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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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the u.s. embassy in israel will move to jerusalem next year america's vice president in a speech to parliament. ovation as israeli arabs throw out for testing against. the program. a surprise to washington the u.s. . government shutdown allowing hundreds of thousands of people to go back to work to the u.s. capital. germany stupidest political parties professor after a full coalition told the social democrats promised tough negotiations that conservatives made signs of disagreement before the talks to be stopped are. also
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coming up in the next sixty minutes an elite gathering of the world's top. business finance and politics i ride for that annual get together. top of the agenda how to distribute the proceeds of growth family. welcome to the program. u.s. vice president mike pence has told israel's knesset that the u.s. embassy to move to jerusalem by the end of next year is visit comes as the palestinians receive fresh assurances from the european union that it still supports that claim to east jerusalem as the capital of a future palestinian state i prez's visit to israel is a first by us politician since the trumpet ministrations controversial announcement that it recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital israeli arab lawmakers made their
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opposition to the move clear right from the start of mr pence's speech. the protests kicked off even before mike pence had begun his speech out of his really lawmakers were ushered from the knesset after waving signs at the u.s. vice president following donald trump's incendiary move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. are you saying showed east jerusalem including the holy and the al aqsa mosque as a message that we had against trumps declarations east jerusalem should be capital of palestine west of islam capital of israel. pens he was given a much warmer welcome by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was unrepentant about the move he said that the u.s. was only recognizing fact over fiction as a first step towards a new peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians the united states appreciates your government's declared willingness to resume direct peace
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negotiations with the palestinian authority and today. we strongly urge the palestinian leadership to return to the table peace can only come through dialogue. but dialogue is exactly what the palestinian community believes is lacking female hamas supporters took to the street in gaza city to protest the u.s. decision their message is clear the u.s. not palestine has made peace talks impossible he is going to after having destroyed the chances of peace after having also urged this president to take positions and having taken positions. recognizing. which is an illegal position and goes counter to the requirements of peace the u.s. though is determined that the move will go ahead and quickly paints announce that the u.s. embassy will relocate from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of twenty nineteen.
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or polished a new leader mahmoud abbas was having nothing to do with my presence his visit today he spent the day talking to the european union so let's bring in david correspondents tanya in jerusalem and max hoffmann in brussels welcome both tanya chremylus start with you mike pence is what was mike pence his main message today. well i mean it was a speech packed with fifth nic of references praising the jewish nation raising the american is very relationship and also praising again the decision by u.s. president chum to recognize through semester caps of israel you said what has been done wrong for seventy years now as has been done right and as you heard in that report he also announced the u.s. embassy despair a controversial move of moving it from tel aviv to jerusalem will be done sooner rather than later by the end of two thousand and nineteen you got standing ovations
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for that but he also went on saying other topics like iran he called it again the iran nuclear deal a disaster and he also made clear that u.s. might not be able to certify this in the future mr patterson proclaimed a new era in peace negotiations not everyone was happy about this. yes some would even say this is an end of an era because one part of the negotiation partners it's not talking to the u.s. anymore and you saw it in the report as well the lawmakers of the israeli our coalition joint list they were protesting against it ever moved from the knesset they have been saying that this isn't in the coffin of and he peace talks and this is a very blunt sided approach this one and of course the palestinians are not part of this visit because they have said over due back in december after the decision by
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mr trump to recognize who is an ass to come up to this well that they won't hold any talks in the middle with you as ministration officials and also not with miss depends because they are saying that they want to see is true islam as the capital of their future state and like most of the international countries as well that came out against this u.s. decision they want to see that the status of it was some will be part of final status negotiations but hoffman so mahmoud abbas of the palestinian orthodoxy that having nothing to do with mike pence there in brussels instead what does he want from the e.u. . well his main goal was and has been for a long time phil now the recognition of a palestinian state not very likely to happen at least it didn't happen today in brussels and the second goal is to get some money from the european union because the us are slashing their funding for palestinian refugee the agency that's based
