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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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pretty well i think it's only the beginning of this song. starting february first. this is due to the news live from berlin a massive explosion rocks kobold officials there say at least seventeen people are dead more than a hundred others are wounded we'll get the latest from the afghan capital. also on the program currents mobilized to protest the turkish intervention in syria demonstrations eleven on its side the turkish embassy as germany also prepares for
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a large kurdish demonstration picture on today. i'm out on a welcome to the program we begin with breaking news a massive explosion has rocked kabul kabul officials there say at least seventeen people are dead more than one hundred others are wounded as they'll be getting them a sister from the afghan cup capital makes her in the program also on the program kurds mobilize to protest the turkish intervention in syria demonstrations in lebanon i thought of the turkish embassy as germany also prepare for a large kurdish demonstration nature on today. ok we're going to move on to the next story now and police in the german city of cologne are preparing for a larger protest by kurdish groups against turkey's ongoing military offensive in
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northern syria but he's expected more than fifteen thousand at the rally which german intelligence say has been organized by groups close to the banned kurdistan workers party the offensive by turkish forces against the y.p. militia in northern syria has also drawn protests in neighboring lebanon. the turkish embassy was the target of the protest in beirut while the battle with guns and tanks goes into its second week in northern syria the kurds have now stars of the campaign to win hearts and minds in other parts of the world. but street protests song going to stop turkish president. he's announced his forces will now push further east to a town called man beach no one should take issue with this because the real owners of man beach aren't these terrorists there are arab brothers there.
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afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. other one threat to attack the entire kurdish controlled area of syria is in direct contradiction of the interest of his nato ally the united states just hours before a senior white house adviser had called on everyone to take his troops and all armed fighters out of the conflict he appealed to or want to focus on the longer term strategic goals of ending violence in syria but the turkish president seems to be in no mood to heed the call. saying that the syrian conflict syrian opposition says it will boycott russian sponsored peace talks next week opposition spokesman says the meeting is an attempt to sideline the united nations peace process. was speaking after two days of bilateral talks involving the un syria envoy and representatives of both the syrian government and the opposition we believe the
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ball is in the russian court. and the say that they have the upper hand in syria. were responsible for saving this region for a long time and they can bring it to commit itself to international legality using machines. if they won't because. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. germany's green party has said goodbye to co-chairs jim to america and they want to pay to head of a party leadership for the rare lead the party for nine years and was the lead negotiator in the failed three way coalition talks last year r.t. delegates are set to elect two new co-chairs of nature today. a u.s. trade commission has ruled against punitive tire of some posed by the trump administration on canadian aircrafts bombardier's c. series was facing three hundred percent import charges of theft or u.s.
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plane maker boeing complained of competitor had unfairly received government subsidies. philippine president tried to go to territory has voiced support for myanmar as umbrella leave their own songs of change to tears he has said he pays the nobel prize laureate who's facing international condemnation for failing to address the atrocities committed against the hinge of muslims in me on mar. well today's edge national holocaust remembrance day marks every year on the anniversary of the gratian of the auschwitz concentration camp nazi germany murdered more than six million jews in the second world war one of those working to uphold the memory of the victims is ninety five year old survivor market meissner in the us capital washington. market meisner was born in austria seem practical slovakia's in one thousand nine hundred four the growing anti semitism in her city became more and more noticeable so markets mother sent
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her to paris and joined a year later. but the influence of the nazis was soon felt in france as well. one day markets mother received a letter. so i went to the police station with her and us them we're you taking your since none of your business go home and were you taking one of your business go home so here i was burma served my mother was gone we had no money markets mother was deported two girls internment camp in southern france market was eighty years old alone and had to find a way out of europe she fled paris on a bicycle at the same time her mother succeeded in escaping the internment camp by some miracle the mother and daughter found each other just child kilometers from. together they made their way to spain where they found a way to travel to america but he was not to be they were picked up by the spanish
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police and thrown in jail so after or this we were going to be handed to the germans in spain but you see over here so good luck good friends who help. and they exactly three years after i left my room will we came to the you know it's the. ninety market meisner regularly tells visitors to the holocaust museum about her memories and experiences this is one of the most visited museums in the u.s. capital many people come specially to hear the stories of survivors have to tell that her generation is quickly vanishing this current of industrialization of death has never happened. so this is one of the reasons why one should not forget that and more than and the thing else weren't true. he. rose from
