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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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society. circled here. on. this news coming to you live from this boat on the global elites the full day to the world economic forum in the space mountain resort of davos the european leaders dominating the days the gender. council are going to will address these world forums shortly will she be able to
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lay out her vision for a stronger europe i'm crystal colder and davos more coming up. also turkey's prize the vote keeps up the pressure as turkish troops and their allies fight to kill goodish militia away from the border president one is threatening to extend the offensive full of the east. block in the next sixty minutes the heartbreaking for not from so court islamic state this daughter left home to join the terrorist group for years on how mother back in chechnya feel has never been to be united. how don't welcome to you i'm. it's the second day of the world economic forum with the european policymakers taking the spotlight in
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a board. and french president in money luck role will be delivering keynote speeches and will the leaders meet every year in the space resort town of davos to discuss global and economic issues now with three thousand delegates from all over one hundred countries attending including many of the wealth top businesspeople security is tight have the least offices in a world full of just have been deployed to gather and teach the events safety now chris of cobol is spot of a double steam and he joins me now from there welcome chris so a lot is happening at davos on day two of the summit it seems europe is in the spotlight. and the the focus shifted on europe on rita we had the greek prime minister alexis tsipras attending a panel today on how to stabilize the mediterranean region we had the italian prime
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minister paulo gently lonnie's speaking at the moment as we speak and before he started his address here he said he was concerned about the rise of anti e.u. parties in italy but things he will not they will not prevail in the upcoming elections and then of course we have our no american speaking two participants of the world economic forum here in davos shortly as well as him on a call the french president speaking later this afternoon and this somewhat of an expectation that chancellor angela merkel's address which you said is due to start shortly. well people here in davos think that her speech will focus on europe on how to make europe stronger how to move the continent forward and the thing is. has been hamstrung to communicate her vision of how to create such and such a vision of europe by the grueling efforts to form
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a government we have to keep in mind it's been four months since the general elections in germany and there's still no government in germany so this is the one aspect the second aspect is she is expected to somewhat stay in the shadow of emmanuel mccall and donald trump who will of course deliver the final address here in davos on friday but i'm going to america doesn't mind keeping a low profile as we know she has been a leader that likes to convince by actions rather than public announcements so do you think the fact that she comes in the midst of political uncertainty here in germany with nor new government insight at all if i'm having an impact on how she's being viewed by other leaders there. well there is a nervousness that that is remaining around the fact that well will she be able to form a successful government and this nervousness has transformed to davos as well and
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we can also see a shift of power away from anglo american who has left the senate of her power towards. mccrone the french president who comes across as a vendor very energetic politician the forty year old being able to push through sensitive reforms in regarding tax and labor market he comes off a meeting with high level c.e.o.'s in the friends who will invest in the country that being s.a.p google and facebook so yes there is a shift towards mccraw but still angle americal when it comes to the future of europe is a key leader that needs to be talked to and that will be listened to and of course because we come back like you alpha and omega have spoken at davos thank you very much and now. and of course as i mentioned we'll be going live to davos the soonest chancellor angela merkel south addressing the world economic forum in the meantime of course you can also check out our website for more news on. america
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and germany's participation in the world economic forum you can go to be dot com or to deed obvious business website turning now to other news and there's been no letup in turkey's military offensive against kurdish militia in northern syria despite international of course for restraint coalition forces currently controlled much of northern syria and you can see this here in this map the shaded area and that is off in the northwest there which is now the focus of turkey's latest offensive so why is a free and under attack turkey's engaged in a decades long conflict with the cards over the demand for autonomy a state turkey feels threatened by the increased presence along its border and fears that the kurds could expand their hold on northern syria turkish president richard you are now says if the operation will move on the town of mom bitch that is right up there in the north and he says he will prove what he calls the games
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being played along the border. the turkish town has size only a few kilometers away from the fighting come back to back and his friends are discussing turkey's operational if branch nobody had believes in a swift victory. we don't know the area around so we cannot really say how long it will take but yes it may take a long time. how long do you think. possibly a month that's what i think but i'm not a soldier. takis military is continuing its operation was no reduction in intensity all day tanks and artillery aiming across the border members of the protect his free syrian army are marching towards the afrin region they are supporting takesh troops in the operation against the syrian
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kaddish militia groups. and they are a lot more optimistic than the texan has. on the free will take a frame and succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. ago. with god's help we will conquer affray. according to the latest figures from the syrian observatory for human rights the war came more than one hundred lives more than twenty ledged to be civilians the turkish president joined a funeral on tuesday for a soldier killed the previous day ad one dismissed international criticism of the offensive saying the situation at hand means it's not possible to listen to every country's take. these are pictures filmed by the kut ish militia group. turkish media report that fighting between the the turkish army and its allies is
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intensifying in the direction of freeing. turkey claims a threat is growing at its. i cry considers the y.p. g. to be the syrian faction of the p.k. k. which sees as a terror group reacting to attack u.s. military attacks in recent days has shelled texas border towns claiming civilian lives while many techs were you for it at the start the mill changed. neither for soldiers nor. for civilians must not have been quoted both sides of the border fear what operationalise branch could still bring. in jones is in istanbul and joins me now from there through the turkish president has spoken out saying that he's ready to target syria's model bridge means the region what is the significance of this for the military operation.
