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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a massive explosion rocks of gold officials there saying at least forty people are dead more than one hundred forty others are wounded look at the races from the afghan capital. also on the program kurds mobilized to protest the turkish intervention in syria demonstrations and eleven on the backside of the turkish embassy as germany also prepares for a large kurdish demonstration later today. you.
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know donna welcome to the program we begin with breaking news this hour after poor says that at least forty people have been killed in a major explosion in the afghan capital kabul the country's interior ministry has also said that more than one hundred forty were injured in the attack which happened at a police checkpoint in the stacy on saturday morning the blast was caused by a car bombing near a foreign embassies and government buildings the taliban has claimed responsibility . listening by for us now in kabul is tight here for more on this story can you tell us the latest. yes there actually as you stated here has been a really tragic day here in afghanistan in kabul actually it is a serious and the following of a series of attacks over the last couple of weeks here at least forty people have
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been confirmed but don't forget that the afghan government normally downplay the number of the casualties the number is far higher than what they are claiming to be more more than one hundred fifty people or one most of them civilians the attack happened in a very crowded place in the heart of the capital where there lies all these government offices and it was closed while. young couple of other you were in office and also other embassies there it happened at the really thought time because normally afghans of this time of the day they go outside to have a lunch. how are the people in afghanistan coping right now with the situation. will president of afghanistan couple of days ago in an interview say that afghanistan is under siege call is under siege so it really is under siege i mean no the only call the other provinces are under siege people are really fed up people are really sad about what is happening and people are quite concerned about
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the future as well because nowhere is safe these days i mean now imagine a car full of explosives they come. through a checkpoint a security checkpoint seems that there are those of infiltrate within the security . as well like for example getting back to what happened in the intercontinental that will go to their evidence example of you know how does your situation is like but people are really really bad i mean let me remind you on social media afghans have been taking on criticizing the afghan government saying that they have failed in ensuring the security of its citizens. it's not a nice mage's event i there there have been many attacks in afghanistan maybe can you tell us why that is. well it is because the afghan government seems to be quite busy with internal and domestic politics what people call here are busy politics so little of forgetting that there is a higher
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a much more important you know responsibility that they have got to ensure security on the other hand there is also infiltration also an emergence of the so-called crisis here in afghanistan too because now most of these attacks are being acclaimed the by the i think the taliban and on the other hand here is not a very good thing process wise people didn't fly and of course in a suit is very vulnerable all over the country even though there are thousands of afghans back in kabul but because as i said let me remind the audience that the afghan government this is the internal politics so that's why the four did that here is you know something much more important which is security so that's why we have. been witnessing a series of attacks across the country especially in the capital kabul over the last few weeks and breezy here how are the authorities in kabul dealing with the aftermath of this incident well on the one i've got here here is
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a very common expression this is that when something happens the only thing the afghan president on this show the author of the law the only thing they change is the date and that the soul of the statement so nothing really serious each time they come to the twitter and facebook and the stations and they did as we continue to strongly which i do as well as an afghan soldier is no difference nothing more than that to your kids area in afghanistan thank you very much for speaking to us thank you. police in the german thursday of cologne are preparing for a large protest by curtis groups against turkey's ongoing military offensive in northern syria and he thinks that more than fifteen thousand at the rally which german intelligence say is has been organized by groups close to the banned kurdistan workers party the offensive by turkish forces against the y.p. jean militia in northern syria has also drawn protest in neighboring eleven on.
