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this is news coming to you live from turkey steps up its assault on kurdish militias in syria turkey troops and allied syrian rebels advance on the kurdish enclave of. dozens of combatants all reported killed turkey's president will be no stepping back we go live to istanbul also coming up. hurry up already germany's conservatives urged social democrats to finish coalition talks quickly warning that germans are losing trust in democracy after months with
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a new government plus a scandal brews in belgium over the fate of these migrants pressure is growing on the government to back down from deportation plans allegedly devised with sudanese officials accused of torture. also ahead of the world economic forum gets underway in switzerland today and our senior business correspondent is on hand. women are at the forefront of this year's forum but trump is also invited how will that go down business we'll have live coverage throughout the day and all week from davos. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. turkey has intensified its offensive all of branch against kurdish militias in northern syria. the turkish army and
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syrian rebel fighters crossed into the turkish enclave of. all in northern syria on saturday is controlled by the kurdish y.p. genie militia which has been a key u.s. ally in the fight against i asked what turkey sees the b.g. as a terror organization and has urged the u.s. to stall backing the turkey's president. there will be no letting up until the job is done operation olive branch is anything but a peace offering following as strikes the takesh military with the support of its regional allies is marching across the border into northern syria techies president has pledged an unrelenting campaign against the syrian kurdish militia which he considers a terrorist group. will handle there's no stepping back we have an agreement with our russian friends and i've also discussed it with the u.s. and other coalition forces. amidst the attacks russia has pulled back its ground
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troops from the region to avoid accidental clashes experts say taqiyya looking to russia for the supposed. this is inevitably going to mean more close cooperation with russia for turkey and a logical outcome of this is probably russians threatening to pull turkey. if the western alliance three thing is. clear the us position meanwhile remains ambiguous having backed the kurdish militia during the war against the so-called islamic state washington now refrains from direct criticism while edging taki to quite exercise restraint in its military actions the us has also said it takes techies legitimate security concerns seriously. the cool and tacky to share
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restraint was echoed by the un security council on monday but operation olive branch continues to intensify creating yet another front in the seven years syrian civil. standing by for us in istanbul and joins us now dorian what is turkey's military objective in this operation is it just striking a blow against what a regards as a hostile militia or is a planning to establish a buffer zone in syria well that is what the prime minister of italy from says he's talking about creating a thirty kilometer buffer zone into. beyond that turkey has reiterated it threats to expand this operation fall beyond afrin looking men being this is another syrian kurdish enclave a stronghold of the white p.g. . rated that they will be looking at that region and even beyond that to talking about removing the whole of the presence of the syrian kurdish force from turkey's
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southern border so this operation at the moment appears to have a long term perspective and it's all about what turkey sees removing the threat of this why peachey militia we should accuse of being linked to an insurgency inside turkey but this militia is a key ally of the united states and u.s. forces are present in several areas where the kurdish militia based now the united states has supported kurdish militia against the so-called islamic state in syria what position are the americans taking in this conflict. well it's very very unclear i mean the americans have been very ambiguous in its reaction initially calling on turkey not to intervene but since the intervention america has not called for. an end to the operation and this is creating a great deal of dismay among the syrian kurdish forces they feel very much betrayed because it was in the u.s. his announcement of creating a security force which would draw heavily on this white peachey kurdish militia
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which actually triggered this crisis which triggered this intervention by turkey and also is widely believed to have been the reason why moscow gave the green light to this operation because moscow was very unhappy with the kurdish militias decision to go ahead and cooperate with the u.s. on this and now the kurdish forces they believe sided with the united states went along with this plan which would allow the u.s. have a long term presence in syria they feel very much of bound them by the u.s. because. of this intervention by turkey and they see very little pushback by washington this is a complex situation dorian turkey is also using german made tanks for its offensive against the kurds in syria this is a german lawmakers which was some calling for a suspension of arms sales to turkey what do you impact is the turkish appearance of having on relations with its nato allies. well it is certainly causing street strains in concerns but i think at the moment
