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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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fiction society. circle of fear today on g.w. news. this is d w news coming to you live from bali and turkey steps up its offensive on kodesh militia inside syria. ground troops and allied syrian rebels advance on the cottage on cleave awfully in the keys president vows there's no stepping back and moves to silence dissent we get the college perspective on the conflict also coming
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up on the mike does conservatives want to see a quick end to coalition talks with the social democrats giving gentleman's the stable government promised after months of political uncertainty. plus the world economic forum opens in switzerland ben falloon from our business desk has the latest. go go on the ice and indian prime minister narendra modi hopes his soft power strategy will win over investors here at davos he says india is open for business. in a warm welcome to you i'm. turkey has intensified its offensive dubbed olive branch against kurdish militia in northern syria of all monitoring group says at least fifty four competence have been killed so far on both sides the turkish army and allied syrian rebel fighters crossed into the kurdish enclave of offering in
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northern syria on saturday. afternoon is controlled by the kurdish militia which has been a key u.s. ally in the fight against islamic state but turkey sees y.p. as a terrorist organization and is the u.s. to stop backing them. operation all of branch is anything but a peace offering the following airstrikes the turkish military with the support of regional allies is marching across the border into northern syria turkey's president has pledged an unrelenting campaign against the syrian kurdish militia which he considers a terrorist group. will handle a free and there's no stepping back we have an agreement with our russian friends kind of also discussed it with the u.s. and other coalition forces. amidst the attacks russia has pulled back its ground troops from the region to avoid accidental clashes experts say turkey is looking to
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russia for further support. this is inevitably going to mean more close cooperation with russia for turkey and. this is probably russian threat to pull turkey. if the western alliance three think is it klink the us position meanwhile remains ambiguous having backed the kurdish militia during the war against so-called islamic state washington is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the u.s. is also that it takes turkey's legitimate security concerns seriously the call on target to show restraint was echoed by the u.n. security council on monday but operation all of branch continues to intensify creating yet another front in the seven year syrian civil war. meanwhile give up
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with the journalists detained in turkey for the social media posts relating to the often offensive our correspondent or in jill's in the stumble told us what he knew . what we understand is in the last twenty four hours or so five journalists have been detained in the early morning raid by the police in istanbul and the third the main kurdish city in turkey turkey what we understand is that these people belong to mainly prone kurdish media and also media critical of the government now this comes on top of the arrests of around thirty people on monday for social media posts opposing the after an operation because i'm very concerned about what is going on on social media twitter picket particularly there where the critics and potential opponents of the operation are seeking most of the news from on from the social media given the fact that the perception among many in turkey is that the mainstream media is broadly under the control of the presidency and the government
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and to underline those concerns prime minister been a real drum on sunday met with leading journalists of of the country mainstream journalists where it is reported he issued a fifteen point plan on how to cover the are for an operation the message ankara wants is of able to control this message they want to prevent any possibility of dissent or protest as this operation continues to drag on and on top of that also we've heard reports of dozens of other people in istanbul and ankara have also been arrested in early morning raid to small and many of them are believed to be opponents of the afrin operation many linked to the programming procurator party h.t.t.p. . chorus line dorian jones reporting from istanbul and whitley in the studio is from the kurdish center for women's affairs welcome to make you have contacts to people in the office in the holiday experiencing the check is your sense of the i mean these people are living and kind of work for us so it's nothing new and this
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topic course on the agenda for a couple of years also so it was not such something sudden that people were prepared but the people what i can say that are. very few people are leaving leaving the city they are staying there they're assisting in shelters underground shelters or in their houses because they are saying that they won't. live in a city controlled either by the turkish army or by islamist forces and the kurdish militant groups have supported the united states in the fight against so-called islamic state do they feel in some sense abandoned by the washington by washington in this conflict now i mean if you're saying man there should be something like a strategic relationship and the kurdish forces always sat it's a kind of tactical relationship for them and that for them their own strength is important so ok sure on one side because you are cooperating against
