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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 1:02am-1:30am CET

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speaking in davos pushing back against a future of fashion by china russia and donald trump's america first today europe added its voice admitting globalization is in crisis and that the response must be more us and less me i broke off and this is the day. i made my first mistake he said france is back france is back at the call of for europe. because we will never have any friends success without a european success figure out and absolute we believe isolation will get us nowhere we believe we have to cooperate and that protectionism is not the right answer let is not be naive to declare the easy ssion in general is going through
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a major crisis good on which we should look for multilateral solutions and not unilateral ones that. our words can reach and to do we need definitely less on's and more brains than say it again to people if the bottom up here it's about creating a true social market economy as we would say in germany then worldwide cooperation will work some of it if i can for the united states is now concentrating more on itself this must lead us to the conclusion that we need to take on more responsibility obviously and for than think you didn't invite. anybody skeptical with global warming this year. also coming up rethinking how the media cover us president dog will draw will start in the garden of eden. the pope is not saying that all journalists are snakes but
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he certainly acknowledging that they can be. oh we begin the day with the future of the world and how europe would like it to be today the president of france and the chancellor of germany delivered speeches in davos switzerland at the world economic forum in case you were wondering how much interest there was in hearing the messages of mccrone in america it was standing room only when both leaders spoke now these were not feel good speeches or do good lectures instead we heard from both leaders that globalization is in a crisis and that the responses that we are seeing in the west are disturbing the solutions they say more multilateralism more cooperation were education and a unanimous rejection of being first at the expense of the rest of the world and some here america little bit of irony here america a conservative macron a former investment banker both wanting to fortify the social market economies and
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welfare states that northern europe is known for what in the world would donald trump say to that on friday would talk about that in just a moment our first report tonight takes us to davos. the german chancellor's speech marks her return to the world stage after months of political limbo at home in germany her address focused on europe and its future one of her key messages the world's problems will not be solved by only salacious and protectionism instead she said nations must work together to face global challenges both economic and political. aba the end of this. we know that their international egotism we see nationalism on the rise and many states there's a polarizing atmosphere perhaps in many places people worry whether multilateralism
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can really solve people's problems. ellis fear of them isn't solution was also stressed that europe must overcome challenges to better implement digital technologies risk being left behind she said germany lags behind some less developed nations despite its reputation for technical innovation. that says that means our task for the next four years will be to bring digital technology into our education system yes the government has to be organized digitally. and a better environment for startups has to be created so that we can make further progress so that we can remain a cradle of innovation the chancellor then turned her attention to defense she said europe should be more responsive to the problems of its immediate neighbors she called on european countries to cooperate more closely forging common security and
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foreign policies. that. even if you look at europe's immediate neighborhood how many global conflicts are playing out on our doorstep we experienced this in twenty fifteen when globalization came to europe in the form of people not refugees home and when we hadn't done enough to counter the civil war in syria when we hadn't done enough to deal with so-called islamic state in iraq. the chancellor did not openly criticize u.s. president donald trump he will speak at the conference on friday but has strong warning against protectionism seem tailor made for washington's most recent global policy. my colleague in the humphrey is covering the foreign forces in davos she joins me now good evening to you hello that's so today was europe's day at the world economic forum was the message that we heard was that
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a no to trump is a no to isolationism. it most certainly was a no two trumpets and a no to isolationism front the funny thing is there over the past couple of days we have heard a variety of speeches which is saying no to protectionist sentiments no to populace and no one has really dead though to call out the us president by name yet to actually say we're watching we don't like what you're doing the nearest anyone has got to it today perhaps was french president emanuel mckown when he took to the stage here at the world economic forum and he started with a joke in his two true kind of charismatic style bar it perhaps from barack obama when he said when you look at all the snow here it's hard to believe that global warming exists lucky you haven't invited anyone here who doubts that global warming exists there was a burst of applause in the congress hall after that but it was getting a more serious issue and of course his speech then did take
