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this is the obvious news coming to you live from berlin chile's two biggest political parties waste no time you're already planning to example being a new government social democrats now you voted to end to fulminate go see a bit on the americans conservatives who define a coalition deal is far from guaranteed also coming up u.s. vice president mike pence gets a room welcome in dread the palestinian leaders who feels to meet him after comes decision on jerusalem is america's role as
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a piece of broker in the middle east obama. and turkey pounce goodish militia positions in northern syria as ground troops are drawn across the border for a second day the codes which back with their own docket five. plus a night of cognition company at least nineteen people are dead after the taliban gunmen go on a killing spree in the capital cities of luxury hotels. how the end of a warm welcome to you i'm. jim lee social democrats say they want to renegotiate all key issues with americans conservatives in forming a new government the left of center party already demanding concessions after voting to pursue formal coalition talks fifty six percent of delegates pushed through a yes vote at a party called. it's in sunday but just
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a slim majority and still though it's still considered a big breakthrough as germany's two biggest political parties the idea of another grand coalition. was a tense moment for german politics yesterday with a narrow majority of s.p.d. delegates voting in favor of full coalition talks their leader martin schulz visibly relieved after surviving the cliffhanger about. chancellor merkel was also quick to express her relief welcoming the decision of her potential coalition partners. not in the city to provide some of the season you cleared the way for coalition talks last week we welcome the news that the social democrats have followed serious at their party conference. after intensive and sometimes controversial debate they reached a positive result. and that means the path is now open for full coalition talks
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five. opposition parties however condemned the move slamming a future grand coalition for lack of vision and the social democrats for did the ring over whether to join government. about this dinner in talks you get the impression that it's almost like punishment to govern germany that doesn't exactly suggest a fresh forward looking start for the next grand coalition because it's all basically stops and it's clear that this will just keep the status quo going in spite of all the insistence otherwise. i'm all for a new edition of the last grand coalition is essentially a continuation for the loses unfair that action that's a very bad signal especially for german very much is not all through the vienna and gotten mind of the first method of the tight result at the s.p.d. conference i fear their leaders will try to get more concessions from the conservatives and knowing merkel's methods that will mean smoothing things out by spending lots of taxpayer money so who should have to be out indeed yesterday's
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s.p.d. conference called on party leaders to obtain further concessions from merkel's conservatives on immigration health and employment policy satisfying those grassroot to monster could prove crucial when the s.p.d. is entire membership votes on a final coalition agreement. if we do enough political correspondent five in fun democracies inside the german parliament fobbing talks are expected to start soon but the s.p.d. is already indicated it wants to read renegotiate key issues. yes that's true martin should the leader of the s.p.d. had a meeting earlier on this day with the parliamentary group of the social democrats and in this meeting he expressed again his determination to really now restart or actually begin the negotiations for him everything before now was preliminary talks and now he said the coalition talks begin and he ones to make these points that were mentioned in the piece he need feels the need and he knows that he has to
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deliver because yesterday there was just fifty six percent in favor of the grand coalition and there's still the grassroots vote to come so a lot of pressure on the s.p.d. and also pressure on chancellor angela merkel some conservative voices have already said did not do a bit to make any more concessions to the s.p.d. . yes that's true i mean actually herself she said yesterday that the preliminary talks they gave a result which for her is the framework now for the coalition talks which means she would be able or she could imagine to go into detail within this framework but beyond the framework it's a lot harder for her even if she would imagine changes to be possible she would have a lot of problems with her coalition partner because with her sister party the varian c.s.u. they have already ruled out concessions to the social democrats particularly on the field of migration but that is one of the points that margin shows once to score so
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tough negotiations to come here so given all of these on the result issues what kind of timeline are we looking at for the formation of a potential new government fabia. we expect three weeks probably of tough negotiations between the social democrats and the conservatives after that if the coalition treaty is fix. the grassroots then would have to vote that would take probably another two to three weeks and then the middle of march a new government could be elected here in parliament and at the end of march around easter this new government could actually begin to act five in front of mark in the german parliament thank you very much for that. but the germans the past four months of political deadlock have been unexpected an unprecedented what do they think about the possibility now of another grand coalition government between the