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with the united nations drastically and many are hoping including probably the palestinian president mahmoud abbas that the european union will step in at least partially make up for that loss and the third goal here was of course to be treated as an equal to benyamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister who was here a couple of weeks ago so that did happen but here's my would have us him self talking about his goals. a little we consider the european union a true partner and friend we therefore call on its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine there is no contradiction between the recognition of palestine and the resumption of peace negotiations. that will follow. i softened house and european union reacted. the official line of the european union also for a long time has been they want a two state solution yes but they want to have
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a negotiated result of that so they would probably be ok with the part where mahmoud abbas says we need to restart the peace process we need to start negotiating probably not so with the other part that you mentioned but they did say that they want the debate to continue here in brussels to find a solution how to kick start the peace process again we've heard that many times so unclear what that really means to give mahmoud abbas something to take home with them they said that they would invision to have an association agreement with the palestinian territories which would give them a better access for the goods that they produce there and they also reiterated what you said at the beginning fill that east jerusalem should be the capital of a palestinian state but as i just said a palestinian state can only exist if it's the result at least in the eyes of the european union of a negotiated peace process and we don't have that at the moment. we'll leave it there hoffman in brussels tanya kraemer in jerusalem thank you both
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in the united states the shutdown of the federal government is coming to and after three days the senate's just voted for a bill to fund federal agencies a lot of the government to resume business after lengthy negotiations democratic leaders in the senate agreed to end that delaying tactics and we said for the republicans agreeing to debate the immigration issue especially the plight of what are called dreamers these are the children who were taken to the usa illegally and is now face deportation. schiphol from washington correspondent michael. welcome michael so why have the democrats made this sudden reversal of voted to end the shutdown. that's an excellent question and the fact is that democrats just did what they said they wouldn't do which is to vote for a bill that that doesn't address the fate of the dreamers and instead they relied
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on a promise given by republicans that they would address the fate of the dreamers separately in february and the reason why why why democrats might have done this is that they're probably afraid to be blamed for this continuing shutdown especially those democrats who run in competitive races in the midterm elections later this year but it could also spell trouble for the democrats internally because many progressive left leaning democrats were keen on not doing this not voting for another extension of the government funding for a few weeks without. addressing the dreamer issue he said you sort of touched on the next question. senator having taken this vote on closed down the shutdown does that mean it's now in the matter is off the table no in fact it is not i mean this is essentially just kicking the can down the road again this vote only
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extends the funding the government funding by the federal government till early february and then the issue will be brought up again and has to be resolved once again or they have to try to resolve it once again or just try to get another short term funding measure passed. in washington thank you so much. thomas take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world fighting on the turkey syria border intensified today as turkish troops and their allies advance on the kurdish enclave of afrin inside syria defensives aimed at neutralizing a u.s. backed kurdish militia the turkey considers a terror organization after it is said to be surrounded by the kurds say they have repelled turkish troops from two villages seized on sunday. afghan officials of race to nineteen the death toll of civilians killed in a battle lasting housing compos it's an intercontinental hotel most of the victims were foreigners the six gunman who stormed the compound late on saturday wearing
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army uniforms were also killed taliban insurgents say they carried out the attack. spanish prosecutors have moved to have ousted catherine leader commas arrested after he traveled to denmark from belgium it's the first time the man has left belgium since he fled spain at the end of october to avoid arrest on charges of sedition and rebellion is being investigated after spain's catalonia region i declared independence after his respiratory. here in germany they circle democrats are promising tough negotiations with angela merkel's conservatives over forming a new government yesterday only narrowly voted in favor of pursuing formal coalition talks on sunday the party says it's not satisfied with the preliminary agreement and is calling on its leaders to bring negotiate some of the key issues the leaders of the parties involved will now work out a shuttle for coalition to go see actions. a special meeting of the social
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democrats parliamentary group there is relief in the air that the party congress has paved the way to coalition talks but some still reject the idea of a grand coalition. in this democracy we need two strong alternative projects and in a grand coalition they get blurred we lost massively but things could still get worse. now. but often we've been about a team now and we will discuss all the issues that we addressed during the exploratory talks again it's clear that ultimately and coalition negotiations both sides will always have to make compromises. but the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. blocks willingness to revisit prior agreements is limited they can and we will flesh out what we unanimously agreed in the exploratory treaty that is we will go in-depth on those issues but we will reopen talks on what we've already rejected.
