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need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. side of human machines starting february first on t w. turkey defies international criticism and presses on with its offensive in syria turkish troops and allied syrian forces are advancing on the kurdish enclave of afferent the un at least calls for restraint spoke to accuse president says there's no turning back also on the program. activists criticize german plans or to force a group of afghans to nights days after a deadly taliban attack in kabul we'll hear from amnesty international who also think the german government has got it wrong. the world economic forum that begins
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in davos with the free trade play from india's new round drum nobody on the same day that the united states slaps a fifty percent tariff on a range of imports. also on the program russia on alert as islamist militants had hoped hundreds of chechen fighters joined islamic state jihad just in the middle east now russia fears are on their way back d.w. reports from grozny. i'm filled by a welcome to the program. turkey has intensified its military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria despite calls from the international community for restraint ankara says it will press on with offer a sions and a friend against groups that it regards as terrorists. operation all of branch is
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anything but a peace offering the following airstrikes the turkish military with the support of regional allies is marching across the border into northern syria turkey's president has pledged an unrelenting campaign against the syrian kurdish militia which he considers a terrorist group. will handle a free and there's no stepping back we have an agreement with our russian friends kind of also discuss that with the u.s. and other coalition forces. amidst the attacks russia has pulled back its ground troops from the region to avoid accidental clashes the u.s. position meanwhile remains ambiguous having backed the kurdish militia during the war against so-called islamic state washington is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the u.s. is also that it takes turkey's legitimate security concerns seriously the call on
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target to show restraint was echoed by the u.n. security council on monday but operation all of branch continues to intensify creating yet another front in the seven year syrian civil war. russia you had in the report responded by withdrawing its troops from a friend so does this mean russia has given its blessing to this operation. as a russian military analyst he joins us from moscow welcome to day to day russia given. its blessing. de facto yes that's that's a positive there rushed there where was a small russian contingent wolk kind of afraid and the kurds believe that while the russians are there they're more with secured of the turks will not attack and the third to share for us will not appear because the russians all kind of on agreement with the met with the pentagon were covering that part of syria but
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the turkish military high rebel delegation came to moscow last week they had talks with here in the russian defense ministry in general staff and apparently they reached package the deal that the russians allow de facto the. turks to go on offering while the turks allow the russians and the their allies from the pro asset forces and iranian forces to go for the syrian opposition in the do it so this is a kind of two thing there's two operations happening similar thing is silly russian operation in the so-called former announced the conflicting zone and turkish operation against the kurds. the kurds appear to be indispensable in the fight against islamic states now that that fight appears to
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have been one big looks to the rest of us and so they've been abandoned. well there is an i beam that i've been in court just on i know the kurds they kind of always say the kurds have no friends only the mountains are the the friends of the kurds they had been abandoned by outside powers who kind of use them and then abandon them many times in their history they they're used to that to some extent but because for the bigger powers there's always the bigger picture and the kurds are sort of the spencer bow i would believe that right now for russia course it's important that the turks so well they have to go for parts of the nusra front and the opposition and it would brahmans but there's even a bigger target that's to put the wedges between turkey and the nato and its western allies because for russia the greek the great real prize would be break up
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if not a break out of turkey from the its alliance with the west and america and then russia could more west believe that it can secure the black sea straits which has been an objective for moscow for generations i would say and generations of russian rulers say very clear thank you pavel felgenhauer in the moscow. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world clashes and fist fights broke out in germany's hollow ports overnight during a demonstration against his militia relations in syria protesters chanting fascist about march with signs and iraqi kurdistan flags situation was quickly brought under control. officials in the philippines are warning that a violent eruption of the country's most active volcano could be imminent moment of my own has been spewing lava and ash prompting all thoughts is to expand the danger zone thousands of people living nearby have been told to leave the area. human
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rights activists in germany are criticizing the government's decision to deport afghan refugees from dust off airport tonight at least ten failed asylum seekers are due to be returned but activists say saturday's bombing of kabul's intercontinental hotel shows it's not safe to send people back that attack left twenty people dead one hundred fifty five afghans have been deported from germany in the last year returns have been controversial as the security situation in afghanistan has worsened since nato ended combat activities in twenty fifteen several deportation flights are being cancelled in the past due to pilots refusal to fly. a protest against the deportations taking place in docile door for joining us from there is christian he's a member of the n.g.o.s afghan outcry welcome to day w tell us why you're against