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a common enemy and suddenly you're in a situation where the who western states are in a way supporting the turkish offensive against the kurds but according to the statements we can say that they are ready they say we want to ask for any support we believe in our own strength and we we will defend our city until the end of the turkish government of course argues that the white b.g. in northern syria is linked to the p.k. k. which is considered a terrorist organization the good issue organization in turkey what do you make of those claims i mean sure they all saw that or stated that they have ideological ties to police i mean. id is not. the democratic administration of cunto on africa is not completely pick a case so i mean if although there are some political or ideological ties you can say it's completely the same now you are in touch with the kurdish community in exile living here in germany what do they feel about this offensive and what kind
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of action are they planning i mean they started just on saturday the day the offensive started with their protest actions and in more or less all european cities where kurdish people are organize. and not just in the kurdish and europe but also in other parts of kurdistan and countries they are mobilizing daily they are preparing for a central demonstration or rally on saturday in cologne but all the people i mean they are very furious they want to have to organize and mobilize all the more critic forces to stop the turkish of and stuff right middle to trim the kurdish center for women's affairs thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on the w p q list on take a look at some other stories making news around the wide u.s. lawmakers have agreed on a temporary spending bill to reopen the government after a three day shutdown democrats had refused to back support. backs of what earlier
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republican proposes without protections for the so-called reba's migrants brought illegally into the u.s. as children but they backed down after republicans promised to hold an immigration vote in the coming weeks. in myanmar to reuters journalists accused of violating the country's colonial era official secrets act have arrived in young gone court for their bail hearing while on and arrested in december for allegedly quire in secret government papers if convicted the journalists face a maximum prison sentence of fourteen years. here in germany the fishes between the countries hope for governing a part was a show even as they prepared to don't form a coalition talks under the americans conservative block as well as the social democrats to finish the talks quickly and deliver the country and your government but the left of center s.p.d. has vowed to negotiate hard to push it's a dead agenda. light snow falling outside conservative headquarters last night the
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kind of inclement weather that matches germany's political mood at the moment with the country waiting for government to be given the green light party leaders have been hammering out a negotiation schedule behind closed doors. during sunday's party conference the social democrats instructed their leaders to extract further concessions. given about a team and we'll be talking again about all the issues we raised during the exploratory talks and it's quite clear that in the end full coalition negotiations will always involve compromises for both sides. senior conservatives however are signaling there's little room to maneuver especially on the s.p.d. is demands for liberal immigration policies. it's important for us conservatives to hold our line on migration that cannot be more migration we need less we need stricter regulation six specially in terms of family reunification we cannot start
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that debate again. one of the rising stars in the s.p.d. parliamentary leader and they are not less has promised to squeeze the conservatives until in her words they squeal. analysts believe the s.p.d. will be a prickly partner. opposition within the party against current coalition so in that way the social democrats will be kind of complicated within this polish government they will be not an easy partner for the christian democrats no political winter still has germany in its grip with weeks of negotiation ahead before a coalition is finally formed. his political correspondent brand is at the headquarters of the c.d.u. and joins me from there comes the c.d.u. is finalizing its sad to see what does it need to take into account as it enters the nest the next phase of negotiations. but i think the first issue that
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everybody has to clear up is whether these preliminary talks that resulted in the twenty eight eight page document can be regarded as finalized some of the participants on the conservative side i've been saying this is something like a first version of a final contract between the two parties for coalition talks and therefore nothing that has been said in the first version can be changed on the other hand the social democrats are pushing for much will deter much more substantial negotiations in the coming days and weeks and they want to push through further concessions further. issues that are important to them so this basic decision on what is still open for discussion how much of what is going to happen in the next few days will be flexible or will be fixed that is really the central issue that has to be decided right now. reported by divisions within the s.p.d.
