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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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chechen society. circling here today and on each other names. this is day two of the news live from turkey defies international criticism and presses on with its offensive in syria so his troops and allied syrian forces are advancing on the kurdish enclave of africa the un leaves calls for restraint but president says there's no turning back also on the program. critics activists criticize german plans for deported group of afghans tonight some days after
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a deadly taliban attack in kabul we'll hear from amnesty international who also think the german government has got this wrong. on the world economic forum gets underway in davos with a plea for free trade from india is near and remotely on the same day the united states places a fifty percent tariff on a range of imports. welcome to the program turkey has intensified its military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria despite criticism from the international community the united nations says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people and left vulnerable citizens trapped on cross says it will press on with its main afrin against groups that it regards as terrorists. turkish forces firing
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on come easily and other towns along the syrian turkish border officials say their aim is to divert attention from the main campaign their advance on the kurdish enclave of our frayne it's the fourth day of a push by turkish forces and their syrian rebel allies to clear the northwestern border enclave of kurdish why p.g. fighters and correct considers the y. p.g. to be allies of kurdish insurgents who for decades have force against the turkish state within its own borders and turkey wants to prevent kurds from gaining their own independent territory but ankara has promised an unrelenting campaign. book that. terrorist elements will be cleansed from this region as well that story and our brothers who came to our country from syria to save their lives will be able to return there and continue their lives. high out in orders for
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a greater. part of the price we will tear down the terror they are trying to establish in the region tattoed quoted or no but. the attacks russia has moved back its ground troops from the region washington back to the kurdish why p.g. militia during the war against so cool the islamic state but is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the u.s. has also said it takes turkey's legitimate security concerns seriously. russia as you heard in the report responded by withdrawing its troops from africa so does this mean russia has given its blessing to this operation pavel felgenhauer as a russian military analyst he joins us from moscow welcome to the house russia given operation olive branch its blessing. de
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facto yes that's that's a positive there are rushed there is where was a small russian contingent wolk kind of afraid and the kurds believe that while the russians are there they're more or less secured of the turks will not attack and the third to share for us will not appear because the russians all kind of on agreement with the met with the pentagon were covering that part of syria but the turkish military rebel delegation came to moscow last week they had talks with here in the russian defense ministry in general staff and apparently they reached package the deal that the russians allow de facto the. turks to go on offering while the turks so well the russians and the their allies from the pro asset forces and iranian forces to go for the syrian opposition in the
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. so this is a kind of two thing there's two operations happening similar thing is silly russian operation in the so-called former announced the conflicting zone and turkish operation against the kurds. the kurds appear to be indispensable in the fight against islamic states now that that fight appears to have been one big looks to the rest of us and so they've been abandoned. well there is an i beam that i've been in court just on i know the kurds they kind of always say the kurds have no friends only the mountains are the the friends of the kurds they had been abandoned by outside powers who kind of used them and then abandoned them many times in their history they they're used to that to some extent
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but because for the bigger powers there's always the bigger picture and the kurds are sort of the spencer bow i would believe that right now for russia course it's important that the turks so well them to go for parts of the and nuestra front in the opposition and it would promise but there's even a bigger target that's to put the wedges between turkey and the nato and its western allies because for russia the green the great real prize would be a breakup if not a breakout of turkey from its alliance with the west and america and then russia could more or less believe that it can secure the black sea straits which has been an objective for moscow for generations i would say and generations of russian rulers i see very clear thank you pavel felgenhauer in the moscow. now there are some of the other stories making news around the world clashes and fist fights
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broke out in germany's hanover airport overnight during a demonstration against his military operation in syria protesters chanting fascist thirty one marched with signs and iraqi kurdistan flags situation was quickly brought under control. a tsunami warning issued for the west coast of the united states and canada has been lifted the warning followed a seven point nine magnitude quake two hundred fifty kilometers off alaska's kodiak island footage posted on twitter initially showed streams of cars leaving the island after residents were warned to move to higher ground. in what officials in the philippines are warning as a violent eruption of the country's most active volcano could be imminent modes my own has been spewing lava and ash prompting all thought is to expand the danger zone thousands of people living nearby have been told to leave the area. human rights activists in germany are criticizing the government's decision to deport afghan refugees from don't hold off airports tonight at least ten failed asylum