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nonetheless many germans seem relieved over the social democrats decision on sunday are you guys going to start i think they should get on with forming the grand coalition they should pull together and get something done out so that things can finally move forward not just on the playing one that's my own before. i'm playing today and i think they should take their mandate seriously and all my government. now the leaders of the three parties will define the schedule for the coalition negotiations. those talks begin tonight. young side they say to you had quotas. welcome simon you. walk away expect to come out of these talks. well phil tonight's talks between the three party leaders are essentially focusing on the organizational aspects of this fall coalition round of talks that said g to start sometime this week and they need
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to thrash out a timetable the s.p.d. have said particularly after yesterday's difficult meeting that they need a little bit of time just to work out their strategy so that's the focus of tonight's efforts but martin shultz the s.p.d. leader when he arrived here about an hour ago he said that he come to with the intention of setting up a new grand coalition government in the interests of all germans but also. recognizing germany's international responsibilities and it's in that spirit that he's going to work well these are worse but he's in a tricky position isn't he we heard in the report there how his party members are not happy with the framework that he's agreed with the cd you have the same framework the babe actually voted that they will pursue but they wanting to change it now post agreement how is that going to work well there were many in the s.p.d.
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who don't think the agreement goes far enough it doesn't have enough social democrat policies in it so what they would like him to do is to push through a few more of those and that's really the challenge for martin schultz can he get some concessions on labor market protections on the health care system or on the asylum regulations those are the kind of areas where people have said they'd like to see a little bit more some concessions from angela merkel side and then they might be tempted to vote in favor of a new grand coalition in a few weeks time but simon young thank you. the presidents of the german and french parliaments marked the fifty fifth anniversary of the elease a treaty which sealed reconciliation between the two countries after world war two in a speech to the german parliament the bundestag the french parliament president said stronger cooperation between france and germany was a precondition for strengthening europe. the french flag waved in front of the
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bundestag inside german though because a plot the president of the french parliament transworld the regime addressed the m.p.'s during a debate on the elysee treaty calling for stronger and deeper ties between france and germany and taking a stand against the rise of populism. there begins in populism always starts by rejecting the unknown denouncing everything that is different populism destroys all society and kills democracy in short asher. germany and france both have strong bright wing populist parties in parliament both of which i do or skeptic. for his past the president of the german parliament said closer cooperation between the two countries was needed including on issues such as climate change in today's digital society the bed and the world is also changing constantly and with the challenges for our two countries and that is why we are
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taking the fifty first anniversary as an opportunity to jointly develop the foundations of our close collaboration and. by going through and directly fifty five years ago today german chancellor concord adenauer and french presidential tical signed the elysee treaty back then it symbolized the end of longstanding hostilities between the two countries the franco german connection later became the driving force within the european union and still is just how important the two countries relations are to their leaders can be seen on social media today french president him on a whim akong and chairman chancellor angela merkel together addressed the french and the german people simply saying long live the franco german friendship in each other's language if they should one shaft the if they love it if. he doesn't. oh i was going to listen the recent paris welcome and tell us what's a german lawmakers actually agreed on today well that's been
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a very concrete outcome really not a new treaty of even without the german government but there has been a resolution that they want to agree on a new new treaty in the near future they're talking about strength and cooperation between the two countries about cultural cooperation about security foreign corporation economic cooperation they also want to keep the so-called euro districts that are common administrate of entities between the two border regions more powers it's a clear pledge to strengthen that partnership between france and germany which is obviously supposed to be a model for further cooperation between all the members of the european union in the future and what's driving this is this to do with the rising support for euro skeptics in both countries. absolutely that's very much a reaction to the rising support for euro skeptics here in france but also in
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germany in general elections last year in germany and france years the skeptics gained a lot of faith for example in france marina pan from the far right for an astronaut and she was actually using that idea meant to say it is saying that the european union was not really good for the friends and that they should withdraw from it to a certain extent now emira mccaw the head of from the president of france says i understand that the european union is not really in its current form maybe not good for everybody here but we need to change it and and that's really what he's trying to do there's one part in that resolution that's really addressing that pro troubling very clearly he's saying we need more what his protection and there is talk about a common minimum wage that's really going to the core of the preoccupations of the french because the french here are really afraid that rockets from other countries in the european union might come to france and what for low wages and then take away their jobs and at the same time might cause willing to give something in return because obviously there's