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social democrats and ugly americans conservatives because a few opinions on the streets of but a mystic listen. i'm pleased and i think they should take their mandate seriously and form a government. doesn't matter which coalition it is we've missed our chance to change something the status quo hasn't been good for anyone. to carry with us mike and i mean this way in trying it out is our only option although i would have preferred a coalition with the liberals and the greens. it's really you i nearly died for you don't to be honest i would have rather had a minority government than here the elections were months ago and they still haven't formed a government. and yeah sure if you start i think they should get on with forming the grand coalition they should pull together and get something done now so that things can finally move forward. and i think there are a pressing issues that need to be dealt with six months since. germany and the
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european union reform it's about time something was done about it that's difficult without a government. this article or some other stories making news around the world of form of vietnamese state oil executive who allegedly was kidnapped from germany has been sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzlement to shaun tan was seeking asylum in germany but disappeared from the capital last year and germany accuses the agents of snatching him from a bull in park. spanish prosecutors have moved to an to have ousted leader carlist arrested after he traveled from denmark to denmark from belgium is the first time bridge more has left belgium since he fled spain to avoid arrest on charges of sedition and rebellion he's being investigated over a declaration of independence following a job as a referendum. a motorcycle bomb has exploded in
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a market in thailand's southern province killing three and wounding many more the region is home to a long running islamist insurgency but no group has claimed responsibility. u.s. vice president mike pence has kicked off his visit to israel saying it was a great honor to be in israel's capital jerusalem burns was welcomed with military honors as he met israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu thinks is the first top u.s. official to visit jerusalem since the trump administration's decision to officially recognize the contested city as israel's capital and to move the u.s. embassy there ben says his visit to jerusalem will give a boost to the middle east peace process have a listen. in making his historic announcement on december the sixth president roh did so convinced. that by by recognizing. israel's capital to respond.
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that we would create an opportunity to move on in good faith negotiations between israel and the palestinian people on issues that can be discussed and president trump truly believes can be resolved. and that we join in jerusalem correspondent tanya crema she's near the israeli parliament the knesset where mike spencer is a day right now tanya mike pence also said upon what we just heard that the dawn of a new era of peace negotiations is starting how will that comment go down there do you think. well on the one hand you got certainly a very warm welcome by the israeli leaders prime minister netanyahu saying it's an honor to stand here for the first time somebody saying they're here in the capital of israel with the u.s. vice president who just arrived as you said behind me here in the knesset to give
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a speech. some saying it's going to be an historic speech in the knesset but at the end of the day it's very difficult to understand what he means by a new era. of negotiations because he's not going to meet with any palestinian leader official the palestinians have said long ago that they will not meet with the vice president and just protest over that u.s. decision now we're seeing live pictures of appends in the knesset as we talk not only appends again reiterated that the u.s. recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel what message did he send by making those remarks in jerusalem knowing that the palestinians are enraged mind this decision. well that's exactly that i mean palestinians have made already clear in to send after mr trump made his announcement to recognize true islam as the cups of israel and mr pence was supposed to come of it in december his trip to the region
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it was postponed twice they had made it clear that he's not welcome here and they're not the only ones also previously this president was framed as being also visit to support the christian communities but also most of the church leaders have said they're not welcoming him so this is the message he's giving his sales talking on the one hand about negotiations maybe it's meaning this new initiative that the u.s. president has been talking about this ultimate deal don't know any details about that but it's very difficult if one side of this negotiation process is not even part of dismiss it the missing pitches off mike pence in the knesset is the bar to address israeli parliamentarians but the palestinians have refused to meet pence in fact the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas is in brussels let's have a listen to what you foreign policy chief credit among greeny said about the peace process area. clearly there is a problem with jerusalem i would say this is
