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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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i am. this is news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. . military action in syria risks bringing the two allies into conflict but congress says you can press ahead with its operations targeting the u.s. backed good militia group which it views as a threat to its national security we'll go live to our correspondent in turkey also coming up. in myanmar officials are moving ahead with plans to repack troops hundreds of thousands of. who fled a military crackdown but the united nations says it still does not feel safe for
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the refugees believe that damns. and in the lead episode of our series circle of feel on the extremes i'm in russia we are for jihadi who's returned home after serving as a god for the poor islamic state. i don't know warm welcome to you i'm under cheema turkey is vowing to press ahead with this military operation targeting u.s. backed goodish militia in northern syria that's despite a warning from u.s. president don are trying to limit the advance or risk confronting american forces on the ground in a phone call with the turkish president donald trump urged you to quote exercise caution to avoid any actions that might risk conflict between turkish and american . in the region but president of the. office denies this was said turkish officials
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say the phone call was quote limited to an exchange of views and the truong did no chicken sounds about the escalating violence in a fiend. why b.g. militia there have played a key role in helping us backed forces against islamic state however the turkish government views the y.p. ji as terrorists. the shuttered turn of yielded as evidence of the force that turkey has brought to bear enough turkey's government is determined to press on with operation all of branch which to them has been a success so far it's because. the operation will continue until the threat has removed. but the kurdish why p.g. wants the world to know that they would surrender the enclave without a fight. we will resist and will not allow the enemy to invade our land to the last
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drop of blood we have we will never retreat from here. those appear to be no idle words missiles fired from y p g controlled territory crashed into this mosque in the turkish border tode of kilis causing fatalities and paddick as worshipers try to free the wounded from the rubble. the death toll rises on both sides but turkish president rich one says he will expand the offensive eastwards. for u.s. troops stationed in northern syria might soon find themselves caught between kurds and turks each ally determined to banish the other from the region at all costs us all in the middle of a car fund or in joint jones joins me now from istanbul dora and it appeared to be conflicting reports about what exactly was said in the telephone call how do you see it. well this just underscores how little trust serious between these two nato allies and the first time there's been
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a dispute over what was discussed by the telephone of these two leaders and it reveals how difficult it is going to be to come to some sort of solution and the escalation of this potentially very dangerous rift between the two countries could even lead to a complete collapse in relations between the two countries and i think going forward i think until there is a solution to this there is little hope of any resolution in fact the turkish foreign minister. underscore this by saying before we can talk about any technical solutions we have to rebuild trust between our that's going to take time and most people on the ground feel that there is little time left to avert a major confrontation between these two nato partners but how likely is it that turkish forces will come into confrontation with u.s. forces with the expansion of the military operation. with this apparent failure in this conversation between the two leaders it does raise the prospect that turkey will carry out its threat and there escalate its
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operation eastwards towards the syrian kurds towards a man big which is under the control of the syrian kurdish forces and where there are u.s. forces placed there they are part of this ongoing cooperation between the militia and the wider wider region and if that was so occurred then the fear is that there would be the prospect of the two forces possibly gauging one another that runs the risk of a collapse in relations something moscow will probably be very happy about but there is a possibility of some sort of solution during the conversation president heard one is reported to have proposed that the syrian kurdish militias should leave mom beach retreat over the euphrates to the east and turkish forces will provide security to u.s. forces now given the fact there is so little trust between the two countries it's very difficult to see whether that deal could possibly come into reality but there is still the possibility of averting what many fear is a nightmare scenario for nato that's right and what about the possibility of
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a near till and a russian. rush hour for a key player in the region. certainly are you have to realize that it was moscow that allowed this turkish operation to start in the first place they control syrian air space it appears that they are what they do are allowing turkish forces now to use airspace with impunity for now at least i think moscow is very happy to sit back and watch this deepening crisis between two key partners it's always been a long term goal of moscow to drag turkey away from nato to drag it into all of influence this at least for now appears to be succeeding and moscow will be very happy to sit on the sidelines and watch it all unfold although moscow will at the back of their minds be worried about turkey's growing influence in syria with that comes the prospect of turkey clashing with damascus which moscow is backing so it's a difficult game moscow's playing but at the moment i think they're very content with the situation right daryn jones in istanbul thank you very much for that.
