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this is news coming to you live from turkey it's offensive and college militia inside syria enters its fourth day to accuse ground troops of allied sit in syrian rebels advance on the kurdish enclave of often turkey's present valas there's no stepping back and moves to saddam's descent to get an update from istanbul and a kurdish perspective right here also coming up. a blonde economic forum opens with
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india's prime minister as the dystopic traction there in the movie warns against barriers to free trade just sounds off the trump administration's slaps new cherubs on imports to the u.s. . lost out on just crashed down across the alps off the heavy snow for cutting off ski resorts and stranding holiday makers. also in the program russia's trek led these goes as militants head cold hundreds of chechen fighters join the so-called islamic state in the middle east now russia feels they are on their way back home did reports from drug name. turkey has intensified its offensive dubbed olive branch against kurdish militia in
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northern syria overall monitoring group says that these fifty four competence have been killed so far on both sides the turkish army and allied soon verify just crossed into the. offing in northern syria on saturday and often is controlled by the y.p. g. militia which has been the key u.s. ally in the fight against. mathilde he sees the white b.g. as a terrorist organization and this is the u.s. to stop backing them. operation all of branches anything but a peace offering following airstrikes the turkish military with the support of regional allies is marching across the border into northern syria turkey's president has pledged an unrelenting campaign against the syrian kurdish y p g a militia which he considers a terrorist group. will handle a free and there's no stepping back we have an agreement with our russian friends
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kind of also discussed it with the u.s. and other coalition forces. amidst the attacks russia has pulled back its ground troops from the region to avoid accidental clashes experts say turkey is looking to russia for further support. this is inevitably going to mean more close cooperation with russia for turkey and a logical outcome of this is probably russians threatening to pull turkey. off the western alliance three thing is it clink the u.s. position meanwhile remains ambiguous having backed the kurdish y p g militia during the war against so-called islamic state washington is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the u.s. has also said it takes turkey's legitimate security concerns seriously. the call on
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turkey to show restraint was echoed by the un security council on monday but operation all of branch continues to intensify creating yet another front in the seven year syrian civil war. there are reports that german sub being detained in turkey for this social media relating to the often offensive our correspondent darren jones in istanbul told us what he knew. what we understand is in the last twenty four hours or so five journalists have been detained in the early morning raid by the police in. india because the main kurdish city in turkey turkey what we understand is that these people belong to mainly perm kurdish media and also media critical of the government now this comes on top of the arrests of around thirty people on monday for social media posts opposing the for an operation because i'm very concerned about what is going on on social media twitter picket particularly if they are aware that critics and potential opponents of the
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operation most of the news from on from the social media given the fact that the perception among many in turkey is that the mainstream media is broadly under the control of the presidency and the government and to underline those concerns prime minister been a real drum on sunday met with leading journalists of of the country mainstream journalists where it is reported he issued a fifteen point plan on how to cover the are for an operation a message ankara wants is of able to control this message they want to prevent any possibility of dissent or protest as this operation continues to drag on and on top of that also we've heard reports of dozens of other people in istanbul and ankara have also been arrested in early morning raid this morning many of them are believed to be opponents of the afrin operation many linked to the programming procurator party h.t.t.p. . jones reporting from istanbul and whitley in the sea there is from the kurdish center for women's affairs welcome to the middle like you have contacts to
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people in the offin region holiday experiencing the turkish offensive i mean these people are living and kind of work conditions for us so it's nothing new and this topic course on the for a couple of years also so it was not such something sudden that people were prepared but the people what i can say that are. very few. people are leaving leaving the city they are staying there they're assisting in shelters underground shelters or in their houses because they are saying that they won't. live in a city controlled either by the turkish army or by islamist forces and the kurdish militant groups have supported the united states in the fight against so-called islamic state do they feel in some sense abandoned by the washington by washington in this conflict now i mean if you're say a man and there should be something like a strategic relationship and the kurdish forces always sat it's
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a kind of tactical relationship for them and that for them their own strength is important saw ok sure on one side because you are cooperating against a common enemy and suddenly you're in a situation where the who western states are in a way supporting the turkish offensive against the kurds but according to the statements we can say that they are ready they said we want to ask for any support we believe in our own strength and we we will defend our city until the end of the turkish government of course argues that the white b.g. in northern syria is linked to the p.k. k. which is considered a terrorist organization the good issue organization in turkey what do you make of those claims i mean sure they all saw that or stated that they have ideological ties but at least i mean. id is not k.k.k. the democratic administration of cunto on africa is not completely pick