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a more serious tone and he called for the rebirth of multilateralism for a stronger europe picking up from where german chancellor angela merkel left off the soft a new in their speeches with different angle americal with a very classic speech where she started speaking about the end of the first world war saying have we not learned the lessons of history it's up to this generation to prove that we have michael didn't take that tone it was a more and ejected fresh passionate speech saying now is the time france is back. yet let's listen just to a little clip here of what mr said today if some people are ready to be more ambitious to go further in terms of integration and ambition of what makes you sovereign as a power in this global environment to defend your values and your interests let's
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move. but those with which don't want to move forward should not block the most and be sure people in the room know what is interesting besides the content here is the fact that we've got a french president mr marquand delivering part of a speech in english not french what in the world should we make of that helen and i think this just says a lot about french president among us michael michael and approach to well his campaign and now his presidency he has always been an internationalist he's got that entrepreneurial spirit which hints at america despite the fact that he wouldn't be in favor of those america first policies he did then transition into french as well what was interesting about the way the emanuel because it was so unlike other leaders he didn't really seem to have a script or an autocue he didn't even really seem presidential he seemed to have
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a lot of energy and really speak from the hearts and he seemed more like a startup kid delivering a page with strong ideas about how he thinks europe should be reformed now he has a self interest in that perhaps of france as well because a strong europe means a strong from systrom france he says means a strong europe talking back to that symbiotic idea at the same time he's got a series of tough reforms to push through he's well aware of that and he needs a strong euro zone to make sure that those french reforms are success and let me ask you if you saw an irony here that we've got he was a conservative we've got to model micron who comes into the world politics as an investment banker you've got both of these leaders pushing the social welfare state the social market economies that northern europe is known for isn't it ironic. i suppose there is a little bit of an irony here it wasn't necessarily felt in davos because the
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french president to money when michael was welcomed to the stage as somebody who survived france according to klaus schwab in the past eight months so heavy praise there from. externally of course there is criticism that some of his policies are near liberal policies and for america as well but they are really championing this new idea that businesses must work with communities because you know this is really the increase in the wealth gap has only led to a rise in populism and a big point today made by the german chancellor angela merkel actually was the first talk and she was asked about after her speech was big data and digitalization of the economy that was something that seemed very important to her today. they absolutely did and it's been a big theme here at the world economic forum yesterday indian prime minister in arranger modi also spoke about this he says whoever owns the big data essentially
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has the power and i want to talk a little bit more about that industrial revolution artificial intelligence now with somebody who knows a lot about it i'm joined by. doff he's the c.e.o. of an ai and big data software company called televisions thank you very much for joining us perhaps you could tell us a little bit about what your company does yes thank you very much for the invitation yeah we're doing victor analytics and artificial intelligence and we're one of the technology peer pioneers you're forms of polygamy forum one of the few i would say in germany because not only these companies and silicon valley and we work mainly because it's like banks insurance as an optimizer digital sales marketing automation in the area we're also google is playing a role well right now a lot of these topics are very much championed here at the world economic forum despite the fact that the forums also pointed out to a awe a i can pose risks to jobs and it's easy for people at
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the world economic forum to champion this when it's their job to think they're not perhaps at risk what's your night messin aria when it comes to ai the nightmare scenario we have all seen in terminator so i think the scenarios it's you radically possible but as we all sing here the whole day hopefully we'll find some regulations and six talk such as what the regulations need to be first we have to start building what ever sing tang's and what we're already doing talking about all these topics because. there was one guy saying every need something like and that's in the book to close that the people who work on ai releasing molly about advantages disadvantages and i think that the first time because kids are the norm is we close. ok what are we doing if the car drives forward and somebody crossing the street and. if you play in the car and here you have the moral questions and just totally clear of are everybody right on a more basic level do you know what scares me. the data and then what do they do
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with it i mean how do you respond to that yeah ok we are in europe or even germany so ritual ation and privacy is a big topic but we all gave our data already always who facebook to google to. through whatever of because of the one of the because of the companies they have all of our data and even each app we're installing they all have data from us and they're owning and today i think that an app has some data if she is not a problem but if it's about fake news and influence on information about what you believe we have really a critical phase already it was a ton of effects call it in us all right one last quick question to you natural stupidity ought to fission intelligence which will kill us first. i would say additional intelligence but after trump got elected so no maybe somebody is pressing the button between north korea and us he said it i didn't make