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yes don look at some other stories making news around the world u.s. president says he is willing to be interviewed under oath by the special counsel investigating alicia's collusion between his presidential campaign and russia he said he's looking forward to it trump denies any collusion took place a delegation of north korean officials and athletes has crossed the heavily guarded border into south korea for joint olympics training as pyongyang pool for all koreans to see unification the north and south korean britons ice hockey team will join forces at next month's winter olympics in young chunk in the south. resurgence in china have presented two young monkeys cloned in a breakthrough what could possibly open the door to cloning humans the animals were cloned using a method dolly the sheep some twenty years ago the chinese scientists say they want to raise genetically identical monkeys for research purposes you're watching the
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news still to come mid-market officials are preparing for the repack creation of hundreds of thousands of muslims who fled a military crackdown that despite warnings from the un that it's still for them to go. like no other summit the world economic forum stands for globalization free trade and open markets all concepts the current u.s. administration opposes that's why all eyes are on president from poor arrived in switzerland today it's the first time in eighteen years that a u.s. president has taken part in the world economic forum in the last us three to come to davos was for the forum was bill clinton mediately off the arrived a helicopter whisked from way to the mount of results where he plans to push his america first agenda. monica joins me now and of course business
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leaders have been listening closely to what trump has to say tomorrow i'm sure i'm right i mean but one has a saying there is a huge hype of course surrounding trump's visit to doubles but other leaders also have a thing or two to say and in the next few hours in davos the focus is on britain prime minister to reason may is expected to speak at the world economic forum this afternoon and it will be interesting to hear whether she'll be as outspoken about brecht's it as is her predecessor david cameron who was overheard commenting on breaks it in davos and w.'s been for soon and tells us a little bit more about that cameron stepped down as prime minister in twenty sixteen after that disastrous british vote to leave the european union i was quite surprised to learn that he even show his face again here in davos and he's been caught of the sidelines saying to a billionaire businessman that it was a mistake the referendum but that it wasn't a disaster what certainly was
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a disaster was the speech given by his success here a year ago three's a may will be giving a speech again or breaks it today and bankers will be listening very carefully for details on that you case departure and i'm sure so will a lot of young people because it's not just the world's most powerful politicians and leading figures from the business world to a gathering in davos in recent years more and more young people have also joined the global elite aspect of the pins of the world economic forum young people under the age of thirty so-called global shapers are invited to take part in discussions on the logical raiatea of topics we met some of them. a brief moment to enjoy the view and then off she goes to the next appointment twenty four year old italian clara latina isn't dabbles to take part in discussions as is and as a twenty six year old tech entrepreneur from germany thirty year old greek daisy
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cutter. is currently debating the rejuvenation of europe. i expect from you. a shared responsibility. to allow the youth assists and she think its future to hear the voice a few and to go through their election. for a better tomorrow for all of us more a night it more together and more creative. all three are passionate europeans. we have common values. that mean theme that we are you know and unique population are part of having different languages or really. we harbor a place where free speech is important and human rights are respected. but there
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could be a big a shared sense of europe. i believe we could have a stronger sense of belonging in europe like what you have in the us when i leave many people had a much stronger connection to their country and that's not something we have in europe even less so in germany i believe the sense of feeling european isn't really there. for smallness. and the future of europe. may be different cultures should be taken more into account because greek has a specific certain skills three. culture it's a different from the italians from the swedish people so. her chair on the differences should be taken into account in decision making process and should be respected. as the debate in europe goes on and these young people here to contribute to it. well the business world currently gathered in
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davos is also looking to frankfurt today where the european central bank is meeting as we speak the euro zone economy has posted strong growth recently but to the e.c.b. as been reluctant to slow down its stimulus program so well mario draghi have wanted to surprise us for investors today let's ask our financial correspondent standing by in france for the really what kind of monetary policy decision are we looking at . i think a decision that leaves everything as it is no monetary policy surprises in the implementation or in the exact designation of when something will happen and to what degree it will happen but people are hoping fervently for some indication of when that news will come and perhaps a small hint of what kind of direction it's going in will quantitative easing all this bond buying all this pouring of money into the market and into the economy
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actually stop in september or is there still an option to continue or is that option off the table there'll be more news at one forty five with an official statement and then mario draghi will address journalists questions the two thirty and one of the questions surely will also be the strong euro which mario draghi has to address because the way it is now it counteracts his monetary policy these are just of course coincides with a lot so fresh and impressive data from germany just briefly. that's read an economist from a bank said we're running out of support a lot of sun chairman economy the business climate confidence in the business world is again at a record high and consumers also at the highest confidence level since the year two thousand and one considering their incomes rising considering the good situation in the labor market and that's a very good picture for the german economy at least shows e.c.v.
