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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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i am. i and. this is news coming to you live from berlin scientific breakthrough or an ethical dilemma in the making the surgeons in china have cloned monkeys using the same technology that brought us dolly the sheep so how far from being able to clone humans i put that question to all science and it's also on the program tookie vows to press ahead with operations dog getting us back to cars in northern syria that despite a warning from washington to deescalate the situation or risk facing a clash with u.s.
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forces on the ground. and in myanmar officials are moving ahead with plans to repatriate hundreds of thousands of muslims who fled a military crackdown but the united nations says it's still not safe for them to return. plus a much anticipated guest at the well they could all make forum in davos will donald trump be able to reassure the world's movers and shakers that his america first policy is good or to be good for ben. i am. i don't welcome. we begin with a scientific breakthrough in china the baby monkeys that you see here don't just look alike they are identical clones a resurgence created them using the same tilting method that produced dolly the sheep or most twenty years ago but monkeys are primates just like us humans and now
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the president is being asked are we next me chunk sean and why they might just look like two cute baby mechanics but they also represent a breakthrough that has excited scientists around the world the monkeys are close the very first successful clones of a primate using the method to produce dolly researches that the chinese academy of sciences presented them to the public this week the purpose of doing it and use his sperm. is really for the human health care in a few minutes there are many other animal models you can use who can use mice. difficulty. in using the model for human disease because mice far away from humans the process took over a year and one hundred twenty seven eggs almost eighty viable embryos and the bevy of host mothers to produce the two babies it's hoped that clones could be used to
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studying diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's research is say clones like these could help them glean results that would be more pertinent to humans but this breakthrough also begs another question can we clone humans and should we the area of cloning primates pieces. in principle any private human can because. use is purely for human benefit for medical purposes we see no reason why of course humans . but despite the assurances it seems the debate around possible human cloning is once again on the agenda. and derek williams the science editor joins me now in the studio welcome derek what a story how big of
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a scientific breakthrough is this well it's a it's a huge scientific breakthrough actually the ethics of cloning aside researchers have been trying to do this for the last two decades and they've been trying to do it for one very specific reason which as we learn a great deal in medical research so animal models now animal models are most effective when you're working with a group of animals that are all genetically identical clones so for example what cloned mice have done for medical research is absolutely it's it's vast but mice are very far away from us on the evolutionary tree so being able to do this with monkeys is going to really make medical breakthroughs happen that much more quickly so it's huge in terms of research to see because dolly the sheep was killing but these two monks of the fuss primates who've been tilling using this technique explained the technique to us where the technique actually looks fairly straightforward what you take you take an egg cell from a female monkey for example and and you remove the nucleus which is which is where
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most of the the genetic material the d.n.a. is contained and then you take a cell from another monkey for example in this in this case they took souls from him a monkey fetus and you insert it into that cell now you can do that as many times as you want if you fuse them correctly the cell will begin to multiply it'll eventually turn into an embryo and eventually then of course a live monkey gosh so can a human speak ill and using this technique just theoretically they possibly could there's obviously a lot of questions these monkeys are only six and eight weeks old respectively for example how long are they going to live are there have been questions about that in the past with other clones tissues but the most difficult aspect of this has been that. the problem is that cells in the body have been differentiated in the embryo is completely under french and. make all of the cells in your body so if you want to take a so from the body and turn it into this embryonic cell you have to remove all of these safeguards that have been put into it and that's proving to be
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a very difficult thing with primates it's proving to be so difficult that it's taken two decades to overcome it but i can't see why the species is close enough related to us i can't see why it theoretically wouldn't also be able to be used to clone humans but the director of the team which carried out this experiment in this breakthrough says they have no intentions of moving in the direction of cloning human beings but how can you be social once the genie is out the bottle who's to say some b.s. won't do it well i'm sure that i'm sure that they have no intentions necessarily of doing that but as you said the genie is now out of the bottle they've published this protocol that so people are going to are going to be able to do it we know once you put the knowledge out there in the world the question is is who is going to use it now there are no binding international protocols on cloning many many countries individual countries have have their own rules about about limiting at work or banning it completely but there i think that this is going to be one of these global issues that we're going to have to now at this point address very quickly and to give the scientists all of the would have they excited by this