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a lot of critical patient about france's finances about its economy and there's one part in this resolution where it says you know obviously european countries need to have a strong come to me but their state finances should also be in good shape and that's also that was it clear into france where a government debt is almost as high as g.d.p. and not call seems to be determined to change that. german coalition talks are starting tonight so is that good news as far as the money all micron's concerned briefly through the month. yes it's very good news of the because the s.p.d. is very strong in favor of europe whereas the f.t.p. that wasn't talked before hand me this year about a coalition that didn't read work out was it more pace to that idea so it's very good news for markov that the s.p.d.m. now i know we're talking and people here i was hoping that this would work out and that it would be a grand coulee coalition again it's a nurse in paris thank you. lots of rich people are gathering in
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switzerland no change the bad though but this time it's for davos that's right we'll see how that change actually translates into action because british prime minister the reason may french president i'm going to call on brazilian president michel them and those are just some of the world leaders that we are expecting to attend the world economic forum in davos and of course we can't forget u.s. president donald trump but davos is known for a very broad array of participants and also topics here's a first look at what's coming. getting rid of the snow that could be one of the most important jobs in doubles need to be cleared for many board leaders to make their way to the ski resort for the first time in almost two decades a sitting u.s. president will be taking part in something he needs to have discussions with other foreign leaders more than anyone. has secret support and is.
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who are so leader of a country does not have just a national perspective but an international perspective a global perspective it's a presence of the president of your modes of pump will hopefully provide him even better recently over prosperity. but locals have a different view of the u.s. president's attendance means even tighter security in davos and many here are not excited about trump. decision i don't care whether his coming or not. iran doesn't even see him and i don't want to see him either resign or say. i'm not really interested. and i don't think he'll come until friday some seventy heads of state and government will be holding discussions about the global economy with representatives from the business world and jewels so we have three thousand participants coming together at a time where we see
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a lot of political talent shows at the same time we see that growth is back in the global economy but for us it's a very important there is growth it is more inclusive and creates more jobs but it's not just about the global economy other topics on the agenda include technology and its challenges the gender pay gap and wealth inequality. and the w.'s helena humphrey joins us from the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos helena hi it's good to see you now last year at this point there was a lot of expectation from what a trump presidency would mean and a lot of attention to what's the mood this year. let's put it this way have yes certainly no words he did the theme of this year's annual meeting of the world economic forum is creating a shared future in a fractured wild over the past year since the us president has been in the white
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house donald trump has pulled the united states out of the paris climate agreement he's ripped up the t p p trade deal anough to looks like it's on the rocks basically he's done everything that runs contrary to what the davos elite would like to see happen and he will give the closing remarks here at the world economic forum on friday first though we have to hear from indian prime minister in there andrew modi tomorrow i will really start to get an understanding into what the global elite think about a series of risks ranging from growing inequality auto official intelligence the labor market growth education and the gender gap over a series of many many panel discussions over the next four days all of those panel discussions will be presided over by this year's seven co-chairs all female including the i.m.f. suggesting that out and speaking of which we know that she is also launching the world economic outlook there in davos how are things looking things are looking
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very easy according to the i.m.f. at least it's raised its growth forecast for the global economy by zero point two of a percent for this year and next to stand at three point nine percent that said it did warn of the risks of a great cycle coming to an end it said that most of the growth has been driven by asia and europe and it said that the us could see some growth propelled by the tax reform however that could tail off towards twenty twenty two due to an increase in the u.s. budget deficit now let's talk about a some of the participants there because we know it's not only world leaders you can talk about the meeting without mentioning the glitz what has this year scarred in store. we have just had to the crystal awards recognizing a celebrities artists who make an impact in the humanitarian wild cate blanchett the australian actor and producer received an award of crystal award for her role
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raising awareness in the refugee crisis as well as share a common the bollywood star for his advocacy on women's and children's rights and british singer songwriter elton john for his role in the hiv aids epidemic for raising awareness that just when we dive off without a little bit of glitz and glamor. humphrey covering the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos switzerland thank you very much. and we'll have more about our global inequality report later in the show now back to you phil for a very fact so much so you're watching d.w. news live from bali and still to come the multis capital letter kicks off its year in the spotlight as european capital of culture i think leavitt's from a culture that's cost the details. on we'll take a look back at the weekend spongers link i showed why there were goals glow in munich on the top notes on was not sold for reigning champions park. will have more of the day so world news on business on the way stay true. to.
