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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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every week and looking to the future for. science and research for. this deal every news coming to you long from berlin america forcing doesn't mean america alone that's what u.s. president strong told the crowd in davos and his closing remarks to the world economic forum gets a credit for the booming u.s. economy and that's tacked on is there a global trade practices also coming up in trying to tame corruption and africa
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the issue thompson be agenda at the african union's annual summit in ethiopia last dog correspondent whether the plans under discussion can actually work. i'm sara harmon welcome to the show thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has told leaders in switzerland that america is quote open for business but the u.s. won't tolerate trade practices he sees as unfair trump was delivering the closing remarks to this week's world economic forum in davos switzerland one of his key messages to the business and political elite grows in the united states spills grows for economies around the world. the anticipation was palpable politicians and high flying executives waited in line for over an hour to get inside the hall where donald trump would deliver his speech the first u.s.
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president to do so since bill clinton two decades ago. and eventually has plenty of pomp trump arrived on stage. he didn't mince his words. as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world in what's being viewed as a disguised reference to china he demanded a reform to trade system we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal because in the end
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unfair trade undermines. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices you're just the u.s. president stuck to his america first message and used it as a stage to pitch to investors is open for business and we are competitive once again yes the trump took advantage of a human a session afterwards to take a swipe at the media for reporting fake news his comments were met with distain but i spike the booing us president later tweeted his speech was well received i. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world and south korea loose thirty seven people have died in a fire at a hospital in the city of new young fire broke out in the emergency room which also
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operates as a home for the elderly it's unclear what caused the blaze. german chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives have begun formal coalition talks the social democrats the two sides stressed the need for speed. and set a deadline of february fourth for wrapping up talks to form a government and coalition deal still has to be voted on by s.p.d. party members. voters in the czech republic have begun casting ballots in the countries today presidential runoff. anti immigrant incumbent veneman had been favored to win a second term but the latest information polls neck and neck race with challengers drawn hose. paris residents living close to the banks of the river center are evacuating their homes amid rising floodwaters the river flowing through the french capital has been swelling due to heavy rain water levels are expected to reach
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their peak over the weekend. fighting corruption is topping the agenda at the african union's annual summit under way now in ethiopia's capital over the weekend african heads of state and government are due join the discussion on what's seen as one of the key challenges facing societies across the continent our correspondent in nairobi brings us this report about hell corruption affects people's daily lives . police checkpoints in nigeria have been part of everyday life for us. but here they're not about maintaining security they're little more than pay outstations of corruption. although the chief of police outlaw long ago his colleagues continue to stop cars and money. we are on the road from lagos the economic capital of
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nigeria to the neighboring country. traders and travelers go through here every day although we're still more than one hour away from the border we've been passing several checkpoints of the police immigration and customs in many cases drivers for bribes. more than ten checkpoints on an eighty kilometers stretch of road is how unusual. anyone who refuses to play along and fork over cash will need hours to proceed and. many people here say that nothing has changed since he was elected president of nigeria. the big issue is. the.
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very. drastic changes. during the campaign he promised to combat corruption. but the recent study shows that more than ninety percent of nigerians still believe officials are corrupt. on the other hand fifty nine percent of nigerians think the government is making a serious efforts to fight corruption three years ago that figure was just twenty one percent experts have praised the government's initial measures and people began to fear getting caught steve minding bribes but there's been no sign of change at the institutional level and little evidence of a shift in behavior in other words business as usual we have the example of a president who is said to be you know. somebody who is detached
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and doesn't seek blood pressure no wealth but it person who is really disciplined and understands his mission will make sure that everybody around him is clean. the most millions don't feel when rightly or wrongly i must be around here i believe that's about it. despite indictments and arrests of several high ranking politicians no final convictions f been delivered. the government says it has to abide by the rule of law. it is i mean the judicial process which he started with that with a lot of technicalities to slow the pace but not slowing the war the war is still a good thing with this flag this no spares process we will consider. the snail's pace is what people traveling the roads to be mean you know all to well
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it's one of the most important trade routes in the jury and where the rubber hits the road is still a far cry from the end to corruption with henri in the halls of power. our correspondent catherine is standing by for us in the ethiopian capital addis ababa where leaders from african union countries are due to start meeting on sunday catherine we've heard the fight against corruption is high on the agenda why is it considered so urgent. well because corruption is one of the major problems within this continent that all the fifty five countries in africa suffer from it is an impudent to social economic development as well as political development and you have a calm man down on the grassroots not receiving basics of this is because of corruption and this is normally treated by officials within the government and those who are working in public institutions making life a little difficult for the common man and that's that's one of the reasons why this
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is something that has to be addressed and how exactly is that going to be addressed one of they proposing to do to tackle corruption. ok sorry looks like we lost catherine there speaking to us from the ethiopian capital we do apologize to our viewers for that well turning now to some other news the berlin international film festival is opening next month and it's known for showcasing films that address the social and political issues of the day last year's program was devoted to refugees and migration this year a well known chef from syria and a refugee herself will be cooking for vo ip guests at the opening reception here's her story. conjuring up the tastes of damascus bringing the craziness of her home country like fried okra to germany is maliki just passion
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the search year old migrant hopes that she can help germans learn more about her heritage. they drive our food in the city they see it's it's good food it's not all that people seem to do we have only falafel and. after they see it's it's very big maliki has been practicing his skills in the shared kitchen of this refugee shelter and ballin. she now runs a catering business making the dishes she grew up with. she's also published a cookbook which takes readers into a world of colorful spices. the book subtitled brings a smile to her face it reads recipes of longing for my homeland a homeland that's been devastated by civil war maliki's husband made the perilous journey to germany by boat in twenty fifteen she followed one of hundreds of
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thousands of syrians to arrive that year but maliki's story is unique she was already somewhat of a star having her sort of t.v. cooking show in syria and jordan and she's no stranger to cooking for v.i.p.'s she's prepared a meal for the german chancellor so how does she feel about cooking for four hundred guests at next month's. not only had. it's like if you if you do your dream perhaps maliki's recipe for success is how she uses food to build bridges between cultures. well to spend one now where the winter months can mean long stretches without much daylight at all some studies of even link the dark periods to increased rates of depression but one homey is helping to lighten the mood for many fans have
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a look and listen. if you can't make it big on the big stage then maybe it's time to try the karaoke bar and here in the finnish capitol hill thinking just like in most major cities around the world there are plenty of places for one to be singers to shine. and even in supposedly quiet places like this one in finland libraries are often seen as cultural centers and some are trying something different. than the one. who. will remember the good. it's very popular it is i think it's an insult in some success to rule is. one among. you have to worry already we have a rule this song called so it doesn't really go all the cost of. this
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library helsinki is the only one of its kind to date for the sing is here karaoke is more than just a way to pass the time south on days i did my you have you never showed too much emotion the singing was always good to be able to express your feelings at the most and all of us i love singing i love singing and it's a great opportunity to meet so good friends here i think. so let me ask you. in some places this even karaoke in the bathroom. of the sea is. your home or. maybe where supreme all the siamese so that would be once a week would be in the spotlight that the entire world and it's dark here all the time yeah it's a refresh cycle. what's a few bum notes when on a dark winter's night a stage like this can bring such joy. practice
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makes perfect here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you this hour u.s. president donald trump delivered his closing remarks to the world economic forum in switzerland he told the audience that america first does not mean america along. trump said new support of free trade but added it must be fair and reciprocal. as did every news europe today i'm sorry harmon thanks for watching. the whole g.w. one. for him so global insights from the news outlets or local heroes. g.w. made for minds. in
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