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breakthrough would not for the reasons that they could potentially clone a human being in the near future that brings us back to the these cohorts of genetically identical animals they'll be able to carry out research or the hope is that they'll be able to create large numbers of clones for research that will then that will then let them pinpoint problems that much more quickly genetic variability was that all of these different animals that react in different ways to drugs is one of the big big barriers in medical research if you can create animals that are genetically identical it's going to help you move forward very much more quickly so it's a big boost for medical research is what you're saying it's going to be a huge boost for that derek williams from a sciences thank you very much for that. this article had some other stories making news around the wild a delegation of north korean officials and athletes has crossed the heavily guarded border into south korea for joint olympics training as filmed young all koreans to see unification of the divided korean peninsula the north and south korean women's
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ice hockey teams will join forces at next month's winter olympics in kung chong in the south. at least three people have been killed and more than one hundred others injured ten of them seriously as a research train carrying commuters of the italian city of milan derailed many passengers were trapped and had to be freed by rescue services the cause of the crash has not been established as yet. turning now to syria where turkey is vying to press ahead with its military operation targeting u.s. backed kurdish militia and the country's north and that's despite a warning from u.s. president donald trump to limit the advance or risk confronting american forces on the ground and a phone call with the turkish president donald trump urged to quote exercise caution to avoid any actions that might risk on fit between turkish and american forces in the region but president of egypt office denies this was said turkish
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officials say the phone call was quote limited to an exchange of views and the tram did not check and sons of the escalating violence in. kurdish why b.g. militia there have played a key role in helping u.s. backed forces against the so-called islamic state but turkish government views vie p.g. militia as terrorists. the shattered turn of yielded this evidence of the force that turkey has brought to bear enough turkey's government is determined to press on with operation all of branch which to them has been a success so far. the operation will continue until the threat has removed. a little but the kurdish y p g wants the world to know that they would surrender the enclave without a fight. we will resist and will not allow the enemy to invade our land to the last drop of blood we have we will never retreat from here. those appear to be no idle
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words missiles fired from y p g controlled territory crashed into this mosque in the turkish border toad of killis causing fatalities and panic as worshippers try to free the wounded from the rubble. the death toll rises on both sides but turkish president. says he will expand the offensive eastwards. u.s. troops stationed in northern syria might soon find themselves caught between kurds and turks each ally determined to banish the other from the region at all costs oh no they don't remember it over. and goes into syria has created many refugees as me so for more i'm joined by bonus months is from the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs welcoming someone says you although these just chief for the syria crisis what are you hearing about civilians fleeing the fighting between the turkish army and go this militia. at the moment there is
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a five thousand civilians that have become this place in the area or for it this is our relationship. three hundred twenty five no you also have to keep in mind it is about a third of this hundred twenty five thousand were already this is due to their own going off and sincere so it is that there was a sizeable number of civilians and of course our top concern is the concession it's a good source of food or women or children about the all want to make sure that. all sides use the spray and that international law and rights are all taken into consideration only when it comes to civilian relation civilian infrastructure hospitals or house or water five senses and sought to really make sure that it's a constant presence of millions do not think this so tell us more about the refugees wealthy going to what conditions living. these are
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internally displaced people. created itself the moment they're fleeing from there's word access. now about why most of the slogans that scream it's a possibility in italy is already in. syria ordering. borders. with more than two million people living off the mark to this latest and with another offenses that are started since mid december where hundreds of thousands of syrians are actually a quarter of them in your house because of this place me from saddam and lead towards the center of it so this is a crisis on top of the crises and it is really the last i'm jason paul and one of the highest number of conservative displaced people these are people who have. run away to safety multiple jobs and the latest crisis of course finding
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a vertical situation in particular is time of year where. it's called new snowy strains. or who are they see forty three year version of the british and. they want to follow a new there's a new round of u.n. sponsored talks on syria getting underway in ghana today is humanitarian aid for these refugees and internally displaced on the agenda there briefly if you again. at the moment are focusing on the right side. of this who are. they've been examined by a political decision of course is in order and we hope to see quick as possible read this solution to the one ring resistant village the doctor who are in syria. right on this one says that the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs thank you.