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a hunger strike a. chinese investors on a shopping spree in germany. are buying up industrial enterprises like never before . what kind of strategy is driving this offensive what are the potential risks for germany as an industrial location china screamed for german companies to close up in forty five minutes w. . primary person biodiversity legal defense and the parliament. and to live in it to be a terrorist in the last five months so we are quite happy in political ideas
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presents nonsense from all over the world. traditional knowledge of this is a dream if you will use it to make it see it will help ease pain. projects. a little because i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring my students here to the end to love nature singing. visions. of our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of. the ideas on facebook trust him into. dropping bombs on civilians. fortunately the situation escalates there's no longer a need for scruples. ruthless calculation military leaders were killed the extent
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of the past. technological progress to conflagrations massacres. coming. to her starting february third on w o. this is date of leaders live from above and i'm for ok elise top stores of business our america's vice president has told israel's parliament the american embassy will move to jerusalem next year by france's speech received a standing ovation arab israeli law makers were thrown out of the chamber protesting. the us senate has reached a deal to end the shutdown of the government paving the way for federal agencies to bring hope and democrats approved a temporary funding bill in return for the republicans agreeing to debate the part of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the country as children and now face deportation. to germany social democrats are promising
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a tough stance in coalition talks on forming a possible government for the s.p. they only narrowly voted in favor of negotiations with i'm going to force conservatives to talk seducer stop this week. to liberia now where former football star george weah has been sworn in as the country's new president and huge celebrations it takes over from ellen johnson sirleaf in the country's first peaceful transition of power i more than seventy years as the winner has pledged to end corruption kick start the economy create jobs and generally turn the country around and as he takes power the expectations could hardly be higher. hours before george way as inauguration his supporters were over ready chairing for him here in liberia's capital monrovia to celebrate the new president expectations a sky high the. borrow money from what we have all of it but i think that. we have a lot about what it was that we have on top that it. is
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succeeding nobel laureate ellen johnson sirleaf the ceremony taking place in a stadium the ex professional footballer faces a daunting task civil war and a bola have devastated the country waya has pledged to boost the economy create jobs and revive liberia. sluggo a person whose. love ruby who drew the members of groups all we have. an. internationally way i made his name as a football star in the one nine hundred ninety s. clubs like monaco chelsea and ac milan. he was the fast african say it should be named welsh footballer of the year in ninety five but he never forgot his roots.
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from in order to. care for the poor from our most tender. of. been. having won the presidency to form a football icon now has to prove that he can keep his campaign promises his supporters believe that he can reboot one of the world's poorest economies. across to liberia's capital of monrovia than where we joined the w correspondent. well i think people queued for miles to attend today's inauguration why east today such a historic day for the country because they like people who don't really think that young people believe that the government is there. and their population is so i'll be at the conclave. this is the first time ever for a president to be in the. stadium and besides he is
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the one that played and got a few. way like buz got to do it is true so that was one of the great of the facts but it was the i was in that you saw the. others out because there's all this enthusiasm because he's a famous international rich football star or do they actually think that he's going to make a good president. well i don't know as i was saying that jointly i can't really make a good president if he puts the right people in the right place and if his commitment to fight corruption is dealt with us larry then he could make a good go but people are watching to see the next one hundred days how it goes but well he can make a good president lay good country just provided of who he was and what ministry and who does the what the best way for the people he has
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a sad time of without him that they like bill and people who. say these days who he wants where as we look forward to seeing who he's going to end now is as he's got a new instance and what is his plan what is his plan to tackle poverty and corruption he has planned to open up the likely come in when there's interest and who is you know a address he's calling or invest us fund a private sector to come into liberia where like bunions ownership of all economy especially put more to liberia when business is local business is so he said that is one of the ways about which light being is going to come out of poverty improving the economy he also talk about polman of young white young people. over sixty percent of the country population are young people and must of them are i not skilled enough qualified to lead we have the opportunities those that they could
