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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from turkey intensifies its offensive in syria ignoring international concerns we're on the road with turkey's our lives as they move to clear kurdish militias away from the border these fighters are confident of success also coming up recoil in germany turkey is using german tanks in its first syrian offensive and that's having repercussions here in. precious liquid and cape town is rapidly running out after more than two years of drought the authorities are close to turning off all but the central water supplies in south
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africa second biggest city. also ahead day two of the world economic forum in switzerland our senior business editor ben pollutant is there. down to business in davos some of the topics will be covering today containing trump women intake and how to get more rain out of clouds full of the team here on news and on social media. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program. turkey has intensified its military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria despite criticism from the international community the united nations says the party has already has placed five thousand people and left vulnerable civilians trapped chris says it will press on with his operations against kurdish militias all its border it
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regards them as terrorists. attacked his town has only a few kilometers away from the fighting come back and his friends are discussing takis operational if branch navy have believes in a swift makes yuri. we don't know the area around freeman well so we cannot really say how long it will take but yes it may take a long time. how long do you think. possibly a month that's what i think but are not a soldier. takis military is continuing its operation was no reduction in intensity all day tanks and artillery are aiming across the border members of the protect his free syrian army are marching towards the afrin region they are supporting takesh troops in the operation against the
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syrian kaddish militia groups. and they are a lot more optimistic than the texan has. on if they will take a frame in succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. ago. with god's help we will conquer offering everybody. according to the latest figures from the syrian observatory for human rights the war sorry for more than one hundred lives more than twenty to be civilians the turkish president joined a funeral on tuesday for a soldier killed the previous day add to and dismissed international criticism of the offensive saying the situation at hand means it's not possible to listen to every country's take. these are pictures filmed by the kut ish militia group.
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turkish media report that fighting between the the turkish army and its allies is intensifying in the direction of freeing. turkey claims a threat is growing at its. right considers the y.p. g. to be the syrian faction of the p.k. k. which he sees as a terror group reacting to takis military attacks in recent days the why p.g. has shelled texas border towns claiming civilian lives while many techs were you for it at the start the military's now changed. no war is easy neither for soldiers nor. civilians know what that must have been. of a good sides of the border operation could still bring. bring in our correspondent dorian jones in bold dorian do you have any reliable information on how the turkish offensive in syria is proceeding.
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well it's very difficult to get any information reliable or independent from this conflict most of the reporting if not all of it is coming from embedded journalists on both sides and much of it appears to be spinning their version of events for finding out what the independent story is actually going on one source or the syrian observatory is seen as a board the independent organization have access to some contacts and they do seem to oppose elise confirm the fact that there is major fighting going on much of it now in these. villages in these very rugged terrain there is concern for the plight of those villages there but there does appear to be very intense fighting villages taken recaptured also a strategic mountain is also the scene of very heavy fighting and it's unclear who is actually holding it but the message is that the fighting is steadily progressing turkish forces do appear to be making ground but they are meeting very stiff resistance and they are being hampered by very poor weather conditions very low cloud which is making strikes very difficult and that is very important for the
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turkish offensive. how is this offensive affecting the civilian population in the region dorian. well that is really the big concern the plight of the million or so people that live in this afternoon many of them had fled from the syrian civil war our friend had been in no way things have stability for many years now those people are facing fighting. much of the concern at the moment is these villages many many of them and they all the seen apparently very heavy fighting. turkey she reports of turkish airstrikes against them there is concern that the number of casualties there are reports of maybe twenty thirty civilians very difficult to confirm but we all see images on social media that appear to show that some of them have been very heavily damaged and it is believed many of the villagers are still in those in their homes unable to escape the fighting the united nations says that the fighting has displaced over five thousand
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people but that is again very difficult to confirm and also the problem is that many of these people in africa have nowhere to go they can't get out the only access skate route is being controlled by the syrian regime forces and there are reports that they are not allowing the people to leave the area so these people are trapped and the big concern is that when the fighting reaches the main city of africa that is home to over four hundred thousand people maybe more the fear is that if that becomes a scene of a protracted battle many civilians lives could be in peril. turkey's defense partners have strongly criticized its actions in northern syria is president not concerned that is offensive could alienate his nato allies. well i think that is taken aback by france's. france's particular criticism over the weekend the there was calls for the operation to end and france then moved to
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the united nations security council to discuss the operation but it seems that france has dial back its criticism and it seems to be more for in the line of many of us. other nato allies calling for straight leave of condemning or supporting the operation and i think the concern among nato is that turkey's drift towards moscow moscow gave the green light his operation the concern is that that would only further enhance relations between turkey and russia and for now at least very happy of the fact that most of the criticism is very muted and is very what they say even handed and i think that will only enhance it in bold and turkey's military operation into africa. dorian jones there in istanbul thank you very much well turkey's offensive in syria is having political repercussions here in berlin germany regularly sells weapons including tanks to its nato ally and those weapons are being used in the cross border offensive that german lawmakers are calling illegal contracts to upgrade the tanks are being put on hold.