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a very diplomatic euphemism and we europeans as well as all the art of words and the united nations system as such. still continue to believe that the only pragmatic realistic solution for general salim has to come from direct negotiations and has to be the capital of two states. attorney one painters in jerusalem abbas is in brussels of what is a boss hoping to get from the e.u. during his meetings there. i think what he's hoping to get it's more support from the european countries will probably ask him to step in more not just to be a main donor year in the occupied palestinian territory but also to be politically more of political weight here and maybe to step in also as a partner for a possible new peace initiative. if that might come around what the palestinians are looking for what they have been saying of the past couple of months and weeks
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is that they can't see the u.s. as the honest broker anymore they can see us as the sole and many a time in such a new initiative one such it's such an initiative would ever come and so what they want to see is other mechanisms they want to have other partners and part parties be involved in that and i think this is what do you palestinian president of us is trying to get from the you although we are knowing that you is not speaking is not able to speak with one voice this is also about bilateral matter between the different countries johnny crema in jerusalem thank you very much. turning now to turkey and rights groups it turkish and northern syria have killed at least eleven civilians this on the second day of a turkish ground offensive into syria aimed at ousting u.s. backed go this militia from the area the turkish offensive on afrin is code named
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operation olive branch it began on saturday and has heightened tensions in the already complicated syrian conflict the operation was met with a hail of rockets on turkish towns killing at least one refugee the united states has urged turkey to exercise restraint. and because one dorrian jones is covering the story for us and joins me from istanbul jordan turkey is pushing ahead with its gratified supertankers in troops into northern syria it appears to be facing strong resistance there. so as in the are those ripples of intense fighting going on in the african enclave turkish state news agency claim that turkish forces have captured a number of villages but this the kurdish militia the y p g claim that they have recaptured at least two of them amid heavy ongoing fighting on another front free syrian army elements of the free syrian army of the front against the syrian kurdish militia again reports of heavy fighting there and despite turkey having
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this overwhelming firepower before the ground and backed by airstrikes they are facing off a middle opponent the free says the syrian kurdish militia are very highly organized disciplined and back to the hall of the years of fighting these lambic state i don't believe to be very well armed the united states has been backing these kurdish militia in the war against the islamic state but that is why turkey say it is so necessary to carry out this operation they accuse this militia of supporting a kurdish insurgency inside turkey but in this ongoing fighting there is over a million civilians called top and we are hearing growing reports of civilian casualties many blamed on turkish air strikes on princess is taking all steps to minimize casualties in fact. has made a rousing speech defending to operation what do you have to say. but indeed this is more of the same he's drawing on very heavy nationalist rhetoric he's saying that this is a country battle for the future of the country he says our country has to unite
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against this and again a warning against anyone protesting or opposing it he repeated this warning any dissent will be seen as supporting terrorism and will be crushed more nationalist rhetoric more stirring up public support during jones thank you very much for that update. you're watching the news coming up ahead u.s. lawmakers refused to budge as the government shutdown enters its third day can they figure out a compromise to end the gridlock over immigration reform. but first want to go and joins me now for business news in a totally new shopping experience in the u.s. there are some offers you the experience of what it's like when you do some shoplifting at least that's how i imagine it but don't worry it's totally legal the online retail giant amazon has opened a convenience store in seattle called amazon go where customers won't have to wait in line or use
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a checkout so customers with the amazon go app on their smartphones can simply pick up items and put them directly in their bags the goods are automatically added to a customer's virtual shopping cart when they're removed from the shelf or deleted if the item is put back the system relies on a mix of cameras census artificial intelligence the american group unveils that concept for its cash or less shop just over a year ago but then the launch was delayed due to bugs in the system they've been ironed out via now what investors here in germany and certainly in frankfurt they are focusing on two big topics this week on market correspondent only bad filters in the only for one we have the regular the monthly easy the meeting this week and i'm sure everybody wonders whether they'll be a big change to the quantitative easing program. there's going to be a lot of anxiety until mario draghi the president of the e.c.b.