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a i wasn't off c.e.o. of the company at televisions thank you very much for joining us here on the day brant. that's right hell enough and a little commonsense wouldn't wouldn't hurt anyone i think before we let you go how can our viewers how can they keep track we've still got two very important days of talks there in davos happen they keep track of what's going on absolutely plenty more topics and speeches and appearances of course you want to go to d.w. dot com our web site do you follow us on twitter as well at d w underscore business which we sing at those speeches lots of colorful shots from here in davos as well so not to be missed that's true definitely a must see must read this week there in davos on the story for us tonight and all week over the as always thank you very much. well when donald trump speaks in davos on friday it would not be out of character
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for him to simply label this week's criticism of protectionism as fake news well today another leader with an even higher power put the topic of fake news on the agenda to mark world communication day pope francis launched a stinging critique of unethical journalism denouncing it as evil and satanic in a written message with the title the truth will set you free the pontiff compared fake news to the biblical surfeit fooling eve in the garden of eden he said that journalists shouldn't use snake tactics for political gain. fake news equated with the original sin that will have a lot of copy editors sweating tonight the term fake news it became part of everyone's vernacular indulge trump to get running for the office of u.s. president not covering his campaign and the first year of his presidency has been
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well it's been a challenge my next guest tonight says that the media have some serious homework to do after this first year and that it's time to rethink how we cover trump i'm joined tonight by from new york by kyle polk the editor in chief of the columbia journalism review mr pope it's good to have you all the day i want to start if i may by getting your reaction to the pope comparing fake news to the serpent in the garden to be i assume that i'm here because i'm the only hope that you can get to come on. i think it's well i think it's. sort of comical that the pope is weighing in on this you know he's right distance is insidious and interest and we've seen as of the last year there's no one comment on twitter and maybe should stay in his lane and let us have our when he. doesn't get in and say ok we're giving it say i want to give you our other pope tonight
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your say in your commentary this week you write that the media had the best intentions a year ago when trump took office but then well we dropped the ball i mean you're right we want to show our viewers just a section here of what you wrote you wrote the idea then was that it was time to take the story back to not let trump and his acolytes control the conversation we unfortunately have failed to hold up our end of the bargain i suspect that one factor behind the dropoff in quality is burnout but the sad fact one year into this presidency is that the current approach to covering this white house is no longer working burnout it feels as if it feels as if you go ahead i mean to ask you about the notion of burnout i mean it feels as if no president before trump has received as much media attention is this self-inflicted burnout.
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you know i mean when i talk about burnout i'm talking about burnout both among journalists which is something we care about and journalists care about not sure the broader public cares that much but i do think there's a significant burnout among readers and among viewers. and i think one of the reason that you made the point that this president has received more coverage and and so much of the coverage that recede is generated by him. it's coverage of things that he wants to get attention to and this president has a unusual ability to sort of sense when that conversation is moving away from him and to grab it back he does that as we all know through twitter he does it through very provocative comments and i think journalists have been too willing to swear go down those paths which fit let's face it are quite repetitive i mean the president will say c.n.n. is fake news and he'll say it ten times or he'll say it twenty times you know thirty times my argument has been why why is news the thirty first time that he
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says i think so i just think that there's been a failure of i mean i say in a piece one of the things i think he's done is he's become our own assignment and we're letting him tell us where we should be spending our time and i think that's exactly the offices should be i know that you wrote i think it was last year you wrote an article about the media about obsessing over trump's tweets but if you compare truck the past presidents and i was just looking at the numbers here trump does not talk to the media clinton bush jr president obama they all held a minimum of seven press conferences in their respective first year in office trump held just one so at the end of the day all we have from him are his tweets. i mean it's not quite right that he does he basically afraid of the press in general but there are at least in this country there are sort of friendly outlets