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but they're also divisions within the conservative block how much pressure will this put a legacy. well in the conservative bloc on the most conservative side of the bavarian christian social union that is the sister party of angular marcos christian democrats this is the party in bavaria and then fact has been saying this morning as there were entering the building behind me for these talks they were saying that they regard this preliminary document as basically fixed that it's just a matter of fleshing off the points that have been put into that twenty eight pay page paper and that no further issues or no opening of new issues will be allowed by them within the christian democrats with the. very own party there is some more flexibility some more preparedness actually to make concessions to the social democrats because clearly in the end what's important is that the social democratic
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party will present the final results of these coalition talks to its membership and that membership has to decide whether or not the party is going to actually enter a government that's really the crucial decision which is still several weeks away. nine hundred stand outside the c.d.u. party headquarters here in berlin thank you very much. ok let's not talk about the one to economic forum which is officially got underway today the swiss town of davos the indian prime samaritan with the is going to be making a keynote speech there shortly he suspect there talk about india's economic success and policies to make it attractive to investors and with me in the studio is monica jones from our business says welcome on it going on in the interim it is the first prime minister to attend davos in over two decades over two decades i looked it up actually and you should know i mean his name was dave there gowda he was the last indian prime minister to attend i don't even know if you spoke there certainly not
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the opening speech that was in one thousand nine hundred seven but then india was already an economic force to reckon with but we both know that in those twenty years an awful lot has happened and i know that our team is therefore in davos to cover the world economic forum and. my colleague here from the business desk is hopefully standing by on the very famous balcony in davos i can see you ben what i hope you can hear me here you are there you are even better ok and you've found your way out and even the sun is out there's a bend in the end of modi delivering the opening speech of the world economic forum that is as we heard a first in years what does significance does that hold. well it's extremely significant in that the world wants to keep growing the global economy. at the moment we've got officials here warning that they could be a recession just around the corner and if so the world really would be relying on
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the emerging nations like china and india to deliver that growth and at the moment china and india ah both delivering quite similar growth around between six and seven percent which is pretty amazing stuff if china starts to slow though the photos will be on india now modi says his economy is open for business and that it's a very open economy as well there are lots of achievements to talk about over the past twenty years the economy has doubled in that time monica but there are lots of challenges ahead corruption is one of the top ones inequality as well indians put both of those on par at the top of their worry list. and ben says i'm going to hear now though in a lot of these obviously expected to touting the economic successes of his country and make a big splash adamle us how much interest is there in what he has to say and his message. believe held a meeting last night with about sixty company c.e.o.'s i.b.m.
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was there. some other big companies like us as well and some of the indian companies were here to mix. they're interested in promoting sectors like green energy agri tech research and development they want to turn india into a real hot for these types of technologies because they know they're not going to get a lot of the multinationals that are peddling products to the middle classes the middle classes in india are basically missing you've got. a very wealthy super rich elite you then have masses of poor people who are slowly being pulled out of poverty people who are on two dollars a day now and three dollars a day but the people in between on five ten dollars or even a decent wage their wages have not moved a lot of those people if they want to buy an apple product for example and i find the latest one they'd have to fork out half their salary so they still needs to be a lot of reform done in india in the domestic market as well to get that economy
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going it's the number seven at the moment in the world they want to become the number three economy by twenty thirty two emerita and of course money here again because you mentioned just last night to their meeting with top indian companies and other business representatives and of course they also brought brought to india say let's say brand ambassador with them a major mover and shaker in the world of the film industry he got an award. shara khan got an award that's right chris award he's a bollywood star one of the biggest names of the past three decades in india and he's a real show man he was here to receive the award for his work and his leadership in championing children's and women's rights very important topic in india and the women's rights being a huge topic in twenty seventeen globally he has a nonprofit organization which supports female victims of acid attacks
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and having him here really adds to the soft power strategy of the indians there warning to entice investors not just through their business offerings but also through things like yoga classes that they're offering here on the icy slopes of the alps and indian cuisine i wouldn't mind grabbing some right definitely that's right for india pulling out ben all of the stops there with a mixture of kind of hard to follow economically and trying to show that isn't a driver of global growth but also as you said softly. shadow kahn is much loved over the world for his bollywood movies but few people know about his charitable work as well as about the yoga classes two classes a day i'm told in the i think slopes of the the coast of the summit have you been there. not yet but i'd like to it would be a great way to start the morning except that i'm usually standing here with you