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relentless heavy shelling in northwest syria turkish forces step up their offensive known as operation olive branch. the prepared german made leopard to rule into a free. the german government had recently considered reinforcing these against mines but that seems to be off the table no. units to avoid you talk i know that turkey is violating international law with its intervention in syria. it's absurd to think about upgrading these tanks starting up being if you can kind of there should be no explicit tacky i want to know what foreign ministers he discussed with his texas counterpart was it all about an arms deal. that was just under three weeks ago the aim to foster better relations then on monday the turkish foreign minister to protect civilians
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it fell on deaf ears turkey's president says the military action is justified. on the kurds in a free not determined to defend themselves. i wish our forces strength we are united and we don't do on his planes and his weapons. he took in the one nine hundred ninety s. turkey used old east german army weapons against the kurds in turkey and history is repeating itself in syria. and it's not just german tanks german military trucks have also been spotted on the syrian border. now a smaller stories making news around the world today an explosion has gone off at the office of the save the children foundation in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad local media reporting that suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the agency
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there's no word on casualties. two consecutive car bowl steffen ated near a mosque in the libyan city of benghazi on tuesday killing at least twenty seven people and injuring dozens more. worshipers were leaving the malls many security officials who are believed to be the target of the attack or among the casualties. police in pakistan arrested a man suspected of being a serial killer responsible for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl cases sparked nationwide protests over allegations of government inaction police said the arrested twenty four year old man had confessed to the girl's murder and his d.n.a. match samples found on her body. and brazil's former president louisa not sealed room of the silva will today find out if his conviction on corruption and money laundering charges will be upheld a momentous verdict could potentially determine the course of the country's election who is currently the front runner in that race. you're watching did the
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news still to come the daughter who fought for islamic state four years have passed since this chechen mother saw her daughter. and now she wonders whether she'll ever see her again. but as a business there's the here and donald trump it seems is getting his way with the fed with the federal reserve indeed that is correct terry because his choice for the next head of the u.s. central bank which of course is the world's most powerful economics job it's been approved by u.s. senators general powell a multi millionaire was backed by a large majority as chair of the federal reserve with support from republicans and also many democrats the appointment marks the end of a decades long tradition that's been so that's seen presidents stick with the federal reserve chair who was in charge when they took office pal is expected to take over when janet yellen leaves her post that will be on the third of february
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well outside the u.s. however there is growing criticism of donald trump's trade policy as the leaders of india and canada both used the world economic forum in davos this week to call for free trade washington is slapping steep tariffs on imported washing machines and solar products another week and another set of tariffs this time hitting imported washing machines and solar panels on tuesday u.s. president trump signed an executive order for punitive tariffs on those products specifically naming two asian multinationals. our action today helps to create jobs in america for americans it will provide a strong incentive for l.g. and samsung to follow through on their recent promises to build a major manufacturing plants for washing machines right here in the united states
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the trumpet ministration believes that south korean washing machines and chinese solar panels have an unfair competitive advantage against products made in the u.s. tariffs as high as fifty percent could be imposed on washing machines trump is on his way to davos and plans to use his trip to promote his america first strategy i'm going to divorce will be talking about investing in the united states again for people to come in and spend their money in the good old usa and that's what they're doing we have massive amounts of money coming in. the u.s. president is due to host a dinner for european see those at the world economic forum on thursday and investment in the u.s. is likely to be high on his agenda. while high on the wealthy economic forum's agenda today is europe from spain say king philippe to french president manuel mccall all the way to the german chancellor they're all expected to speak in davos today my colleague ben facility told us what to expect especially from mackerel.