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these deportations. who are protesting today with. german. and. was also a refugee because we are not prepared to any longer. endure the terminally ill patients. if you look at it it's always a discussion going on a media. criminal's so-called security risk whereas in reality we know that in these planes the sitting white collar and people. happen to have a criminal record perhaps because they haven't served up enough money to buy a ticket use up early or even haven't shown up in any criminal record but just due to some bad not no. well we gave it we're gave it a go christian jaeger their interest if we thank you the technology of failed us in
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the end but we'll rely on old fashioned technology franziska vilma is from amnesty international she's here with me in the studio welcome. the german government says the afghans are being who are being sent back convicted criminals afghans who aren't cooperating with immigration authorities afghans who are considered to be security threats. do you see anything wrong with that i see that nobody should be returned to afghanistan right now because the principle of free fall and that nobody can be sent back to a place where they risk a serious threat to their lives it's valid for any kind of person so all of these three categories they are protected as well and the findings by amnesty international and the latest report on afghanistan says that nobody in the current situation should be ever returned to afghanistan doesn't matter what they've done
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how horrible they are if the place that they are sent back to is not safe the whole reason of only sending back back these three categories it's not a mere conviction of political motivation are only focusing on these categories but it's a capacity issue after the blast of the embassy the german embassy in kabul lester is there a capacity issue what you mean that means you have to receive a certain amount of. people on the ground when they arrive from cattle and for the time being just the organisation of sending back more afghans which will change change by the way but right now the focus only on these three categories let me maybe be more detailed the third category where it says that the persons who refused to help with establishing their identity that's a very very vague category and it's already visible right now that it's being
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maintained that allegedly these people have not helped to establish their identity but that's very hard to prove ok so what is that it seems that your objection is not only the fact that you regard afghanistan as not being safe but you believe that some of these people are being returned for political reasons rather than having broken the rules or committed any crimes here i would say at least to maintain. that these people belong to this category it's very very difficult for german authorities to really proof that they belong to the third category amnesty international that's way more important things that nobody in the time being should ever be returned afghanistan none of these categories as well because under international law that's forbid what then should happen to them what then should happen to people who are criminals in germany well they are being sent to prison and right now they're taken out of prison and they're being sent back to a country where they risk to be. to be dead and that's something that should never
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be the case so if they have committed a crime in germany of course they can be sent to prison of course they will have they will go to to a dodge they will have their decision and so on but that's nothing that you do to people send them back to a country where they risk to be killed francisco available for international thank you thank you. polls here in germany another dip in support for the social democrats as they prepared to form a coalition talks with conservatives s.p.d. leaders are under pressure from their own party to extract more concessions from the conservatives yes p.d. says it will go see it hard to push its agenda the conservatives have had to very limited room for maneuver but nothing more but it's also expected to start this week. watching b.w. news live from berlin still to come a fresh threats to russia as hundreds of former fighters from the islamic state
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group come home from conflicts in syria and iran will bring you an exclusive report from chechnya. first as they say the opening day of davos playground to billionaires and politicians you know that's one issue with that i do but we have lots of people there and the world economic forum that kicks off in the swiss alps with the keynotes. each from indian prime minister narendra modi his address came as the u.s. imposed tough new tariffs on a range of imports but modi said now was not the time for protectionism as he talked up india's credentials to potential investors. this is the first time after twenty years that india's prime minister is attending the world economic forum in the swiss alps and he has brought a large delegation it includes six ministers and one hundred business representatives they are all here to show that india is open for business if you want wellness along with wealth then you must come to india if your seeking
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wholeness in life along with help then you must come to india south are seeking peace along with prosperity then dionne's there is tremendous to come to india. out of the market i got our prosperity gets our research out there. last year india's economy grew six point seven percent failing to meet market expectations but i'm melissa expect modi's economic reforms to drive growth. but i was shocked at first it is necessary that the big powers of the world have cooperative relations among them it is necessary that a sense of competitiveness among the major nations of the world does not become a wall between them we will have to set aside differences to face these challenges and work together for a larger vision not ready. an open global economy that is what indian prime minister mori is calling for for many here this is an alternative to
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the america first strategy of u.s. president trump is expected later this week. but high on the davos agenda is also the plight of refugees an issue that concerns politicians and n.g.o.s for many countries particularly concern is focused on the fate of thousands of children well part of the current refugee movements across the globe my colleague christophe kober is in davos for us and joins us now christophe. indeed cowart hundreds of thousands of people around the world are facing the imminent threat of violence this place mint and. other shortages of their lives and with me here is the dawning schmidt she is the former prime minister prime minister of denmark and has been heading save the children international since twenty sixteen so good to have you with us here. let's talk about the ranger crisis more than almost seven hundred thousand rangers have fled.