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talk about it was seven wages and salo is best so that could be a mess. what about opposition what about the people who have been benefiting from the corruption and does he expect them to just turn around and say ok we'll be honest from now on a well they opposed. now it's a catch twenty two situation. this joy actually has congress with democratic she formed a coalition with the l.a.p.d. that is the foremost speaker spotty and the n.p.p. this speaker was all set from the legislature as speaker of the house because of corruption allegation it was not fun unless that pierce did not restrain logic up to close up but he is a member of the coalition there also although past of pieces of government we had issues and like you know i think uses of corruption that were not complete this sets off at the edges usually by the house
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a member of the coalition so i mean it's a catch twenty two situation for how we are with you of these these when these kind of people i still. haven't had a sick baby and monrovia liberia thank you so much for joining us thank you. bollywood is best known for its elaborate love stories and captivating choreography but one of the supposed highly anticipated releases of the new year takes a lot of sensitive issues barely seat on the big screen. here from a social media just to tell us well welcome. so what is this film and what's it about well feel it's about something that every woman goes through it's about a period but it actually tells the story the true story of a man a high school dropout i do not. in the late ninety's decides to develop a cheaper alternative to sanitary pads after realizing that his wife has been using
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their to rack cloth or pieces of newspaper when he was when she was on her period because she couldn't afford normal pads now it was so difficult for him to find women to help him test the product because ministrations that's a taboo topic in india but he had to test them himself and that's what we saw in that clip and this man literally went around with a bag of animal blood over his shoulder testing these pads and it went pretty wrong for a while but then he finally managed to develop a machine that helped them create and craft low cost pods and now those machines are sold and used by n.g.o.s and women's organisations in rural india and give access to for women there to cheaper sanitary pads and the film's course a bit of a stir while you something that's not true as mention lation still some taboo in that society well feel in many countries ministration is still considered as
7:39 pm
something shameful and there are thirty and the big problem there is that there isn't enough education about it and enough dialogue in some countries women might not be able to access some public areas when they're on their period they might even be taken away for their families because it's believed they there should be in isolation. for as long as they're on their periods for young girls especially it can mean that they they cannot go to school and there's actually a huge number of girls that drop out of school because ministration is considered to be incompatible with going to school. so there's that issue and on the other hand however real attempts now to try and break this taboo and that's done of course by n.g.o.s but also through social media and we've seen actually a number of online campaigns over the last few months that really try to ignite the conversation and that's also what this movie is trying to do now it's not been released yet it will be released on february ninth but it's already been welcomed
7:40 pm
by many women and men in india and we have a comment here by users saying thank you for making period a normal word for india thanks on behalf of those schoolgirl who are scared to attend school during their those days thank you it's not any more a taboo india need more like you so a lot of people there are really welcoming the much needed calm much overdue conversation that is finally underway in the fields or within. the film patman pub not. for the budgets like you. only think of the world economic forum is about to start an ngo making sure they listened to their discontent a small thanks very much bill of course it's a very important part of their work as well to make sure that they're allowed in the world economic forum and just like last year the international n.g.o.s pham as an example released its annual inequality report in time for the world economic
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forum now oxfam says the number of billionaires worldwide has increased to two thousand and forty nine in the past year with their combined wealth going up thirteen percent there's nothing bad with more billionaires but of course it comes at a price now eighty two percent of the global wealth that was created last year went to the richest one percent that is a problem that oxfam is stressing out there now let's put that into perspective to get an idea nowadays in just four days the c.e.o. of one of the world's top fashion brands earns as much as a seamstress and bangladesh makes her entire life that is the contrast there and to make things even worse oxfam also notes that billionaires are usually experts in tax avoidance they're paying two hundred billion dollars less in taxes than they should occurring to the respective loss of their countries now compare that to development aid which is the aid that developed countries gift to less developed
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countries which is one hundred forty five billion dollars that's just one of the problems that will be part of the agenda now in the world economic forum and speaking of critical economic conditions another headline as well is getting ready to relaunch its currency exchange system based on new technology but it's yet weak another weak effort to counter a crisis that has brought the economy to its knees and its citizens too in the capital caracas we've got to see how people are going on a dangerous treasure hunt out of sheer desperation to make ends meet. hands deep in the mud if the and caracas this is how in hell and his friends make a living as the sips through their fingers the hoping to see something that can sell and all brings about may be because you can find everything has. brawn. gold that's what we're mainly looking for the look at the situation has put us here. because we don't have jobs and one blew over.