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for the turkish forces they say it is key is part of their efforts to remove what they say is his tariff right on the southern border of syria but for nato it is a nightmare scenario because a large number of u.s. soldiers are believed to be deployed in mom bitch and this brings a threat of a confrontation between turkish forces and the united states although big he both started to pee prime minister of the ruling party said this played down those fears saying it was only a remote possibility is a very important town because for the united states it allows them to exercise control over iraq which is the key city in the region so there is the potential of a major confrontation there and i think that is what all of nato allies are trying to avoid and don't do on is headed to speak with a u.s. president donald trump today the u.s. has been supporting the wide militia who are being targeted by turkey now one of the expectations of this con conversation.
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i think in many ways this conversation is probably the most important since turkey has launched this operation into africa this conflict is as much about turkey's anger at the united states over its support of the white peachy and particular its announcement of creating a thirty thousand strong. we've the white peachy which has triggered this crisis now preserve the earth one does believe according to sources in the palace he does have good relations or potentially a good relationship with donald trump he only puts a lot of store on the telephone conversations with world leaders a position of advisors i spoken to in the palace they say the real problem with u.s. relations isn't between the two presidents but more people around all the time particularly former military generals who hold great sway in the white house they are seen as a problem probably earth wants to believe that if he can have a conversation with trump possibly they can strike a deal at one thousand like to make deals with leaders and if if there is
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a possibility of the fusing this crisis it could be this conversation if that conversation fails it could well determine that turkey to continue its operations into the rest of syria and done earlier spoke the russian president hinges on the roar of russia and this concept of how it pans out. while this operation could only have happened with the permission of russia russia controls the airspace in syria and turkey is relying very heavily on air support for this operation to moscow was the one that allowed this operation to go ahead and going forward moscow's corp is seen as key to has a major player in this ongoing conflict but there will be concerns in moscow if turkey continues to expand its operation too far then that there will be to fear that turkey has too much influence and it brings the possibility of clashes with the damascus regime and even possibly iran will be unnerved by a growing presence of turkey in syria during tells in istanbul thank you very much
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for that assessment. and jack is offensive in syria is having political repercussions him by land jim regularly sell weapons including tanks troops and nato ally and those veterans are being used in the cross border offensive that some general makers are calling illegal now contracts to upgrade the german tanks are being put on hold. relentless heavy shelling in northwest syria turkish forces step up their offensive known as operation olive branch. the prepared german made leopard tanks to rule in two or three in. the german government had recently considered reinforcing these against mines but that seems to be off the table no. he gets to avoid the talk i know that turkey is violating international law with its intervention in syria. it's absurd to think about upgrading these tanks or start all the. can kind of
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there should be no arms exports to turkey i want to know what foreign ministers he discussed with his turkish counterpart was it all about an arms deal. that was just under three weeks ago the aim to foster better relations then on monday when the turkish foreign minister to protect civilians. it fell on deaf ears turkey's president or do one says the military action is justified. because in a free and are determined to defend themselves. good look i wish our forces strength we are united and we don't fear our do on his planes and his weapons. he took and the one nine hundred ninety s. turkey used old east german army weapons against the kurds in turkey and history is repeating itself in syria. and it's not just german tanks german military trucks
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have also been spotted on the syrian border. let me bring you up to fit some other stories making news around the world two consecutive car bombs detonated near a mosque in the libyan city of benghazi on tuesday killing at least twenty seven people and injuring dozens more the attack happened as worshippers were leaving the last many security officials are among the casualties they have believed to have been the target of the attack the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in afghanistan gunmen stormed an office of save the children aid agency in the have gone city of jalalabad two people were killed and twenty others injured when the militants battle security forces huzzah rounded the building the british based charity has suspended its operations in afghanistan police in pakistan have arrested a twenty four year old man suspected of being a serial killer responsibly for the rape and murder of this.


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