will return the favor with a speech in the french parliament during a visit with a delegation of german m.p.'s the treaty signed in nine hundred sixty three symbolized the reconciliation between the two countries to mark the event french president amman and mccraw has treated a video of himself with german chancellor angela merkel this statement centered on strengthening ties between france and germany so dear compatriots german friends have a good dear german citizens dear french friends. france and germany want to as friends in the heart of europe and in the european spirit conclude a new. aiming for
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a new goals and new forms of cooperation so without waiting for this new treaty the chancellor and i want to invite you to bring this friendship alive it is on that we are especially calling on the young people whether you're a pupil an apprentice a student sees every opportunity to meet in exchange try to learn each other's language into their culture be curious about one another. the german chancellor and the french president. there that's when i bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world spanish prosecutors have moved to have ousted cut shots arrested after he traveled to denmark from belgium it's the first time moore has left belgium since he fled spain to avoid arrest and charges of sedition and rebellion he's being investigated over the declaration of independence following a referendum of. fourteen foreigners and four of guns have been confirmed killed in
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the attack on the intercontinental hotel in kabul official says six gunman wearing army uniforms stormed the compound on saturday evening sparking a thirteen hour gun battle with police the attackers were killed the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. most u.s. government agencies will remain closed today after congress failed to reach a deal on reopening the government a vote is for monday afternoon the shutdown came into effect on saturday after the senate failed to pass a new budget. u.s. vice president mike pence has kicked off his visit to israel saying it was a great honor to be in israel's capital jerusalem friends was broken with military honors as he met israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu prince is the first stop u.s. official to visit jerusalem since the trump administration's decision to officially
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recognize the contested city as israel's capital and to move the u.s. embassy there. but palestinian leader mahmoud abbas will not be meeting bans he'll be in brussels meeting e.u. officials ahead of the talks foreign policy chief greeny again contradicted u.s. policy on jerusalem this is what she said. clearly there is a problem with jerusalem would say this is a very diplomatic euphemism and we europeans as well as all the art of words and the united nations system such. still continue to believe that the only pragmatic realistic solution for jerusalem has to come from direct negotiations and has to be the capital of two states. if i'm on this issue let me draw in our jerusalem correspondent tanya crema she's near the israeli parliament the knesset where mike pence is due to speak and tell me i'm mike pence a described jerusalem as the capital of israel what sort of signal of dissent but
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underscoring this during his visit there. well i mean he's expected to say that he fully supports the decision by president trump who declared in december the truisms the capital of israel and he had got a very very warm welcome here by israeli leaders by the government and as he said he would speak also at the knesset later we're standing here nearby which has been called already by some as an story so you got a very warm welcome that's expected that he supports decision of course if you ask the palestinian leaders and also i repeat as the region he just came from visiting egypt and jordan they're highly criticized they could criticize his decision and palestinian leaders have already in december said he is not going to be welcome and they have called off any meeting with him in protest of the u.s. decision to recognize to reset the capital of israel and talking about fantasy and
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let's listen to a senior p.l.o. member and on a shabby talking about mike pence ahead of his visit. there that is extremist fundamentalist look to the last. absolutist the geology which goes against all the beliefs and commitments of the arab and palestinian christians and particular and they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is kneeling. to manderson justice using diligent as a justification. so as we have a strong word someone on piers there's no trust left between the palestinians and the current u.s. administration tanya. yeah that's right and. these words i've been hearing them a lot palestinian leaders as well they were echoed also by people on the street and what mrs travis also looting to that mr penton seen as very close to the to the eventually this. very. who is supporting this decision on calling to
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send the capital off now what the palestinians want to see is that they're saying that the u.s. conky anymore the soul in any kind of peace initiative we all know that mr trump always has said he wants to make the ultimate deal but they're saying we have to find other partners we have to find other parties to step in and to fill this void that from their point a few has been left by the u.s. because they do not trust the u.s. and then negotiation efforts and that gap be fitted by the e.u. could it give the lead to the peace process as we're seeing palestinian leader mahmoud abbas's in brussels. yeah i think this is what is the aim of this visit by president abbas brussels he will tell probably the european leaders that. the persons want to continue pursuing a peace but he also wants to you to take
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a more stronger role a more political role and that is one of the main donors in the palestinian occupied territories but they have to take more on the role and also there's talk about maybe a different mechanism so that it's not the u.s. that is the only and sole in this. in a new peace initiative can you claim in jerusalem thank you very much for that. reports by rights groups say turkish air strikes have killed at least eleven civilians in northern syria this on the second day off a turkish ground offensive into syria to asked u.s. allied kurdish militia from the area the operation was met with a hail of rockets on turkish towns killing at least one refugee the turkish offensive on african is code named operation olive branch it began on saturday and has heightened tensions in the already complicated syrian conflict the united states has urged turkey to exercise restraint.