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policy is working for germany at least all right only about in front could thank you so much for this. and it's to italy now where there has been a deadly accident outside america that's right monica a vision train has crashed in northern italy killing. and injuring more than one hundred others the crash took place about ten kilometers east of milan the train from cremona was carrying commuters to milan central garbology station at least ten people suffered serious injuries many passengers were trapped and had to be freed by rescue services the cause of the crash has not been established as yet. a top unification says it's still not safe for him the muslims living in bangor this to return home to me and my eunice of directed just in forsyth also said you know he go but it is still being attacked by members of the million mom military he made the comments while visiting
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a large refugee camp in bangor this but authorities in myanmar are moving ahead with preparations to take back reback created refugees for those traumatized by ethnic violence this may prove a forbidding prospect it's one of the holding camps myanmar is building just across its border with bangladesh the site will serve as a reception area for returning ranger refugees before the ascent to camps in other parts of rakhine state. the bangladesh side will send back the forms of those who want to return to us we will check whether these people of the people who stayed in myanmar or not by cross-checking with the evidence we have for now though most of the revenge around willing to return over six hundred fifty thousand of them fled to bangladesh last year after myanmar's armed forces targeted their villages. this man has fled persecution three times now in one thousand nine hundred eighty
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eight thousand nine hundred ninety one and last year he now has a small shop in the to prolong refugee camp. i kept going back because i still have love for my country and my heart they take us back saying they will give us everything but they don't give us anything they say they will beat our demands but they don't the government is a fraud and they cheat us after taking us back so i have no intention of going back this time the united nations is calling on myanmar to give its aid agencies full access to the camps it's building for ranger return knees the u.n. says necessary safeguards are still missing the red families i've met today but particularly the children tell me that they do want to eventually go back but not right now because it's not safe. for them to go back into a violent situation i spoke to one on the young woman who had been on the phone to herat in a car and in mind and they were attacking villages even today so the situation is
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unsafe for their returns to begin. in the meantime many ranges a busy improving their living conditions in bangladesh until they receive credible safety guarantees for a return to myanmar that may well be their best bet. meanwhile u.s. diplomat bill richardson will step down from an advisory panel set up to deal with the refugee crisis he was handpicked by the civilian leadership to sell on the committee but richardson said he feared the bottom was becoming a whitewash and a cheerleading operation. on sun city have a listen. there's. international effort against me m.r. . and i believe she is wrong she blames all the problems that mia mar is having on the international media on the when on human rights groups.