7:43 pm
these last old discarded possessions coming through jewelry like earrings and bracelets but it's dangerous walk to go i read this excess rain water so a heavy downpour could wash on her and his friends away. and the river stinks it's death and a potential health risk. but it met over a family festival this is not treated water. it's like water from the bottom of your toilet bowl at home. imagine that every day you're exposed to the sport and it's nothing more than sewage. back at about they forgotten but the crisis has left people without a choice twenty six year old and lives with his father in one of the poorest areas of caracas he found a job as a street sweeper but for less than seven u.s. dollars a month searching the river is more lucrative only enough for the barest essentials
7:44 pm
he wants to leave the country but comment. would be able you all i would like to leave but that costs money to you trying to raise money as you go but then the price of everything goes up and it's never enough you get ten thousand dollars but things that used to cost ten thousand and suddenly cost twenty thousand and it's never enough life is so expensive and hot. for the time being and hal and his friends will continue scouring the day. in caracas that was a symbol of the crisis in venezuela. now it feels a bit like shoplifting but it's totally legal the online retail giant amazon has opened a convenience store in seattle called amazon go where customers won't have to wait in line or use the checkout customers with the amazon go app on their smartphones can simply pick up items and put them directly in their bags the goods are automatically added to a customer's virtual shopping cart when the removed from
7:45 pm
a shelf or delete it if the item is put back the system relies on a mix of camera sensors and artificial intelligence the american group unveiled the concept for its cashier less shop just over a year ago but the launch was delayed while they are in doubt bugs in the system we'll see how that goes and that's all for business now it's time for some sports action back to fill. up here thank you so much less so let's talk about shall crush alka haven't had a great start to twenty eighteen last weekend they lost a life sick they announced the stock midfielder go let's go i will go to buy a new ticket at the end of the season their opponents on sunday how to have had a decent return to the top flight and were looking for a win that would move them within a whisker of a european place. cleone go ahead scott might have expected a warm welcome back after three months on the site lanes instead shelters fans
7:46 pm
unveiled a banner that sold the byron bone star exactly where to go but if the feds go was the villain of the piece human market was the hero by a genuine saying from event to speak shelton for the take it on and finish after just sixty minutes. in the second period things started to come unstuck for. the vets go was subbed off to kickoff any of whistling. and over crept back into the game yet those fehrman looked to have sealed the points for shelter with this double seat on seventeen minutes. but a nicklaus fukuda hung over have a striker who is bang on form he followed last week's hat trick with the pictures goal here in the eighty sixth minute to steal a point for his side and keep them in the funds for you to. cut the miserable day for. he'll have his sights set on european glory with buyer next season but will his continued presence in the shelter team derail their bid for champions league
7:47 pm
football. bremen meanwhile have been languishing of the lower end of the table but they could be about to cause an upset let's take a look. despite the unfavorable odds bremen went to munich with big intentions and they started the game with a bang. around khandahar sliding in to give graeme in a one nil lead up to twenty five minutes their first goal in munich since twenty fourteen but had a tough time finding a way through their opponents but thomas miller was in the mood. outstanding technique in the hosts and equalize a just before half time thanks shortly after the break it was two one. robert levin dusky expertly rising to plan to head a have link up. but braman for back with a helping hand from buy in max cruiser swung in
7:48 pm
a corner and it was cool ball watching. own goal suit to. fly and were forced to up their game and some unleavened dusty to leave it again the pole seventeenth goal of the season how ms then headed miller his hundred point is the goal line a platter. for to the final score pine falls to work hard for their customary win over courageous braman. a struggling how have higher band hollaback as their new coach after sacking marcus these dollars that we can't welcome back this is his first training session it's the former hamburg players first appointment as head coach and the point is they get in face a tough task to save from drowning cation others lost four games in a row and second boston in the table. to american football now where defending champions new england patriots will face off against the philadelphia eagles for
7:49 pm
super bowl fifty two the patriots that led by tom brady defeated the jacksonville jaguars twenty four twenty wide receiver danny amendola to court. two touchdown passes one came and i'm one came in the fourth quarter and help the patriots come back after they trailed at halftime the potence home for the five go to the eagles scored in every quarter against the minnesota vikings one in convincing fashion thirty eight seven eagles nick foles played a near perfect game throwing three touchdowns in the what happened. now if someone asked you which cities europe's capital of culture you're might guess paris or london or maybe even brokes and you'd be brawl. this year if they might start multis capital of the letter which has been designated european capital of culture david leavitt's from culture desk is here to tell us more welcome david so this must be quite