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their homes and among them four hundred thousand children almost they have been living in refugee camps under very difficult conditions for the last months do you see any improvement in their situation well you have to think of an enormous amount of people six hundred fifty thousand people flocking over the border i met some of those children when families when i went to bangladesh so recently spoke to the people and asked them how it was and to stories that we hear from what they have experienced and be in ma is just absolutely awful and they come with absolutely nothing so one of the first things we did as save the children was to hand out the most basic things top support and so they could build their own houses cooking materials very basic things and now we have building up for these these children in particular we are providing of course food health services for them and also child
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friendly spaces spaces where the children can come and recover from the trauma they have experienced but this is a very very difficult situation it's a very dangerous situation for that splits urine just in two thousand and eighteen we know that fifty thousand children will be flown as for refugees in that camp fifty thousand that's a lot of little babies to meet this world and we need to make it a city safer place for them to live in the fate of the ringer is also part of a political debate. even if political leaders reach an agreement how are the prospects for these children well i'm hoping that we will not forget these children and one of the reasons i'm here in davos this week is to is to speak with their voice here we have interviewed many of these children we have heard their stories and they have actually asked us to speak up for them so i'm here to speak up for them and to ask the world not to forget them in davos this week we all discussing how we should avoid a more fractious world well that fracture is that we have an unprecedented number
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of people in humanitarian need some of them of children some of them mind yemen some still in syria and what i'm asking is to not lose hope we can still do a lot for these children and also let's not forget them because they need our help people that come to davos as participants of the world economic forum are drawn to power how difficult is it to get them engaged in order to help the powerless you know i meet a lot of people who wants to help and the world is still a generous place if you ask governments in germany and european governments us they're still very generous and there's a lot of money being used on humanitarian relief but the problem is that the problem is so enormous and that there's so many people who have to flee their homes because it's unsafe to stay in their homes and that is what we are facing so i don't we meet disengagement i meet engage leaders the problem is that we all have to do more we have to work spots as well which is what save the children wants to
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be doing with use more technology and helping these children but the main thing is that we don't forget that even though these children in syria yemen should leave our t.v. screens we should not forget they're still there and they still need our help tony schmidt head of save the children international thank you so much for your insight here in davos and with that it's back to you guys in the studio thank you in davos for us. that's all your business for now more business a bit. rough. now it's back to film a special report from russia. in recent months the islamic state terror group has lost control of most of the territory it once held in syria and iraq as defeat looms foreign fighters return to their home countries and pose a growing threat so hundreds of i asked fighters came from the russian republic of chechnya is the first in a series circle of fear from moscow correspondent yuri rachet are.