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was he going to be giving his speech on european affairs she was really seek with an ecstatic welcome last time she was here a few years ago and there was doubt about whether or not she was going to come this time because she'd been out of the world's focus basically trying to build a coalition government she's now got a preliminary deal of types so is now on her way and is going to be spending the day here and blowing the trumpet for europe she's got the timing right she won't be crossing paths with us president donald trump he's not a real fan of ms merkel especially her refugee policy he said that accused her of ruining germany but in her confrontation with trump she does have a very close and very strong and powerful ally and that is the french president.
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or have been physical in there from that was thank you towards the end of the week here u.s. president on a tram is expected to join the world's movers and shakers in davos but he could face a very crucial reception thousands of anticapitalist protesters marched on tuesday to demonstrate against this it to the world economic forum's annual meeting organized this had called for protests under the moscow's trump not well come and smash the w e f l a small group off protesters also made it into voice despite heavy security but they were quickly removed. and we'll be back to the world economic forum in davos later in the day our team there will keep us updated on all the action more news first though with terry thanks bonnie. in recent months the so-called his let me state terror group has lost control of most of its territory that it once held in syria and iraq and as defeat looms
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families of young people who left for areas are wondering what has become of them hundreds of people left the russian republic of chechnya in the second of three reports from their d.w. security rachet speaks to the family of a young woman who took her children to join her i asked husband in syria. can give me a typical tatton sat up people know each other and help each other too despite the high fences there is one thing the neighbors don't discuss of though the missing children. is one of those who has kept her silence for a long time the whole four years but now she's breaking her silence to talk to us about. selena her beloved daughter hasn't been in her parents' house for four years
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cellular follow to roost on her husband who went to syria to fight with the so-called islamic state. he took selena together with their three children i know he will never come back because he was killed last march. since then she says she hasn't heard from her daughter selena is one of hundreds of chechens who have left their homeland since of the beginning of the syrian war to join us. and the women mostly followed their husbands as is customary for chechen women to do. official figures of the number of chechens fighting for the terrorist militia at seven hundred almost all are listed as missing some of the mothers give us these photos desperate and hoping to get some sign of life from their children.
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back at pretty much house her son answered and grants don't look at photos of celina we want to know if answer would allow himself to be recruited by terrorists and would go to syria as his sister did you. know i will not. recruited. after all i have my own mind and i do not listen to the other years. isn't giving up hope of seeing her daughter again she even shows us children's things she has bought for her three grandchildren who are in syria now and then she shows us that they speak to her. i took the picture myself in syria. when we accompany her again on a trip from moscow to chechnya she reveals that she did once manage to see her
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daughter in the last fourteen years. middle men in turkey helped her to establish contact with selena in december twenty fourth team. it took her several weeks of travelling to reach members in northern syria sasa the journey was fraught with uncertainty and she didn't know if she would ever arrive. islamic state members allowed her to stay with her daughter for four days she wanted to take her back to chechnya but wasn't allowed to leave and tonight her children. now together with other mothers she has founded a support group it already has over eight hundred members. of the mother awful slan who took pity march daughter to syria is also a member of the group. my hand or. my daughter was always obedient she really trusted her husband and he ordered her to go with him to syria.