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you're watching news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead we'll take a look back at the weekend's bundesliga action where they were goals good law in munich and not at all for reading champions byron. but first want to joins me in a totally new shopping experience in the u.s. with amazon actually it feels a bit like shoplifting on narrator but of course totally legal the online retail giant amazon has opened a convenience store in seattle amazon go it's called where customers won't have to wait in line or use the checkout customers with the obvious and go app on their smartphones can simply pick up items or put them directly in their bags the goods are automatically added to a customer's virtual shopping cart when they're removed from a shelf all deleted if the item is put back the system relies on
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a mix of cameras census and fishel intelligence now the american group unveiled to the concept for its cashier list shop just over a year ago but then the launch was delayed due to bugs in the system they i assume ironed out by now. the german business world he aside relief and the euro gave a few points to after germany center left to social democratic party voted to begin a formal coalition talks with anglo-american conservatives a deal would end months of uncertainty in europe's biggest economy and the news comes as a confidence boost to german business leaders but they are concerned that germany is lagging in the digital transformation of industry and they want to see a new government make that a top priority still the german economy expanded by over two percent in twenty seventeen boosted by high employment and large investments and economists expect
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growth to be about the same this year. the social democrats decide to go into coalition talks with angela merkel's conservative what's the financial world saying let's ask in frankfurt really is there a sense of relief after yesterday's go ahead. i think there's a sense of relief but it's quite muted nobody's you know throwing up their arms and saying whoopee it's going into the next round of talks from exploratory ones to coalition talks. a bit of a blog's a attitude if you will and people saying not affecting the share prices in the european markets or the german markets too much and wait and see the people a little skeptical that much will change but you know i asked the same question on friday of people what do you expect of as pretty a party congress when everything was still up in the air when it looked very close and indeed it was very close in the end and people were quite nervous and were
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saying over the weekend yes we are going to watch that and we are very interested i think the same thing holds now it's not going to stop the markets or anyone in the business world from moving at the at the pace that it's moving conditions are very good but people will be looking for very carefully and all the news coming from these talks to see if it indeed leads to a stable government yeah i mean they'll be looking very carefully but what exactly do they hope to see once those coalition talks begin. well there are various voices for example from the representatives of major organizations. and from the business world one representative of the bavarian business world says he would not like to see more topics raised leading germany to a more of a social welfare state and for example the president of the wholesalers in germany says more important to him is that it move quickly to
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a stable german government so that germany has a voice in formulating foreign and especially european policy in another representative german chambers of industry and trade said please tax reform with lower rates meeting the challenge of other countries like united states which are lowering taxes or it's a long wish list let's see what comes to fruition early votes in frankfurt thank you so much. twenty seventeen was a record year for cuba tourism with four point seven million this it is pumping around three billion dollars into the island's economy but president on its trans tighter travel rules make it hard for some to turn a profit tourism dollars from big spending americans seem to be heading into cuba state sector and away from private business. the man overlooking revolution square is a legend che guevara the man on the harley is his son and this to give our eyes the owner of love put it was a tourist and he's showing tourists across have on his guests love it the business
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took off after then president barack obama lifted a longstanding travel ban for americans. the first hears were very good there was an opening and an increase in tourism and that helped us but today relations are more closed the world has become more complicated conditions are worse and tourism has dropped a bit. in fact tourism has not dropped twenty seventeen was a record year for cuba tourism is up including from the u.s. but under new regulations put in place by the trump administration all u.s. travel has to take place an organized tour groups that's bad news for some small providers. at last daljit car cuba tourists can rent the classic cars of ana is famous for the owner has an idea about why u.s. tourists are facing tighter rules again. but when americans see the reality of
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cuban life when the hear the testimonies of cuban businessmen from the private sector they realize that everything they have been told are lies. tighter regulations are not american tourists still flock to the island but some small businesses won't benefit from their visit until after the trump years. and here's something i'd like to share with you the world economic forum of course is gearing up to begin tomorrow but our correspondents they are already hard at work clearing their workplace of snow tons of it did all the is beneficial and here he is found a mountain of the fluffy stuff when he went out to inspect the camera position so he and colleague helena humphrey got out the shovels you see her after a few minutes of freezing sweats our correspondents carved out a spot for themselves and our live coverage from the world economic forum in davos will begin tonight let's hope there is not much more snow coming and i don't know