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on other governments and i think this is caused by the bubble that is around her by individuals that are not giving her frank advice and for more of the story let me join journalist david greene a bomb he joins me from young going in i'm in ma now did very strong coming from a visit soon that what it indicated how did on some future the act to them. yeah you know i spoke earlier today with aung san suu kyi spokesman he said they are very side about the resignation of bill richardson but he said that they were just and did not understand the advice the mandate of the advisory board and that was this advisory boards responsibility to focus on the right kind issue and to focus on plans to implement recommendations that came from a commission headed earlier by kofi anon now he said it was not richardson's responsibility to get involved in the two such as freedom of the press which which are some did bring up because there were two orders journalists arrested and were
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to some press for their release and that it was not richardson's responsibility get involved issues around the democratic process of the just focus on the rakhine issue when i pressed the spokesperson about richardson's comments that this divisoria board would basically just turn into cheerleaders of government policy instead of making good recommendations for changes in policy and accusations that this war which is a whitewash facts on the ground in many also so that suchi lack moral authority this spokespersons ought to say flatly rejected all these accusations he accuse richardson of playing the blame game ok so what does this all mean for that the practitioner that refugees from bombing have this a senior u.n. official has said it's simply not safe for these refugees to come back from by this into man ma yet it seems hard to believe that you would see any significant numbers are returning any time soon as you said the u.n. has said that it's not the right time for those that happen humanitarian aid groups
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accept the red cross do not have access to northern rakhine human rights advocate the saying that it's just too soon and most important of all it seems like most of the range of refugees in those camps in bangladesh are saying that they don't feel that it's safe to go back so it seems hard to believe that you would you would see that happening anytime soon rise to have been a bomb in gangland thank you very much for that update from death for. now this week we've been looking at vatican islam in russia and the threat posed by the return of former militants from syria and iran chechnya branford the group to recruit fighters in the third and final episode of a series called circle of fear a moscow bureau chief. a former chechen fighter who talks about his motivation his life as a jihadi and his escape. did
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you ever use a weapon to shoot or kill people but. no i didn't kill anyone not that i could see me and when you. say. i'd like to know why why did you go there by you. sure. in my case it was a feeling of injustice against the sunni who were killed by the shiites i mean. it was time to pursue anything. didn't you watch any news use didn't you know that you were going to join terrorists. i knew that what i was doing was illegal but i didn't give it a second thought you know. you didn't think about the fact you were going to be
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killing people. and i knew i would get a weapon after all this is war but my view of everything changed the day i arrived in syria you we took place about. cancer so. how did you leave what did you day look like yeah it was a guard i kept watching over. you to do. it isn't from chechnya how were you treated by the i.r.s. . we were treated. like chechens they know who. and they kind of character they've been raised with for hundreds of years. young chechens please explain to be. courage and their religion islam which we've held for centuries you know we've also fought in many wars yes appreciates about chechens. actually i wanted to go back as soon as i arrived that's when i witnessed
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an execution of refugees. it took place right after i got there settlement which was a gathering place for new arrivals to syria. to see the bus came to a stop and the men were taken out and interrogated. they were asked about the religion. they were executed in the next day. they were beheaded. it was a shock for me that people could use their religion as a justification to kill others. i waited for the right moment to escape unfortunately it only worked when i was wounded i used my medical treatment as a pretense to get to and from there i went home because that's to say.
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i had many chances as a refugee and enter germany or france and escape justice. but i thought if i had the courage to fight in a war. that i had to find the courage to return home. and face legal punishment. but to. use it when. you came back to. be received. when i returned the police weren't aware that i'd been in syria the whole train nobody knew that i could simply go back home and live my life but i told myself then which had a mitigating effect. in the end i was given an eight month prison sentence. why did. go to that why do they still go. it's not just
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a problem among many from germany go to join the i.a.s. to. it was highly educated people as well lots of russians. were not just those with russian citizenship but russians all the same. who you say to shape now many including the leadership in russia are saying that the s has been destroyed and that the b. shoots now focus on serious political future do you believe that the ins is finished my own in my opinion no yes is not defeated it will carry on a long time be sure to move. scientists watching my own in the philippines see that violent eruption could happen at any moment this evoke in a swelling with magma under the surface and it may not be able to withstand the pressure of all that rock about seventy five thousand people have been evacuated
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from the area officials fear a full blown eruption could become a humanitarian emergency that last four months my own is the most active in the philippines the contradictions tossed about two weeks ago you're watching the news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you he says a plane press ahead with its military offensive in northern syria off in a region that's despite a warning from washington to stop john getting us back. or risk a clash with u.s. forces. there's lots more news and information on our website that's dot com i'll see you in half an hour with an update of a story i look forward to seeing you dan. a
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a common history. voting demaris who is jewish and again she resident who is muslim . again she's great grandfather say vulcan's mother from the nazis in occupied albania. over seventy years later the to pay tribute to this roic. in sixty minutes on g.w. . was how. i'm not over out of my will not succeed in dividing us so that i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made for minds. circle of fear. correspondent hearing russia is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere
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else. and more and more attention fighters are now returning home they're both respected in. peter. how will this affect change in society. circling here today on d w. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee and it is good to be back in the studio with you know we've got a packed show so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up.


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