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a case or i mean if although there are some political or ideological ties you can say it's completely the same now you are in touch with the kurdish community in exile living here in germany what do they feel about this offensive and what kind of action and they planning i mean they started just on saturday the day the offensive started with their protest actions and more or less all european cities where kurdish people are organized and. not just in the kurdish jaspar and europe but also in other parts of kurdistan and countries they are mobilizing daily they are preparing for a central demonstration or rally on saturday in cologne but all the people i mean they are very furious they want to have to organize and mobilize all the more critic forces to stop the turkish offensive right to middle to trim the kurdish center for women's affairs thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on d w p q. now as we heard more protests are being planned in fact in germany cashes broke out in hanover airport overnight during a demonstration against
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a military operation in syria protesters chanting fascist edge on marching with signs and flags of iraqi kurdistan it came to a dispute with a true group in the chicken area in front of the counter of a turkish and i the situation was quickly brought under control. let me not been yukked it with some other stories making news around the wild a powerful earthquake in the pacific ocean has prompted tsunami warnings for ponce of alaska and canada the epicenter of that eight point two magnitude quake was about two hundred fifty kilometers southeast of alaska's kodiak island tsunami warnings for the entire u.s. west coast and how why. oval cannick eruption in central japan has killed at least one man and injured more than a dozen others most of those hurt a ski is hit by rocks falling of the sky near the wilkin no one sort of died in an
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avalanche triggered by view of option. a million mark court has postponed until next month a big decision for two reuters journalists arrested in december while on and quasi queues to violated the country's colonial era official secrets act by receiving secret papers if convicted the journalist could face a maximum prison term of fourteen years. you're watching the news coming up ahead roughly eight hundred chechen militants join the so-called islamic state in the middle east now russia feel they're on their way back and pose a threat to security we have an exclusive report for you. but first heavier than usual still falls in the alps of cut off towns in higher elevations and increase the threat posed by avalanches thousands of winter holiday makers are trapped in some of the mountain ranges close to popular ski resorts are report starts in march
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in the swiss border to italy. no escaping the power of nature in the swiss alps avalanches have been falling down these mountains all around the ski resort of sir matt it's the second time in a month heavy snow has cut off the town leaving fountain stranded this. is not the only swiss resort where locals and tourists alike are trapped getting in and out of suntan tourney a near death policy is almost impossible. more than thirty five years lives uncertain but i never saw so much snow like today to last the past week the police tell us that that's forbidden to leave the house you have to stay inside and no roots and you have you have to secure lation and you know we have no past we have no possibilities to go with the train or the traffic is closed. in the
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italian alps the road to chevy nia has been closed for the third time in a month it's estimated that five thousand people are stuck in this ski resort. the risk of avalanche has also affected roads around sulzberger in western austria . and snow is also a big issue at the world economic forum in davos for many it's all hands on deck to ensure the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. monica joins me now lots of snow in dar was as well monica as we mentioned but all eyes were on the indian prime minister who made the keynote address he made it through the snow into the hold to hold that key you know that's right. delivered his speech in that swiss resort aimed at drumming up investment in one of the world's fastest growing economies would he highlighted the six fold growth of his country's g.d.p. since the last time an indian prime minister attended the world economic forum and
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that was back in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven the international monetary fund has forecast seven point four. percent growth india twenty nineteen beating china with only six point eight percent what a speech also focused heavily on how technologically driven developments like big data pave new roads to prosperity but also reinforce economic divide it's the old theme of this year's summit is creating a shared future in a fractured weld did he has been for soon and in doubles told us what the indian prime minister had to say about that well he said it's actually nothing new to situation that we're in at the moment where strong men try to control the world it's an ongoing topic but it is definitely the one of the forefront for with officials the world economic forum officials at least he said there is certainly three big global challenges right now the first one being climate change this was