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steps up to the microphone this coming thursday and lots of people expect that there will be some change in the wording of the e.c.b. and of mario draghi after the meeting and people are expecting this change because of the protocol of the last meeting the minutes of the last meeting which indicated that the easy bit easy being members were anxious to change the wording to make it more clear to make it more clear that they wanted to communicate in a steady way in a careful way how to get out of quantitative easing that is bond buying and at some time also communicate rate rises in a more clear way in order to avoid turmoil in the market of course of mario draghi does too much too soon then there will be that term turmoil if he doesn't have the kind of transparency that people expect the not will disappoint markets to. the way
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the e.c.b. acts the way it buys bonds and the way it talks about interest rates that's a very central point here to everyone in the market that's a very thin line there for him to balance on but before all eyes are on moderate drug all eyes are on the new c.e.o. of don't you betty. yes that's right his name is taylor of vimal and he comes from a big bank cooper finds punkin unique where he was c.e.o. and now he's an independent c.e.o. who profiles frank was a subsidiary of unit credit and your brother had a terrible year last year the proposed merger with london failed to see you had to go because of insider investigation against him and now people will be looking to tear vironment today when he steps in front of the microphone at the reception of the bowser for the very first time but projects as you mentioning what things he isn't mentioning perhaps and above all more than what he says how he says it what kind of a type of person is he what kind of a character does he have in contrast to the old c o two
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a lot of people here in frankfurt did not particularly appreciate how rotten only you'll go there listen there for us and then bring us up to date later thank you so much for no we'll do. well just in time for the meeting all the world's a move us shake us in davos the international n.g.o.s is updating its annual inequality report and it's less than rosy the gap between rich and poor widened last year with eighty two percent of all wealth created going to the world's richest one percent oxfam says that the billionaires are getting even richer and the wealth added to their accounts in twenty seventeen would have been enough to end extreme poverty seven times. so that's surely a topic at the world economic forum which is gearing up to begin tomorrow but our correspondents there are already hard at work you can see my colleague ben facility here is that he found a mountain of snow when he went out to inspect the camera position then came
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colleague helena humphrey and she got out to the shuffle to clear the space good on her so i'm sure i'll live coverage which will start later today it's all said she has the balcony all clear to go. so it's but before that we have to leave the wintry slopes of switzerland behind and move to afghanistan and yes a violent weekend a violent weekend again in afghanistan where authorities are searching for answers after a deadly thirteen hour long attack on land intercontinental hotel survive a sig gunman who raided the compound on saturday evening army uniforms and went from room to room looking for foreigners officials have confirmed nineteen deaths so far but ins foreign ministry says one german national was among those who killed the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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an explosion rocks the intercontinental hotel in kabul. sporadic gunfire ricocheting around the area as afghan security forces take on the taliban insurgents. the gunmen had stormed the hotel on saturday night killing as they went. through the house. they were elders and children inside the hotel rooms and the attackers were knocking on the door greeter room to reach their target. they killed ordinary people and officials they were targeting foreigners especially. during the winter and afghan flag is way from the roof i signed the hotel has finally been secured but questions of being asked as to why it took security forces more than twelve hours. one of the reasons that this operation took so long was that the hotel it used special security measures which are only allowed for room to room search after
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a key was used for the security forces to get in security of course also it was difficult to carry out this operation at night. a wounded security guard is led away off to being rescued all the gunmen them so. elves were killed according to the interior ministry the standoff may be over but this is a city on permanent alert. as the u.s. stance is working week most federal agencies will remain closed after congress failed to reach a deal on reopening the government a vote is now shed you from monday at noon the shutdown came into effect on saturday after a budget negotiations in the senate broke down all the immigration reform ground to a halt still unable to find a compromise on key legislative issues the u.s. government shutdown has enters its third day in the early hours of the morning senate republicans tried to convince democrats to soften their stance a lot step back from the brink. victimizing the american people. and get back to
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work. it looks like an agreement was on the cards but the democrats say tough i am happy to continue my discussion with the majority leader about reopening the government we've had several conversations talks will continue but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides for that reason. one of the main stumbling blocks has been immigration as part of negotiations democrats want to extend a program to protect so-called dreamers more than seven hundred thousand undocumented immigrants who illegally entered the u.s. as children the stands to leave deportation hanging over their heads and the budget nightmare continues to unfold as the government failed to unlock a temporary funding deal government agencies are now paralyzed and hundreds of thousands of public servants are forced to stay home as senate vote is scheduled
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for later today another attempt to end the budget standoff. turning now to tennis and there was a big shock at the australian open as twelve time grand slam champion novak djokovic rained out in the fourth round junko which lost in three tied says to chile on the other seeded korean played the match of his life to beat the man he called his idol djokovic still seem to be struggling with an elbow he had surgery on six months ago elsewhere defending champion of roger federer needed just three sets to down a motto in a focal of folks so rich he must be in the quarterfinals in the women's draw or germany's angela cadbury will play in madison keys in the last eight that's after she came from behind to beat she saw away in three sets away from sport in the philippines most active volcano has been making a thunderous explosions and authorities are warning it could erupt in
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a matter of days on this dramatic time lapse video shows mount my own shooting at john marshall of cloud of volcanic fragments ash and steam into the sky the volcano has been acting up for more than a week forcing thousands of nearby villages to flee to safety before i leave you here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel says party leaders face off so work to deliver a stable government this off the social democrats now only vote to join formal coalition talks with matters conservative block germany has faced bands of political uncertainty after inconclusive national elections last september. i have more news for you and half an hour look forward to seeing you then bye bye
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