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the turkish embassy was the target of the protest in beirut while the battle with guns and tanks goes into its second week in northern syria the kurds of the start of the campaign to win hearts and minds in other parts of the world. but street protests song going to stop turkey's president. he's announced his forces will now push further east to a town called man beach no one should take issue with this because the real owners of man beach aren't these terrorists there are arab brothers there. afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. other one threat to attack the entire kurdish controlled area of syria is in direct contradiction of the interest of his nato ally the united states just hours before a senior white house adviser had called on everyone to take his troops and all
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armed fighters out of the conflict zone he appealed to other one to focus on the longer term strategic goals of ending violence in syria but the turkish president seems to be in no mood to heed the call. staying with the syrian conflict the syrian opposition says it will boycott russian sponsors peace talks next week an opposition spokesman says the meeting is an attempt to sideline the united nations peace process. speaking after two days of bilateral talks and valving the un syria and boy and representatives of both the syrian government and the opposition we believe that. is the issue of course. and the say that they have the upper hand in syria. true it's so too. if we
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won't break it. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a u.s. trade commission has ruled against pianists have tariffs imposed by the trumpet ministration on canadian aircraft but here's the series was facing three hundred percent import charges after u.s. plane maker boeing complained its competitor had unfairly received government subsidies. philippine president or three go to terrorists he has voiced support for myanmar as embroiled. to tears has said he pays the nobel prize laureates his facing international condemnation for failing to address the atrocities committed against muslims in myanmar. says korea's president has visited the scene of a hospital fire that killed dozens and more than one hundred his visit came as authorities ordered an investigation into the blaze the building in the southern
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city of marry young caught fire on friday. today is international holocaust remembrance day marked every year on the anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz concentration camp nazi germany murdered more than six million jews in the second world war one of those working up to oppose the memory of the victims is ninety five year old survivor market in the us capital washington. margaret meissner was born in austria and race in practical slovakia in one thousand thirty four the growing anti semitism in her city became more and more noticeable so markets mother sent her to paris and joined a year later. but the influence of the lassies was soon felt in france as well. one day markets mother received a letter so i went to the police station with her and us the were you taking your since none of your business go home and worry you. business go home
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so here i was burma served my mother was gone we had no money markets mother was deported to girl internment camp in southern france market was eighty years old alone and had to find a way out of europe she fled paris on a bicycle at the same time her mother succeeded in escaping the internment camp by some miracle the mother and daughter found each other just trial for kilometers from. together they made their way to spain where they found a way to travel to america but he was not to be they were picked up by the spanish police and thrown in jail so after or this we were groomed to be. but you see only here so good luck good friends who have. exactly three years of both lives. it's the.
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market meisner regularly tells visitors to the holocaust museum about her memories and experiences this is one of the most visited museums in the u.s. capital many people come specially to hear the stories of survivors have to tell. that her generation is quickly tannish in this current of industrialization of death has never happened. so that is one of the reasons why not for good and move the only thing else weren't true. these arrows from ruby repeated. to market my side these issues have gained a new sense of urgency in today's highly volatile political climate. certainly some move. move move some of the american government right.
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this very similar to work in germany the moment into insistent the nineteenth and trying not to be a bust the. market is determined to remain active as long as she can she's put her story into a book so that people in the world can read it and that future generations are aware of this part of history. and despite the efforts of people like margaret meissner anti semitism continues to be a problem in many countries including austria where around ten thousand people turned out to protest a ball in vienna organized by the far right freedom party the event is held for student fraternities and they're under close scrutiny following revelations this week that one fraternity published a song book containing anti semitic lyrics. protests against right wing
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a nationalist attending the freedom party's annual ball indiana friday night austria still shocked by revelations that a top conservative politician belonged to a fraternity which celebrated the holocaust anti semitic and racist lyrics were discovered in a song book distributed by the fraternity germany it contains the lines that step on the gas you germanic people we will reach seven million the fraternity's co-chair our is one of the freedom party's top candidates for elections next sunday he claims not to have had any knowledge of the lyrics austria's vice chancellor and freedom party leader says it's a smear campaign and voiced support for land by our. we should go for terms of nothing to do with us the independent eighteen of the freedom party's fifty one parliamentarians belong to a fraternity austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz has distanced himself from the scandal but hasn't demanded any resignations deceive us here the regulations of
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military me racist and anti-semitic that completely repugnant and have no place in our country definitive kind of plots the freedom party's interior minister initially ruled out an investigation but the country's justice minister stressed the role of an independent judiciary was i can guarantee that one thousand percent it's about trust and rule of law austrian prosecutors are now investigating the fraternity for inciting hatred and promoting nazi ideology. it's about it was a remains and then later after the second day of the season opening monte carlo rally the french ford fiesta driver struggled in the slippery conditions but still finished the day fifteen seconds ahead of us tony and driver doc was here and they mean to win his the six straights world roddy title. that's it for me for now you are watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin and there is more news coming up at the top
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there don't forget you can get all the day's information and news around the clock on our web site that's on dot com thanks for joining us and do stay with us if you can. never again because of either tells the story. to. the fore but look to for the. most. today she recounts events young people can barely imagine but they try to understand the use of reports from washington d.c. i did talk with a remarkable woman. to mark holocaust remembrance day. today on d.w. .


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