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to its nato allies we are watching very carefully how you react to this operation they made very clear that france's call for an end to the operation france's move to go to the un security council they saw that was the act before mr said was supporting terrorism the message to its allies is you let us have a free hand and they won't be any long term implications on relations and for now at least that message does seem to be coming seems to be working they seem very muted criticism of turkey's operation no european leader all u.s. leaders call for its end and i think that turkey's message you keep on this line in our relations will be ok but the concern among nato is that this operation is pushing turkey closer and closer to moscow and increasingly going forward they fear that turkey is going to allied itself with moscow particularly in the result of the syrian civil war. thank you so much for. dorian jones there in istanbul. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today clashes and fist fights broke out in germany's hanover airport overnight during
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a demonstration against turkey's military operation in syria protesters chanting fascist marched with signs and flags of iraqi kurdistan the situation was quickly brought under control. u.s. vice president mike pence has told the israeli knesset at the white house that white house plans to move the american embassy to jerusalem by the end of next year is speech grew angry protests from arab israeli lawmakers and highest ranking is the highest ranking u.s. politician to visit the region since president recognized as israel's capital last month. and u.s. lawmakers have agreed on a temporary spending bill reopening the government after a three day shutdown democrats had refused to back a spending bill without protections for so-called dreamers brought here illegally to the u.s. as children but they backed down after republicans promised to hold an immigration
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vote in the coming weeks. well here in germany the country's two biggest parties both gearing up for a fight as they prepare to kick off formal coalition talks a leading member of the americans conservative bloc took an initial jab at the social democrats insisting they finish the talks quickly as germans were losing their faith in democracy after months without a government from its corner of the center left s.p.d. has promised to push hard in upcoming negotiations. it's been another long night for journalists at the berlin headquarters of germany's conservatives but the long hard slog who wants a new german government is moving into a new phase after weeks of exploratory talks the conservatives and social democrats are now launching full coalition talks party leaders met on monday evening to work out a schedule. during my meeting with. her we discussed the next steps that are now possible after sunday's vote the social democrats enter these
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coalition talks with the objective of giving germany a new government. so there are more long nights of negotiation ahead on sunday schultz promised party delegates he would use the talks to push for more concessions on key issues in employment health and immigration policy if he doesn't deliver the s.p.d. is rank and file could reject the final coalition agreement for now the conservatives are unwilling to compromise. it's important for us conservatives to hold our line on migration there cannot be more we need less we need stricter regulations especially in terms of family reunification we cannot start that debate again. we won't be blackmailed the divisions within the social democrats can be patched up by us conservatives the s.p.d. itself needs to overcome those problems. s.p.d. parliamentary leader andrea knowledges was putting
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a brave face on things on monday but that doesn't reflect the real mood of her party many who voted against coalition talks on sunday as sticking to their guns they simply don't believe in a grand coalition. you have. in the past we've seen that ever more compromises lead to a blurred political agenda shelf so i'm very clear in saying that i continue to support the option of a minority government. the leader of the s.p.d. as youth wing kevin cannot is continuing his fight against a grand coalition on social media he tweeted this message to his party's membership yesterday for the next step we need you now. the party's members have a final say on a coalition agreement that's why the main players in these talks will be getting little sleep over the coming weeks. let's bring in our political correspondent. good morning hurd's tough situation there for these call this would be coalition
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partners the s.p.d. is coming into the coalition talks with a weak mandate the reluctant the youth wing of the party is an open rebellion how likely is that talks will produce an agreement that both the conservatives and social democrats can accept well if you want to be fast it's certain to producer and agreement obviously because they're going to that's what they're going for whether it's going to be acceptable in specially to the social democrats that's the big question as social democrats have been discussing this very into. and so you very publicly it's clear that the party is split and that there is probably pretty much half of the party which is in favor of this grand coalition and the other half especially the youth wing are against it so whether the compromise is actually going to be enough to persuade the rank and file of the social democrats that's really the crucial question that's where the decision in the end is going to be made now the s.p.d. leader monti and schultz he has promised to revisit key issues they were already
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hammered out in a preliminary agreement with the conservatives merkel's conservatives say they're not going to budge on that to agree disagree is there any sign that the parties might be willing to compromise they're both positioning themselves at the moment before these proper coalition talks start at the moment we have a kind of preliminary agreement which is about twenty eight pages in length a normal coalition agreement which is a kind of treaty between these two parties has a volume of about one hundred pages there's a lot of details still to be have a dog and within that hammering on within that negotiation there will be a lot of details that will still need to be discussed so there is room for maneuver even though both parties at the moment are very strongly positioning themselves you know with the demands that they are bringing into these talks now chancellor merkel is set up for another term assuming these coldish negotiations are successful how much room for maneuver does she have at this point well i think she can in the sense sit back and watch she obviously has to moderate these so she's going to be