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very interesting because it's what the chinese also spoke about last year when chinese president president xi jinping fronted the crowd here in davos to a very warm reception. picking up where the chinese left off also really sticking it to trump he doesn't believe in climate change and narendra modi says this is something that is one of the biggest challenges that needs to be tackled and put it to the record snow here in davos the snow we've all been through today as it slowly melts two of the other big challenges he mentioned terrorism and anti globalists hinting there that trump is another problem for the world. it was beneficial in their reporting from a dub was and donald trump of course expected to attend later this week so these was all planned resorts economic forum not just about closing high finance business
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deals as we heard officials also invite social entrepreneurs from around the world and the idea is that they address the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our day to. claridge's met up with some of them. the trip from japan to the slopes of davos took an eighteen hours this is social entrepreneur masacre guru's first time at the world economic forum the subjects he's come to talk about are far removed from the usual interests of big business. there are children who don't get eat. once a day of poor soup morning she having tons of food strong away. eating and so this is the big gap between a part of war and another part of the door. and that's the reality happening right now this is one of the uncomfortable realities here in
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a dozen other social entrepreneurs are here to discuss they're not working to create profit but to bring about social change here from vietnam trying to develop cost effective devices which save the lives of children. i see my son myself see the baby dying every day and i thought i want to do something for to gather wood a group of friends so we. we. invented the. medical equipment. these social entrepreneurs hope to open the eyes of the big players in the business world to humanitarian ideas such as making lifesaving medicine affordable and many big leaders are disconnected from everyday the everyday struggles that people face and i think we create an awareness for it i think we were good at integrating. the cause and capitalism and we were sort of a the juxtaposition of that and we we can show them models that can truly work and be sustainable that perhaps it may have even considered it was seen about and
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they've made the long journey to the snowy streets of davos to make sure their voices are heard. we are not perfect but we try to. seek justice and try to bring balance to the world that we live in through our business skills and experience. muscle gurrey will spend the next four days at the world economic forum but he feels the long trip was worth it just for the opportunity to push his vision to those who have the means to make it a reality. i was a big surprise today nikkei airline the subsidiary of bankrupt abolition has been sold to its founder nicky lauder administrators say it was a transparent bidding process not a straightforward one. nicky lauder has got his airline back to the formula one legend with a passion for the aviation business founded the austrian holiday carrier nicky in
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two thousand and three seven years later he sold it to him but when the company went bankrupt allowed a bit several times to get nicky back. nicky currently has twenty one leased aircraft of which lauder has apparently secured fifteen already it also employs around a thousand staff including two hundred twenty pilots nikky flights operate from germany austria and switzerland mostly ferrying holiday makers to the mediterranean . lauder will be the third person to acquire nicky since went into administration the first successful bit came from left but the deal fell through in december over empty trust concerns from e.u. competition officials when negotiations reopened the sale went to british airways holding company i eighty but the legal stumbling blocks as well time's the charm it seems it's still unclear how much louder paid finnicky he says that we back in the
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air by march in collaboration with travel agent thomas cook. so the bidding process for nicky was difficult but that's nothing compared to germany trying to find a new government emerita actually full months and still counting the hinge of the divisions of the country's hopeful governing partners are showing even as they prepare to launch a formal coalition talks on the methods conservative block as the social democrats to finish the talks quickly and deliver the country and your government but the left of center s.p.d. is bad to push hard for its agenda. light snow falling outside conservative headquarters last night the kind of inclement weather that matches germany's political mood at the moment with the country waiting for government to be given the green light party leaders have been hammering out a negotiation schedule behind closed doors. during sunday's party conference the social democrats instructed their leaders to extract
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further concessions. have been about a team and even we'll talk again about all the issues we raised during the exploratory talks it's quite clear that in the end the full coalition negotiations will always involve compromises but both sides will have to make senior conservatives however are signaling there's little room to maneuver especially on the s.p.d. is demands for liberal immigration policies. it's important for us conservatives to hold our line on migration but it cannot be more migration we need less we need stricter regulations especially in terms of family reunifications we cannot start that debate again. one of the rising stars in the s.p.d. parliamentary leader has promised to squeeze the conservatives until in her words they squeal. analysts believe the s.p.d. will be a prickly partner. opposition within the party against the current coalition so in