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guys talking about the world economic forum or that sort of day we look forward to that. and so we're still waiting a benthic here and there in the movie starts speaking at davos introductory remarks are being made klaus schwab spoke earlier he was introducing. opening the world economic forum summit and other introductory remarks being made thank you very much for your coverage so fun of course we'll come back to you once a movie has started speaking and get your thoughts on his comments thank you very much. again turning out to russia and the opposition politician alexa has suffered another setback also a law school court ordered a foundation supporting his presidential campaign to close down the justice ministry had filed a lawsuit citing campaign violations last month election officials bothered me from running in marches presidential election you know it's one of the sentence is the
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latest blow against kremlin critic alex enough a judge in moscow has decided the opposition politicians foundation the fifth season of the year must be shut down she found it guilty of irregularities including listing a wrong administrative address the foundation has been used to pay rent and salaries at the politicians offices across russia lawyers see the decision as politically motivated. and with the sentence is illegal we will appeal it i'm sure that the decision will be revoked or the european court for human rights will find it to be a breach of human rights conventions production or to the trial happened so quickly that it's obvious that this is a political process to shut down the foundation as fast as possible because the author already don't like that now viney is organizing a boycott of the elections. last month i need took to you tube to call on his supporters to boycott the presidential election this march the appeal came after he
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was barred from taking part in the race because of a previous fraud conviction and he says this is a trumped up charge and that without him the elections won't be legitimate. for the most of what putin is scared he's afraid of competing with me he sees the competition as a threat. last week several of the politicians campaign offices were searched by police supporters are currently preparing for russia wide protests in support of the boycott they say the court's decision won't change that. the belgian government is awaiting the result of an inquiry into the lead story of sudanese refugees deported to their home country the affair sparked scandal in brussels with the opposition alleging collaboration between the government and the sudanese regime belgium has since suspended deportations to sudan but migrants from the african country are keeping a low profile did obvious catherine martins has this exclusive report from brussels
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. mubarak a thirty six year old refugee from sudan meets us at a brussels train station. he postponed our rendezvous three times for fear he'd be arrested. he's been holding out here it's much warmer than staying out on the street. he says he hasn't eaten for two days but that what matters most is that he's not sitting in an airplane bound for sudan. he's already had one close call. they tried to make me leave they bought me a plane ticket and said they were sending me back to sudan. i was staying in a reception center and. mubarak is from niala the capital of south darfor stayed in southwest sudan he fled to europe through libya and nearly died on the way deportation would be a nightmare for him. so i was shocked that they wanted to send me back to
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sudan. mubarak is one of a group of refugees belgian would like to send home immediately the opposition says the government in brussels has been secretive about contacts with sudanese officials who helped compile a list of forty one sudanese nationals to deport. the first mistake is you don't collaborate with a dictator especially on something that stays in the shadows and isn't put in writing as soon as we heard about this. we denounced it. it was the research of a middle east analyst kurta birth that brought the belgian government activities to light he shows his message exchange with refugees who've already been deported to sudan. says it's unacceptable for belgium to send people to war zones where torture is a daily occurrence. to conflict with this people in sudan
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told me personally but indeed they have been beaten and have been told that the belgian government has some back at least three people who are coming from mainly south kordofan and darfur and these people always deserve protection and anyway so this international law. the people continue to take to the streets over belgium's controversial deportations. because it is a repressive policy that doesn't respect international human rights. this is sad for us and our country you can't judge someone's worth by their passport or a piece of paper. the belgian government is under growing pressure declining requests to discuss its deportation practices prime minister sharon michel did call for an investigation committee but for many it's come too late. in the meantime
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a court ruled that mubarak would not be deported so he no longer has to fear being tortured for the time being. the controversial action of the government might hurt belgium's reputation on international level bad timing according to observers as belgium is complaining for a permanent seat on the united nations security council. not a bit of sport in struggling and hamburg of hyde bent as a new coach after sacking. the weekend. fans at his first training session in charge is the former hamburg this first appointment as head coach in the bundesliga he faces a tough task to save hamburg from relegation they've lost four straight games and a second from the bottom in the table. here's a recap of the top stories that they're funding for you the forum has just kicked
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off in davos switzerland with. them or these to make a keynote address. economic successes and stress that india is open for business. and he has stepped. off in the northern city the turkish army and allied to a syrian rebel clear the area of kurdish militia president has labeled them as terrorist groups. i have more news coming up and i would also be. submitting the more the speech and analyze what you have to see and remember there's more on our website. thank you very much for a company see you again. are
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