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to him primarily on the right primarily fox news and affiliated and he's with he spent a lot of time with them so i mean there's actually a kind of weird dichotomy going on where if you talk to reporters who covered obama even though obama had a lot of press conferences he ran a very very tight ship in the sense that nobody on his staff talk to the media it was very tightly control the opposite is true trump everybody talks it's a leak is administration and these reporters university a long time so you know it's a bit of a mixed bag i mean the truth is that there are a lot of there is a lot of information about this administration that's getting out it's just not in the formal press conferences in my argument is that we should continue down that path almost ignore the we're all settings and formal statements from him and focus on other stuff we think is important i want to draw your attention to the russia investigation in special counsel robert mueller trump has reportedly called the or
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he's repeatedly called the investigation which hot yesterday a white house reporter asked white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders if the president says that this is all bogus why doesn't he just fire mr moeller and get this over with and here is her response they want to see this come to a complete and full conclusion i think we all know what everybody in this room would do if the president did that and i don't think that's helpful to the process . i heard that and i thought while so the white house says that the president is making crucial decisions based on what he expects the behavior of journalists to be so how in the world we supposed to report that. yeah first don't. nobody believes that if the president thinks that the heat is too intense at some point nobody believes that he won't actually get rid of the special prosecutor so
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let's let's set that aside. and while they say they may want to see the process come to fruition the truth is that the president and his advisors have spent the last basically the entirety of his term in office talking down mauler and his team trying to discredit the f.b.i. trying to a salish this narrative death that it's a politicized investigation and they're laying the groundwork and whether he fires are not are clearly laying the groundwork to try to discredit whatever dollars findings are and let me ask you before we run out of time when you when you talk about the the over reporting of the truck presidency or the obsession i mean can you say that there is more of this sin you know if you want to quote the other pope in television news compared to print journalists are we in t.v. are we actually hammering the tweets much more and too much compared to the way
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newspaper and online are doing it. you know it's so hard a time of this aggregate because different t.v. networks are better than different news producer papers or better i think in general i'm afraid that you're right i think t.v. does tend over overcover them i mean i don't know what it's like. in germany or in europe but in the u.s. on almost every time trump tweets because there's a kyra and there's a discussion around it. and it also is the case online and i think the print. producers which are all dejavu york thank you very much for having me. turkey's incursion into northern syria is in danger of escalating that says rockets fired from within syria in turkey killing two people and wounding several others turkey's president has also vowed to expand his army's offensive words where they
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risk approaching u.s. forces stationed in syria u.s. president warning turkey against that move as the fighting intensifies. the shot to turn of yield to this evidence of the force that turkey has brought to bear enough turkey's government is determined to press on with all of branch which to them has been a success so far it's because. the operation will continue until the threat is removed . but the kurdish y p g wants the world to know that they would surrender the enclave without a fight. we will resist and will not allow the enemy to invade our land to the last drop of blood we have we will never retreat from here. those appear to be no idle words missiles fired from y p.g. controlled territory crashed into this mosque in the turkish border toad of killis causing fatalities and panic as worshippers tried to free the wounded from the
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rubble. the death toll rises on both sides but turkish president. says he will expand the offensive eastwards. u.s. troops stationed in northern syria might soon find themselves caught between kurds and turks each ally determined to banish the other from the region at all costs. for the day is nearly done the conversation continues online be in touch and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everyone. the be.
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the to. the to. be a lot more than just functional. playing with. combining. the world's most powerful intelligence agencies. working together on climate research. the end of the cold war made that possible. the united states and russia seized the
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opportunity former foes became collaborators the be even match the big could see the disasters the asian suborning. with the boom. my first boss was a sawing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to write them by said those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me as the maid. finally gave up and going to buy me on bicycles and return because sewing machine. sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than rising a bike and snarl i was in need solace to those women back home would bones by then duties and social norms and inform them of all deadbeats and rights my name is the
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amount of people homes and they were more adds to. the. fire one welcome to another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee and it is good to be back in the studio with you know we've got a packed show so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. in exposure how generation instagram is fueling a revival in old school photography and slanted design.


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