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that way the social democrats will be kind of complicated with polish government they will be not easy parking for their christian democrats for now political winter still has germany in its grip with weeks of negotiation ahead before a coalition is finally formed. in recent months the so-called islamic states terrorist group has lost control of the territory it once held in syria. and as defeat looms foreign fighters returning to their home countries pose a growing threat hundreds of us fighters came from the russian republic of chechnya here's the first in a series from moscow bureau chief. bill e.c. the capital of georgia one of russia's neighbors to the self late last year an operative of the so-called islamic state was killed here russian media celebrate
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a victory in the war on terror. the man who was. a chechen carrying a russian passport who had been hiding in georgia previously have had allegedly been home and chechnya to recruit fighters. there are roughly eight hundred texans fighting for isis as a return to their homeland is a major problem for russia and russian president vladimir putin has already declared victory over the islamist extremists. you can celebrate this victory for a while but you better pray five times that while you're celebrating another terrorist attack doesn't take place. that. grozny is not only the geographical center but also the heart of chechnya. after a debilitating what in the ninety's. rebuilt to with money from moscow. nowadays the city seems peaceful but appearances can be deceiving. chechnya has become
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a hotspot of religious fanaticism since gun searching for new recruits here. is what. we do high unemployment social discontent and soured hopes drive many in the region towards one of the most perverse forms of islam and into the hands of the jihadists. the harvests are sowing on fertile ground in chechnya despite a near total state surveillance and the despite the two leader. demonstrations of allegiance towards putin and the kremlin rule in the last few years whole families left for iraq and syria they will be coming back now with that victory of isis has been declared. here in grozny see those who are trying to return from syria and iraq back to chechnya as a threat to state security their support for this so-called islamic state has
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become a matter of profound concern for chechen leader rather than of course a key step in containing militants returning home would be to prevent young people from joining the terrorist organization in the first place despite a series of military defeats isis is still recruiting fight us primarily among young people so the government is focusing on prevention in this vocational school in girls the mothers of as militants of war young people of the dangers of jihad to recruitment their children who were around to the same age as the students when they left for syria. i love my fellow chechens in the name of allah i am a patriot but i want to warn you about what happened to me my daughter and her husband left to join isis her husband is dead and there is no trace of my daughter . the story hits home. for about the course it's the first time we're talking about it so openly here at
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school. why i don't know probably because we're all afraid to talk about it. what are you afraid of that will go to sleep one night and when we wake up our brothers will have left to join isis no one can see it coming when you see that is not you know anyone who is with them now. but i was with them. everyone says you'll find paradise if you go but that's not true paradise can only be where your mother lives. thousands of chechens have a different opinion of this sort paradise in acts of terror. but their path is leading them home for their families of the our husbands and sons. for the government though they are terrorists and to murderers. that support but. the russian olympic committee has confirmed that six time olympic
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gold medalist a victim has been banned from the upcoming winter games amid the country's ongoing doping scandal the most decorated olympic short track speed skater will not be the only high profile russian absentee with biathletes sheeple and also missing out the reigning world champion and a gold medalist in the team event at the sochi games has also not been included in the i.o.c. off elizabeth athletes ok let's now move to tennis and it's been a day of surprises as it often is at the australian open in melbourne last five nadal is out he fought hard for over three hours against a modern chill it but he retired with a leg injury in the fifth and final set so not a is out challenged will now next day the unseated kyle ed. the brits stunned third seed grigor dimitrov in four sets to reach his first ever grand slam seven final and belgium silesian matins upset iliana of ukraine to also secure
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a final four birth it's been a dream debut for the twenty two year old in melbourne one more quarterfinal match is still to come on tuesday with carol lin what's in the alkie looking to book her place in the semi's. moving away from sports and the legendary south african jazz musician and political activists hugh masekela has died most again afraid that some fish sang and composed musical or via the fans tend to be of the compositions were about the struggle for democratic rights in his country he also collaborated with international musicians but also using these the statement that he was fighting cancer must get out was seventy is seventy. car that's it for me that she.
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can come. on assume the same. using sound that's. the netherlands close to protection project is the only one of its kind of. musical country sounds which come to driven by the forces of nature help to protect the
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a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. what do you think will happen society does the human race movement upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cyborgs human machines starting february first. two tomorrow today coming up. this month how greenland could profit from climate change the for many to mention but frames from a three d. printer. i don't know cause i'm out
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a model for future use. welcome to the show. how i'm going with the code to read.


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