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you're watching the w.'s coming up ahead meanwhile fishes are preparing for the repack creation of hundreds of thousands of ring of muslims who fled a military crackdown that's just five warnings from the u.n. that it's still not safe for them to go home. but first monica joins me on the annual meeting of the world economic forum is underway in davos and an important guest expected i anticipate a read of a may say so all eyes are on donald trump who becomes only the second sitting u.s. president to take part in the event in davos and in the past two hours his helicopter touched down at the resorts trump is expected to give a defense of his america first policy when he arrives in davos and that contrasts with the multilateral message heard from leaders at the forum so far but trump will also call for greater foreign investment in the united states on his agenda are
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meetings with the leaders of britain and israel. and my colleague because of course is in davos for us because of so. what is his role what are we going to see trump the salesman or trump the controversial u.s. president. well mike i think we're going to see the salesman in chief donald trump but nevertheless his visit is a controversial one donald trump is expected to tout his america first strategy here and davos trying to woo investors to come the united states and also seeking what he calls fair or conditions when it comes to trade with the u.s. and allies now ahead of the president's arrival here and davos is economic advisor gary cohen said america first does not mean america alone he said if the u.s. economy grows the world economy grows and vice versa everybody was part of the same
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game nevertheless u.s. donald trump u.s. president donald trump visit here is a walk into the lion's den for these self-styled anti globalist president. we have seen multiple global political leaders here speak out against unilateral or the unilateral approaches to the world's problems as they see america first is such an approach on the other hand we see business leaders here in davos praising the president's tax reform saying it is a boost to the u.s. economy and u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and one of six cabinet members traveling with the president provided another boost potentially to the u.s. economy speaking about the recent plunge in the u.s. dollar said a weak dollar is good for us is good for the united states thereby offering a broad offensive in trade as part of the america first idea and of course is
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something that the head of the i.m.f. christine lagarde wanted to dig deeper about when it's in meant that briefly who is he going to meet donald trump in doubles. there'll be a dinner that the president is hosting for business leaders we talked about wing investors then he's going to meet the israeli prime minister the u.k. prime minister and there's a meeting with the head of the african union the rwandan president paul kagame if that comes after the reported vulgar language donald trump used when talking about african countries it is it will be a challenging visit for donald trump who was never here invited to davos as a business and all that well and you'll bring us up to date on all those meetings of course no doubt because of hope and of us thank you so much. all the business world currently gathered in davos is also looking to frankfurt right now where the european central bank is meeting the euro zone economy has posted strong growth
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recently but the e.c.b. has been reluctant to slow down its stimulus program as investors watch insides into the next steps towards us on monetary policy the euro continued to rally the single currency reaching its highest level since late twenty's seventeen. now for the latest let's cross over now to our financial correspondent or anybody in frankfurt or any that you see the meeting also coincides with fresh economic data from germany. yes and it's stellar not least of course also due to the generous policy of the european central bank with zero interest rates and pouring trillions into the economy germany one of the people benefiting one of the countries benefiting i should say and the business confidence here in germany again at a record high interestingly though the current situation being judged much better than the look ahead to the next half year but the german consumer also confident at the highest level that indicator by j.f.k.
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has been since the year two thousand and one stable jobs rising incomes a lots of open jobs that can't be filled at the moment of course that leads to the question what does that mean for germany twenty eighteen most economists say more growth even faster than the last year other people also pointing to potential risks like that rising euro that you spoke of when he brought in frankfurt thank you so much. a top u.n. official says it's still not safe for one of muslims living in bangladesh to return home to me and my unicef a directive just in force it also says that drain the villages are still being attacked by members of the b. and the military he made the comments about a visiting a lodge a refugee camp in bangladesh but authorities in myanmar are moving ahead with that the relations to take back repatriated refugees. for those traumatized by ethnic violence this may prove
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a forbidding prospect it's one of the holding camps myanmar is building just across its border with bangladesh the site will serve as a reception area for returning ranger refugees before they are sent to camps in other parts of wreck and state. the bangladesh side will send back the forms of those who want to return to us we will check whether these people are the people who stayed in myanmar or not by cross-checking with the evidence we have for now though most of the rangers around willing to return over six hundred fifty thousand of them fled to bangladesh last year after myanmar's armed forces targeted their villages this man has fled persecution three times now in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight thousand nine hundred ninety one and last year he now has a small shop in the good to prolong refugee camp. i kept going back because i still have love for my country and my heart they take us back saying they will give us everything but they don't give us anything they say they will beat our demands but
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they don't the government is a fraud and they cheat us after taking us back so i have no intention of going back this time the united nations is calling on myanmar to give its aid agencies full access to the camps it's building for ranger return knees the u.n. says necessary safeguards are still missing the red families i've met today but particularly the children tell me that they do want to eventually go back but not right now because it's not safe. for them to go back into a violent situation i spoke to one on the young woman on the phone to herat in a car in mind and they were attacking villages even today so the situation is unsafe for their returns to begin. in the meantime many ranges of busy improving their living conditions in bangladesh until they receive credible safety guarantees for a return to myanmar that may well be their best bet. meanwhile u.s.