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chairing many of these major sessions but in a sense she can be relaxed about it because when an agreement comes out of this she will be chancellor on the other hand it's clear that it will be her last term in office i presume that she's starting to think about how to arrange a succession and what members of the party leading members of the party she might or laws to come forward in this especially in this. dispute about this and say succession when this race for a succession of elections took place already back in september when are we going to get a new government in germany the most optimistic prospect is mid march in other words another six weeks. if we are more realistic about what i think the end of march is is most likely so it will be another couple of months before germany will have its new government thanks hans. from our parliamentary studios giving us some analysis
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this morning thank you so much. you're watching d.w. news still to come these migrants hiding out in brussels fear they'll be tortured if they return to sit down a belgian officials colluded with the sudanese regime to get them to ported b.w. has an exclusive report. let's get some business news now for monica worlds the world's movers and shakers are meeting in davos switzerland again it's that. time of year one after the other they arrived they had german chancellor angela merkel of course will come french president in mind when my call and u.s. president donna to tromp are among those leaders of the world's biggest economies expected to attend the was economic forum in davos switzerland a lot to organize of course security is always paramount with so many prominent figures swiss soldiers have cordoned off the anti-a valley the security costs topping eight million euros so you'd expect
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a good show for that. these are the stars of opening night in davos singer elton john actress cate blanchett and bollywood star shahrukh khan are the recipients of the crystal and will have been recognized for their charity work but for many here the highlight is said to be us president trump for the first time in nearly two decades a sitting u.s. president will be taking part of the world economic forum some think he needs to have discussions with other foreign leaders more than anyone. because he quote support and is. whoever oyster leader of a country does not tire of just a national perspective but an international perspective or global perspective it's a presence of the president of syria now it's. woohoo hopefully provide him even better recently over prospective. but locals have a different view of the u.s.
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presence attendance means even tighter security in davos and many here are not excited about trump. decision i don't care whether he's coming or not. i one doesn't even see him and i don't want to see him either and he didn't say and think they see it i'm not really interested. and i don't think he'll come in until friday some seventy heads of state and government will be holding discussions about the global economy with representatives from the business world and jewels so we have three thousand participants coming together at the time were a b c a lot of political talent shows at the same time you see the growth is back in the global economy but for us it's very important that there is growth it is more inclusive and create more jobs but it's not just about the global economy other topics on the agenda include technology and its talent is the gender pay gap and wealth
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inequality. by my colleague been facilitating braised to the dock and to the cold this morning to tell us more about this year's forum in davos and one of the main topics there is the massive amount of snow it has and so it's knowing since we got here there's a lot of it and it's serious stuff they've had to evacuate people from one building at least the w e f colleagues or officials here they've had to also drop dynamite from helicopters to spock avalanches controlled avalanches and they had to evacuate those people because of the danger of avalanches trains have been cut off planes have been delayed some people have needed twelve hours to get here my boss slipped over the snow at least three times yesterday by where the cusp of clarity told you that i had my colleague helena humphrey has been out here on this balcony shoveling snow i spent half the day yesterday doing it myself it's the paper work and is not
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part of my job description but we've seen other judges and we were all very very proud of both of you ben and i do understand that this year the forum puts the spotlight on on women do tell us more about that. well helen i was setting the standard yesterday shoveling snow women in the workforce retaining female positions in the workforce is something that can add a huge amount to global growth and productivity officials here know that it's getting governments to take on policies and companies to introduce things like flexi time that will make that change going to be talking to women throughout the day here on d w in on a of the fact that the world economic forum is also putting women at the forefront they've got female co-chairs for example throughout the conference and the world's most powerful woman on the medical the german chancellor is going to be. that was
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our ben physically in there reporting from davos and this place of course isn't just about closing high finance business deals officials also invite social entrepreneurs from around the world the idea is that they address the most pressing social and to environmental challenges of our day. claridge met up with some of them. the trip from japan to the slopes of davos took in eighteen hours this is social entrepreneur masacre guru's first time at the world economic forum the subjects he's come to talk about are far removed from the usual interests of big business. there are children who don't get to eat. once a day as a poor soup morning she having tons of food strong away. eating and so this is the big gap between a part of war and another part of the door. and that's the reality happening right