7:50 pm
a big deal for tat with only six thousand inhabitants why the letter it is a big deal but even though this is the european union's smallest capital city the letter has along with malta a really unique mixture of cultures it's right there in the middle of the mediterranean so they've got all of these cultural influence have their opening ceremony on the weekends it's a little bit like hosting the olympics you know when the european commission picks you is the culture capital you get to have this big opening ceremony this is just the beginning of this whole year of cultural events that are going to be keeping residents and visitors there very busy. pretty spectacular stuff i do still think that the main attraction advisor is going to be the beautiful town itself with its stunning baroque architecture feel if you're ready i think we should take a little look now good job above to suit for. the multis caps of the let's say it
7:51 pm
is four hundred fifty years old now it's a european capital of culture. a big deal for europe's smallest capital. but let's act as a city states in history different cultures have left the moment the arabs italians and the french and of course the british malta became a british crown colony in eight hundred thirteen after world war two it's achieved self rule and many british citizens left in one thousand nine hundred sixty four became an independent state. now the small island nation is expecting a big boost to tourism and island activity promised once which even number of things were once something that does not absolve for artists but he wants something that is also applicable from which even the people the president.
7:52 pm
and all of what benefit. the main themes of electors years kept to the coacher island stories future of iraq and of voyages. around six hundred cultural events planned. around one fifth of months as four hundred fifty thousand strong population was in the streets of the capital as let's up with a fish of the you know grated the european city of culture on saturday. you know i said it's a little bit like hosting the olympics i have to add unlike the olympics when you are the cultural capital in europe you actually generally make money because of
7:53 pm
this brings money into the places that are designated with this title so that's a capital of in the spotlight recently for all the wrong reasons the fuel before the merger of them. because if a journalist is this designation likely to put it back in a more positive light. i think it's definitely going to refocus the lens on malta as you mentioned like we in the media in the last months particularly in october we weren't talking about walter as a beautiful place we weren't talking about the stunning broke architecture we were talking about daphne a car want to go easy the investigative journalist who was killed by a car bomb after she uncovered links between top maltese politicians and the panama papers scandal so. it is a country that relies heavily on tourism it definitely needs good press and being the european capital of culture i think a lot of people are hoping will give them that press they need in the last few
7:54 pm
years that's been the. european capital of culture so do we need to know about soils. here again there are two of them there's another very special very small place that you may not have heard of you probably haven't heard of they haven't had their opening ceremony yet but it's coming up this weekend so i think we can tell you it's the town of whale ward in and the netherlands it's known as a mini amsterdam because of the pretty big brick buildings and the canals there and speaking of canals it's part of the so-called eleven cities tour that's a two hundred kilometer ice skating race that takes place only when the canals freeze over so not even every year they were it is also culturally interesting because it's bilingual they speak both dutch and the minority friesan language so there is this very tiny culture the freezing culture there within another lens which is already a pretty small country that's being honored this year as well as the european capital of culture. more of the websites our website you know you dot com slash
7:55 pm
culture david leavitt's thank you so much. you're welcome to the philippines most active volcano has been making thunder six. this all morning but he could erupt any day now this dramatic time shows mounted mild shooting a giant mushroom cloud of volcanic fragments action steam into the sky it's been knocking off for more than a week forcing thousands of nearby villages to flee to safety. lock up that search you're up to date out more hours in the meantime of course as always the web site that's t w dot com how to. treat. the.
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move. on. to.
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a message to market the calendar the u.s. embassy in israel will move to jerusalem by the end of next year u.s. vice president mike pence made that announcement in a speech to israel's parliament today he received a standing ovation but israeli arab lawmakers were thrown out of the chamber for protesting pence's visit and policy on jerusalem also coming up a surprise deal in washington the u.s. senate votes to end the government shutdown paving the way.


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