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lance mother also to blame for your daughter's disappearance. but no i swear because to be honest it all happened according to the higher will the will of allah what must be must be that's what i think. as we hear again and again while filming in chechnya strong religious. leaves out one of the reasons why young people are being recruited by ass as the mother of missing children keep coming back to the airport in grozny in the hope that things are left wants with a one day return. to me it seems that i'm here very often with them. at least i'm hardly at home why should i be at home thinking you know i have to look for my daughter. knows that russia has declared to military victory over the so-called islamic state dozens of chechens transported back from syria and iraq every few weeks that gives. you hope that she told her don't remind her
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arms again. if she is still alive. and that was part two of our d w mini series on jihadism originating in russia in our next episode to morrow you will meet an extra is to return to russia after serving as an ally as guard in syria chechen will talk us through his motivations life as a militant and. now the case region of south africa is in the grips of the longest drought in living memory since twenty fifteen the area has seen no substantial rainfall and none is expected before may or june water is already being rationed in the authorities say they'll have to cut off all supplies for non-essential use by april. a lack of rainfall in cape town is making south africans very nervous water in the city's main reservoir the
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teva kloof dam is down to thirty percent capacity the situation isn't much better in other reservoirs cape town has imposed a level six alert level six is the next step that we're taking it to. people most significant. person. anyone who exceeds the amount of water permitted for each household faces severe penalties that's why a growing number of people are getting their water from public reservoirs so it doesn't change their water meter readings. i've seen some parts happening here and this is before day zero so i can imagine people get quite upset when there's no water. it seems like a paradox that the metropolis on the atlantic coast is slowly running out of water but cape town doesn't have a diesel anation plant tourists are being asked to save water too it's currently high season and public showers are being switched off at the beach apart from that
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there are no real restrictions for visitors. by contrast agriculture has been very hard hit the water shortage means many fields can no longer be cultivated the latest alert means farmers must cut their water usage by sixty percent based on their consumption before the drought began johann esther hughes a gross fruit in the western cape where he's had to cut down some trees in order to save the rest. on the right hand side is another. perfectly producing orchard that i decided. to operate. because of the water so it's short beach and you know it's not that not an easy decision to mike. there's no improvement in sight all eyes are on the t.v. damn if the water supply sinks below thirteen point five percent capacity cape town will be forced to turn off almost all its taps experts are dubbing it daisy arrow
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they warn it could happen by the end of april. the draw for european football's new tournament the nation's li will take place in switzerland later today the new competition will see european countries split into four leagues based on their current the way for rankings the way for created the nations league in a bid to improve international matches and and what many saw as rather meaningless friendly as the first nations league champion will be crowned in twenty nine. british media reporting that dortmund's star striker pierre emerick obama young is all the verge of a move to arsenal is considered one of the best strikers in the world it was the bonus league is top scorer last season with thirty one goal and has been a key figure at dortmund since joining in two thousand and thirteen arsenal manager . confirmed that arsenal are in talks to sign him but wouldn't
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comment on a possible deal to continue do not contradict i don't know. if the moment you have. the. close to do any deal easy to bohmian you buddy. now tennis kava brushed aside madison keys in straight sets to reach the semifinals of the australian open the former world number one is back to winning ways after a torrid twenty seventeen season unseeded here on chung's amazing run in melbourne continues he saw off ten days in straight sets to reach his first ever grand slam semifinal where he'll be up against roger federer or thomas bet which. and just reminder of the top story we're following for you here today news turkey has intensified its offensive in syria ignoring international concerns turkey and its
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local allies are trying to clear kurdish militias away from the border the united nations says the fighting has already just placed five thousand people. at the world economic forum in his prime minister just into said said he's ready to sign the resurrected trans-pacific partnership along with ten other countries he wants to diversify away from reliance on the united states. you can always get news on the go just from google play or from the apple store that will give you the access to all the latest news from the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news it also used to send us photos and video games. it's all you news for now i'll be back in the next hour with more thanks.
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see a car. made in germany always has its finger on the pulse. of the market. leaders. made. in sixty minutes. not all the time they will not succeed in dividing us about i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds. circle of fear. correspondent hearing russia is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else. and more and
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more chechen fighters are now returning home they are both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society the. circle of fear today on. the lead. play. along welcome to drive the motor magazine coming up see god's limited edition hot hatch. a majestic big can tweet the jaguar x j. and find out what you knew at the detroit motor show. january in detroit ten.


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