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how did i great job. thank you very much talking off sweaters and actions. guess what this legal and by and mimic are looking pretty unstoppable at the top of the bundesliga table didn't sunday's opponents agreement and their previous fourteen encounters a bundesliga record for the longest winning streak against one club now remain have been languishing in the lower end of the table but could they cause an upset have a look despite the unfavorable odds braman went to munich with big intentions and they started the game with a bang. jerome conj of sliding in to give graeme in a one nil lead up to twenty five minutes their first goal in munich since twenty fourteen but had a tough time finding a way through their opponents but thomas moore was in the mood. outstanding technique in the house and equalize the just before half time thanks
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shortly after the break it was two one. robert levin dusky expertly rising to plan to head a posse of g five lanka. but braman for back with a helping hand from byron max crews a song in a corner and nicklaus was caught ball watching. own goal suit to. fly and were forced to up their game and some unleavened dusky to live it again the pole seventy eighth goal of the season hama's then headed his hundred thousand as they go along a plateau. for to the final score and forced to work hard for their customary win over courageous braman. turning to shocking how they haven't had a great start to two thousand and eighteen last weekend they lost their lives again then they announced their star on good at sca we go to buy and munich at the end of
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the season their opponents on sunday hangover have had a decent return to the top flight and are looking for a while. in that would move them within a whisker of a european place. leone go ahead scott might have expected a warm welcome back after three months out on the site lanes instead shell because fans unveiled a banner that sold the byron bone star exactly where to go but if the bets go was the villain of the piece new money market p.r. so was the hero the genuine saying from the event a speech elkan for the beats or an unfinished after just sixty minutes. in the second period things started to come unstuck for shelter. because that scope was subbed off to a company of whistling. and over crept back into the game yet the fair man looked to have sealed the points for shell kit with best double save on seventy minutes. but a nicklaus fukuoka hung over have
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a striker who is buying on form he followed last week's hot chick with a coach's goal here in the eighty sixth minute to steal a point for his side and keep them in the hunt for europe. it kept a miserable day for good. he'll have his sights set on european glory with buyer next season but will his continued presence in the shellac a team derail their beds for champions league football. and spanish for young madrid full with christianity or not of course quite a still on social media this time not just because of his go in there was the born of the year is well known for his well what some call a vanity he checked himself out on the phone after getting a kick to the face when scoring his second goal in riyadh seven one demolition of door for t.v. . turning now to tennis and the australian open is moving to the sharp end with more big names reaching the tournament's quarter finals in melbourne germany's
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originally care bill is through to the last eight the two thousand and sixteen champion came from behind to beat she's in three sets khabar will play madison keys next and that's after the american spirit fia and the number eight seed from france in straight sets and in the men's roar defending champion roger federer downed amata on a focus of each in three sets three sets to a quarter final clash with bad ditch finally away from sport the philippines most active volcano has been making hundreds explosions and authorities are warning it could erupt in a matter of days and we have dramatic timeline video which shows my own shooting a shrine mushroom cloud of volcanic ragman into and steam into the sky the volcano has been acting up for a week forcing thousands of nearby villages to flee for safety.
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you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel says party leaders face lots of work to deliver a stable government this after the social democrats narrative to join formal coalition talks with. germany has faced months of political uncertainty after inconclusive national elections last september. and u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in israel for high level talks with prime minister binyamin netanyahu then said it was a great honor to be in israel's capital jerusalem meanwhile palestinian leaders have refused to meet with the u.s. leader during his visit. i have more news for you coming up in half and i look forward to seeing you then but by. such an odd.
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place. to. play eco africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants now on paper in their living collecting elephant dung law here in queen elizabeth national park in uganda odd their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species mago and for going to
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next going to dublin to. the scorpions there superstars and they've been rocking and sold for more than fifty years on stage. in the museum. and in the documentary for ever and today the body of the scorpion a special i'm going to explore in sixty minutes. storms so many people the world over information provided. the didn't want to express. on facebook twitter today in touch.
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truck bombs on. the situation escalates it's no longer for schools. ruthless calculation military leaders are kopi extent of the. technological progress to complications massacres. are starting february third w. well come see what africa weekly pan african and european environment magazine brought to you by charles t.v. kate c.n. and voice about this week's edition is all about recycling and up slightly but
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first let's give a warm welcome to my charming colleague shot in nairobi.


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