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seekers are due to be returned but activists say saturday's bombing of kabul's intercontinental hotel so it's not safe to send people back that attack left twenty people dead one hundred fifty five afghans have been deported from germany in the last year other returns have been controversial as the security situation in afghanistan has worsened since nato and it combat activities in twenty fifteen like on several deportation flights have been cancelled in the past due to pirates refusal to fly. francisco vilma is from amnesty international she's here with me in the studio welcome. the german government says they are afghans are being who are being sent back convicted criminals afghans who aren't cooperating with immigration authorities afghans who are considered to be security threats. do you see anything wrong with that i see that nobody should be returned to afghanistan right now
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because the principle of free fall and that nobody can be sent back to a place where they risk a serious threat to their lives it's valid for any kind of person so all of these three categories they are protected as well and the findings by amnesty international and the latest report on afghanistan says that nobody in the current situation should be ever returned to afghanistan doesn't matter what they've done how horrible they are if the place that they are sent back to is not safe the whole reason of only sending back back these three categories it's not a mere conviction of political motivation not only focusing on these categories but it's a capacity issue after the blast of the embassy the german embassy in kabul last year is there a capacity issue what do you mean that means you have to receive a certain amount of. people on the ground when they arrive in capital and for the
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time being just the organisation of sending back more afghans which will change change by the way but right now the focus only on these three categories let me maybe be more detailed the third category where it says that the persons who refused to help with establishing their identity that's a very very vague category and it's already visible right now that it's being maintained that allegedly these people have not helped to establish their identity but that's very hard to prove ok so for what you said it seems that your objection is not only the fact that you regard afghanistan as not being safe but you believe that some of these people are being returned for political reasons rather than haven't broken any rules committee of any crimes here i would say at least to maintain. that these people belong to this category it's very very difficult for german authorities to really proof that they belong to the third category amnesty
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international that's way more important things that nobody in the time being should ever be returned afghanistan none of these categories as well because under international law that's forbidding what then should happen to them what then should happen to people who are criminals in germany well they are being sent to prison and right now they're taken out of prison and they're being sent back to a country where they risk to be. to be dead and that's something that should never be the case so if they have committed a crime in germany of course they can be sent to prison of course they will have they will go to to a judge they will have their decision and so on but that's nothing to do to people send them back to a country where they risk to be killed francisco available from this international thank you thank you. poles in germany show another dip in support for the social
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democrats as they prepared to enter formal coalition talks with anger medicals conservatives speedy leaders under pressure from their own party to extract more concessions from the conservatives yes brady says it will they go see it hard to push its agenda the conservatives have hinted there's limited room for maneuver but nothing more it's also expected to start this week. nominations for this year's oscars are in the shape of water tops the list with thirteen nods and i would tilt towards fantasy romance is in the running for best picture best director sally hawkins was nominated for best actress for her leading role world war two drama dunkirk is next with eight nominations the movie that's dominated the hollywood awards season three billboards outside of being resort received seven the oscars take place on the fourth of march. and support the british media reporting the dog and starts. trike up emmerich young's on the verge of a move asked nil about me and considering it's considered one of the best strikers
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in the world it was a bonus because top scorer last season of thirty one goals has been a key figure dortmund since joining in twenty thirty after manager os and van confirmed that are in talks to sign him but wouldn't comment on a possible deal. contradict or not contradict i don't know. if the moment you have don't. look close to do any duty to bomb a young man you body it. i have unusual surfers in the alps of course after hours and higher elevations and increase the threat of avalanche thousands of winter holiday makers are trapped in some of the mountain ranges most popular ski resorts are report start since a lot of the swiss border with italy. no escaping the power of nature in these swiss alps avalanches have been falling down these mountains all around the ski resort of sir matt it's the second time in
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a month heavy snow has cut off the town leaving thousands stranded this. is not the only swiss resort where locals and tourists alike are trapped getting in and out of suntan tourney a deficit is almost impossible. more than thirty five years lived through june but i never saw so much snow like today to last the past week the police tell us that it's forbidden to leave the house you have to stay inside and no route and you have new secure lation and where we have no past we have no possibilities to go was the train all the traffic is closed. in the italian alps the road to chevy nia has been closed for the third time in a month it's estimated that five thousand people are stuck in the ski resorts. the risk of avalanche has also affected roads around sulzberger in western austria
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. and snow is also a big issue at the world economic forum in davos for many it's all hands on deck to ensure the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. still to come here on d.w. the world economic forum has begun in davos with a speech from india's prime minister a person united states rubs of import tariffs where do all heat mr modi's playing for free trade. get harder as well how about that story and i'll be back at the top of the hour. that explains. the d. w. media center see it find it here it discover a privilege video and audio podcast in language courses in the d w media center at little centered on the w dot com. elite the germans claim new and
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surprising aspects of life since culture in germany and the us american keep moves us take a look at germany.


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