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to believe that the capital of georgia one of russia's neighbors to the self late last year an operative of the so-called islamic state was killed here russian media celebrate a victory in the war on terror. the man who was the tire attention carrying a russian passport who had been hiding in georgia previously had allegedly been home and chechnya to recruit fighters. there are roughly eight hundred texans fighting for isis their return to their homeland is a major problem for russia and russian president vladimir putin has already declared victory over the islamist extremists. you can celebrate this victory for a while but you better pray five times that while you're celebrating another terrorist attack doesn't take place. that. grozny is not only
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the geographical center but also the heart of texas. after a debilitating in the ninety's it was rebuilt with money from moscow. now a days that the city seems peaceful but appearances can be deceiving. chechnya has become a hotspot of religious fanaticism since isis began searching for new recruits here . with you high unemployment social discontent and soured hopes dry. many in the region towards one of the most perverse forms of islam and into the hands of the jihadists the. jihad ists are sowing on fertile ground in chechnya despite a near total state surveillance and to despite the chechen leader. demonstrations of allegiance towards putin and the kremlin rule in the last few years whole families left for iraq and syria they will be coming back now that victory over
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isis has been declared. here in grozny see those who are trying to return from syria and iraq back to chechnya as a threat to state security there is support for this so-called islamic state has become a matter of profound concern for chechen leader. of course a key step in containing militants returning home would be to prevent young people from joining the terrorist organisation in the first place despite a series of military defeats isis is still recruiting fight us primarily among young people so the government is focusing on prevention in this vocational school in girls the mothers of as militants of war the young people of the dangers of jihad to recruitment their children who were around to the same age as the students when they left for syria. i love my fellow chechens in the name of allah i am a patriot but i want to warn you about what happened to me my daughter and her
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husband left to join isis her husband is dead and there is no trace of my daughter . her story hits home. it's the first time we're talking about it so openly here at school. i don't know probably because we're all afraid to talk about it. what are you afraid of that will go to sleep one night and when we wake up our brothers will have left to join isis no one can. coming in usenet is not you know anyone who is with them know. i was there to do with them. everyone says you'll find paradise if you go but that's not true paradise can only be where your mother lives. thousands of chechens had a different opinion of this old paradise in acts of terror. but as their path is leading them home for their families the are husbands and sons. for the government though
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they are terrorists and to not hers. let's get more on this problem with constantine true yourself he's a senior fellow at the center for arab and islamic studies at the institute of oriental studies of the brush and academy of science in moscow welcome to day w why did so many chechens and they don't end up joining so-called islamic state well. that's according to information coming from fear really majority of chechens now. taking part in battles in theory in isis on nostra they come mainly from either. p.c. where we in georgia or from. diaspora in europe as regards
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the. church and the republican fell for the minority but feel they were present. at the same time we don't hear about any people about any mufc human people returning from syria or iraq to church now. is this a problem that is particular to chechnya or we just chosen to focus on this republic. well i think that now. well the dangers of. a situation in chechnya. are. rated to some extent because. now nowadays is the most secure place in the novel and caucuses so if they return they may be
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they most probably will return either to georgia odd to toto to europe including ukraine for example and. while speaking about europe i don't think that they they will. be one of the major threatens to europe itself because the kitchens are more on to russian more t.v. than he's let mr motivated sell they most probably of those fighters would. try to find their way to to come to russia or to confront russia it's handy police and their most convenient place would be ukraine for them because this intro you have said in moscow thank you so much for joining the doubly so. in tennis it's been
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a day of surprises of the australian open in melbourne rafael nadal is out seaforth hot for more than three hours against man and challenged the retired with a leg injury in the fifth and final set so that you all know it will not next play unseeded kyle adamant the brits stunned third seed to go dimitroff in four sets to reach his first ever grand slam semifinal and kind of course to reach to win her first grand slam title. it was through the semifinal after a hard fought win colace water. quick reminder of our top story at this hour if you have stepped up its ground assaults against the kurdish enclave of afrin in northern syria the turkish army and allied syrian rebel fighters are trying to clear the area of coach villagers live to present a sense of terror groups. that's which are up to date small at the top of the hour .
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kick off the bundesliga highlights. the consequences i'm not losing this time for spies come on i'm sacks coach microspheres go. away women with a back yard shot my own brain is stunning goal helps never close in triumph. take our next g.w. . she's got to be around here somewhere in this
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last remaining part of this and much rain forest. the orangutan. she was returned to the jungle three years ago and the team from global ideas was there to record the event. dora and the other ring a chance getting along these days. fritos of sixty minutes t.w. . will be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a planet in a super you're still. sending is just that the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. storm so that people the world over the information
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they provide. the fenians they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. rob's point. if the fights away in a tight time hurt badly flux. the basic. argument.


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