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diplomat bill richardson has stepped down from the advisory panel to set up a deal with the refugee crisis he was handpicked by the civilian leadership often in ma to self on the committee but bridget's and said he feared the panel was becoming a whitewash and a cheerleading operation for me and mas leader aung san suu kyi have a listen she believes there's a concerted international effort against me amar and i believe she is wrong blames all the problems that we have mars having on the international media on the one hand on human rights groups. on other governments and i think this is caused by a bubble that is around or by individuals that are not giving her frank
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advice. and for more on the story let me join journalist david greene obama joins me from young gone in a me and ma now did very strong comments from richardson that one of the indicated how did unsung suchi react to them. yeah you know i spoke earlier today with aung san suu kyi spokesman he said they are very side about the resignation of bill richardson but he said that they were just and did not understand the advice the mandate of the advisory board and that was this advisory boards responsibility to focus on the rakhine issue and to focus on plans to implement recommendations that came from a commission headed earlier by kofi anon now he said it was not richardson's responsibility to get involved in the two such as freedom of the press which which your son did bring up because there were two warders journalists arrested and were to some press for their release and that it was not richardson's responsibility get involved issues around the democratic process of the just focus on the right kind issue when i pressed the spokesperson about richardson's comments that this
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divisoria board would basically just turn into cheerleaders of government policy instead of making good recommendations for changes in policy and accusations at this board which is a whitewash facts on the ground in many also that suchi lack moral authority this spokespersons ought to say flatly rejected all these accusations he accuse richardson of playing the blame game ok so what does this all mean for that he backed function of the refugees from bombing have this a senior u.n. official has said it's simply not safe for these refugees to come back from by this interim in ma yet it seems hard to believe that you would see any significant numbers are returning any time soon as you said the u.n. has said that it's not the right time for those that happen humanitarian aid groups accept the red cross do not have access to northern rakhine human rights advocate the saying that it's just too soon and most important of all it seems like most of the range of refugees in those camps in bangladesh are saying that they don't feel
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that it's safe to go back so it seems hard to believe that you would you would see that happening anytime soon rise to have been a bomb in gangland thank you very much for that update from that. now for some spot starting with tennis and simona halep will face caroline wozniacki in saturday's australian open final in melbourne the us off the top seeded dominion got the better of germany's angelica back in a three set marathon in the other semi and number two seed was the arkie overcame a second set wobble to defeat belgium's believes medicines now mean what a modern chill it's through to the men's final on sunday the crew at dispatch britain's chi edmond in straight sets turning now to golf and tiger woods will tee off in his first official tournament for more than a year on thursday the americans returning to the sport he once dominated after
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recovering from his fourth back surgery but can woods ever reach his previous heights again tiger woods getting back into the swing of things again this is the americans latest comeback after persistent back problems and of course controversy his characteristic confidence now somewhat diminished woods admits he's stepping into the unknown i don't know what to expect you know it's go out there and just play and. grind it get in there possibly have the right position make some points and you know try we're working with the board. this torrey pines course holds fond memories for words it was here he won the last of his fourteen major titles the u.s. open back in two thousand and eight but since then the wood star has faded with injuries and negative headlines last year he pleaded guilty to reckless driving after being pulled over by police in a florida sprains painkillers after a fourth round of back surgery he hopes that's now well behind him no more pain in
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my back my back is fused. that's it was the confines you're trying to manage the there's going to vertebrae. but it's all. in the short term woods is aiming for a shot at the u.s. masters in just over two months time he says he's got his health back but he'll need more than that to compete with the new world's best. you're watching the news coming to you live from london i'll have more news for you coming up in half an hour and a forward to seeing you then this web site of course for more news and information that's. a. touch. of. the for.
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the to. enter the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev straightness he's a former presidents of georgia a former regional government in ukraine i'm hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and he's mikhail saakashvili once the falling of the west for still having the rose revolution in georgia that has you know made too many enemies and run out of. the for. the for.
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my home. furnishings can be a lot more than just functional. playing with. combining. personalized moving spaces into centuries design. you're going to want to fishel asked a much more than one point two million venezuelans you have in colombia. going. return to venezuela. visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. they'd. like to get
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a favorite scene all the best goals make all the action. is the whole of german football shared experience every match. every weekend here. my guest this week here in kiev is stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional governor in ukraine and tang over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and a three year prison sentence for abuse of power he's mikao saakashvili once the darling of the west for spearheading the rose revolution in georgia in two thousand and three but has he no made too many enemies and run out of road.


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