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now this is one of the uncomfortable realities that he and a dozen other social entrepreneurs are here to discuss they're not working to create profit but to bring about social change here from vietnam trying to develop cost effective devices which save the lives of children. i see my son myself see the baby dying every day and i thought i want to do something for to gather wood a group of friends so we. we. invented the. medical equipment. these social entrepreneurs hope to open the eyes of the big players in the business world to humanitarian ideas such as making lifesaving medicine affordable many big leaders are disconnected from everyday the everyday struggles that people face and i think we create an awareness for it i think we were good at integrating. the cause and capitalism and we were sort of a the juxtaposition of that and we we can show them models that can truly work and
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be sustainable that perhaps it may have even considered it was seen about and they've made the long journey to the snowy streets of davos to make sure their voices are heard. we are not perfect but we try to. seek justice and try to bring balance to the world that we live in through our business skills and experience. muscle gurrey we'll spend the next four days at the world economic forum but he feels the long trip was worth it just for the opportunity to push his vision to those who have the means to make it a reality. and will get more coverage from the world economic forum in davos throughout the day throughout the week but today including the keynote speech of indian prime minister narendra modi in just a couple of alice terry thanks veronica. the belgian government is awaiting the
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results of an inquiry into the alleged torture of sudanese migrants deported to their home country the scandal in brussels with the opposition alleging collaboration between the government and the sudanese regime belgium has sent suspended deportations to sudan but migrants from the country are keeping a low profile. has this exclusive report from brussels. mubarak a thirty six year old refugee from sudan meets us at a brussels train station. he postponed our rendezvous three times for fear he'd be arrested. he's been holding out here it's much warmer than staying out on the street. he says he hasn't eaten for two days but that what matters most is that he's not sitting in an airplane bound for sudan. he's already had one close call. they tried to make me leave they bought me
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a plane ticket and said they were sending me back to sudan. i was staying in a reception center in the rashid. mubarak is from the island the capital of south darfur state in southwest sudan he fled to europe through libya and nearly died on the way deportation would be a nightmare for him. so i was shocked that they wanted to send me back to sudan. we don't. know but it is one of a group of refugees belgian would like to send home immediately the opposition says the government in brussels has been secretive about contacts with sudanese officials who helped compile a list of forty one sudanese nationals to deport. the first mistake is you don't collaborate with a dictator especially on something that stays in the shadows and isn't put in writing as soon as we heard about this we denounced it. most of all didn't.
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it was the research of a middle east analyst kurta birth that brought the belgian government activities to light he shows his message exchange with refugees who've already been deported to sudan. bush says it's unacceptable for belgium to send people to war zones where torture is a daily occurrence i had to contact with these people in sudan who told me personally but indeed they have been beaten and have been told that the belgian government has some back at least three people who are coming from mainly south kordofan and darfur and these people always deserve protection and anyway so this international law. people continue to take to the streets over belgium's controversial deportations. this is consistent but it is a repressive policy that doesn't respect international human rights. this is sad
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for us and our country you can't judge someone's worth by their passport or a piece of paper. the belgian government is under growing pressure declining requests to discuss its deportation practices prime minister sean michel did call for an investigation committee but for many it's come too late. in the meantime a court ruled that mubarak would not be deported so he no longer has to fear being tortured for the time being. the controversial action of the government might hurt belgium's reputation on international level bad timing according to observers as belgium is complaining for a permanent seat on the united nations security council. tennis now and it's been a day of surprises at the australian open in melbourne with players battling it out to reach the last four unseated col edmund stunned third seed grigor dimitrov in
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four sets to reach his first ever grand slam semifinal earlier belgium's mountains upset leena spittal the ukraine to also secure a final four berth it's been a dream debut for the twenty two year old in melbourne two more quarterfinal matches are still to come with favorites rafael nidal and caroline wozniacki both looking to book their places in the seventies thing. and just for your reminder of the top story we're following for you turkey has stepped up its ground assault against the kurdish enclave of offering in northern syria the turkish army and allied syrian rebel fighters are trying to clear the area of kurdish militia groups . who are watching do that the news coming to you from berlin we have another bosun at the top of the next hour thanks water. cooler.
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