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rubin repeated to margaret my snack these issues have gained a new sense of urgency in today's highly volatile political climate. so this. move the moves of the american government right. this very. moment into in the moment and. the. market is determined to remain active as long as she can she's put her story into a book so that people in the world can read it and that future generations are aware of this part of history. we're going to return now to our breaking news story and this report said that at least seventeen people have been killed in a major explosion in the afghan capital kabul and the country's interior ministry
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also says more than one hundred ten were injured in the attack which happened at a police checkpoint in the city on saturday morning the blast was caused by a car bombing near a foreign embassies and government buildings the taliban have claimed responsibility for the deadly and instant incident. we're talking to to hear career e it can vary excuse me in afghanistan. tara can you tell me what is the latest there. well at least nineteen people have been killed as my sources government sources tell me more than one hundred ten people were one day in a very easy attack which is explosives were placed in a mine an ambulance and then down. through the first checkpoint and exploded itself in one of the very crowded places in the capital kabul where that where you see
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lots of government offices there the hate. government headquarters is there is stationery shops and loads of people especially at this time of the day where people go out to lunch so to is rising i talked to a friend of mine who say that he and. at least forty civilians brought to emergency hospital emergency hospital has called it a massacre so we're talking about a massacre that they're describing as there have been many attacks in afghanistan lately why is that. fortunately the afghan politicians on mainly the afghan government is still involved in domestic politics for getting to introduce security of the citizen i'm sure you quite a member recently the president they call them is on their speech but it is to be honest the whole afghanistan is under siege every street is under over the last one week we have a couple of you know tax more than hundreds of people have been killed that is one
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of the reasons that the afghan government has so much c.n.n. poll for mystic politics for getting that security is you know a top priority for them so i mean as i could i was just going through some social media for now locking the government actually to fire all those incompetent senior security officials who are unable to ensure the security of the capitol alone how are the authorities actually reacting to this explosion right now in kabul. i was sorry i didn't get the question the question is how are the us thorazine reacting to the current explosion yes or yes yeah well normally they aren't going to phone me to say i've got a written statement for each pack which happens in afghanistan the only thing that they change is that they something number of states they show so nothing will happen again here in afghanistan to be honest because we don't have so many jokes. cross the country so the only thing we might be expecting from both the president
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under she figured it would be some you know again how low coleman is of ensuring security but so far the afghan government has been quiet and. darry in afghanistan thank you for speaking to us it's all right thank you the french capital paris is on high alert for flooding as the river ascend threatens to overflow its banks although traffic on the stand in paris and upstream has been stopped authorities have show us roads train stations and rail lines hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in the paris region the water level and the river is expected to peak at around six metres that's at least four metres above its normal level. and i'm going to think in my state he got off to a thrilling stars as i'm trash find for defeated fellow european hopefuls person mentioned god back to new kevin prez boateng put the host
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a head on the forty third but as before and you take your place see a victory in injury time. it was on on loan striker has heard goal in as many games as the winds are on track to move up to second in the table ahead of the rest of this weekend's feature. as the boston o'hare remains in the lead after the second day of the season opening monte carlo rally the french ford fiesta driver still goes in the state reconditioned the bill finished the day fifteen seconds ahead of us dhoni a driver of the tonic o'hare is aiming to win his six the straits of the world's ready title. and to poland where the protagonist in our next supports can't help standing out from the herd and care had been making headlines after running away from her farm to join the circus but a group of bison the suspicion is that she may have left home following her.
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she follows them wherever they go. it's an unusual mix but this brown cow seems perfectly happy with a new family a herd of wild bison. which more had double star when she joined them she may have been made by someone spice and she just likes to spoil them so she states i think taking her away from them will be impossible so they're horrible. but things may become more serious than just in the field if the domestic cow gets pregnant it could kill her a hybrid could be too big for her to give birth to. you she took the risk that it was pregnant she could die during delivery. you still have a few months though. which more perhaps when the winter is over someone will react properly and catch this because just by the fact that the risk to her as it does exist goes or does it go use this gift i did not hear. that operation couch runaway
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cow may not be necessary when the snow is gone the bison will move into the forest and that's not the kind of an farm and cows like spring might spell the end of the romans. she has been warned to and you are watching ditto the news coming to you live from berlin more coming up at top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news as well on our website that they were. w.'s program guide. dot com highlights.


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